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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: PHOTOS: Kathy Wakile And Melissa Gorga Feud At Teresa Giudice Book Signing

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been a busy bee ever since being released from prison. The housewife has been promoting her latest memoir, ‘Turning the Tables,’ and earlier this weekend held a book signing in Freehold, NJ. Teresa teased that many special guests would be there and she was right. AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to stop by the event and many came out to support including Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Aprea, Nicole Napolitano, Dolores Catania, Robyn Levy, and even Kathy Wakile along with her sister Rosie Pierri which shocked everyone. We can confirm that Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita and Rino Aprea were all present as well. That’s not all! Producers were present to capture every moment as were we!

SPOILER ALERT: AllAboutTRH can EXCLUSIVELY confirm what exactly went down at the event. The entire event was an absolute love fest. All the ladies were present to support Teresa and nothing more. The love between everyone was very genuine and the dynamic between the ladies has changed. Expect season seven to be different from what we’re used to. But don’t worry, RHONJ fans, there still is drama. While everyone was having a good time, things quickly changed once Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie showed up unexpectedly and uninvited to the event. Melissa especially was shocked to see Kathy who was visibly upset.

So who exactly was Kathy upset with? AllAboutTRH is the first to confirm EXCLUSIVELY that Melissa and Kathy are NOT in a good place. Kathy feels that she is on the outside with the family. So what exactly happened with the former BFF’s? Apparently Melissa shut Kathy down when Kathy came to her upset about her relationship with Teresa. Kathy was baffled by this because Kathy helped Melissa through her Teresa issues and suddenly now that Melissa and Teresa are on good terms, she doesn’t care about Kathy’s problems. Kathy even used the term “downgraded” several times. It’s gotten so bad that Kathy has stopped taking Melissa’s calls. So where was Jacqueline in all the drama? She was laying upside down a chair trying to lighten the mood! LOL. After we posted a photo from the night, Jacqueline even said she wanted nothing to do with the drama.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.58.07 PM

While Kathy’s sister Rosie was clearly there as an ally to her sister, she tried to stop the conversation from escalating. At one point she even said to Melissa, “this is a conversation not a confrontation.” Rosie also accused Melissa of cutting her out of her life. Kathy believes Melissa never really supported her and they have been having issues since last season ended. Interestingly enough, Rich Wakile skipped out on the event, and Joe Gorga was not involved at all.

There have been several reports that this season would be boring but we can EXCLUSIVELY tell you that’s not the case. Same old REAL family and REAL friends drama.

I can see why Kathy is upset. Kathy had Melissa’s back versus having her own cousin’s back when they joined the show. Now Melissa doesn’t care because she’s on Teresa’s good side and clearly realizes that’s the side to be on. I also see where Melissa is coming from. Melissa is on good terms with her sister-in-law and doesn’t want to be involved in any negativity involving Teresa so she probably doesn’t want to hear what Kathy has to say. Either way, it’s a sticky situation. Are you surprised Kathy and Melissa are feuding?

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  • YESS….Kathy is unveiling the REAL MELISSA WHICH IS A FAKE, TWO FACED OPPORTUNIST. I am happy Kathy is coming back to confront Melissa for her devious and manipulative ways. Melissa was cruel to Teresa and now that Teresa is in a great place, she is trying to avoid Kathy since Kathy and Teresa do not get along. No Melissa, stay true to everyone and quit being a two faced opportunist. Rumor is this is Melissa’s last season as a housewife. Since she is fighting with Kathy a FORMER housewife, I think this rumor is true. What else is she doing besides talking about TERESA? BYE MELISSA

  • Don’t watch these “drama shows” anymore. There is too much going on in this world. Hate, murder, wars, who needs this stuff? All you have to do is read these articles and you know what’s happening. Done with it….all of it..

  • Your last paragraph hit the nail on the head!! Melissa is an opportunist who realizes that Kathy can’t do anything for her. After failing to “take down” Teresa and become the stars of the show, Kathy became disposable. It’s a way for Melissa to show her(fake) loyalty to Teresa. Teresa only puts up with it because she wants her brother in her life.

  • I believe that Kathy created and encouraged a lot of the drama between Teresa and Melissa and enjoyed being the so-called “good guy” in all of the in-fighting. I also believe that Kathy and her disgusting husband are a couple of fakes who enjoy sh*t disturbing. I hope that she NEVER comes back to the show.

    • The only reason why Kathy comes back is because her sister is a lesbian. Andy is a gay advocate and he will do whatever he can to bring awareness to it. I truly believe Kathy would never be invited back to the show if it weren’t for her sister and obviously being cousins with the star of the show, Teresa. Rumor is this is Melissa’s last season, so it could also be Kathy’s last season making appearances.

  • If I were Teresa I would make up with Kathy on camera only. Don’t give Kathy a story line. Let’s see how long Melissa lasts without fighting with Teresa. She was a snooze fest last year.


  • GOOD FOR YOU KATHY! Kathy was so close with Melissa when Melissa was not getting along with Teresa. Why is Melissa ignoring Kathy? Just because she isn’t a housewife? Melissa be more classy and be friends with both. I am proud of Kathy for confronting Melissa after all, all Melissa would ever do is confront Teresa on past seasons. Melissa what do you do besides bicker with Teresa and her family???

