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AATRH Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita And Siggy Flicker Haven’t Spoken Since The RHONJ Reunion!

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There’s been a lot of residual drama coming to the surface since season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ended last week, and it’s taking a toll on Siggy Flicker.

Siggy is unique to the Housewives franchise and brought a fresh voice and perspective to RHONJ. As fans know Siggy has been stuck in the middle of the drama all season is finally ready to speak her truth, and frankly, she doesn’t care what everyone thinks anymore.

I had the chance to chat with Siggy last night about her friendships with co-stars Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice, and this is what she EXCLUSIVELY revealed to AATRH.

“I haven’t told anyone. I don’t have a relationship with Jacqueline anymore, but I tried my best to defend her for 18 episodes. Teresa and the people I’m closest to in my life know, and they say thank God you don’t need that in your life. It’s like a blessing,” Siggy reveals. “The reason why I haven’t been spending time with Jacqueline is she hasn’t talked to me since the reunion. I don’t know what I did to her. For 18 episodes I’ve had her back, and I don’t know what I did to her. I don’t know what goes on in her head, but I don’t give a shit because I can sleep at the end of the night.”

Siggy continues saying, “I had Jacqueline’s back the whole time even when I was like ‘woah what’s going on here.’ After the reunion, I had two choices to call Jacqueline and ask her what’s going on but I said fuck it. I’ve had 18 episodes of having this girl’s back if she has an issue with me so let it be. There’s nothing I can do. I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.”

So what’s Jacqueline’s issue with Siggy?

Well, even Siggy isn’t 100% sure but admits “They aren’t happy that I like Teresa and I’m friends with her. If Teresa did something to me I’d be the first one to say hey I don’t like her but she’s been nothing but amazing to me, and I love hanging out with her. When I met Teresa, I fell in love with her. There’s nothing not to fall in love with. And Teresa’s always been nice to me; she’s just easy to be with.”

As for why she showed so much loyalty to Jacqueline throughout season 7, Siggy says, “I know I come across as a flip-flopper, two-faced, phony but I’d rather be that than other names. At the end of the day, the truth is I had Jacqueline’s back, and I was grateful to her for getting me on the show. When Jacqueline came to me two years ago and said Teresa’s getting out of jail would you consider doing the show I said absolutely not. I already auditioned for Housewives four years ago, and they didn’t want me. I said I don’t have a shot, but I’ll help you cast it because I want to see Jersey get a better light. Six months later I decided to do it and said I’m going to change the show. You don’t need to bring drama; I’m interesting enough with my surgeries and my big mouth.”

Despite her falling out with Jacqueline, Siggy made it clear she has no intentions to “take down Jacqueline” and wants no part in the “horrible” drama, saying “I have had enough. I’m about bringing people together, not tearing them apart.”

Another subject Siggy is over with is Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship, saying “Not to sound mean, but I don’t care about Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship enough to give a fuck about picking sides and teams. I don’t care that they hate each other.”

More importantly, Siggy knows her heart has been in the right place all along despite some fans criticism of her.

“At the end of the day they are going to call me two-faced or phony, which I can take, but in my heart at least I can sleep with myself at the end of the night knowing that I’m not calculating, I just live my life. I’m a lot like Teresa I don’t think before I speak.”

At the end of the day, Siggy is just hoping the drama will end, and everyone can move on.

I could tell from speaking with Siggy last night that all the drama is just killing her; she’s completely over it. I want to thank Siggy for being so open and honest with us. Siggy has been a great addition to the Housewives franchise and her fresh perspective is something that can’t be matched. Siggy hopefully you got the chance to drink that bottle of wine with Michael last night cause God knows you needed it! We adore you!!!

Are you shocked that Jacqueline and Siggy haven’t spoken since the RHONJ reunion? Is Siggy and Jacqueline’s friendship done for good? Do you think Jacqueline is mad and jealous over Siggy and Teresa’s friendship?

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  • Despite Siggy falling out with Jacqueline, Siggy has clear intentions to make peace Jacqueline” and wants no part in the “horrible” drama, she is all about bringing people together, not tearing them apart.” I know she is a God send in this group. The love she has and shows is a so good,which this Group needs. She make stumbling blocks stepping stones.

