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Jim Marchese Slams Wife Amber; Calls Her A “Drama Queen” & Admits He Blames Her For Having Cancer!

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Just when we think we are done reporting on the MarCrazies, Jim does the lowest of the low; he goes and blames his wife for battling cancer!

On Friday night’s Marriage Bootcamp Jim was forced to pay his respects to Amber, (who was in a body bag) for an exercise to strengthen their marriage. Jim went lower than I’ve ever heard a man go about his wife, and as the marriage counselor’s pointed out, Jim should have been especially touched by this exercise!

Jim should really understand this exercise than anybody because Amber’s battle with cancer is a reality that they both face,” Dr. V stated. While mentioning (several times) that Jim “puts her down,” and “talks to her like she’s a 10-year-old instead of his wife.

Then Dr. V made Jim repeat his last words to her on the show: “you’re a drama queen. You spend too much money. I’d be okay if I got sex for every dollar you spent. In our 10 years you’ve never said I’m sorry,” Jim reiterated. And then, when Dr. V asked if that was Jim’s goodbye, he refused to apologize!

The thing,” Jim paused. Continuing, “I pay for the bills when they come. The chemotherapy, the hundreds of thousands.

Do you blame her for getting cancer?” Dr. V suggested.

A little bit,” Jim responded.

I think she made some bad lifestyle decisions that may have contributed. You have to understand there are consequences,” Jim responded.

Listen, I agree with the majority and have a strong dislike for Amber and Jim Marchese, and even had a full-on fight with Amber about the way she spoke against those battling invisible illnesses; but no one deserves that said to them. Jim clearly has serious mental problems, and if he could even think that Amber would bring cancer on herself, then he should no longer be with her; she would be way better off! Jim only seems to care about money and sex; after seeing that there is no way Amber can see be secure in her marriage now! After facing breast cancer twice, she knows very well that your health can change in one day; it doesn’t sound to me like Jim will always be there for his “drama queen” wife.

I’m not sure if they are allowed to separate or divorce (publicly) while Marriage Bootcamp is airing, but if Amber doesn’t leave this weasel as soon as the show wraps, she is just as insane and delusional as he is!

Thoughts on Jim’s accusations? Is Amber a drama queen? Should she leave him?

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  • The thing that Jim said that shocked me was his comment about her spending money, and how if he got sex every time he had to pay then they would be even. What a PIG!!! I believe that there is a word for that(hooker, prostitute, etc.) and that is how he thinks of his wife. Oh Amber, where is your self-respect? He thinks that little of you, you’re a piece of meat, that he has purchased and he thinks he’s getting cheated. I just want to shake Amber. She should take half of his ill gotten gains and RUN! I’ll still stick with Joe Giudice’s, “happy wife, happy life” Joe, who through all of their troubles never blamed Teresa.

  • after that kick his ASS TO THE CURB pos #$%#
    she has babied him and his kids from first marriage
    divorce is last resort and she should have hit that wall
    she will survive and marry a richer nicer guy and get her kids and Jim will pay for a long time that is my wish for her she did not deserve how she was treated by HW when she was on

  • What wld he be referring 2 as far as lifestyle choices, the fact tht she was/is a smoker, did she do humps/bumps of cocaine? None of those thinhpgs r causes of breast cancer wth smoking only being a common denominator. Bth my sisters hav breast cancer & neither were smokers. I am nt sure wht he may b referring to, but I also don’t see J letting her go, as he sees A as a possession that he bght & paid for. Such a creep!

  • Amber watched and listened to Jim and said ” Oh he didn’t mean it! It was just for tv ratings.” Amber may never open her eyes that Jim is not joking and saying things for tv. Jim is says what he means and then acts he didn’t mean the way he said it.

  • Is anyone here really interested in reading about these losers? It’s an honest question because I really don’t understand why any site would give them attention. That only leads to another reality gig for them.

    • I agree Dave. I just feel like they will do anything to stay relavened. Both these ppl wanted to stay on the show so bad. They use anything to get an excuse to even be talked about. Sorry, i added my opinion too. 😉

  • Jim & Amber have sold their souls to the devil. They will do anything for fame, such as act on D-list ‘reality show’. Amber should be mortified by him, it’s all part of their plan clearly, but self respect and family should come before anything else, in my opinion

  • There is no way he was for real ! For someone who brags to be intelligent , to say those things was disgusting and stupid . To say those things and actually blame a person for cancer has got to be THE stupidest thing I ever heard. His name is Jim Fugazi . Pfft .. And he talks about Teresa????unreal . Amber is dumber for going along with his shenanigans .