  • Is this all Melissa is about? A fight involving Teresa? This is her only topic on the show. She isn’t known for anything else. Bring Kathy back and get rid of Melissa

    • She’s a business ownahhh now. She sells bloomers and shit in her Hoetique. All the local Hookas will come in and find a classy black cocktail dress like Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman. They’ll share tips on techniques, eat some beef jerky and down a few 40’s. Who doesn’t love a good Hooka storyline?

  • So over the drama, don’t believe any of it. Totally convinced it is ALL scripted (except for Carolyn-Theresa, I believe Carolyn really hates Theresa. Watch only for entertainment, will never get sucked in again.


  • Hmmmm….I think that this is a huge sign that Melissa needs to be downgraded to do guest appearances. Both her & Kathy are only involved as long as Teresa is the storyline, which is clearly happening again in season 7. Enjoy this last season Melissa & you might need to do a few more HSN appearances before your 15 minutes are up 🙂

  • Same bat channel, same bat time. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just like seasons past across all of the Real Housewives franchises, the fake drama starts up in an attempt to entice viewers.

    • Oh, I could totally see them doing that. They need to keep their reality TV gig to pay for that stupid dumb empty nest house they built.

  • Mewhore is a snake. There’s is not genuine with Teresa. I wish she was not asked back. We have to watch more fights with this family. Boring Mewhore is that all you bring? Go away!

  • So staged…Why would she choose that venue to “have a conversation” NOT a “confrontation” with Melissa. Why do it when cameras are rolling…so obvious. That said, still watching. o_O

  • Kathy on the outs with everyone…nothing could be more perfect. What a horrible person. Tre has to make nice with Melissa because of her brother and parents, but she does not have to make up with Kathy. Good bye Kathy.

      • Oh, I also think there’s an element of just wanting to maintain the peace in her family for her parents’ sake and for their kids. That doesn’t mean they like each other, just that they are being pleasant and civil with one another.

    • I thought Kathy & Jacqueline were best friends. Kathy built her McMansion close to Jac. And wasn’t Jacqueline best friends with Melissa not too long ago? And didn’t they all enjoy “trashing” Teresa on a daily basis? They all seemed so important & somewhat eagerly awaiting Teresa to go away so one of them could step into the spotlight. According to Kathy, “it’s not the Teresa show”. Maybe Kathy could make a new dessert called “grovel pie”. Teresa could make one kind of like Minnie did and with a big piece ass piece missing.

  • This is surprising because another website claims that a fight broke out between Jacqueline Laurita & Teresa so Kathy or Rosie and anybody.
    I like Kathy & Rosie both & think as family members of Tre’s they should all be loving and supportive of each other. I’m SICK of the family drama on the show.
    I will say I think back when they showed Rosie & Kathy’s Mom saying something about “People (she didn’t actually sayTeresa & Joe doing wrong and that it would catch up with them” on RHONJ, that got really badly edited (By Bravo on purpsoe I’m sure) & really badly misconstrued I think. Personally, I think that put a wedge between Tre & Kathy. Anyway, This season I hope the Gorga/Giudice/Wakile family can form a loving and united and loving front. Fight with the friends not with your family. That is so 2009 seriously. Pretty ugly, pretty over.

    • “I will say I think back when they showed Rosie & Kathy’s Mom saying something about “People (she didn’t actually sayTeresa & Joe doing wrong and that it would catch up with them” on RHONJ, that got really badly edited (By Bravo on purpsoe I’m sure) & really badly misconstrued I think. Personally, I think that put a wedge between Tre & Kathy.”

      I’m gonna go with the “you’re mother is a fucking liar and your father is a coward” comment as being the reason for the wedge.

  • This show is just the worst at staging crap for ratings. Like really? Kathy confronting someone…anyone…but least of all Melissa??? Seems fake to me and Kathy needs to pay for those house renovations. Girl get on with that….I ain’t buying it.

    • I disagree that this is the “worst” at staging… This show is the one Real Housewives show that involves family and long established and true friendships. There’s real emotions and passion involved so the drama comes natural. I do believe there has been creative editing… But that’s a given in most reality shows. I’m not saying there’s no production aasisted scenes at all, but the turmoil amongst this cast is all too real… At least in past years.

    • I think it’s definitely fake. HoHo and Fatass Wakile definitely discussed the scene prior to filming. They and Wacky probably laughed about it too. I think they’re all still jealous of Teresa, but they have to get paid. The only one who should be laughing is Teresa. They have to kiss HER ass to get a paycheck and they know it. Oh, and I doubt Rosie was in on anything. She was just there for the booze and grub.

      • Excellent post, my fellow New Yawker. I agree with everything you said.

        The only high road Melissa is taking is paved with dollar bills. It’s all a sham.

  • Even if this were true, what exactly does Kathy want Melissa to do? She’s trying to move forward with Teresa, so the last thing Melissa should be doing is getting involved in Kathys issues with Teresa! That said, Kathy and her family spent a lot of time bashing Teresa the last few years while, Melissa, surprisingly pretended to be a good supportive SIL. Good for Melissa for shuttin Kathy down.

