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Amber and Jim Marchese Sue Virgin America for False Imprisonment

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The Marchese’s are back in the spotlight again, and no it’s no for their horrible new reality show. Instead, the couple is making the headlines for their decision to sue Virgin America for false imprisonment.

According to E! News Jim and Amber are suing Virgin America for defamation after they were escorted off an April 20th flight by police.

Amber and Jim were yanked off a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New Jersey after a flight attendant claimed that Jim choked Amber.

However, couple denies the incident ever took place and claims they were “involved in some heavy PDA” and “were talking about joining the mile high club.”

Jim was then arrested for domestic violence, and immediately the couple called the accusations “false” and threatened to sue Virgin for a $100 million!

While they say time heals all wounds Jim seems just as angry about the incident today as he was back in April, telling E! News the incident is “absurd” and “doesn’t make any sense.”

“We had spent two and a half weeks shooting [the show] which was so much fun, and we had just finished a promotional photo shoot…We got on the plane and the next thing you know, my wife is in handcuffs, and I’m being escorted off the flight.”

Jim may think he has the case in the bag but a Virgin America spokesperson tells another story. “There is no merit to this lawsuit and Virgin America will defend the claims made against our Teammate.”

Oh, James, I hope this lawsuit gets thrown out quicker than Amber got fired from RHONJ. How about Jim stops spending his days tweeting, gets a big-boy job and then he won’t have to be sue-happy to provide for his family. I think this lawsuit is ridiculous and for Jim to claim the arrest and accusations hurt his employment opportunities is insane. Jim spends hours a day on Twitter spewing excessive rants where he belittles and badgers people. Sorry to break it to you the damage is already done.

Are you shocked Jim and Amber are suing Virgin America? Do you think Jim and Amber have a case? Will they win?

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  • This sue-happy prick will wind up behind bars eventually. I’m patient. And put a tshirt on under that shirt fool! You must have plenty of wife beaters in your dresser.

  • These idiots are on TMZ tonight! The story has changed again. Now the flight attendant hated him because of his performance on TRHONJ and was picking on him when they first got on the flight. Well, I guess he isn’t aware that others saw and posted on line what happened. I hope Virgin Air hands him his ass in a basket.

  • QUIT reporting on the jerks!! They are seeking attention and this blog gives it to them over and over again.

  • What the ???? Amber was in cuffs and he was escorted????LOL
    Defamation huh ???? Just when ya think they can’t get any worse

  • This creep screams asshole who files against everyone and anyone in the hopes of getting a settlement. He might try getting a real job instead of being litigation happy. There should be limits or at least oversight over how many lawsuits any single individual can file in a six month period because assholes like him are polluting and bogging down the justice system while rapists run free.

  • this gavone is an obsessive & angry drunk. no question he gets violent with his wife. i don’t understand why she stays with him. is it the money? nobody is worth THAT much.

  • Uh….if someone mistakes your PDA for assault, you’re not doing it right. Unless you are into some Fifty Shades of Gray action. In either case, keep it in the bedroom, mmmmmkay?

  • I though they destroyed their reputations on RHNJ, then I saw the first show of Marriage Bootcamp!!!! What people will not do for attention and $.Amber calls him on being an alcoholic and destroyer. I didn’t recognize Amber without the full Bravo make-up and hair! And Jim sprayed his head with black hair!!! Attention-seeking trolls. I pity those kids.

    • @tindertones- I wondered if Ambers hair wasn’t a lot thinner cause of the cancer treatments-he made me sick when he said how much he spent on her cancer and like it was her fault- he will get his just due – just a matter of when and how-
      He is a classic Little Man Syndrome –
      a bully , absolute narcissist –
      I just wish she would leave him and whatever they have left take it all.
      She has kids and he is not a good example-JMO

  • Douche is a diffferent form of delusion – failed lawyer – forgets, there was a witness, who tweeted while it happened.

    I don’t think unemployment sits well with Douche…cuz..he got his wife fired from #RHOBH and he failed his state law process…and filming for #Marriage bootcamp is over..

    All he has in his tweeting his brains out support of if he is Trumps love child!! and that’s it…huge loser in life

    • Yeah, the odds are pretty stacked against him with this case. What would the plane company gain from all of this?

        • Hi samael.

          It has been a while. Barely watched RHONJ this season, and I couldn’t get into RHOA or RHOBH much this year, so I commented less. I still read things every once in a while. Nice to be back.

          • Hi jayden

            I understand your behavior, I am at that point right really seems that it is clear that Andy has abandoned any format of caring.

            Apparently the template for RH is scamming, violent alcoholics, bullying each cast.

            Not interested watching #rhony or #rhoc anymore. The editing is psychotic. RHONJ is like a psychotic reunion every episode..everyone in Teresa’s past.. Andy needs to ‘move”.

            I tried RHOA the last two seasons…each episode..huge headache..they scream so much.

            contemplating dropping RH ..fingers crossed for #RHOBH.

            • Hey Sammy, Hey Jayden.

              I’m with ya. Tired of all the franchise. Tho won’t quit Jersey now, at the end.

              Don’t think I’ll watch Atlanta. Gave up on OC. NY and BH I’ll try, with reservations

              • Shipp!!

                they would have to do something pretty drastic to force me to ..NEVER watch RHONJ!!

                Teresa is the main event..she is single handedly (is that a word) showing us ..leeches exist and she will matter what Ass Andy throws at her!

  • Guess money is really getting tight for these wackadoo’s. $100million? Seriously? “Boy Bye”! What’s wrong Jerk Jim, you don’t have any corporations to blow the whistle on? I mean we all know that’s how you really made your money and to pay your mortgage. Will you go away already!! (cheese and crackers) We are tired of you!

  • So bored with these losers. Another attempt to keep their name out there. When they were on i only watched half that season because I disliked them so much. Go away already. Congrats to Jeff!!

    • That’s talk about Jeff instead of these Losers. That would really piss him off. you know he is reading…..

  • Good Luck LMAO…They just want notoriety at any cost even if it make’s them look like the total Idiots they are. ` O/T CONGRATULATION Jeff Lewis tweeted At 4:22pm I grew up today. Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis…Tre tweeted sooooo happy for you, Love the name.