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AATRH EXCLUSIVE: What Really Went Down At Melissa Gorga’s Envy Fashion Show?! (Exclusive Photos)


AATRH was on the scene this Wednesday night at Melissa Gorga’s Envy fashion show! Last week they changed the time from 6-7PM, and the first hour was spent checking in and signing papers for Bravo. The North Jersey ladies come out in their biggest diamonds and newest Chanel bags basically auditioning for the Bravo hit show; I wonder if producers found any season 8 prospects?

The event was held at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne, NJ and the venue was gorgeous; Melissa even revealed her and Joe got married there. From 6-8:30PM guests mingled, ate, drank, and watched the RHONJ cameras roll. Teresa Giudice, Robyn Levy, Christina Flores, Dolores Canatia, Kathy Wakile, Rich Wakile, and Joe Gorga were all at the event, trying to keep their voices down as they attempted to work out this seasons issues. Producers were much more strict at this event than at Teresa’s book signing I previously attended. Our sources say one in particular was rude all season and he seemed miserable. I caught him in the hallway very heated complaining of Thursday mornings 10:00AM call time. “What ugh, I hate this f*cking show I’m done.” I know a few people who would be up for his job!

At around 8PM seating started for the fashion show and the room was set up beautifully! Melissa clearly put a lot of thought into the event and not even a gift bag looked out of place. Inside the gift bags were a small hairspray, a 15% off Envy coupon, and personalized Envy cookies. The VIP seats had much larger gift bags, and those were reserved for Melissa’s close friends and family.


Runway 2

coupon 1


Melissa’s sisters were selling raffle tickets and the prizes included: hair products, an Envy shopping spree with Melissa Gorga, and lip injections/botox with Dr. Kassir. We bough tickets (1=$10), but left before the drawing; bummer I was really counting on that Dr. Kassir package!

Thank goodness for the DJ, he kept the crowd going until after 8:30PM when the show started. It turns out that unless you were VIP your best bet to see the runway were the basic $80 tickets. Those were standing room only, but provided a much better view of the show overall. We got the $125 seats, which sat us in the 2nd or 3rd row (we couldn’t see the models’ shoes). There were also $350 tickets, and those included a meet & greet with Melissa. At the end of the show she announced the event sold out; we estimate somewhere between 250-300 people were in the crowd of mostly women and fabulous gays.



The fashion show itself was not nearly as long as we had hoped, and they didn’t seem to have enough models. The catwalk was only about 10-12 minutes tops, with several breaks while the girls were changing. Joe Gorga (who walked into the show arm and arm with Teresa) stepped in to support his wife as he strutted down the runway while we waited for the next set!

Joe 1

Joe 2

As someone who’s into fashion I had high expectations for this show and think Melissa’s style is impeccable. The models who looked the best kept their looks simple and classy, those who tried crazy hair and make-up didn’t fit with the style of the clothes. Some of the outfits didn’t fit the models that well, and a few of the girls needed some more practice on that catwalk! The last complaint we had about the fashion show was none of the outfits were complimented by accessories; boutiques are known for having great pieces to add to your collection and Envy didn’t showcase that line of what they sell. As for the clothes themselves there were some great pieces and some I didn’t love, that of course is a matter of opinion. Overall she’s peaked my interest and as a New Jersey resident I plan on visiting the store in the near future; maybe I’ll even run into her!

model 1

model 3

model 2

model 4

Melissa gave a long thank you speech and was understandably emotional. She had a lot of people who she thanked for their help in the fashion show, but we found it strange that her business partner was on vacation. Melissa ended with a heart felt story about her father that had her, and others in tears.

Thank you

Overall the Envy fashion show was a success, for one Jacqueline Laurita didn’t show up! While the show itself had some hiccups, it was only the first one; the first of many I’m sure. Melissa’s husband and co-stars rallied around her to help make the event a success; most importantly, she raised a lot of money for charity!

The AATRH Team wants to congratulate Melissa on all of her success with Envy! Thank you for having us at your event, we will be in to use our coupons soon!

Thought’s on Melissa’s Envy fashion show? Let’s discuss!

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  • No offence, this read like a press release….

    Pretty sure Missy is just the face of the boutique and pretty sure the owner would have hired a staging company/events person. Pretty sure that person would NOT have been Fabulous Fred….

  • Melissa not by a long shot is a businesswoman but one of her other weaknesses/flaws is she doesn’t reach out 4 help as “she” is MG. Is melissa not aware that she cld sell @ least 10 times as much merchandise if she wld go on QVC, or that didn’t work out so well with the junk bobbles. My thinking is this boutique is more about a storyline not about being a businesswoman as we know she has failed @ this endeavor also. Good 4 her she keeps trying, but u knw the adage ” the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over & over & expecting a different result! The true definition of insanity. It’s all about “me” the show which now defines melissa!

    • Opening a business or store requires a lot of hard work. Location is also very key & from what I can see, its location leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention the product. As for the fashion show, the clothes looked ordinary & certainly not fresh. Spring means soft, flowy, colorful with maybe some resort wear thrown in. Certainly not dark, gray, black & leather. Melissa needs to take a cue from Project Runway…..accessories help make the outfit. Wonder what Kim D’s fashion show looked like? Like every other endeavor, I believe it was for a story line & to promote how Melissa is “little Miss Everything”.

  • Wow, how refreshing to read a nice story with constructive criticism.

    Hope to read more from you Jenna!

    • Yes, I appreciated it too. I totally agree that it would have made sense to have some great accessories in the show and Melissa missed a big opportunity there.

      Melissa is perfectly fit, pretty etc, but I am a little disappointed by the dress she wore. Anyone else? The color is a little blah and it seems like we’ve seen this dress style many times before?

  • I’m not personally offended because I don’t think it was Used derogatory but referring to homosexual men as “gays” like oh the crowd was mostly woman and gays can be very offensive. You wouldn’t say a hip hop concert was full of energy and blacks. It’s in poor taste. No offense taken as I’m sure you meant it in a nice way but just letting you know

  • Is it common practice to charge money to see a fashion show? And then to sell tickets for a raffle for a shopping spree with Melissa? Wonder what the price of the raffle ticket was & if money is collected, how can it be a “free” shopping spree?

  • I can say that Im happy she didn’t go. Maybe that will be a good episode? She isn’t needed. She wasn’t wanted. She got to stay home and post under different aliases on twitter how great life is.

  • Thanks Jenna!


    awesome pics!

    From what I watched on periscope..I thought that alot of the clothes were from the 70’s/80’s era.

    Did M -ever disclose which charity? I presume it would go to the hospital she was talking about.

    • Yes, I enjoyed hearing Jenna’s details.

      What’s with the cranky producer!? Wonder if he’ll be around another season. Do we know who he was assigned to or is he one for the entire production?

  • Fashion show was a huge success despite not having enough models, skimpy gift bags, time lags, selling of raffle tickets & the need for Joe Gorga to take up space on the catwalk? A fashion show without enough models – how dreadful.

  • Love this recap! Let the Zingers flY:

    $350 to shop with Ms Marco. I’m sure her sisters fought over that one!

    Raised money for Charity? What charity? Homes without Beavers? Wives who have husbands invest in Blue Trucks?