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AATRH Exclusive: Have Jacqueline Laurita And Siggy Flicker Made Amends?!?!

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Thanksgiving is a day to reflect and be thankful for all that you have while surrounded by family and friends but this year Thanksgiving took a dramatic turn for former friends and Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars Siggy Flicker and Jacqueline Laurita.

It’s no secret that Jacqueline and Siggy’s friendship was O-V-E-R following the season 7 reunion as AATRH blew the lid off that secret last week. If you’re behind or have been living under a rock, you can read all about the demise of Siggy and Jacqueline’s friendship here and here.

However on Thanksgiving, Jacqueline dropped a bombshell on Twitter; revealing that she received an unexpected phone call from Siggy.

“Today I am thankful that @siggyflicker called me and we talked things through & all is good between us again! #3HourPhoneCall #back2laughing,” Jacqueline tweeted.


AATRH reached out to our RHONJ spies who confirmed the call did, in fact, take place!

So why did Siggy call Jacqueline?

Our source explained that Siggy reached out to Jacqueline because she “didn’t want drama in her life anymore,” and wanted to “talk about what went wrong.”

During the lengthy phone call, the two “talked it out” and admitted the drama “was all a big misunderstanding.” 

Jacqueline confessed she only stopped talking to Siggy after the reunion because she “needed time” and felt that Siggy “didn’t like her,while Siggy admitted she “was mad as hell” that Jacqueline was giving her the silent treatment, our insider reveals.

Despite Jacqueline’s claims that “all is good” between her and Siggy, our source isn’t confirming that to be true at all. In fact, our source reveals that the call between Jac and Siggy was just to “clear the air and move on.”

Personally I totally get Siggy calling Jacqueline to put the drama to rest. It’s done and over with and honestly and the whole cast just needs to move on from the drama…for now. I don’t see Siggy and Jacqueline being best friends ever again. Jacqueline will NEVER be happy that Siggy is friends with Teresa and that’s what I believe caused Jacqueline to have issues with Siggy in the first place.

Are you shocked Siggy called Jacqueline on Thanksgiving? Do you think Siggy and Jacqueline will be friends again? Can Siggy be friends with both Teresa and Jacqueline?

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  • Ugh… I’m done. Done trying to keep up with Siggy & this sitch. Like, pick one, bitch. It’s more difficult than keeping up with Kardashians. And now I’m bored. Somebody wake me up when this is over / a resolution has been achieved.

  • Who has 3 hours to spend on the phone, especially on Thanksgiving. I am hoping this is nothing more than a clearing of the air. And move on time in life. Siggy was/is a very good friend to Jac. And if it is true that Jac wanted to have Siggy on the show to do her dirty work, shame on her. Siggy and Jac will never be close because Jac isn’t capable of having a real relationship with anyone. In my opinion they can be civil and kind but a friendship back the way it was, not going to happen.

  • I feel Delores had a big hand in pushing Siggy to make-up with Jac.

    Either way, I feel we all got played/dragged into something incredibly stupid. Forest Gump was on E! over Thanksgiving, and since its fresh in my head, his saying really fits, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Siggy is naïve and maybe one day she will get what type of person Jac truly is.

  • Why would Siggy be upset that Jacqueline didn’t call her. That is what you call a blessing Sig. I am very happy when bat-dip crazy people don’t call me.

  • Do any of these women have integrity? Siiggy writes a long message on social media about toxic friends and how you should run as fast as you can from them and end the relationship. It comes out and is verified that it is about Jacomess. Now she does a 180 and calls her to work things out. WTF !!! Do these people live real world or is it all just unreality everyday. These idiots are living their lives based on social media and who should I like this week . Lost all respect .

    • Great points Daphne! Siggy does not practice what she preaches which means she doesn’t really believe her own advice. Why should anyone take her seriously? A relationship expert who can’t even listen to her kids for 5 straight minutes and starts to cry? Uggh..

  • Yes they can be friends I have friends where I don’t like some of their friends we don’t get along ., it’s just that I spend time with them without those people and if we happen to be at the same place at the same time we can be cordial we don’t need the drama

  • Sig is just trying to secure her spot for next season. If her and jac all are BFFS again, great. Go hang out off the show. Not interested in either and I’m glad that season is over.

  • I knew it wouldn’t be too long before Zigzag began kissing Jacholes ass again..smh…anywho, this is off topic but did anyone notice Lauren MANzoid has been hush on her pregnancy…she also has recently advertised the flat tummy tea on her Instagram and it looks as though her tummy is flat when it was big back in Sept…did she have a miscarriage? She keeps trying to hide her stomach in pics but you can tell there’s no bump there…hmmmm, anyone else notice this??

    • Perhaps she isn’t into showing off like other people in her family are. Sometimes people chose to keep things private. And if she did have a miscarriage my heart is sad for her. Lauren isn’t braggy like Ashley, remember Caroline was an actual mother to her children.

    • The flat tummy tea picture was a #TBT (throw back thursday) picture. She mentions that the picture is months old and she has no time for a flat tummy now that she is pregnant but that it supposedly helped her back then. She doesn’t really have any recent pictures that i can see of to confirm that she does or doesn’t have a tummy.

  • I think Jacqoff is just trying to stay relevant and keep her name in the press. She’s going to keep saying shit about anything and everything to get people talking and commenting only to turn around and point to it saying “See how everyone keeps talking about me. I’m still newsworthy and should be on the show! I need to be on the show!” So I’m officially stopping here. I hate Jacqoff and absolutely, positively DO NOT WANT HER ON RHONJ!! If they bring her back in just might stop watching! I’m DONE WITH THE C%$THE. ENOUGH!

