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Amber Marchese Admits She Cheated On Jim; But You Will Never Believe With Who!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Amber and Jim Marchese are basking in their negative attention from Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars; their last attempt to stay relevant and on TV!

It’s no surprise that Amber recently revealed she cheated on Jim, but no on could blame her, given his nasty, arrogant attitude! The shock came when she announced her “affair” was actually with a female; but she doesn’t consider herself bisexual.

Amber was a bit tipsy when she shared this shocking news, and although she tried to explain (and slur) that she is “not a bisexual,” her co-stars insisted that she is!

Amber and Jim are awful on this show, and it will be their last 15-minutes of fame! Jim constantly talks down to Amber, and shows how rude and condescending he really is. He has faced off several times against Dr. V, and even his male co-stars have nasty things to say about how he communicates.

I hope that Amber divorces Jim ASAP, he is the most disrespectful partner on this show and quite frankly she deserves better. He actually refers to her as, “the dumbest smart person I know,” on national TV! Hopefully she respects herself and her children enough to walk away; he is not changing, it’s clear this is who he is!

Thoughts on Amber’s affair with a woman? Should Amber leave Jim? Will she? Are they done in the spotlight after this show?

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  • Let’s hope nobody will give these 2 even a moment in front of any camera for any reason. This man is not able to change to save himself or his family. She will look back on these moments and finally take her moment to wave bye-bye for good. It embarrasses me to watch him degrade her and he loves doing it. Please Amber, watch a few episodes and you will be furious. Women like to find the only remaining light in a disgusting man and build a glimmer of hope that she can manifest him into a good husband and father. Fat chance Amber.

    • If you don’t care, stop reading it and stop going to these sites! I hate when people get on here and say stop reporting on this…YOU ARE READING IT!! You DO have a choice!!!

  • hmm, cheating is cheating no matter what gender either human is. Unless the marcrazy’s did not take vows, I would never find this “expected” because he is a douche.

    Respect for each other is non existent…he treats her like crap and blames her for cancer, she has sex with someone that is clearly not him!


  • Jenna I have to be honest – I watched 2 episodes but mainly to see Karen and Storm.
    I have to say I think Amber and Jim are the biggest fakers . I’m not buying the sudden alcoholism , the cheating with a girl .. They are coming up with new schemes it looks like .
    Eww- I think Storm is abusive and nasty and wish Karen to get away from him .

    • OMG, mich!
      My first thought was, “She’s lying.”

      I won’t watch that shitshow if you paid me!

      Happy Halloween!!!!

      • Same to you my little ghoulllll … Muahahah 🙂 XO!!!
        Yes , I think they are struggling cooking up new ideas for shock factor and attention . And it’s not just them that are terrible for tv believe it or not lol! Couple from love and hip hop ATL that make no sense with their lovers and extras when they were supposedly married .. Marriage boot camp is a Jerry Springer spinoff of sorts