Big Ang Drita Davanzo Mob Wives

On Display; Big Ang Mural Unveiled In Staten Island


Over the weekend a gorgeous mural of Big Ang was unveiled in Staten Island. A picture of the mural was added to Big Ang’s Instagram, sharing the beautiful artwork with her fans.

Ang’s favorite quote was added to the chill-worthy picture, “I’m not here for a long time, just for a good time!” Ang’s artwork was done by Danielle Mastrion and Vincent Santorella, and its unveiling was not a private event. NY1 news, and NBC news covered the ceremony from Staten Island.

The only Mob Wife mentioned in the post was Drita Davanzo, and Ang’s family thanked her for coming to speak at the event. The family also thanked Ang’s friends and fans that came to honor and celebrate her life.

@biggangvh1: And the mural has been unveiled! Now Big Ang is officially larger than life on Forest Avenue in Staten Island. “I’m not here for a long time, just for a good time!” Send us your photos with the mural, and we will be happy to share. Artwork done by the incredible Danielle Mastrion and Vincent Santorella. Thank you to Drita D’Avanzo for coming out and speaking today, also to NY1 and NBC News for covering this event. Angela’s family, friends, and fans were all here to celebrate and honor her life and legacy. We wish to extend a huge thank you to everyone for coming out to love and support her memory today.”


Ang’s family also will be re-posting pictures taken of the mural, so her social media is sure to be flooded with this gorgeous picture!

Thoughts on the Big Ang mural? Are you surprised Drita was the only “Mob Wife” to speak?

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  • O/T Just read in The New York Daily News where Karen gave an interview saying Drita needs to grow up. No, Karen, that would be what you need! Only way to get interviewed is to talk about Drita. Get your own story! You are no role-model Karen G. Not even to your own daughter. To quote Brandi – STFU!

    • Which one of them is a role model?
      Drita does need to grow up; her twitter( her mouth, her attitude, still goes around getting arrested for fighting) looks like it belongs to a 5 year old trapped in a 50 year old body.Dont get me wrong they all could use some work…. Picking on each other at a time like this ( and it isn’t a one way street at all) is dumb.

      • Oh and yesterday was a big press day for the MobWives, so Im sure she was asked about whats’ her name 🙂

    • Is that mob slob still giving interviews ? Her first one was before Ang was cold and she hasn’t stopped since

      Plus she is soooo full of Bull Crap

      SMH When her serial killer daddy comes home hopefully she disappears with him …never to be seen from again … Bye Bitch !! Enjoy hiding out with Daddy

      • Hi Hopeful 🙂

        I saw a live interview yesterday online with wetpaint I think(?). With Karen, Renee and Carla. Karen, that fat POS did all the talking. All of it was about Drita. It was unbelievable!! The woman is ridiculous!! In one breath she is like these petty arguments are are nothing, since Ang passed , etc so on. But in the next breathe she went on and on and on about how Drita is this and that. It was disgusting!!
        I really think the woman is sick!!
        Let all this crazy crap go. They hate each other done!! Put a fork in this shit already. Stop. Move the F on the mob wives are done

        • Hi Holy …It may be immature but I say let them fight

          Karen has been shit talking for too long.. Let’s see what she’s got to back up that fat rat mouth ..NOTHING but short fat alligator arms !!!! She needs security to back that mouth up ..

          I guess I’m still pissed about her grandstanding at the funeral and giving interviews lying about being told to stay the fuck away ..

      • They are all giving interviews, maybe for finale? They started yesterday and also they are doing some kind of tribute for Ange after finale.

  • I think out of all of them “MOB WIVES” Drita loved Angela the most! It was truly genuine & her family knew that, That’s why she was there!

  • The picture is beautifully painted. I’m sure Big Ang would have loved it! Nicely done. Drita and Ang were true friends. I’m sure her family wants to keep her memory alive by having true friends speak about her. Keeping it 100 ..

  • This is really nice! It will become a tourist attraction so get a pic with it when you go Staten Island!

    Miss Big Ang. She was a hoot 🙂

  • Aww Angela 🙁

    I’m thinking Ang ‘s family personally invited Drita, and asked her to speak.. Just guessing, I don’t know.. But really it makes sense, ya know?

    • Hi Holy 🙂

      The mural in on Forest Ave close to the Drunkin Monkey , Big Ang’s sister’s kids clothing boutique and Drita’s store. Sunday was a yearly before St Paddy’s day fair along Forest Ave .

      I didn’t go …had a shower to attend.

      Something like that was wide open to the public yet i don’t see the mob slobs there Hummmm

      Oh one was giving an interview to the daily news LOL Much more important ….

      Two others and making and selling shirts with Ang’s image and fuck cancer with a PINK ribbon (isn’t pink for breast cancer ?) Jenn still lining her pockets … … Isn’t ink for breast cancer? Well they don’t give a shit. They claim they are donating the profits to cancer research .. Yea ok !! .. If research gets more the 2 cents on a $45.00 shirt (that they will write off on MOB CANDY business taxes anyway ) i would be shocked.