  • Ok aatrh, we get u hate Jaclyn. Only thing is you are making yourselves no better than those other bloggers. Your blog is my favorite because you are good at just blogging what is going on and always have something good to say even if you don’t like or disagree. Please don’t bring yourself down to their level we got it you hate jacalyn and Ashlee, so do I but it’s getting old

  • Whew …18 episodes is a lifetime. Friendships come and go but you don’t flaunt a true friends faults. 18 episodes is a commercial break in real “reality” I have socks older than 18 episodes. And believe… Jacqueline isn’t worth one sock. But you call yourself a friend, be a friend.

  • I love Siggy. I think she was a welcome addition to the cast. I think she truly had the best intentions with Jac and Theresa. I wanted to give Jac the benefit of the doubt. . I did hope that they would move forward. I don’t think that Jac is ready to let go. For someone who had nothing to do with Teresa’s fraud case she sure seems guilty.

  • Wowza Lara Sophia , BRAVO , pun intended, great get for you and for the blog, and for this website…and talk about TEA with Siggy , I mean let’s spill all of the beans, I absolutely love it, she didn’t hold back at all, good for her for finally speaking up her truth..Dolores has no backbone whatsoever….and she is going to be a follower of the Manzo clan, that is no good…the writing is on the wall , she is a wallflower/follower/and she can go now, her 15 mins. are expired, my opinions have changed, and good for Siggy for speaking up, I hope that they ask her back~!

  • O/T Jac gave her side of this situation. It made me LOL! Jac has no friends left. She punches Caro in the face, betrays Dina, screams at Tre, and doesn’t like how Siggy didn’t ask her if she was okay after filming the reunion. hahaha!! It’s you Jac. It’s all you! hahaha!!

    • Nucking futs she is and I love how you summed it up lol! She forgave Dolo did telling her to F off 50 times though lol. She likes it rough I guess .

    • Siggy has confessed that she was Team Jac when she joined the show cause Jac helped get her on the show to begin with. But after seeing firsthand how Jac was with Tre she began to realize the problem is Jac.

      • But everyone was hating on her just a couple of entries ago. Something about her not giving an interview here?

        • Siggy read the story about herself on this site but did not offer clarification to this site. Instead she went to a different site to comment on said story. She should have just contacted Rox to explain herself.

          • Right – so everyone was having a tizzy and hating on Siggy. Now everyone loves her. Is it just become she gave an interview?

            • Siggy admitted she was defending Jac out of loyalty because Jac helped her get on the show. Not because Jac was right. Now she sees Jac in a different light.

        • There were some strong comments, but not all. More questioning if she could see what we did, and it turns out, she did. Do you like to run the posters down here? It seems like it.

      • Do you know, or work for Jac or Ashley? You are coming across that way. Mel’s sisters have posted here, which is fine, but at least come clean.

        Why not just post on the topic instead of talking about ‘the posters’ here? This site brought information straight from a cast member. We are allowed to change our opinions, this is still America, land of the free.

  • Thank you so much for doing this blog!! When another site tried to cause even more drama, with their crappy “blog” I knew sooner or later this site would set the record straight. Thank you Lara and everyone else.

    Team Giudice

  • Rox, Jenna Lara – does a not so sweet ” tea” site need your permission to use your exclusive with Sig? Cause they are but turning it into trashing Sig and Tree. And they didn’t credit the interview to you , not that I’m aware of .

    • Hi michers! You’re right, that other site did not credit AARTH for the interview. I just read it and no mention of who did the interview, I actually saw the story earlier in the day but idn’t read it. Im sad to say I’ve been checking that site; they’re one of the few that does SouthernCharm stories. 🙁 So I go to the site but only “click” on the SCharm stories,

      • I would like to suggest that all those who recently tried to take the bloggers and commenters on this site to task for being cruel, one-sided and rude, just take a look at the article on Siggy on this other site. Talk about VICIOUS!! Please tell me again how fair and open minded all the other sites are!!!