    • Nicole – great point, Melissa wasn’t even included on the list to visit Teresa when she was away. Clearly Mel isn’t in the best place with Teresa to have much pull with her. Kathy only has herself, Rosie & Rich to blame for her predicament.

  • Missy never cared for Kathy, checked out the their second season on the show, when they(missy, Kathy, and missy’s sisters were on the stoop), and Kathy wanted to talk about her issues with Teresa, Melissa shrugged and said just handled it. The way she said it, I knew she didn’t care for that woman. Karma is biting both of their asses, NOW, they’re both fighting to be on Teresa’s side. Kathy, NEVER go against family, Missy is NOT family, I don’t care how many times she is married to that poison.

    • JD – yes, the scene on the step! It was clear that Melissa was happy whinging about T on-camera to Kathy, but when Kathy wanted to do a bit of whinging of her own and it didn’t suit Melissa’s current agenda, Melissa fobbed her off completely. And ever since Kathy’s downgrade, Melissa has scraped Kathy off like dung from her heel. I bet Kathy is raging inside!

  • I don’t believe Kathy or Rosie congratulated Tre on her book, but I did see Rosie congratulate Chris Manzo on his children’s book coming out. if someone ever called my mom a liar or my dad a coward I would never speak to them again.

  • Let’s not mistake the fact that Kathy and Rosie supposedly were NOT invited with the fact that we all know production DID invite them and the rest of the ladies already knew.

    Melissa is not stupid she knows her meal ticket is to be on Teresa’s side, I would also like to hope that with all Teresa and Joe are going through that Melissa and Joe sincerely want to make amends and no longer feel they need to compete.

    Kathy and Rosie are just trying to stay relevant and it’s not going to be in their favor.

    Jacquelyn I would keep at arms length if I were Teresa, I would not trust her with the lightest of secrets.

    Just my opinion on all this….

    Have a great week everyone!

  • I KNEW this was coming. Kathy is so predictable. She hates Teresa and was in cahoots with Melissa the whole time. Now that Mel and Tre repaired their relationship, she only has Jac and no family except her sister. I’m doing the happy dance!! Karma baby.

    Kathy is not full time. She is a family outsider and it’s only a matter of time before resents Jac, her new friendship with Tre, her paycheck and airtime and that’s that. Bye girl!!

  • hmm..if there is conflict..between kathy Wakilie..and M..it happened within the last 9 weeks..cuz M has an instagram pic of a bunch of women – including Jac’s/Kathy/Rosie and M..big smiles on all of them..celebrating.



  • Did Kat give a shout out on Twitter to Tre’s new book? If not, why is she at the book signing? hmmmm……

    • Nope, not that I have seen and you know it would have been on a site if she did LOL. No welcome home from jail that I know of- nothing. Its pretty bad that Rino and them have put aside any dramas and were supportive/welcoming/ sent food/book signings and her own blood couldn’t even muster up a few positive words.

        • Hey , no one ever labeled them geniuses LOL
          Do you think Bucky will wage a twitter war against Meme like he did Teresa? Offer to torch her as well? Throw her marital how not to book in the trash? The mind wonders…

  • Haha!! ” Uninvited” , showing up to Bravo events all mic’ed up and ready to rumble… Maybe Teresa and the rest didn’t think they were coming but Bravo knew. I had a suspicion Katfish and Meme were on the outs , I think last year?, as I didnt see any publicity interviews, photos of them together and no bragging/ kissing each other’s ass on twitter 😉 Katfish needs to realize that she served her purpose for Meme and Stumpy and she is no longer needed. How the hell she didn’t know or realize she was being used is beyond me. You picked the wrong team honey.

    • You nailed it! Katfish picked the wrong team for sure. Now I wish bravo would throw fish, rosie, and meho in a fight cage and let them tear each other apart.

      • No no no. Just let Rosie threaten her on tv like she did her own blood. Let her yell from rooftop she will ” rip her effing tongue out”.. Then we’ll wait for Meme’s retort live from BK toilet

  • Good! Teresa deserves a break from the drama.

    Teresa’s issues with Katfish go way beyond anything Meho can repair. The true test of Kathy’s sincerity will come after the cameras go away. If she is only interested in reconciliation she will wait until after the show is cancelled to reach out. My guess is that her interest in Teresa will go away when the cameras do.

    I would love to see Kathy exposed as the snake she is, but I don’t think Andy will allow Rosie to be portrayed in a bad light. Ugh.

  • “It’s not the Teresa Show” says cousin Kathy while trying desperately to grab her piece of that big old pie. Just having a hard time even trying to envision why Kathy & Rosie even need to be on film except Melissa, Kathy & possibly Rosie formed an alliance to try & take Teresa down. Jacqueline was also included. Teresa went “away” & in a sense so did the rest of them. Family & friends…..the best money can buy.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwww The place must have stunk like fish. Gross…. Katfish stinking up the joint again ….Go way Katfish and take Rodie with ya

    • Hopeful 😀 Fish and Fish sister (uninvited lololol) only showed to point out that T stole their mothers memoir.

