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Teresa Giudice: It’s What You Don’t See That Speaks the Loudest

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In her final Bravo blog of season 7, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice reflects on the season and her friendships with her past and present co-stars.

Teresa opens up about the high and low points of the year and gives fans insight into the behind the scenes drama that they don’t see.

Not surprisingly Teresa also discusses her former friendship with Jacqueline Laurita. While Teresa reflects on the fun times with Jacqueline she also acknowledges Jac’s “games” and “toxic energy” that she feels ruined their friendship.

See what Teresa had to say below!

It’s hard to believe that Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is FINALLY over. I can tell you that for me personally, this was a very emotional season, and I am happy to have it behind me.

Obviously, being reunited with my family in the first episode after being away for almost a year was AMAZING. I cry every time I re-watch it. If you listen closely as I am getting out of the car and walking from the garage into the house, you can hear my heart beating so loud, it sounds like it is going to jump through my chest! While that was a happy episode for me, saying goodbye to Joe later in the season when he went away absolutely crushed me. I saw 30 seconds of that episode and could not continue watching, it hurt me so bad.

I am very happy that my brother and I were able to repair our relationship and that Melissa and I were able to leave the past in the past and start fresh. This is my family, and nothing or no one will ever break us apart, no matter how hard they try. I am also very happy to have met Siggy Flicker. You won’t find a more genuine person with such a big heart. Siggy is also one of the funniest women I have ever met, and I am so happy to have gotten so close to her, especially AFTER the season finale at Rails.

Siggy and I have definitely bonded and shared A LOT with one another, and I am happy to call her my friend for life.

What can I say about Dolores that you don’t already know? Dolores and I go waaay back, and Dolores is someone who I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for.

I have enjoyed spending time with Siggy and Dolores in the months after the show wrapped, including a recent girls trip to Florida where we had a very deep and very honest conversation about certain people (you know who they are) who were obviously not to happy to see us smiling and laughing together. Oh well.

You see, one of the things about being a Housewife, and a New Jersey Housewife in particular, is that most of the drama seems to happen behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t around.

Someone once described being a Housewife to me as being one big chess game, and in many ways, I guess it is for some people, but not for me. First of all, I don’t play chess, and I don’t play games. Whether you like it or not, with me, what you see is what you get.

When I was angry with Danielle, and I flipped that table, that was real, that was what I was feeling at that moment. When I shoved Andy at the Season 2 reunion, that was real, that was what I was feeling at the moment.

In one of the moments from this season when all of the girls went to Crystal Springs, you see Jacqueline getting upset thinking about her son Nicholas, and you see me trying to console her by playing with her and talking to her. That was genuine — one mother trying to help another, one friend trying to be there for another.

I wish the show had more of that and less of the drama, but when some people are REAL and others play games, it’s always bound to end up like we did at this year’s reunion.

My relationship with Melissa is REAL. Trust me, after where we have been, neither one of us could or would fake it.

My relationship with Dolores is REAL and always has been. Dolores is one the realist women you will ever meet. I hope that as she gets more comfortable being a Housewife she speaks her mind a little more and doesn’t hold back as much. When she does, you will know what I’m talking about.

My relationship with Siggy is REAL. She told me that certain people wanted her on the show to bring me down and that instead she fell in love with me. Why? Because I’m REAL.

My relationship with Jacqueline? For me, at one point, it was very real. I considered Jacqueline one of my very best girlfriends. Anyone who has watched the show knows that Jacqueline and I had a lot of laughs together as Lucy and Ethel.
But when the relationship went from being REAL to being part of some Housewives game that she was playing, where she actually set out to hurt my family, that’s when and where it ended for me.

Think about this: Why was Chris talking to people that were trying to destroy my family? Why would he be involved with someone like that if he was friends with us? Why was Jacqueline so concerned about me not wanting a relationship with my cousins? That’s my family, not hers, so why does she care so much? Why try as hard as she did at the reunion to come between Melissa and I?

This is someone who cares waaaay too much about what’s going on, in and around my life and instead should focus more on what’s going on in her own.

Going back to the season finale at Rails, there was so much tension and toxic energy in that room, and when Jacqueline got up and left, it was like the dark clouds went away and the sun came out. You could almost hear the birds chirping.
Once she was gone, Melissa, Dolores, Siggy and I laughed and had a really nice time together. In many ways, it was the perfect ending to such a roller coaster of a season.

I felt the need to say one more thing. Call it food for thought: There are a lot of times where I am made out to be the bad guy, the villain on the show. But think about it. If I am so bad, why are Siggy and Dolores going on vacation with me away when they don’t have to? Why am I spending time, and lots of it, with my brother and Melissa, and our children, even when no one is watching? Why is it that I have maintained my relationship with Dina Manzo, Audriana’s godmother, after all of these years. Just last week I had dinner with Rino, Teresa and Nicole from Season 6 in New York. I have reconnected with Danielle Staub and would love to see her back — same goes for Rino and the twins.

