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Jacqueline Laurita Admits to Getting Free Plastic Surgery! What Does She Want to Get Done Next??

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

Viewers saw the Lauritas recent financial struggles on RHONJ. Chris disclosed that they had to sell off their watches and that their house was in jeopardy due to the strain on the family finances. With Jacqueline so out in the open about her various plastic surgery procedures; viewers wondered why she would be paying for cosmetic procedures when money was tight. Jacqueline took to twitter to assure fans that her love of plastic surgery had nothing to do with their money issues – in fact it was free!

Jacqueline released the following tweets disclosing that all the plastic surgery she gets is FREE! Gee – that must be a nice luxury to have:

“FYI! I get free plastic surgery for marketing trade offs and write ups! I’m lucky like that! I’m thinking about what I’d like done next.”

Image Source: Twitter - Jacqueline Laurita Image Source: Twitter – Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline also revealed that she may be in the market for another breast reduction (she has said in the past that they grow back – good thing she gets them for free!)

Jacqueline also fought back to those who said she overdid it saying “besides my nose, I’ve never had any surgery on my face.”

Personally I don’t mind a little maintenance but when women start to over do it and go overboard I think its time to stop. I think Jacqueline is at a crossroads and think it’s time to slow down before she goes too far.

What do you think of Jac getting free plastic surgery?? Do you think she needs more work done or is it time to stop?

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  • What the what is this Booze Bag dolt lying about now?

    She’s obviously ALREADY had her eyes done. She looks like a bad version of Bruce Lee (RIP)

    • hey shipp


      wonder if she got comped..her fav “tweeking”…remember …bleaching her a##$$#e

    • This bitch is really pissing me off. The neck, fatass. Work on the neck!!! How many times do people have to make fun of this dumb ass before she gets the hint? That thing is the real reason people skip over your scenes. It’s freakier than Clownzo’s beard.

  • If she can get free plastic surgery in exchange for promotions, why can’t she get free treatments for Nicholas? I bet if she tried, she could arrange at least a few things…and then she and Chris wouldn’t be so cash strapped since it’s his treatments that are causing them financial difficulties. Hah!

    • That was the reason two seasons ago as to why they were financially strapped, but Chris said he lost “his” business meaning the apparel thing & had to start the BLK water thing & it takes time to build. I don’t discount that there are bills to pay regarding the little boy, but I look at friends of mine with two autistic children & the mother stays home & use the services available in the county. No hyperbaric chamber for them, no special babysitters or tutors to play music with – just do what it takes day to day & hope for the best Oh, & no wine tasting in between.

  • From what I remember…don’t all RH get this type of perk..mention it on social media…voila…no bill?

    maybe sew your mitts together jacaholic…then you can’t drink!


  • Maybe the free plastic surgeon can set her up with a free psychiatrist ? Maybe free shock therapy ?

    If she does more major plastic surgery i hope she doesn’t get drunk the night before like last time. Remember that ?? DOPE .
    As far as the free plastic surgery … BS that she doesn’t pay for anything like the anesthesia and anesthesiologist and pre surgery tests .. She might get a break on the doc’s fee but there are other bills incurred . Nothing is free…not even freedom

    Anyhoo the neck rolls are back .. Maybe she would get better job if she paid ?

    • OPPPPsssie forgot to mention the air fair to fly across the country for that last job. Hotels , caregivers for her and her kids., transportation to and from airpots and clinic. Who is the B kidding FREE ?? Yea ok

      • Jung and Freund are dead. There is no hope for this crazy pants.

        Course there is always Vodka and Valium smoothies to take the edge off. 😉

  • If Jacaholic is the poster child for Free plastic surgery, I will save my money and pay for it! hahaha!!!

  • If getting free nose jobs, breast reductions & neck flab removed is what Jacqueline considers “lucky”, her priorities are somewhat out of whack. Going on about having to sell watches, possibly losing their home to foreclosure & back taxes, extolling their “troubles” but she is damn lucky for “free plastic surgery”. I just can’t.

    • Its interesting Kitty that for the first time since the show began years back, Lurker and Whackie are speaking oh so openly about their finances and how “humble” they are..LOL Gee, T out of jail Joe on way during filming , their cases still open.. EYEROLLLLLLL And really? If I have to hear her whine and botox tear up about HOW her sons; treatments are so expensive – Im done. She is lucky to have him and should rejoice that after many miscarriages, she had him! Shutup Chins! If you are a spokesperson( allegedly) for Autism, speak on HOW and where people can utilize resources that wont ” bankrupt” them.. ( see what I did there?) But let’s brag about our morphed surgery thats free..

      • I imagine that they need to be a little humble, considering most of the viewers know what happened to the apparel company. Apparently, Jac didn’t know how much was actually being siphoned off to provide vehicle for Ashley, weight loss treatments. Jac should have

        • I wonder if she knew how much she was on the books for at Signature …for a no show job ?
          Don’t think that income for a fake position didn’t help Chris get mortgages and loans .. Because it absolutely did . That was the point. That and robbing from investors . I wonder who else collected salaries for no show jobs ? Tat’s just another way to siphon money from the company and puff up their income