      • Hi Shipp 🙂

        i wish they had to wait on the line. The fans might have tore her apart LMAO

        Kathy must have been dying.. If her other signing are any indication ….Teresa must have sold more books in one night than Kathy did 3 years
        Is this the year Katfish opens up on Messy ?
        I wonder how Katfish and the twins are doing?
        @ Jenna were they friendly towards each other??
        Katfish and Icky Dicky really sucked up to them last season

        I bet they all went out to dinner after the signing. Hopefully Katfish went home to her smelly fish tank ..

        • Hey Hopeful,
          You’d think with those enormous eyes she’d truly see her standing in this whole “fambily” thing. They were selected because the Whorgas needed cohorts/cohaters and they were greedy enough to join up. Now, the brother and his wife, the Laurita’s are back under the rays of Tre’s limelight and the Manzos have their own farce of a show – the Wakilies services are no longer needed. DUH.

      • At least they got the message that everyone hates Bitchie. Thank God we don’t have to see or hear that slack-jawed idiot anymore.

        I hope Teresa continues to freeze out the Fish. I have no interest in watching her swimm around in her new giant fishbowl.

  • Staged TV drama aside, I think Teresa’s issues with Kathy go much deeper than her issues with Melissa. Their problems stem extend to issues between their fathers and given how their family holds grudges, I don’t see those two making up any time soon, if ever.

    • Kathy did herself in when she and her husband threatened to burn down Tre’s house. Kat came on the show with an agenda. Take Tre down, and take over the show, and be the next Martha Stewart. Epic fail.

      Kat is no different than Jim & Amber. When they didn’t become the break-out stars of the show they lashed out at Tre.

    • IDTS That happened many years ago… Maybe discussing it on camera is part of the reason ? Discussing Tre on camera is IMO a big reason…but the things that FishKat and her slimy husband said about her has to factor in too

  • Why would Melissa want to talk about this?
    She knows it bothers Teresa and they are finally in a good place.

    Completely understand Kathys point but brother/sister is more important than cousins??

  • Things changed when Kathy and Rosie showed up uninvited? Since when do you need to be invited to a book signing? Rumors are prob true that i read online about the book signing that it was promoted to get people to show up and Andy bought 3000 copies to boost sales

    • Annnnd where’d you get this source?? If it’s from trash like ROL for example than sure they will say such since they are notorious Teresa haters.

      I wish people stop trying knock Teresa ability to make a buck. She has fans and she’s rebuilding her brand. America is the land of second chances and most of her fans and supporters recognize she did wrong but she did her time. The book is still doing well, which still means she is hot commodity.

    • Nah. I don’t believe at all that Bravo or Andy is buying Tre’s popularity. Or any other HW for that matter.

      In Andy’s 2nd book he notes that Tre told him she was going to make him a lot of money. I believe Tre will work that hard to do it.

      This is all on Tre to succeed.

    • I commented last week on the 3,000 books so excuse me if you read my comment. Teresa was #4 on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller List with 9,700 books sold her first week of sales. So, if Andy did buy 3,000 books that would mean Teresa sold 6,700 books, correct? Teresa still would have been on the PWBSL but she would have been #9 on the hardcover non-fiction list. Kathy Wakile made the PWBSL, too, her first week of book sales in 2014. She sold close to 3,800 and was #10 on the list. Now, if Teresa only sold 3,800 and made the list, (with whispers that Andy bought 3,000 books), then I could understand the disappointment.

      • I want the receipts where Andy made all these purchases. Until there is hardcore evidence that rumor needs to go bye bye.

      • Hi there CsqD

        I have read the other RH blog headlines..about the 3000 copies being bought by Bravo…

        headline reads Exclusive…then turns into

        “Insider source” …

        this story is running as an actual fact…on the “I hate Giudice sites”

        if Andy/Bravo were to buy anyone’s book..it would be Andy’s…

        this “3000 books bought”..once upon a time story..is about 7 days old..and stinks..like a poopy diaper


        • Hi Samuel!

          I read the same blog one sleepless night about “The 3000!” Then I saw the #’s sold and had a feeling James Marchese was the inside source! Teresa is still on the NYT Bestseller list and Publishers Weekly. On the NYT she is #13 on the hardcover N-F list and #16 on the e-book list. She is #11 on the PW N-F list! I’m sure the “insider” is livid that Teresa’s book is successful! Teresa does have devoted fans, more then many thought she had!

          • Jerkoff is getting ready to buy 3000 of his book. That will bring his sales to 3000 or whatever number he buys.

            As for Teresa …all you have to do is go to a signing Look at the lines …then tell me she isn’t selling ….AT FULL PRICE to boot

            Congratulations Teresa !!

        • It’s not true for two reasons. 1. Andy and Bravo want to see how popular Teresa is by these books and this season 2. Andy would never live it down with all the other HWs who have write books which is most of them.

        • Missha, good point. Why not 4,000, or,8000? Because it’s bull shit that’s why.

          That haters need something to hold onto. Silly. 😀

          • Shipp funny story….I saw some hag on the hater site say she was going to a signing… She wanted to see a empty line and what kind of fans if any showed .. She promised to report back to the haters that were ALL wishing a flop

            she never mentioned how the signing went. Even when asked and has only posted a less handful of times since..

            SMH Well i was at the same signing …as i mentioned in earlier posts. When i left i asked the staff how many showed and it was over 300 with more still coming>>

            Guess the hater didn’t want to admit the book is a success. It might kill her 🙂

        • Missha!