        • I don’t think anyone thinks that all the other sites are open minded, just that this one definitely is not.

          • But you keep coming back to complain and that’s not true . Rox , for years, was very fair even to whose who bash her and her site . The girls who also blog here now are very respectful especially compared to other sites !!! It’s beating a dead horse with some of you ; you don’t like the opinions here so it’s not open minded, it’s terrible, it’s mean ,blah blah but if agrees with you it’s all good. Stop trying to change someone’s site and their views posted on it .

          • You yourself said the other day that the other sites were “objective” on the Siggy post before this.

            I responded that there were 2 sites whose stories/comments that contradict that statement. Someone else responded that you post at one of them!

            Not trying to stir shit here, mary, but please, pick a lane.

            • Yes the other sites were objective on the Siggy post. As I’ve said, most other blogs are more objective than this one, in my experience.

          • Mary, to quote “I find most other sites are objective”. Sorry, I don’t see that to be true in regard to true “blogger” sites. I do read the tabloid type blogs occasionally, but I think of them more as on-line magazines with paid writers , not opinion blogs written by ordinary people who are simply writing about their particular set of interests. Several of these sites came into existence wholly to comment on the new Housewives shows, hence the names of many of them. All of these blogs are opinion blogs not news reporting blogs, so they ALL have an opinion to express., some are vicious, some not so much, but it is disingenuous of you to say AATRH is more one sided than most.

            • That’s simply been my observation and it’s only in the case of Tre. The bloggers all love her and if you make a comment that is not favorable about Tre you better tuck and roll because the fall out will be brutal. I’ve never experienced that on other blogs.

        • Jaren – amen but it falls on deaf ears who insist on ignoring truth just to argue 😉 . Some people just don’t get it .

      • I don’t ever peep at others unless someone says something that catches my eye lol- I like to “lurk “for myself and see 🙂 I feel it’s really rude as they were coming at our bloggers here hostile not long ago and made threats .

  • People like Jacqueline take others hostage to their dysfunction(S) / ilness(ES), and it can be very destructive. I’m glad Siggy has broken free and seen the light.

    Siggy, to me, she comes across disingenuous at times – but it has nothing to do with flip-flopping or taking sides – otherwise I’d be concerned for Teresa. Au contraire: I praise both Siggy and Dolores for being there for Jacqueline for the majority of the season – until they had enough. Had they dumped Jacqueline right off the bat and “switched sides”, that would have been sketchy AF. Looking forward to seeing more of both ladies without (or less of) Jac’s influence and toxicity. It can muck things up. The whole season it was as though they were bound or trapped, as though walking a minefield – and we all know what that was about – and now, so does Siggy. Cheers to powerful bitches giving their former emotional captor the finger. Cutting the cancer out – as Teresa well said – it is something to celebrate. Go, Siggy, ^.~

  • Hope Jac is gone for good. Love all the other girls on the show. Jac needs some professional help for her emotional outbursts. I used to think her husband Chris was level headed, but he needs to realize there is a problem and get her some help, not tell her she is right in her fights.

  • Good job AATRH. I like that you gave Sig the chance to clear the air.

    That said, as for Sig doing the interview, I really thnk she’s trying to ensure her position for season 8. Sig makes me laugh and I like her on the show, but I still think she’s a bit of a flip flopper and easily manipulated by tears and a sob story. Nothing wrong with that, but I hope she doesn’t get caught in the middle of something she can’t get out of just because somebody cried on her shoulder,

    • I feel the same way about Jaq. So happy Siggy has not only opened her eyes to her bs, but that she’s finally given up on trying to reunite Tre and Jaq. Enough already.

  • Again Teresa and Danielle out last night, attended a Robyn Levy event. This is looking good, I predicted season 8 Danielle,Robyn, possibly the twins and Rino my Fav. All of them deserve second chance and redemption. Siggy sometimes in friendships you have to think of yourself first, I believe you gave it your All, time to move on….

    • Siggy and Danielle have a friendship type of acquaintance also,have meet at different events . It’s a small world…

    • All of them next season would be fun! A great season would be no more of any and I mean any of Teresa’s family.

