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Jacqueline Laurita And Melissa Gorga Attend The Same Event – Was There A Showdown Between The Former Friends?


Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita friendship fell apart after a heated season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Somehow in the days following part two of the RHONJ season 7 reunion, the former friends found themselves at the same event leaving many fans wondering if there was a showdown between the Housewives.

Both Melissa and Jacqueline jetted down the Turnpike to Atlantic City to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Hard Rock Cafe on Tuesday and documented the event on social media.


Shockingly enough Amber and Jim Marchese also made an appearance at the event, and hung out with Jacqueline, who gushed about “having so much fun with Amber.”


Rumor has it that Jacqueline and Amber are getting super close since Jacqueline is on the outs with most of the current and former RHONJ cast.

As for Jacqueline and Melissa, it looks like they steered clear of each other and didn’t interact at all. Guess they are keeping true to the peace treaty they agreed on or perhaps they are waiting for the season 8 cameras to start rolling before they start fighting with each other.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Jacqueline is going to try and buddy up to Amber and try to get her back on RHONJ. There’s no way Bravo would go for it, but it’s an interesting tactic. Clearly, we know who is creating her season 8 army.

Are you surprised Jacqueline and Melissa attended the same event and didn’t interact? Is it odd that Jacqueline and Amber are friendly all the sudden? Do you think Bravo would EVER bring Amber and Jim back to RHONJ?

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  • Jac snuggles up with all Teresa haters and all “wanna be famous” people like Amber. So superficial.

  • @amber_marchese_tv_personality … O.o

    Are you f—ing kidding me?????
    Excuse me while I go blow my brains out and then jump out a window.

  • I’m surprised no one mentioned the pic above.

    Plastic, frozen man-made faces. Neither of them display a true emotion.

  • O/T Just read The Daily Dish, and Lurker was asked about Ashley. He says she is very attentive with her son. And I’m like of course she is – what else is she going to do all day – she doesn’t have a job! hahaha!!!

    • What an odd thing to say about a new mom. She’s attentive? Duh. How about patient, nurturing, kind, loving, protective? Creatures in the animal kingdom are attentive. Jack and Ashlee are idiots.

    • It was so funny watching the reunion when Jacaloon was trying to pretend that Pete proposed before they found out Asslee was knocked up. Yeah, right. A proposal, an engagement ring, and an out-of-wedlock child later and they still aren’t married. She’s still laying up in her mama’s house.

    • Thanks for the scoop, September.
      Based on the shit that’s come out of his mouth this Season, I’m having trouble believing it.

      I don’t think she’s ever had a job that lasted more than a week anyway.

  • Oh goodness…. I wish this crazy chick would have a seat in the back…. way in the back. Wacky Jacky never stops being a witch.

  • Make it stop!!!! Please make it stop!!!! Must we have to endure another season with these 2 bottom feeders stupid story lines.!?

  • Amber and Jim befriended Jac awhile ago and they bad-mouthed Tre along the way and tried to campaign to get her off the show. So no surprise they are still friends.

    The hag marco clan have no friends.

    • It’s funny that the LOLyer condemns the Gs but is friends with the Liaritas ! Then again he made millions how ? He and amber are so damn phony it should be illegal. It takes a lot for me to be negative with her because of her healthy but I can’t condone her and Jims faux acting and friend shenanigans

      • @Michers- I have been watching Marriage Boot Camp- and I think she is drunk most the time and on a lot of meds- He is horrible- I feel sorry for her, cause I think she feels stuck with him for her kids and the fact the cancer keeps returning- I think if she has any sense left- get the kids out of his grasp now and have some peace in her life- cause he really is a bad guy- Do you Watch It ?? Bootcamp- he has really showed what an Azz he is. JMO LOL

        • I watched a few here and there as I heard about their new scams/ storylines and I honestly don’t know . I feel like they are lying but his rant about hookers and getting a 22 year old when their daughter turns 18 was truly disgusting and seemed realistic . But yet here they are acting as if life is just wonderful so , liars or she’s a big ass fool???

  • I find Amber’s name hilarious. T.V. personality? Really Amber? She is so full of herself and delusional.

    I actually feel bad for her. I think without her husband, she is actually a decent person.

    • I have been watching Marriage Boot Camp and Jim is a total weirdo and I think she is sick from the Cancer still- I also think they are broke and he is making her turn a dime anyway anyhow they can- last week was the worst- tonight will be the after math- JMO, but he is -my guess not only verbal, but physical , I also think he is a tyrant regarding money. I know they have kids , but she should run and not look back.

      • Such a sad situation. I really think deep down she is a good person and hopefully one day she is able to move on from Jim. From what I read, Jim was abusive towards his first wife and tried everything to destroy her.

        • @Ms Torres- I agree- she was happy I think , when she was on , cause she had people around her-I think he like most abusive control freaks , wanted to keep her isolated- I also think he thought he was going to come on the show and be popular and he wasn’t & it burnt his Azz- and she took punishment for it.