          My guess is the “”insider” thought Teresa would only sell 3,000-4,000 books?

          O/T-I read TWD recap and it sounds like the writers are getting ready to introduce Neegan! Abraham chose Sascha, hmmm… Poor Rosita. Maybe now Eugene has a chance with her? Eugene, the voyeur, creeped me out when he would spy on Abe and her being intimate together. Now that he was manned up a little, I am starting to warm up to him! Watch, he will probably die this season!

          • Yes Csqd, isn’t that how they always do us Assoon as a character steps up, fits in or makes us root for them – the writers kill em off. Just like our precious Noah.
            I’m so stressed about this deal “maggie” struck up w/Gregory (Hilltop’s leader)to get their man back in exhange for food and killing Neegan. Ummm, how do we think that’s going to turn out?????
            It’ going to be rough moving forward and my heart can’t take much more. 🙂
            I’m not sure why Abe wants to change up.I am feeling that he and Ro just fell into their relationship on the road but he has had ample time to observe and get to know Sasha. I wouldn’t be surprised if neither of them last long enough to get together.
            The Richonne thing is still irking me. It feels incestuous to me. They should give her to Daryl (Ro) If he does not get someone I’m afraid he may die by season end instead of Glen. There’s an article saying how his character has run it’s arc – food for thought. boo hoo.
            Plus he is getting a reality show with AMC starting this spring. Another theory I’m working on is the Jesus character is gay in the comic – what if Daryl is really gay and they hook up? LOL

          • The actor who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus (sp?), hinted that Daryl might be gay in an interview he gave when the season started. Hmmm. . . it just dawned on me Daryl and Aaron made a good team when they were supply runners for Alexandria. I thought it was admirable when Daryl was going to sacrifice himself for Aaron when they were in the car, surrounded by walkers. Except Morgan and his staff saved them. Maybe Daryl was starting to realize he has romantic feelings for men? Now is Aaron’s boyfriend still alive? OMGosh, when Noah died I was so sad that I think I cried a little! The actor who played Noah has the same body frame of my son who was stationed overseas at the time. So, yeah, I am pretty sure I cried! I hate when that happens! It’s weird on web but many viewers seem happy Rick and Micchone are now a couple! I feel the same way you do! They’re better suited having a brother and sister relationship.

          • I think (?) they already semi-introduced Negan through Daryl and the rocket launcher and his motorcycle “gang” and the guy at Hilltop? I know a little about the cartoon (Daryl’s not in it – probably a good thing). Was it wrong to hope that Carl was finally dead (even though I knew different)? Who survives a gunshot to the eye in a Zombie Apocalypse?

            Speaking of Zombie Apocalypse’s – Z-Nation is awesome. I started watching it about a year ago. Very tongue in cheek. Until the last two episodes I was getting kinda bored with Walking Dead (I actually really like Fear of the Walking Dead). I won’t bore you with my main question about zombies (ie – how so many – I would think Zombies are so consumed for flesh that they’d eat any victim to the bone – sorry I digress). WD maybe getting close to the current comic though. But I guess comic books are easier to produce than the next George RR Martin GOT novel. I’m actually pretty pissed off about that as I’m thinking he may change parts of Winds of Winter to better adapt with “good” TV.

            Sorry – I guess I’m a geek. But GRM – get off your ass – forget about all these side books of Westoros, etc. history (and producing HBO) and finish the goddamn book. Stil have Promise of Spring to come and you maybe dead by that time (see William Manchester). Sorry for the rant – but I now actually feel better. My husband (who says he’ll now enjoy the show better without my constant yammering of the “real story”) is really the only one who hears my bitching about it.

            Again sorry for the off-topic rant – but I’m thinking anybody else here who’s read all the books maybe understands where I’m coming from….(see off-topic annoyed).

    • Just saying… 😀

      I have read that same story on many different outlets also… I have to say this story leans merit to that report.

    • I went toTeresa’s book signing in Huntington, NY and they ran out of books. There were over 300 people there. So, I disagree with you on Andy buying her books.

  • My thoughts…Like NYGIRL said “it seems like made up drama”. We see how these shows run….the more the merrier who get on the show no matter how…will collect a check. I still don’t know how these families and friends can be in a better place now after all that was said….from wacko Jacko who questions Tre’s daughter’s paternity to famewhorga talking head during TCI. I don’t believe any of them…we’ve been punked about this show…this is why I hardly comment anymore. After the death of Miss Angela Raiola who fought so hard to live for her family….this stuff is meaning less.

    • Look at the picture Teresa posted of Joe in junior high, he looks exactly like Gabriella. There was never anyone else. That is so sad she would say that about a child old enough to know exactly what it meant. I hope Gabriella just laughed as she knows she looks like Joe & his side of the family!

  • Remember when the Marco’s would go over to Kathy’s house wearing those knit caps on their heads like they were burglars?! hahaha!! (Courtesy of Jay Mohr. He was so funny!)

    The alliance of years past has been broken. 11.5 months of unemployment changed the Marco’s allegiance.