  • Beginning to believe Dullores is the Real Relationship Expert, isn’t she well rehearsed in therapy for yrs.? Must say Dull is so much better at it then Caroline. First thing Jac wants Us to know !!!! Siggy called ME…Congratulation Dolores…

  • Well,I guess filming is set to start and Sig is trying to cement her spot for Season 8. I’m not surprised this happened. For all her claims of family, friends, love and loyalty, I really think she is more about the fame and the show than anything else. I’m not impressed.

    • I don’t trust Siggy or Doloris. I think they try to play the fence so people watching will like them. They need to speak their minds or go. I don’t like housewives who sit back and play it safe as usually the sneakier behind the scenes. In glad this season is over. Jac for away with acting like a child, finances not brought up again and her husband is in every scene making sure somethings not said. I will watch Teresa and Melissa all day long…. I don’t hate Siggy or Dolo, just can’t take their word for anything as they will change it the next day which makes them lose all credibility.

      • Hi Sheba.. I hope you had a great Turkey day. Yeah, I think sig and Dolo are really all about the show. At least Dolo never really took a side, but Sig wanted to be everybody’s bestie and it just makes her look desperate.

      • Hi michers! I hope you had a great t-giving!

        Yes, it’s dssapointing that Sig Seams more interested in keeping her spot than how her “friend” treats her. 🙁

        • Hi ! Yes I did and hope you did too 🙂
          She exhausted me just with the back and forth and as soon as she finally says anything logical in re to Jac , she goes crying back . I don’t get it ! It’s not like they have long friend history – 2 years lol! A real friendship does not require this much groveling,humiliation, maintenance and so on …IMO I think they only became friends TO film a la Dolo and there was something in place to unite against T. Plans backfired obviously . I don’t know , something always seemed off with how they became friends and how long friends !

  • And Siggy beclowns herself once again by re-enlisting in Jacaloon’s Boozebag Brigade. She is officially a Jackoff once again.

    • Most ridiculous thing ever . I can’t believe she did this to herself on Thanksgiving after Loony just handed over article of insults discrediting her livelihood ! Wow . Sig the expert has no self worth.

  • I think filming will be starting again soon and Siggy just does not want Jac to go after her on camera like she would. I can understand that.

  • No uh uh.. That is far from misunderstanding and Sig please I know you are not so daft . The reunion taped how long ago? And yuh weren’t performing as a soldier and you were dropped until YOU went back to apologize and ” fix” it. Dumb dumb dumb move. This is no ordinary little misunderstanding with trustworthy genuine fix . You just gave / enabled ? , the crazy to not have self awareness or accountability again .

    • She’s killing her reputation as a relationshp expert, as well as a rational human being.

      If you meant what you said, there would be absolutely no reason to call & “clear the air”.

      Something tells me this trick loves drama as much as her friend Jac, if not more.

      I’m done with Siggy. Her credibility is shot.

      • Yeah I think I agree . I tried , went back and forth but I should have went with first feel of ” no” on her. Flaky flip flopper . And Jac just destroyed her with insults not even a week ago , after she let her freakazoid daughter let loose on her ass. Do these woman have no integrity? First Dolo running with apology after telling her 50 time finally to Eff off , now Sig and this !You cannot allow Loonarita within even arms length again after she goes for the jugular. Nice knowing ya Sig !

      • I 100% agree with you luvs2ride. Siggy is obviously a drama queen and I am OVER HER. She let her viewers down by flip flopping like a fish out of water. I will NEVER take her advice seriously again. Siggy played with her fans emotions bragging that she got more relevant. She hides behind her (fake) big heart.

  • I have been thinking about this, since JackAss tweeted this, I think this is why Dullores never picked a side..because, as Teresa said. “Delores knows how Jacqueline is”.

    of course JackAss never even considered calling Siggy, to see how she fared her first Reunion!


    • Hi Samuel!

      I’m glad you brought up how Jaq never even considered calling Siggy to see how her first reunion went. Melissa was correct when she said Jaq sucks as a friend because she does!

      I think Jaq was very inconsiderate to both Siggy and Dolores. I was disgusted with Jaq during the Vermont trip when she didn’t even let Siggy or Dolo know she wasn’t going to go skiing with them. Remember Siggy was crying sitting on the floor worried sick about Jaq and Jaq finally sends Siggy a tweet that said she bopped Chris that morning (GROSS)?

      Then it was just plain rude the way Jaq opened her car door and drove away from a running Dolo and Siggy. Jaq tweeted that she was waving to the production crew and was around the corner when Dolo and Siggy ran after her, barefoot! Jaq, to me, threw Dolo and Siggy under the bus when she admitted that tidbit! She was trying to make herself look better but she made herself look worse in my eyes!

      So, if Siggy wants to have a selfish friend like Jaq who treats her so poorly then let her!

      • Hi CsqD

        Jack’s and siggy are the dysFUNctiion duo. I don’t know how either of them define friendship…this is probably why Teresa is walking away and asking JackAss to not hurt her or her family…wow..that is telling.

  • Gross. Jacqueline outed Siggy saying she was a fake relationship expert, then she wants to make amends with evil? I lost respect for Siggy.

    • Like Teresa or not, she doesn’t play games like Siggy does. If Teresa doesn’t like you she lets you know and moves on. She is not afraid of Jac like Siggy is, obviously.

      • I agree @good stuff ! That’s why Whacky keeos recruiting peeps and recycling old news. She’s trying to trigger Teresa after professing loving her lol