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Kelly Dodd Accuses Heather Dubrow Of Having A Nose Job And Lying About It!

Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd
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Kelly noses best!

The claws are out as Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd takes a swipe at her co-star Heather Dubrow and accuses her of going under the knife.

On Twitter Kelly reacted to an old, pre-RHOC picture of Heather and threw shade at Heather for denying she’s ever had plastic surgery.

“She swears she’s never had plastic surgery. Her nose sure looks different. Why do ppl lie? #ownit,” Kelly wrote.


The drama started when Kelly sarcastically thanked a website for posting “the most unflattering pics” of her, and in return a fan posted a not so flattering picture of Heather from when she was 22 saying, “we all have that ONE photo.”


The picture shows a much younger version of Heather who looks slightly different than the Heather we know and adore.

So has Heather gone under the knife? Who knows, but here’s a before and after picture so you to decide for yourself.

Heather Durbow Nose Job
Image Source: Google Images

Honestly, who cares if Heather did or didn’t have a nose job – not everyone feels the need to publicly announce their plastic surgeries to the world; some people like to keep their operations private. And Heather is married to a plastic surgeon, so I’m sure that if she hasn’t been nipped and tucked just yet, she will soon! Anyway Heather looks amazing so who cares what Kelly thinks!

Thoughts on Kelly’s tweet? Was it right for Kelly’s to call out Heather? Do you think Heather has had a nose job?

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  • Of course she’s had a nose job& more.She’s always praising her husbands work on Botched then turns around& denies she’s had work. I cud care less. But the hypocrisy is amazing.She’s vile & repulsive.Don’t like what she stands for. Always talking down to others.No story line, irrelevant moron! I’m out. Peace!

  • After all she has said she is 98% real. Why is Kelly Dodd so obsessed with Heather, it’s like way to much time on her hands doesn’t she have a daughter she is trying to keep off the pole

  • The tip is more lifted. Yeah I’m sure she got one, but at the end of the day who cares? I get that it’s annoying to see someone constantly deny being touched by a scalpel when you know they have, but to let it annoy you to the point you have to express it over social media is lame

  • Heather has the worst eyebrows in the history of mankind. Why no one on the cast has read her for filth over those things boggles my mind. I mean really…. all this money, all these different shaped ice cubes & you can’t get someone to fix those things? The young photo of Heather just proves she could have better eyebrows…

    but… maybe her taste is just that terrible that she thinks those white trash thin eyebrows are a good look? Considering she is friends with someone as awful as Tamra Barney, I’m going to assume that’s my answer 🙂

  • Typical Kelly, responding to something by deflecting onto someone else. “I know you are but what am I?” is this Kellys mantra.

  • Does Kelly really want to bring up the subject of nose’s? Hers is hideous and I agree with the other comments that it looks like it could cave in. Adios Kelly!!

  • Doesn’t look like a new nose to me looks like great makeup and a great angle for pic. Kelly is so immature she definitely has had 1 or 2 nosejobs

  • I don’t really see much difference in her noses. The one on the left is taken at a different angle. And Kelly sure is one to talk! How many boob jobs has she gotten? She looked horrible on the reunion.

    • I don’t see the difference either . It is weird that some people do lie about it, like Melissa or Bethenny orginally saying she only had a breast lift and not implants.

  • Just because Kelly had her illicit drug used looking nose redone doesn’t mean everyone has nose jobs and why is she always going in on looks with costars and tweeters? She’s a pig