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Is the Newest RHOC Kelly Dodd Already Creating Drama Between Cast Members??

Kelly Dodd is the newest RHOC and already she has created controversy. The socialite was caught on camera making embarrassing remarks about her marriage and African Americans and is now creating controversy on Twitter!

It started with ex-housewife Lizzie Rovsek encouraging her followers to add Kelly Dodd (to likely help her increase her followers number before the show airs):

Image Source: Twitter - Lizzie Rovsek Image Source: Twitter – Lizzie Rovsek[/caption]

While this may have seemed innocent enough, Meghan Edmonds quickly chimed in that it may not be the best idea. Meghan hinted that she may not have got long with the newbie in the upcoming season and that followers shouldn’t be so trusting of her:

Image Source: Twitter Image Source: Twitter[/caption]

Lizzie then chimed in that she was only trying to be a good friend to Kelly, indicating that the two are close off screen and that Lizzie was trying to help her friend get some followers before the next season airs. Lizzie further insinuate that Meghan was trying to cause drama again (perhaps a hint that Meghan and Kelly have some tension in the upcoming season):

Image Source: Twitter - Lizzie Rovsek
Image Source: Twitter – Lizzie Rovsek

Usually I’m not team Meghan; however I also saw the footage of a drunk Kelly make an ass of herself, saying she had a MBA (married but available!) If that video was any indication of how she is going to act in the upcoming season I’m shocked that Lizzie would be promoting her publically as her close friend.

Do you think Kelly will be a good fit for RHOC? Thoughts on the Twitter spat?

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  • This new woman seems like a trashy, racist mess. She should get along with Tamra just fine. Meghan isn’t much better though, she is whiny and annoying with no life. I stopped watching RHOC years ago because there’s not one single person on the cast that I find likable.

  • Oh Lizzie she will do anything to stay on this show even as a friend, from defending Vicki to supporting this racist new one season housewife

    • If she winds up peeing on another pregnancy test during a cast trip I’m going to lose it.

  • OK…unless you did not include some Tweets here, this blog makes no sense. All Meghan said was you have no idea. In what way does that imply Meghan did not get along with her or viewers shouldn’t trust her? And why did Lizzie jump on Meghan asking if she was trying to cause drama? People sure fill in all kinds of blanks in whatever way they want. Really…all Meghan said was “you have no idea.” In no way does that imply that Meghan does not like the new girl, tells readers to not trust her. For all we know, Meghan could love her and is just pumping the excitement for the drama the new girl will cause.

    Having said all that, everyone has seen the video of Kelly making an ass out of herself, so I’m predisposed to dislike her. I don’t care that she was drunk. She said awful, racist things.

    • Ugh, so she filmed RHOC and still made those awful racist comments? How dumb is she? Can’t believe in the video she said, ‘Google me!’ and the TMZ guy came back with, ‘She only has 1 article about her!’ haha

  • I saw the video a while back and her behavior was gross. She kept sticking her tongue out and looking really stupid.

  • This blog post would have been complete had you added the background information on this:

    The socialite was caught on camera making embarrassing remarks about her marriage and African Americans

    • This is what I found about her:

      Talking to TMZ, a drunk Kelly recently said that she doesn’t “like black guys” and she doesn’t “even know any black guys.”