    • I did like Rino and the twins when they were separated. I think Bravo should have Turessa on as a full-time HW and demote Nicole as a FOH. Turessa is gorgeous! I hear Rino’s families restaurant is fantastic!

    • I still don’t understand why Tre, who has not completed her sentence for her felonies, is hanging out with another felon. If that happened here in Minnesota, she would be back in the slammer.

  • Jacqueline over Teresa any day! Melissa and Joe are incredible following Teresa what a hot mess! Siggy should stand up for Jacqueline…do what’s right.

    • Why should Siggy have to stand up for Jacqueline, if Jacqueline doesn’t do the same for Siggy? It’s not a one sided friendship. She spoke the utmost truth about Jacqueline. It was a long time coming because Jacqueline IS calculating and self absorbed.

    • Don’t believe MELISSA! She’s lying her lying butt off! How many times have you been sued for LIBEL /SLANDER, Melissa? Lara is telling the truth. The 2nd part of the reunion was THE 18th episode!

  • Siggy still sounds wishy washy…. she’s no better than Jacqueline, now that Jacqueline is not talking to her, she is saying eff it but she told the psychotic nutcase Jac that she is calling the shots…. I thought Diggy was there to make peace between the former friends and not take sides…. She said the only think wrong was Jacqueline’s delivery…. No, Jacqueline was wrong period. She was not trying to put the past behind nut to dig it up and she had her 3 enablers… her wimpy husband and her 2 sidekicks, Dolores and Siggy the Diggy… Siggy likes to dig up the past and ends up making things worse ad wwll… she’s no expert… more like a crap disturber. ..


    • Her neck looks like a package of hotdog buns. Who told her that a choker was a good look. Siggy looks like she is in a hostage video. I think she is blinking “T-O-R-T-U-R-E” in Morse Code. #FreeSiggy

      • I love your comments! They make me LOL! Blinking TORTURE in morse code! ROFLMFAO!!! 😀

        Siggy does look uncomfortable.

        • I’m glad you enjoy my comments. I was reading your comments about your son’s deployment and if I can in any way give you a lighthearted moment during this time, I am glad for it. My son is currently in the DEP for the Navy Nuclear Program. He is scheduled to leave for basic in May, but he might be bumped up to December then it’s off to Nuclear school in Charleston, SC for 2 years. I have so many worries and fears and I realize they can in no way be compared to yours for your son who faces dangers that my son might not ever face. You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers.

          • Thank-you Polly! I just said a prayer for you and your son. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers!

            I have a younger cousin my son’s age who joined the Navy in 2012 and he, too, had to go through extensive training for his MOS. He joined for 8 years and was given an option to be discharged after 4 years. He took the Navy up on their offer!

            He spent 1 year in Chicago, Illinois and 3 years in San, Diego, CA. He did spend 3 mos. on a ship that went to Panama. He wanted to spend more time on a ship and grew tired of waiting. That’s why he took the early discharge.He’s regretting his decision right now and hopes to reenlist!

            Your son will be fine. It’s hard when your babies venture out into the real world alone! I guess that might be why Christopher and Lauren didn’t go to college like Albie did? Caroline may have forbid it!

            • My son will do 6 years. 2 in Nuke school and then 4 active duty. If he doesn’t reenlist, that is. I understand that there is a shortage of Nukes and they are offered huge reenlistment bonuses. Before he joined, he told me that only thing that was making him hesitate was how I might react. I told him I raised him to be a man and it would be selfish of me to expect him to make decisions according to what he thought would be best for mommy. I’m proud that I raised an independent man and not a apron string clinging man-child like the Manzo boyz.

          • You too Polly? I’ll add your fam to my prayer list:) I can relate and will you keep your son in thought XO . God bless

            • Thank you! He is in Delayed Enlistment, so he hasn’t gone to basic yet. Everything has to get teed up first: security clearance/ background check, Nuke school schedule, etc. But, he has signed the contract and when they call him to go, he is off.

