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Ladies Who Lunch: Meet The RHOC “Dream Team!”

Image Source: Bravo
Image Source: Bravo

The sides have been chosen….

RHOC is set to premiere in just a few days but the off-screen actions of the ladies is very telling of the season to come! As we already told you Meghan King Edmonds and Lizzie Rosvek recently got into a twitter feud over newbie Kelly Meza-Dodd! Kelly was introduced to the franchise as a friend of Meghan’s, however it’s said that she turns on her girl in favor of whooping it up with Vicki!

Friday afternoon Vicki, Kelly, and Lizzie had a girl’s lunch with a very surprising guest, Gretchen Rossi! According to the ladies the day was filled with “so much love,” and they spent a lot of time “comparing stories!All of the girls posted on their RHOC-filled day, and the group clearly had a blast together, good for them!

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Not only were the ladies hanging out, but they also took a page from RHOBH with a name for their clique, “the dream team!” Vicki went so far as to ask Andy Cohen to bring Lizzie and Gretchen back to the franchise!

Image Source: Instagram
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While the season 11 trailer makes it seem that Vicki gets back in the good graces of her co-stars, this is a sign things may not be great with Meghan, Tamra, Heather, and Shannon! Either way I’m happy that Vicki is being supported again and I’d love to have Lizzie back on the show, as for Gretchen, not so much! I am excited for us to finally meet Kelly; Meghan really got on my nerves last season, anyone going head-to-head with her gets a chance with me!

Thoughts on the RHOC ladies who lunch? Are you surprised at the “dream team?” Do you want Gretchen and Lizzie back on the show? Are you excited for RHOC?

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  • Kelly looks crazy as hell but in a fun way , Im excited to see her this season , she gives me Kenya mixed with Ramona vibes lol .I say yes to Lizzie coming back , she is classy but can speak her mind and good eye candy , hell no to fake opporunistic Gretchen comig back , I do miss Alexis though, thats who really should come back.

  • Gretchen must really want to get noticed on social media or get invitations to fill party seats, why else would she spend time with Vicki who ran down her relationship with Slade non-stop?

  • ha ha ha…

    copying Pellet butt

    that DREAM TEAM

    – imploded
    – fought each other
    – were a nightmare

    good luck with that vile

    • Hey Sam!!

      I find it odd that Vicki would say “dream team” and her friend Alexis isn’t included in that list. Supposedly she is close with Alexis. Maybe that was fake on Vicki’s part. If so, it’s sad. Smh

  • Looking forward to the upcoming season, will miss Lizzie though and not sure I want to see obnoxious imature Meghan back

  • Vicki is a disgusting human being. She knew Brooks was lying & she lied to help cover it up. She repeatedly lied & then lied some more & then made up bullshit stories to get sympathy. F#%k Vicki! I can’t believe anyone would like her, feel sorry for her or be happy she’s getting support. Really???
    The only reason Vicki NOW likes Gretchen & Lizzie is because they support her lying ass because obviously they are desperate for some attention. From what I’m seeing from this Kelly chick, I already don’t like her.

  • That doesn’t even look like Gretchen!! What did she do to her face?!?! And not surprising that Vicki is hanging out with her and the new girl considering she burned all her old friends last season.

  • Vicki is pathetic. She ruined her friendships last year over her B.S. with Crooks and now is reaching out to people she berated and screwed over because she has no one.

  • I will take Gretchen, with Slade, and their fake engagement over Lizzie any day. Can’t.Stand.Lizzie.