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Is Former RHOM Star Larsa Pippen At Risk of Loosing Children As Divorce Heats Up?!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Larsa Pippen may be a RHOM one-season-wonder; but she’s become even more famous in recent years as Kim Kardashian’s BFF, and WAG to hubby of 19 years Scotty Pippen!

We told you yesterday that the couple was getting divorced, but as accusations fly and rumors swirl, things are getting ugly!

According to Broward County Circuit Court documents, Scotty “demanded ultimate responsibility” of the couples four young children: Scottie Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia.

The Husband requests that this Court…allocates parental responsibility whereby the Husband is awarded ultimate responsibility over issues relating to education, health care, and general welfare of the minor children,” Scottie’s attorney requested.

Also, his attorney revealed that he will “Petition for Relocation on behalf of the children,” and plans to move them to Chicago, Illinois full-time!

If “forced” to stay in the sunshine state, Scottie is confident that he should have the kids “the majority of the time.

If the Petition…is not granted, then it is in the minor children’s best interests that the Husband be awarded the majority of timesharing with the minor children during the pendency of this action and permanently thereafter,” the lawyer stated.

Even more, Scottie “begged” the court not to demand he pay Larsa any alimony! Lastly, he wants the “right to amend their prenuptial agreement.

Things are getting so nasty between this couple, and it’s sad, always liked them together! 19 years is a long time and I do feel he should pay her something, unless something horrible went down between her and the kids; which I don’t believe happened. That being said, I also think that they should share custody of the kids; until more informations is confirmed, that’s how I feel. Larsa has yet to respond to these requested terms, but we all know it’s only a matter of time!

Too bad it’s been years since RHOM aired, it sounds like Larsa needs to start working on her comeback!

Thoughts on Scottie Pippen requesting full custody of his kids? Should he have to pay Larsa alimony? Whose side are you on?

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  • The only person I feel bad for is the kids and scottie. Her only goal is to be the next kim. Flying around the world drinking and sleeping with rapper future. I don’t blame SP for wanting full custody when she is never around. Her responsibilities have shifted.

  • He absolutely should have full custody and Larsa should not get any money, especially since she cheated on him and seems to spend more time in the club.

    • That’s what I thought so I agree ! Lord knows if he did what she did his ass would be crucified and taken to the cleaners . When she was in tv for s minute years ago, she didn’t seem very family orientated.

    • Don’t you just hate it when people “loose” their children to run wild in the streets.

      Now when they ‘lose’ them it’s a different, sadder story.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It drives me nuts!!! It’s “LOSING,” NOT “LOOSING.” LOOSE is when something is not tight.

  • Nah, Larsa gave me immediate Mommie Dearest vibes on RHOM. No one goes through nannies like underwear unless they’re cuckoo. If he wants primary custody of the kids then something definitely went down. No way he’s doing it just to be petty, it’s simply not his nature. Plus, she’s hanging out with Future and we all know that he has a history of prioritizing drugs over children.

    • SERIOUSLY??! Loosing? WTF ?! It’s losing. That annoys the sh!t out of me. It’s daily with these spelling errors. Their kids are so loose, you know loose morals. Lol. Sounds ridiculous! BTW, who the F cares about these people? She was only on season 1,when was that? 2011? She was such an annoying bitch and thought she was all that. Ugh,not to sound terrible,but she’s awful looking. NOT pretty or attractive to me at all! Spelling errors drive me crazy.