          • Polly, I have many friends that were “Nukes”. I was 18 when I came to Orlando (before the base closed) and met some of the best guys I have ever known. So intelligent. You’re son must be an intelligent guy. I have watched these guys go on to great careers in aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering. Navy is the best of the branches in my opinion. See the world and gain valuable experience! Hats off to you Polly and family. It’s a great big world and greater with your son in it to serve our fine country. Salutes!

            • Thank you for your kind words. I’m proud of my son. Yes, he is very smart and with the Advanced Placement tests he passed, he could have started college as a sophomore, but chose to serve his country instead.

  • Wow, u made her accountable 4 that post & I commend u for this, as I hav said b4 Siggy & Dolores must have pretty sore cooches from straddling that fence. No one has ever brought up how Jac blatently lied when Siggy & Dolores went to jac’s house after Vermont & Chris, Jac & Ashley were out on the infamous deck talking abt both D & S yet jac lied & said she wasn’t mad, so there is that! So much for jac’s so called honestly. I am sooo Luvn this!?

  • I get it, Siggy, you had to dance with the one that brung ya. But, damn, you beclowned yourself making excuses for Wacko Jacko’s vicious behavior. “She’s hurting” “She loves too much” “She cares too much” “She’s got her period”. You have tarnished your not only your personal integrity but also your reputation as a “relationship expert”.

  • I also love how people call Lisa the chest master but I think the real chess master is Tre I think she’s very smart and manipulates do I think she really think she liked Melissa NO! Have I think she’d become best friends with Melissa to make her be her voice and it’s worked yes! I do love Tre but also I think she plays a very excellent game. Everyone who is friends with Tre will always defend her and turn against people she don’t like because they all think she will make good tv

    Jac is Crazy but Tre is manster manipulatior of all times and makes excellent TV

  • And here’s how I think some of the old Tre ain’t dead I think she wants Danielle and proving the Jac theory correct is because she wants Danielle to be her shoulder Tre knows Danielle will go after the wakiles, manzo and Lauritas she’s always been opinionated drama and will Tre will love that because she can’t the golden girl and Danielle is her bitch

    I love Tre but she’s playing her soulder game with Danielle but who cares because they would make TV gold having Danielle is her shoulder I would love to see the drama then

    • Soulder=Soldier? I used to joke around with that word @ Jaq’s expense but my Son is a Soldier. So I think it’s offending that a Colonel’s daughter uses the word “Soldier” in such a derogatory manner. Soldiers need to be respected. Not used by a mentally I’ll lady to hurt someone.

  • It’s sad to be honest I personally think she’s gunna beg Caroline Manzo to return back so it will be like a mean girls and Danielle will return as well

    The thing is I couldn’t think of anything better for tv to have Danielle, Mel,Tre and siggy with caroline and Jac on another side and dolores running between groups and getting into it with Danielle

  • Lara – so glad you were able to clear things up with her.
    Now – I’m still getting flip flop a little and perhaps its that she is trying to not blast someone too much ? I think she does have good heart and intent . But even when she knew Jac was wrong she was still one sided on show . And why is Dolo still up Whacks drunk butt,? Ugh and what is this bit about not liking Teresa yet Teresa was nice to her? That’s odd . Jac spent two years recruiting soldiers and now one went rogue hence , she’s unhinged .

    • Dolo is good good friends with Caro.. thats why she is up Whacks butt. and the only reason Caro cares abt Whack is Chris the lurker, who used to have balls. Whack has his secrets.

  • Also, Siggy used the plural when referring to who was upset about her relationship with Teresa. That begs the question, who are “they”? Besides Jacqueline, the list might include “the cousins”, Caroline and crew, and, of course, Chris and Ashlee. Sheesh! What a bunch!

  • I certainly give Siggy a lot of credit for giving you this interview. It took courage to say the things she did. I am sure the responses on other sites (and Twitter) will be coming fast and furious. I, too, have have had friends I defended until the bitter end, but the end DID come. Good for Siggy for being willing to say so.

  • Awesome, Awesome exclusive Lara Sophia 🙂 This Siggy I like vs. the meddlesome one that was edited/portrayed this season. The reason everyone was looking for her to take sides is that it looked like she wanted to be in the middle. I look forward to more of this Siggy next season.