    On the other hand, Jac made me LOL! Good for her! 🙂

  • I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that ‘conversation’. Now why would Kathy turn up uninvited???….. Let’s see to get air time and to try and spoil things! I can’t feel a thing for her or her repulsive, grotesque bugs bunny husband! (That’s not Really fair on Bugs Bunny!) I hope Melissa does stand up for Tre but only time will tell! Same for Jacaholic!
    Well done allabout great interview and inside on what really happened!

    • There was already a fly on the wall… Jacqueline!! Hahaha she just loves drama. I don’t care for Kathy or Melissa but taking Melissa’s side in this. Kathy was blood , Mel was an I’m law when they came on and tried to destroy Teresa. Big difference. Being married to Joey , Kathy should not try to intervened what Teresa and Mel have built. She hates Teresa and Teresa hates her so except it and stop tryn to make your way back on the show with your crazy hostile tounge cutting sister. Ahhh

  • Please tell me I am not the only one who sees the humor in all of this. Kathy is now seeing what Melissa is ALL about. I do believe Teresa warning Kathy how Melissa rolls. But, I digress AND laughing (LOUDLY) as I do it!

      • That would be awesome! I also am referring to all of them (T included)….

        Cheryl – who’s your profile pic? It’s kinda driving me crazy cause it looks familiar. Assuming not you? I’ve asked a few times how to post one. Probably answered previously. I want to post my absolutely gorgeous Akita/Lab mix as mine. Of course nothing will beat the Maltese with the gun and cigar.

    • Don’t like either of these ladies, they banded together just for screen time, no true friendliness. If this conflict situation turns out to be true, I will thoroughly enjoy every blow each lands on the other (evil cackling)

    • I agree! Now that Melissa is back with the Queen, accepting that she will always be a lady in waiting, it’s buh-bye Kathy. I don’t feel sorry for Kathy at all although I can see why she would feel hurt.

  • Stay out of it. Cracker Jack, stay the F out if it!! Even you. ” trying not to listen, but listening any way is getting your fat ass involved!!

    Kathy wanting to talk to Melissa about shit is fine, but damn not at Terrsa’s signing. That’s messed up. Go to her house , meet for lunch whatever. Don’t do it at her signing!

      • Sorry about that I pressed submit by accident.
        What I was trying to say is Kathy is so transparent that she only confronts people on camera! I remember reading or perhaps an interview where Teresa said she would happily speak to Kathy off camera and in private about their issues if Katfish Kathy came to her without all the cameras!

        So Kathy busting up the book signing to confront Meho as to why Teresa won’t speak to the Katfish just goes to prove that Katfish Kathy just wants to makeup with Teresa so she can be on the show!! I guess Kathy. chose not to take Teresa up on her offer to speak in private!!
        That speaks volumes! And very low thing to do on Katfish Kathy’s part!!

        Seriously so Kathy chooses to only try to work things out with a family member on camera, that shows Kathy doesn’t really care about genuinely working things out sinse she will only do on TV! Teresa offered her a chance in private but no no no Kathy will have none of it!! How sick and desperate must this spoiled Katfish be!!

        If I had a Twitter acc I so would ask Katfish why she chose not to take care of trying to work things out with Tre in private even after Teresa extended that offer to Katfish!

    • Holy – fat shaming? I actually think Jaq looks good. Of couse – she’s had lipo (TMI with it on the show – but I’m assuming she got it free) Botox, whatever… and I haven’t (I’m only a few years younger than her). I think I still look pretty good even with a few extra lbs from five years ago (Mr. Tabitha says so – and I’m not pleasantly plump – yet). But have been unfortunately blessed with my husband and his family. Let’s call them the “stick figures”. Love them – but admittedly bitter.

    • Hey Holy! How ya doing sweetie. I will never forget your kindness when I wrote something & was having a hard time. Mamma Mia! Why are acting like Teresa & Jacqueline are best friends again! I don’t think Teresa worries about her anymore, but I don’t think she is naive enough to,think Jacqueline will now be nice.

  • Seems like made up drama. I’m sure they rehearsed the fight. Crazy Eyes will do anything for a buck. She has to pay for that Mcmansion they built.

      • So 2 HWs teamed up to take down “The Star” of the show. They failed. Now one HW has aligned with the Star and is shutting out the other. That HW s upset and confronts the other….

        This is Bravo HWs 101. I’m not surprised and really I’m not sympathetic to any of them. Sorry, but this is the path they ALL chose for money and “fame”.