The rest of them, I am going to take the high road here, but many times it’s what you don’t see that speaks the loudest about who is who and what is what.

Love love love you all,


Teresa’s blog is on point! I loved everything she had to say. I never understood why Teresa was painted the villain all the time because it was obvious that she wasn’t.

Thoughts on Teresa’s blog? Sound off below!

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  • I REALLY want Danielle back, but would be for TerEsA and Rino coming back – they seem to be supportive of T. I think it’d be a great season, positivity. I’m SO SO SO over T and Jacs drama! I’d like for T to not be in center of drama, because she doesn’t need drama to be entertaining.

  • Great blog! The reason we don’t see more of the fun times is that drama brings viewers and attention to the show. Too bad, as it ruins it for the rest of us who are over some (Kathy, Jac, Caroline) of these “women” who would sell their souls for the money.

  • Love it, this was a great blog. Makes me think of Michelle Obama’s advice, ‘When they go low, you go high.’ I like hearing she is friends with Mel for real.

    I would love the next season to have Tre, Mel, Siggy, Delores, Rino, the twins, and just focus on their families and jobs, have a couple long weekend trips. How about a road trip to California to see Dina???? Fun! If the Manzos get production to film goofing off season after season why can’t RHNJ?!?

    • Good afternoon Maru


      that phrase from Michelle Obama is awesome, so creative and positive!

      And I absolutely agree with your idea for next season! Awesome picks..that would be impressive if they did the trip to Cali…to visit Dana..cuz apparently Caroline, didn’t visit, when she went there, on her Manzo’d show!

      awesome ideas!

      • Michelle Obama, a hater of America and truly nasty woman. Can’t wait till she is out of the White House!

        • Really? On her worst day, she is certainly better than you appear on your best day. Class act all the way.


  • Preach, girl! <3
    I only disagree with the twins – though I hear they've been super supportive – not crazy about them returning to the show, tbh. Dunno. That year was BAD (with Amber, Jim and the Santafucker storyline, Bobby The Thirsty… etc) – Tre and Dina got me through that season, pretty much.

    The rest (Wakiles, Pierri, Laurita etc) can go f–k themselves. Over them. Enough!

  • We love you so much, Tre! I knew you were REAL WAY BACK ON SEASON 1. I know you’ll continue to be a great mom and stay away from those who try their hardest to hurt you. It’s a shame that you, JAc and your cousins couldn’t resolve things and chop it up because they’re so jealous and evil. Can’t wait to see season 8. Xoxo

  • Teresa is really on her game, camp was good for her. She came home a much calmer person. Teresa was point on in her blog.

    She has the right to be friends with anyone she wants and leave the past in the past. She tried that with Jacq and she was the one who wanted to keep relieving the past. Jacq chose not to leave the past in the past and kept bringing it back up. Jacq chose to relieve the past.

    I was glad that Teresa called out Chris about his comments on he and Jacq being in contact with the person or persons who were talking to the IRS about his good friends.

    Siggy and Delores may be okay. They just have to stand on their own. Their trying to explain Jacq’s behavior was just to much .

    • The majority of those charges were dropped – REAL. Cause they didn’t have evidence to convict – REAL.

        • No, it was 41 counts against them as they went to court. It started at 39 then a couple more were added.

          • But less than 6 stuck for both- out of 41….that’s big difference ! Quite a loss for that overzealous prosecutor

            • No, it’s really quite common. The various charges overlap in many cases so usually about 1/2 of indictments in a multi-indictment issue are actually tried if a case makes it to trial. Also, the shear number of indictments makes a plea deal seem more appealing to a defendant. The prosecutor was not overzealous in this matter, if he/she was, they would not have offered a plea deal at all.

        • Maru

          this is from nj.com the author was in court, for each appearance:

          “Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to five counts in a 41-count superseding indictment against the couple; Teresa Giudice, to four counts. “

        • Yes not enough evidence. That’s why the prosecutor had to drop most of the charges. Those extra charges were for publicity for the prosecutor. Happens every day. And if I were a HW I would hire a professional writer too to convey what I want to say. In fact I would hire Carole RHONY – she has the best blogs!

          • That’s not how it works. Plea deals are done every day and not because there is not enough evidence to convict on all. It’s done to insure that everyone can have their right to a speedy trial and to keep the cases moving through the courts. Quite often, as may have been done in this case, when someone has an otherwise clean record, they choose the lesser of the crimes to prosecute, letting the larger ones go. This insures a plea deal will be in favor of the criminal and, therefore, is more likely to be accepted. This type of consideration is widely used in the cases where there is no violence involved. The prosecutor did not HAVE to drop anything. The other charges were plead away. Think about it.

