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Is There a Beef Brewing Between Brandi Glanville and Lea Black?

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East Coast vs. West Coast – looks like there’s some new bicoastal drama brewing between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville and Real Housewives of Miami‘s Lea Black.

The drama started when Lea made a jab at Brandi and fellow RHOM Housewife Joanna Krupa on Twitter following an updated on their insane lawsuit that was published by the Miami Herald. This feud stems from a 2013 Watch What Happens Live appearance where Brandi alleged that Joanna had an affair with Mohamed Hadid, while he was still married to Brandi’s BFF Yolanda, and that he told her Joanna had body odor issues down below.

Oh, Brandi….look what you got yourself into.

Now Brandi’s attorney’s have scheduled a hearing for next week to see if their request to gain access to “any and all” of Joanna’s “medical records from 2000 to present” will be granted. For them to confirm whether or not, Joanna has any conditions that would cause said odor to put it kindly. Joanna has denied Brandi’s allegations and filed a lawsuit against her seeking damages for slander.

Lea threw shade a both Brandi and Joanna in one simple tweet saying, “A ?twat walking around w/ tampon hanging out says another twat needs perfume? Send jury the panties ? @Andy @wwhl.”

In typical Brandi fashion, she quickly shot back at Lea on Twitter saying, “Lea, wow I thought you were classy.Remind me never to have you over to my home again& mallow you to meet my kids. Honestly sad.”

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Previously Lea made it clear she supports her former co-star Joanna during an April 2015 WWHL appearance where she said Brandi crossed a line.

“I usually am on the side of the underdog, but in this case, I’m on the side of Joanna, of course, because I think there’s certain things in life you cross lines when you do, and once you cross those lines, it’s hard to go back. And I think Joanna has handled it as well as she could handle it,” Leah explained.

Joanna, on the other hand, has stayed mum on the drama between Lea and Brandi.

Round one goes to Lea, but I’m sure this is just the beginning of this bi-coastal feud.

Personally, this lawsuit is so effing ridiculous. Brandi shouldn’t have said what she said but to sue over this and to drag it out this long is ridiculous!

Thoughts on Lea’s tweet? Are you Team Lea or Team Brandi? Do you think this lawsuit will ever go away?

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  • I thought what Lea said was so funny. Brandi better not take on Lea Black. Roy Black is the biggest and best attorney in all of Miami, and probably Florida. And, Lea would not even have to pay attorney fees. LOL

  • Nik Richie of The Dirty website said Joanna is just using this to tie up Brandy in legal fees, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I believe him, he deals with celebrity gossip and knows the laws.

  • I’m on “Team what the fuck are these people thinking tying up the courts with this ridiculous lawsuit”

  • Just why? Can these older women EVER act like women???Oh cute! An older lady calling out others for being a twat while being a twat. Someone must be bored without any more tv time. Thats a sure way to get noticed.

    • Maybe it was to bate Brandi into going on a Twitter rant and saying things that would impact her ruling to obtain “any and all medical records” I doubt the judge will give grant Brandi’s motion unless the scope is limited to specifics but sometimes people’s motivations are suspect and I think Lea had an ulterior motive.

      • If that is the reason , shame on her . Just another bored ex tv persona showing true colors and throwing poo in air to see what sticks . I lost respect for her with this stunt. A wife of such a high profile attorney should really conduct herself better. Joho is claiming this or that with loss of work she should cooperate imo. This makes me think Johos file of spite is starting to backfire and I hope it does!!!

  • Personally, I would have sued Brandi too. This woman went on national television more than once and said Joanna had smelly parts. It’s unacceptable. Brandi is never held accountable for her horrid behavior. She acts like she is the only woman ever cheated on. Get a new life storyline already.

    • More importantly, she accused her of being the woman who broke the camel’s back on Yolanda and Mohammad’s marriage when there was never even an affair. Who does that? Well… Brandi of course.

      • Thanks September24

        wonder why she hasn’t been asked to be on RHOBH?

        this seems to be a theme…Carlton did the same to Joyce..dinners/parties and family gatherings with Joyce..then bam…attack Joyce…wow

        • Sammy, Lea is also married to a VERY prominent attorney – Roy Black.

          Oh shoot didn’t see you there Hopeful. Yup, Brandi is playing with fire with Lea.

          • thanks Shipp

            I wonder why Lea chose to say this now..this “case” has been going for about 3 years…

            • Miami Herald wrote an article on the lawsuit and I guess Lea couldn’t resist sharing her “joke…” or maybe Joanna did something to piss her off recently. Who knows?

                • Agree Sammy . She herself s being a twat .
                  I defended her when she was ganged up on her reunion by Ana who was displaying ageism toward her . Just as its wrong for Heather to answer on Teresa or pump to speak for Kim , it’s irrelevant and wrong for this woman to interject her BS . IDC per usual which HW it is or who it’s about; some of them should not intrude on certain topics and this is one of those instances- Brandi the subject or not .

    • Hi Samael . Her husband is one of …if not the the best criminal attorney in the US

      and Lea is no one to play with. Big mistake for Brandi JMO

        • Good morning Samael
          Lea is a very blunt woman . I don’t see Brandi going up against her anytime in the near future . She would not “mallow” her to meet her kids or invite her to her home is all ..
          I personally doubt this goes any further ..

      • And, the key part your missing to add some clarity to the situation… on RHOM Lea & Joanna were very close, and are still friends. So Lea is defending or speaking up on her friends behalf.

      • Yeah but look at his clients: set rapist free and Joe Francis.. then again everyone has a job to do whether I agree with it or not 🙂

        • Doesn’t seem to be friendly with Joho by tweeting this/ Not sure why she is instigating and initiating drama with Brandi who has zero to do with her? Article states she threw shade ..