        • That could be called hitting the nail on the head. They tried to bring Teresa down. It brought unwanted attention & Kathy & her mother were glad to see her go to prison, because her mother said that if you do wrong then you do the time, which may be true but you don’t hear many close family members or even not close family members talking about morality when their family is on TV after being sentenced to prison time. The whole world watched their humiliation as the judge reprimanded Teresa harshly accusing her of not accepting she was first mate in the charges after Joe told the court it was him that told her to sign the papers & because they are old school Italian where the man is the head of the family & the woman agrees & takes care of the kids & the house, even if she is a nuclear physicist or mathematical genius. Her role is to do what the husband says. . Teresa came on the show in that role as that spacey cute little housewife, with cute little girls, who, was concerned more about her cute outfits, dressing her little girls up & keeping a clean home which she proudly announced she did, all by herself, no maids for her or nannies. She pointed out that they never had anything given to them, they had to work for it, but she also pointed out that Joe was the bread winner, building him up as a businessman to their peers & the audience as good Italian wive’s are supposed to. . He wanted his wife to have a certain lifestyle because it reflected on his ability to be the sucessful provider. Then later after the little housewife becomes popular, because it was Caroline & her family that were supposed to be the stars of the show, he was starting to have problems. . Everyone knew Danielle would be iced out by the Manzo’s. Then Caroline made a major error in establishing her reign as the Queen of the Nee Jersey housewives, she started to involve Teresa to fight her battles, because after all Teresa was best friends with her little sister & she knew she was loyal to Dina. So we watch her confront Danielle at Teresa’s dinner & of course Danielle has her book there because she & Jacqueline have devised this would be the place to take Caroline down.& Jacqueline was not well received by the Manzo sisters because Chris had been dating Dina’s other best friend who they all loved & approved of. Then Chris meets some hussy from Vegas & they have to get married. So now Caroline & Dina need reinforcements. Who to call, who to look on at & convey ” look at what she is doing to Dina! ” What are you going to do!
          Now Teresa has no real dog in this fight because she likes Danielle, & is good friends with Jacqueline, but after she sees the crying & pitiful looks & observes the upset iis causing at her dinner,, she decides pregnant & all to enter into the fray. I wonder later if she thought why the hell did I do that! I am sure she does now. But she is just the dumb extra housewife, sweet little Teresa who if anything is just a side kick to Caroline’s narrative & unlike Caroline she is not afraid to engage physically with someone. She has a fierce loyalty to people she loves & she thinks love her. ,Let’s wind her up so we can get out of this mess that Caroline started over a woman who made a terrible mistake at 19. And let’s do it in front of the children. We all have husbands so let us attack the one person who may be not so mentally stable without a husband by her side, instead of not worrying about what happened to a virtual stranger that we hardly know. Let us dig up the dirt on her & humiliate her in front of America. Even Christopher said that Danielle was welcome in his house anytime, because he knows what is going on with his sister & wife. Lo & behold Teresa starts to get fans, who would have thunk it! And she does a cookbook! OMG! Now Caroline has to bring Jacqueline under her control, because this show is about a nice Italian family, not some family who came here from Italy not speaking the language, Then another cookbook! OMG! Let’s have sit downs like we are mafioso & come back & report to the family & friends to try & destroy a woman who already is insecure with problems who really probably would have been grateful to be included in the popular girl’s circle. But that season was about the taking down of crazy ass Danielle. Oops, we forgot to keep Teresa from getting too much airtime. Well, surely we will hold our reighn as the nice Italins family & the fans shall love the Manzo clan & many wonderful things will happen forth with. Oh! Did Andy bring up your 400 pound father in law’s death, how absolutely ridiculous that a man found dead in a trunk that goes by the moniker “Tiny” & offended another made man who bided his time could be accused of being mafioso. What! Surely it was a serial killer who randomly picked this nice large big hearted guy to stuff in a trunk & cause his already obese body to swell up. And those articles by the undercover police & FBI stating that he was a member of the Mafia, & made the wrong guy angry when he not only screwed him in business, but then insulted him in front of other wise guys. Once it was ok & he got permission to take back his honor, “Tiny” or should we say , not so tiny, was whacked. And his business he built with corrupt money was handed over to his sons.
          Now that Teresa has become more than just a cast member, the takedown & dysfunction begins & we all know she isn’t getting along these days with her sister in law or cousins whose father had some long standing rift with her father. And her cousins mother hates the family because her father gave her to his sister because she cold not have children. Believe it or not other families that were not Italian in the depression era, when they had a newborn & maybe the mom died & or had 10 kids already & they could barely feed & clothe them in the Great Depression , or maybe they just felt bad for their barren sibling gave them with love to the sibling. But this has damaged the woman who does not understand why she was given away & the others got to stay with the family. She quotes that never would she give her child away, not for a million dollars as she kisses them. So the dysfunctional family that are disgruntled by the reality tv sucess & fame that has been given to their sister & cousin, now need a piece of the pie as Kathy worded it because she is a dessert chef. And this is the venacular she speaks in. We just want a piece of the pie, not the whole pie, why can!t you give us a piece, you selfish. bitch! By the way we are going to suprise you & show America & the world what a disgusting human being you are. All you think of is yourself. We are going to become friends with people you said were like family. And push you off that big pedestal you are on. We are going to fake cry after attacking you & berating you as you get sentenced to prison! Yea! in fact Jacqueline is going to wish on television in front of the audience that you get sentenced to prison! And Caroline is predicting after Joe has to go do his time that you will now abandon him, becoming a martyr so you can get your fans to feel sorry for you! But, let’s be clear Andy, as Caroline Manzo, I am not making predictions or hoping she & her kids will now suffer as I have when she got all that attention, or while it was insinuated by outside players that my wonderful husband was cheating with Betty! All husbands cheat, but we just do not discuss it, because if you pretend it isn’t real you don’t have to deal with your marriage problems. I am not saying he cheated as Caroline Manzo, I am just saying you would be foolish to think you could trust a man you have been with for 30 years or more & had his kids, why anyone knows that! What world are people living in, but I never said he cheated with Betty. Now let us bring on new cast members that have a father that cheated people & exposed them to asbestos, & went away. God forbid you stand there while Victiria Gotti (who has been brought in by the producers to create drama) as she tells you a story about one of our husbands asking her out or sending expensive gifts to a woman in the hospital that happens to be John Gotti’s oldest daughter, I mean who doesn’t love the Don, & then listen as she keeps talking about an affair our mother had with the husband while our daddy was away. Close your ears or punch her! So now we hope they put you in stocks. Oh my! wishes do come true Tersa has to go away too! Yes, now we can have our camera time & become the head bitches. What? They are bringing her cousin back? Oh! She hates her so no problem. Huh? She is being really nice to everyone because she learned what is important. She isn’t going to fight with us over petty crap anymore. Well thank God her husband is going away, so maybe we can really push her to a break down. There is a silver lining in every cloud.,They might all go to Italy when Joe gets deported. Dreams can come true & then we can become the rightful queens of this show. Kathy is upset with Melissa because she won’t go against Teresa now that she has just gotten out of prison, & her husband is going. Boo Hoo. Maybe Melissa actually has realized after being in prison, Teresa has changed & she wants to support her husband’s sister or maybe she knows attacking Teresa when she is not attacking back is not a good look, especially when you are going to see a bunch of sad crying little girls watch their father leave for 4 years. Maybe she understands that the show has already taken a big fall in ratings & acting viciously to a person that is already down,with people wishing her & her family the worst on a daily basis, leaves one with nothing else to say without looking bad. I doubt there was a confrontation. I imagine Melissa has been told by the Gorga’s, her in laws to not cause any troubles as Teresa will no longer bite. I am sure it was more like I have to support her, because we are doing better & she has changed. I have no idea why Rosie felt the need to jump in. I guess she still believes that Teresa is the reason her sister did not get a bigger piece of the pie. Last time I saw her she was joking with Joe Giudice, so why shouldn’t!t Melissa try to form a relationship with her brother’s only sibling especially with her husband going to prison for 4 years & maybe the family having to move to Italy & find a reality show there! Mamma Mia!