            • I have thought about it. The prosecutor did not have enough evidence. If he did he would have went for it. No reason not to. None.

              • Look of the ABA rules on such matters. The DA had no more skin in this game than he/she would in any other. The sanctions are in place to see to it that people are not made an example of. Plea deals are done every day. If they were not, the court system would be so jammed up that it would take years for a case to make it to trial and defendants have a right to a speedy trial. Some defendants would go unpunished if it were not for plea deals do to the right of speed prosecution. That is the DA incentive to plea out as much as possible.

        • Indictments are not achieved when there is not enough evidence in a matter. Tre WAS indicted. Then a plea deal took over.

          • Indictments are not a unanimous decision. Nor do they require evidence. They require a suspicion. That’s it.

      • Actually – we are not made privy to the reasoning behind which charges were used to prosecute and which were dropped in favor of a plea deal. We do know that the judge said she would have given Tre probation has she not shown such contempt for the court and the proceedings and continued to lie right up until her sentencing. REAL

        • Nope. The prosecutors would have went full force to convict all the charges. But they didn’t have enough evidence. That’s why the plea deal. Not the other way around. No lawyer is going to say we will drop the most evidenced charges against you cause we don’t want to go to court and actually convict you.

          • When someone is indicted the facts MUST be present to bring that indictment or the prosecutor will be brought up on sanctions. A DA cannot bring charges that are unsupported by the facts or he/she will be subject to discipline via ABA Model Rule 3.8. Several of the indictments overlap in their facts and findings. A DA brings as many indictments as the facts will support in order to obtain a plea deal that will be satisfactory to all parties. This model and the accompanying sanctions are in place to avoid exactly what you are saying happened. It’s pretty common knowledge and you can look it up if you’re interested in the truth of the matter. Even if you look up similar case files you will see that this is common practice. I worked in the courts for over 25 years and this happens every day.

  • This was one of her better blogs. It is obvious that RHONJ drama (unlike RHOA drama) involved more stuff from behind the scenes, which is probably why Sirens is infamous for their weird and shady editing for seasons now. Let’s see if these people really leave the foolishness behind.

  • Great blog. There is a reason the windshield is so big and the rear view is so small, keep it moving, Tre! My only thing is……no to the twins!!!!!

  • You GO Teresa!!!!!

    I’d also like to ask, If you’re sooo toxic and such a creep, why oh why are the Lauritas CONSTANTLY trying to RE-friend you??????

    • Good morning missha50!!


      I agree, yesterday a person posted that Jackahholic is not even respecting the truce, as she has been bashing Teresa on twitter and instagram all this time!

      Apparently Teresa knows what Truce means, not JackAss

      • Hey Sam!!!!!

        Truly she is. I’m not on twitter but have no doubt coo coo – holic is. She always was – Teresa NEVER stooped to it. I’m not on but seasons before I used to read both tweets – Teresa is a saint with the patience of JOB.
        How she held back , I don’t know but it’s why I fell on her side. #StrongAssWoman!

        • missha50 ..yup, I know when I first started here, I was supporting M…puke…but people here directed me to specific information, and suddenly, I was seeing Teresa in a way different way.

          You are right, she has the patience of a saint, more so , this season, with Jac.

          every season, Teresa trusted the Rats, and by the 4th episoded, their knives would come out – aimed directly at Teresa!

          she is a #StrongAssWoman!

          • Sam!

            Believe me I get it. Don’t feel bad, I used to adore Bethenny frankel. So much so, I could’ve sopped her with some bicuits and gravy.
            But in time we always see the light or the housewives themselves lead us to it! 🙂 🙂

  • What an awesome blog, each situation covered and explained by using common sense. M is the only one I don’t trust completely.

    Perfect common sense about Jacqueline, and best way to protect yourself and your family, call the person out, and back it up with hontesty, all Teresa wants…don’t hurt my family!

  • Great blog and way to close the season out 🙂 You go girl making valid points and being logical! I knew Jac brought soldiers on to take you down – it was obvious , too bad backfired . And still being all Kim D to recycle past ? Pathetic and made them look just silly . Jac is whack

  • There are points I have to disagree with.

    1) Tre says no-one can break up her family – it was family that did try – her brother & SIL.

    2) Tre’s SIL is not being fake – this girl is a proven liar – don’t sell me on her.

    3) Jac is a castmate and filmed the show so yes she is invested in your family drama and entitled to her opinion – just wish she could have accepted your decisions.

    Make no mistake Tre is in the drivers seat! I hope next season is a hoot! Cameo’s from former cast could be good! Make it hilarious Bravo and Andy!

    • No one can break them up now after having everything out in moving forward and fresh start- that’s how I took it 🙂 I do agree with you about Mel but Teresa is doing what she feels is right moving forward / family. She won’t have he brother or make parents happy if she ignores MeMe