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Does Vicki Gunvalson Regret Her Rocky Past With Gretchen Rossi On RHOC Now That They Are Friends?!

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi have had a rough past on RHOC, but now that Gretchen isn’t on the show they seem to have buried the hatchet! The duo has been spotted out with mutual friends on several occasions, and it was even revealed that Vicki drunk dialed Andy “in good fun” and asked him to bring Gretchen back to the show; hopefully he knows better!

Vicki was glad to see her go, and bashed Gretchen when departed RHOC after season 8, however years have passed and it seems she’s had a change of heart! Vicki even admitted to The Daily Dish that she was, “wrong to question the legitimacy of Gretchen and Slade’s relationship.

Gretchen and Slade are still together. They’re still in love. So that goes to show you that, you know what, maybe I misspoke saying that their love wasn’t real or so on,” she dished.

Vicki also spilled the details on that liquid lunch with Lizzie Rosvek, Kelly Dodd, and Gretchen Rossi last month! “They invited me, so I thought, why not go?” she said. Adding, “So we went, and the guys showed up later. We had a great time.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

Vicki hasn’t completely lost it however; she makes it clear there is no real, genuine friendship with Gretchen! “There’s no mending with Gretchen. We’ve moved on from when we’ve filmed together. I don’t have a lot of room in my life for girlfriends. I just don’t. I work full-time, I have my career with Bravo, and I’ve got my personal life. You know, new dating, my daughter, the babies. So if I see the girls every now and then, I’m good with that,” Vicki explained.

Vicki was spotted out with Gretchen and Kelly this weekend, but she made it clear that Kelly was the host and she had just been invited; smart move Vicki!

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

I am very anti-Gretchen, I couldn’t stand her or Slade on the show and would fast-forward their scenes; yes it was that bad! I’d be so disappointed if she came back to RHOC and I was thinking even worse about Vicki when I assumed they had become good friends, I can’t be the only one so I’m glad that she took the time to clear things up!

Thoughts on Vicki’s interview? Do you want Gretchen back on RHOC? Are you surprised she and Vicki aren’t actually friends? Do you think Gretchen & Slade’s love is real?

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  • I wish Vicky & Tamra would open their VAULT and do tell- that would be hilarious- plus I would say their is lots of trashy things each could tell on the other.

    • That would be awesome, but I kind of think most of Tamra’s skeletons are out. The big loser in that event would be Vicki.

      • Could there something more shocking in the Vault than threesomes and hookups with men while married?

        • Swizzle/Jarlath

          I would say there is and both have no loyalty to each other- that would be good TV

  • I know I’m in the minority, but I liked Gretchen on the show. The show was always interesting. However, I don’t think it would be good for Gretchen to come back after so long (although I wouldn’t mind it). I also think Vicki has not other friends since she alienated herself from the other ladies. I also think she might be using Gretchen to get back at Tamra. Vicki needs to leave, especially since she doesn’t have time to make friends. LOL

  • Wait!!! Vicki isn’t playing victim and saying Tamra made her hate her and say those things about her and Slade? lol.

  • You didn’t miss-speak. Gretchen and Slade use each other, not love each other. Neither one has any ambition.

  • Vicki has been asked at every reunion..”do you have any regrets”

    Vicki always answers “nope”

    why would the crypt keeper change now?

    • Because she needs a “friend” on the show?? Honestly, I stopped watching after Alexis and Gretchen left. Not because they left but because I couldn’t take Vicki and Tamra anymore. But judging from what I read about the show lately she is in desperate need of someone in her corner.

    • I kinda like Vicki but she is so gullible. She can’t ever see when she’s being used. Gretchen will do anything to get back on the RHOC even if it’s just being a “Friend” of the HW. It’s sad the lengths Gretchen will take. BTW, when is the wedding Gretc-ho? LOL