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AATRH Exclusive: Is Amber Marchese Returning To Bravo For RHONJ Season 8?!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

RHONJ season 7 isn’t even over, and the season 8 casting rumors are already flying!

Recently, reports were circulating that Amber Marchese was re-joining the show that made her famous, and fans have been stressing ever since! Since exiting RHONJ Amber and her weasel husband Jim have had nothing but negative press, and as recent as Friday night we watched Jim degrade Amber on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars!

On camera, Jim claimed that he will leave her for a younger woman as soon as their daughter turns 18, and even says that he’s had better sex with hookers; disgusting!

Our RHONJ insiders insist that Amber and Jim will never be back on Bravo, and even laughed at this insane rumor! Jim has bashed Andy Cohen and threatened to expose The Real Housewives as a fake, scripted reality show.

It’s comical that Amber and Jim are publicly defending Jacqueline Laurita, and even attempting to convince RHONJ fans that they are great friends.

“If Bravo needed one more housewife to save the entire housewives franchise and Amber Marchese was the last woman left on plant Earth, the franchise would die, our source explained!

Another RHONJ source said that these rumors are clearly coming from the Marchese’s as a way to gain publicity for Marriage Bootcamp, and they know that they have no shot back on Bravo; that relationship is over!

Bravo will NEVER, EVER do business with the Marchese’s ever again, you can count on that,” our insider wrapped!

Jac is trying to get Amber back on RHONJ as an ally, and Amber is so desperate for fame she is endorsing this psycho! These two are dangerous together, they lie and will stop at nothing to get themselves ahead. If Amber doesn’t leave Jim she is out of her mind, and setting a disgusting example for her daughter and women everywhere!

I think Jim needs to take his own advice and…

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Thoughts on Amber and Jim joining RHONJ season 8? Do you believe it? Do you want them back? Have you been watching Marriage Bootcamp? Are Amber and Jacqueline desperate to remain in the spotlight? Let’s Discuss!

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  • I feel so bad for Amber, Jim is horrible there are no words to describe that asshole. He is like a punishment in hell. I feel like if i was to sin horribly in life my hell would be, being his wife. She just laid down and took everything he was saying to her (on marriage bootcamp ( at the end of the last episode) she needs to stand up and show her daughter that that is not acceptable. Set an example, self esteem self respect. Ugh there are not enough words and not enough time in the day. Its sad. The Emanstapation pic Amber getting her groove back after an intervention from some real friends ( hopeing she has some that he hasn’t t scared away… And hopeing Jac isn’t one pic them) that would be a good documentary. Anyway i love watching RHW but i wouldn’t strive to be like most of them. They are like Apples that have fallen from a half dead apple tree. I do see their good traits but 98 percent of them lack empathy and that’s probably how the world is these days it should be a mandatory class you take in middle school lol. The world would be a better place.. Whoa I’m so sorry i went so far off topic. And took up your time. Bottom line.. Amber is to good for this man Jim, just like Chris is too good for Jac. I don’t see this collaboration! But never say never.

    • Do you believe this though? I’m really having hard time distinguishing fact from fiction with these 2 . They are doing complete opposite of how there were on HW’s so either they are Vicki G ( OC ) type liar status – huge huge liars- or really fooled us and this side very well .
      Also I think it would be cold day in hell before Bravo allows her a comeback

    • @RoxyRain- I have also been watching Marriage Boot camp- I saw that- he is such a weasel- I would have dropped kick his punk Azz , the way and what he was saying- I hope they call him on that and she wakes up- I am with Michers- what do we know is true and not him and her acting for a shot on TV- Geesh -I would puke if he came near me-All I got say ( she is not doing her kids any favors), if he actually behaves the way he has on Marriage Boot Camp

  • Hah! I thought the cancer-drug-scamming, fake-whistle-blowing, wife-beating, social-media-shit-talking, tall-tale-telling, strap-on-up-the-butt-taking little crap weasel was too good to appear on a TV show with a felon.

  • Honestly, the more and more I watch Marriage Boot Camp, the more I believe the allegation about him choking/hitting her on the plane.

    I would prefer anyone but the Marcheses to come back.

    • Jayden

      I will be watching this on Saturday, I have only watched a “clip” of when amber was in a coffin..and JerkOff was blaming her for having cancer!

      Also, this site sometimes will update..last one was Amber cheated on Jim..with a woman.

      ugghh…I believe there are still people out there, that want them back…don’t count me in on that one.

    • Agree. RHONJ is over. No fun to watch women destroy themselves on tv and Jac is Tre’s stalker. She is obsessed with being loved by Tre and bad plastic surgery.

  • Hate these two, and won’t watch that dumb bootcamp show, but he really said those things? Yikes. What an ass. And we’re supposed to believe that whole incident on the plane was them getting hot and heavy? I don’t think so. Jim is scary.

  • The source – Jim Marchese.

    Since Jim is talking about the bedroom then I hope RHONJ shows the strap on episode! hahaha!!!

  • The fact that he verbally abuses her and physically?! Bless her heart, bc even if she divorced him and a quick stint on Bravo, he will haunt, abuse and threaten her, if not negate her child support. His latest stint in Marriage Boot Camp. He needs to be locked up.

    Always thought that her erratic behavior was a cry for help. He’s a shitbag!

    • Wishful thinking on their part. Marriage Boot Camp seems to be the place for “reality fame whores” who for whatever reason, no longer have a spot on a reality show. Taylor Armstrong along with that one-legged blonde from New York. It’s like it is there one last desperate attempt at being famous. Sad.