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Season Two Of RHOP Has Already Started Filming! Get the FULL Scoop Here!

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They’re back! Bravo’s resident etiquette police are returning to f0r a second season and it turns out filming is already underway.

It’s only been two weeks since Bravo, surprisingly, announced that they were picking up the Potomac franchise for a second season and ALREADY the ladies are back in front of the camera.

Sources close to production are reporting that filming for season two of RHOP kicked off on Monday and that Bravo has officially placed all the ladies on a press lockdown until filming wraps in the next three to four months.

As for the season two cast – all six of the original Housewives will be back and there are no new wives joining the cast…for now.

According to sources, “[Bravo] was really looking but couldn’t find anyone else to do it.”

It turns out there were plenty of Housewives wannabes lined up to join the cast but none fit Bravo’s requirements. Apparently it’s hard to find good Housewives who can bring the drama.

“They’re stuck with who they were able to get,” the source went on to say.

Surprisingly, RHOP was a hit in the ratings and averaged 2.1 million viewers an episode.

Personally, I’m shocked RHOP got a second season. While some of the ladies were great, there wasn’t any outstanding drama that made you want to come back for more each week. Hopefully, season two will be MUCH better. I was hoping Bravo would revamp the cast a bit but guess not. Maybe fans will be willing to give RHOP a second chance, but personally, I think Bravo missed the mark with this franchise. However, I am wishing the ladies good luck with filming season two and I will be tuning in to give them another chance 😉

Are you surprised RHOP got renewed for a second season? Why do you think Bravo is rushing to film season two of RHOP? Did you like RHOP? Will you be watching season two? If you could change anything about RHOP, what would YOU change?

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  • I’m ecstatic Potomac got renewed for a second season. It was expected with the ratings they pulled off. I think the show engaged viewers by surprising us all that it was even happening! I think it’s a show that made many people tune in- to see where the hell IS Potomac? The drama and shade was funny. I enjoyed the season quite a lot. I thought the cast was good as well. To be quite honest, I expected Season 2 to have at least Charrisse gone and some new Housewives, but I’m actually happy they’re giving her another shot and this cast another season to work together.

    I’m not crazy about Dallas- but I DO however agree Miami needs to come back. Miami is a HUGE city, and it’s crazy that the Housewives aren’t on. They can do a whole recast or they can simply work with what they’ve had and make small changes but Miami was entertaining and SHOULD def be given another shot.

    For Miami, I would say bring Cristy Rice back, and have Alexia, Marysol, Lisa, and Karent on the show, with 2 new housewives. Adriana, Lea, and Joanna are too much drama that doesn’t mesh well together, and aside from that- Lea and Joanna aren’t strictly Miami residents.

  • Hopefully the producers sit down with Karen and Gizelle and tell them to simmer down. Dominating every single conversation is just not the way to do it. You could just see Ashley and Robyn being like “Whatever” after almost every single conversation.

  • I personally loved this season….i felt the ladies brought a fresh new twist to bravo… glad to see a new brown girl city. It actually disappoint me to not see another brown girl on any other franchise. These girls are bringing shade,sass and class. Thats why they ae averaging 2.1 million viewers. What is Dallas, NYC and OC status. They also need to bring back MIAMI because the drama was REAL…..right HO-ANA

  • Why are you shocked if you just said the ratings average 2mil an episode? That’s certainly more than RHOC and RHONY.

  • Sorry, I don’t understand why anyone is ‘surprised’ this got picked up again. It’s the second highest rated installment. Of course they were going to renew it!

  • I don’t watch this show. I don’t like it at all. I think I am just tired of drama by Bravo…