    • Why is Katfish Kathy even involving herself in the show! Kathy has the personality of a snail on sleeping pills!! Almost like an invisible disease that just won’t go away!!

    • The question I have is this, why does Katfish Kathy keep trying to involve herself with a show where she has no audience!? Obviously she wants the money but us she too stupid to understand that fans don’t like her or her disgusting husband! Any few fans Katfish Kathy had she lost because of that perverted husband of hers!

      Kathy can’t force fans off the show to like her that’s just not going to happen, but she does try to force herself into a show where she clearly doesn’t have fans!

      Remember when Katfish first came on and there was an episode where Meho had a Christmas party? Katfish Kathy went nuts because she didnt2 feel the greeting she got from Tersea was good enough. What kind of wackjob does that! It’s like she was trying to force Teresa to kiss her a**, so fans would notice her.

      This was the first season Katfish Kathy and her snaggle tooth husband were on, and even though there were enough episodes aired for people to know who Kathy was,, fans still didn’t even know who Katfish Kathy was or that she was even a new addition to the show. Including me and I had watched the show from the beginning!
      The point is Katfish Kathy is not TV material, she’s certainly is not star of a show material! Heck some people only knew Kathy existed because of that nasty husband of hers, over time fans of the show remembered she was even on the show because of all the hateful and degrading things Chicklet Teeth Richie would say to women on Twitter! The few fans that Kathy had she lost very quickly because of Richie.

      Katfish Kathy is very boring to say the least, I remember reading comments that compared Kathy to watching paint dry and I totally understand that!
      Katfish must be very desperate to force Teresa to be friends with her so she will get airtime because we all know Kathy didn’t care how she hurt Teresa when she first came on behind Teresa’s back, and she doesn’t care about Teresa now. Kathy just needs the fan favorite to like her because she’s probably hoping that if Teresa accepts her then perhaps she won’t be a downgraded housewife anymore. And that wouldn’t make a difference after what Katfish Kathy and Meho did to Teresa joining the show behind her back to hurt her.
      I guess Kathy must be a can short of a six pack if she can’t see that even though Meho is getting along with Teresa that didn’t change the fact that people still don’t like Meho! Nobody has forgotten why these two came onto this show behind Teresa’s back to hurt her because they were mad and jealous that Teresa was on TV. That Katfish even said on the View that they wanted a piece of the pie! What a disgusting and vile person!!

      Good for Teresa for standing her ground with this beggar named Kathy!

      • Thank you for putting in the hotel about the pie. I direct you to see my rant on this business. I hope you find it funny. I was trying to show the ridiculous crap that they say & do! I was in shock about the pie analogy, but as I said that is her vernacular as she sees herself as the ” dessert chef”. I agree she just brought nothing to the show. I think Rosie had more fans, but she was not going to do,it without Kathy, because of “the famibly. ”
        I have never seen such dysfunction in my life being aired for the world to witness. That is a heavy price to pay for a reality show
        My question is if the Giudice’s move to Italy will the others follow if they get a reality show. I think they should be prepared to star practicing Italian if this show ends, because what are they going to do? Mamma Mia!