  • So many people can’t see that from the very first episode of S3 the agenda was to take Teresa down the original cast except for Dina didn’t like that she was the break out star and the new cast members came on to be a part of the take down shame shame and sad too bc it included Teresa’s family but low and behold she’s still the star and those who did the dirty deeds should be glad that they have show to return to. And I’m glad that Teresa mended the fences with her brother and Melissa.

  • LMAO you guys went from treating her like the devil last night to adoring her today because she finally gave u the interview. Hypocrisy?

    • So not hypocrisy on this blog! Siggy should have clarified her statement to this blog directly, as any “Relationship Expert” knows, you go straight to the source. You don’t outsource a 2nd statement. Siggy made a faux pas and corrected it. Good for her!

    • shad

      It is apparent that you are confused..clearly, let me explain:

      – this blog reports everything to do with RH
      – occasionally RH will give exclusives to the bloggers on this site
      – a relationship is forged either positive or negative with that RH (based on what that RH presents themselves)
      – the blogger will tweet/facebook/ instagrram with RH’s

      When anything of significance occurs, the blogger will investigate, and will blog about it…(this is where we come in)

      Based on how we feel…we give our opinion..(some misinterpret this opinion as a challenge to themselves – to demand explanations/hands on hips behavior) ..this is called “posting”.

      If there is a conclusion to a specific situation..the blogger will blog again, including facts via “exclusives” or this sites “reliable sources” and once again, we “post” our view point on the new information.

      Please, indicate where the “hypocrisy” enters?

      Poor Shad …so eager to bitch and whine..and be all kinds of wrong

      you’re welcome


      • No, you dumb-f, I know it’s 4 diff. bloggers but they were all pro teresa and anti jac and they all represent each other. All I saw is 2 different blogs after each other with different tones about siggy. One painted her as the devil while the other kissed her ass. Wishywashy and 2-faced, just like Teresa.

  • Yes, good job Lara! I am glad Siggy spoke with you. I keep thinking back to during the season she wrote that special post for us about that other website that Ashley & Jac used to plant their stories and run others down. That was big.

    Siggy was very careful during the season and tried to be there for Jac. This is a relatable issue that all people have, you think someone is a friend and you are there for them and they turn on you suddenly, and either openly run you down or they never talk to you again. Its confusing and weird! I’m glad she is going on with her life and the friendships that she truly enjoys. Good for her and I hope she and the rest of the cast will be on the new season (except for Jac and the Wakilies.)

    • That “other”site has a story up about Siggy turning on Jaq for Tre because Tre can make her more famous! Then they used her previous blogs and current AATRH interview as proof she flip flops. Even though Siggy admitted she flip flopped!

      I am pretty sure Siggy’s role this season was to back up Jaq. Which IDK if Siggy accepted that role because she thought it safer to be on Jaq’s side versus Tre’s side? It was a gamble for Bravo to bring Tre back after she was just released from camp. You know, will the viewers forgive her or will they turn on her?

      I really believe Jaq cruelly treated Tre like a criminal to win over TreBashers. Instead her psychotic outbursts hurt her image and Chris, Ashley, Siggy and Dolores’, too. It also helped Tre’s image.

      To be fair, Tre did turn some viewers off by her behavior at reunion! BUT, Tre’s reunion behavior did bring the ratings something Jaq’s behavior didn’t do!

  • Holy Crap! Another awesome exclusive!! Thank you Lara!

    ok, wow JackAss got busted in her pork chops! JackAss used the Grim Weeper to the bone, then threw her out..busted!

    Because siggy is a newbie, JackAss was able to play her like her fav. pork chop.

    So in conclusion..that instagram was directed to JackAss!

  • Lara this is awesome! Good job! Thank you Siggy for speaking and telling your side of what is going on. No-one understands what Jac wanted from Tre and it sounds like she didn’t make that clear to you either.

    Pretty cool you auditioned for the show before!

    Team AATRH! You rock! And that’s an exclusive from me to you! 😉

      • You gals are the best bloggers! You investigate and get the truth. That is why this is the only blog I read, because the other ones don’t put the work in to get the real story like you do.