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PHOTOS: Producers Film Entire Cast Supporting And Confronting At Teresa Giudice’s Book Signing!

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Earlier this weekend, we had the opportunity to attend Teresa Giudice’s epic book signing. Producers were present to film the entire evening for season seven while many showed their faces to support. We can confirm that Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga, Rino Aprea, Chris Laurita, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Aprea, Dolores Cantina, Robyn Levy, Christina Flores, Jacqueline Laurita, Kathy Wakile, Rosie Pierri, James Leonard were all present.

So was it a love fest or a drama filled night? Find out as we report EXCLUSIVELY what went down Monday Morning. Until then, we decided to share photos from the night. Check them out below

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We’ve had our differences, but Jacqueline and Chris Laurita graciously posed repping AllAboutTRH

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Photoed above starting from main photo: Dolores Cantina, Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita. Above: Newest additions Robyn Levy and her wife Christina Flores repping#AllAboutTRH, Rino Aprea and his wife Teresa Aprea all smiles repping AllAboutTRH, Teresa with our contributor Jenna repping AllAboutTRH, Contributor Jenna Ferlise and Teresa Giudice attorney James Leonard, Dolores smiling ear to ear repping AllAboutTRH


Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.12.12 PM

Photoed above Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri confronting Melissa Gorga as Jacqueline Laurita stays back 

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.15.29 PM

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga making an entrance 

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.16.17 PM

Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri surprising Teresa Giudice at her book signing with Bravo capturing every moment 

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.17.20 PM

Joe and Joe having a heart to heart

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.18.28 PM

Melissa Gorga chatting it up with new wives Robyn Levy and and Christina Flores

We’ll be posting MORE EXCLUSIVE never before seen photos on our AllAboutTRH Instagram page. Follow us to see the photos HERE!

Stay tuned for all the details on what went down Monday morning! Caption the photos on the comments below!

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    • As it states above in the picture captions and the story itself the girls are new additions to the cast and the confrontation will be discussed in a new story post on Monday. So no nonsense. It’s all there.

    • Monica …Nonsense is All the stories on the other sites that are always Tre bashing and WRONG

      Example ..The raid that never happened ect………

  • I like that Rino & his wife Teresa were there, maybe they can be ‘friends of’ this season? Tre & Joe need some real friends on the cast.

    • Just wondering – With the twins socializing and filming with the Tre & Juicy, is this why Jim & Amber started badmouthing the twins and talking about how they are their employees? hmmm….

      Jelly Jim wasn’t asked to film but the twins were. Even though Jelly Jim tried to befriend Jac? hmmm……

      Misfire! Wrong cast member. Jac has no clout. hmmm…..

      • I hope Rino and Teressssa Film for free cause i think Snitch Bitch Jumbo Jerk Off gets a piece of whatever they make according to the contract he had them sign when he brought them on to humiliate them

        • I hope the twins didn’t sign a life-long contract! Maybe just one year? Wonder if the twins will talk about it. hmmm….

  • Wow just popped on for a quick look not expecting anything! Couldn’t work out what the stand outs were until I looked a second time! Lol!
    Congrata on the exclusive, can’t wait for the rest of it!

  • “Friends & family…….the best that money can buy” I believe Richie was outside with a table set up selling discounted copies of what’s her name cookbook.

  • Roxanne, Jenna, congratulations on getting an exclusive. YAY!! 😀

    Anxiously waiting for the scoop on Monday.

  • Teresa’s coattail hanging cousins showed up to the book signing? I ask because I read a tweet from someone present at the after party that said he didn’t see Kathy or Rich there. Nothing was said about that flip flopper Rosie.

    So, the Cousins had a confrontation with Melissa? I wonder if Joey is going to psycho out while verbally abusing his cousins and push Melissa around because he’s so angry that they don’t respect her? Or, does he just reserve that behavior for Tre? He’s such a disgusting woman abuser! Richie’s name wasn’t mentioned, I hope that means he wasn’t there! He’s such a creepy old man! There is proof in the ratings that whenever the Wakiles made their first appearance as “friends of” on RHONJ & Manzo’d the ratings dropped!

    • I will never forget when Meho made something out of Tre saying Richie was obsessed with her, and Tre gagged! haha. That’s is exactly what I felt, my gag reflex every time they were on.

  • Where did this book signing take place?
    It doesn’t look like many people attended. It must have been in NJ, where we’ve had enough of that trash!
    By the way, does anyone else agree that RHOBH is completely false and this season should be annulled? With the calculating liar Yolanda revealing that she & her equally scuzzy spouse were divorcing the day of the premiere, that pretty much makes absolutely every word that comes out of everyone else’s mouth this season completely irrelevant, regarding yoliar’s “illness.” If they had all known that Y & D were getting divorced, they would have changed their tunes. Pun intended.

  • Are the Gorgas eating? Geez Louise, looks like they’re dropping lbs the way Meliss drops lies.

    Of, course Rosie the lush has a drink in her hand – hopefully it’s just juice/soda.

    There’s a couple of standouts in the pic with Jac and Tre – it’s neither of them.
    Teresa you go gurl 🙂

  • I’m really curious about this “confrontation” between K&R and Melissa. Is it a ploy by Kathy and Rosie to get camera time? Not just for that night… but “make it real juicy” so it’s on-going. Hmmmm.

    As for Jac and Teresa, I’ll always be suspicious of Jac. She was NEVER actually a friend. Anyone who can betray confidences in a friendship is absolutely shit IMO. Jaco didn’t just gossip about Teresa amongst other friends, which is bad enough… NO… she shares it with ALL on social media! Who does that? Jac and Tre may play nice on the show… but I just can’t imagine a true friendship between the two… Jac can’t take back the things she did… the damage is done and she can’t ever be trusted again.

    I’ve gotta say… as much as I dislike Melissa… her hair looks REALLY good. I do hope for the sake of the family that Teresa and Melissa really have turned over a new leaf. I’m actually relieved that they’ve admitted they’ll never see eye to eye on what happened in the past ’cause that suggests that maybe just maybe they’re not being fake. IMO, aside from rare exceptions… family should never give up on family… not completely anyway. Never thought I’d say this… but I’m rooting for them.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is never ok and will never be ok to EVER say something that was told to you in the confidence of friendship. Where I post most often no one can say one kind word about Theresa without a slew of haters automatically posting anything to negate any possible good Theresa might have ever done in her life or now. I mean really, who knows what was going on with any other housewife from a year and a half ago? Certainly no one is still griping about it. I mean, when I say her skirt is cute or she looks pretty, someone posts the list of her effing crimes!!!! Lest we EVER ever forget that she committed a crime. Yes, yes, WE KNOW. So, anyway done yelling.

      • I can post a list of her crimes. There are so many. You just choose to ignore them and I don’t. That is the difference.

    • You’re right about the things Jacko said to Teresa cannot be taken back. They were evil, hateful and mean spirited. If I were Teresa I wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

  • Ugh! Why did those trolls Kathy and Rose even show up? Okay, I must admit to asking a STUPID question. They must have loved forcing Teresa to play nice with them for the cameras. They’re such hypocrites and will do anything for airtime and to gain some relevance.

  • Remember when the hag Marco clan refused to come to Tre’s first book signing because they didn’t get an invitation?

    And where did that stunt get them? 11.5 months of unemployment until Tre was ready to film the new season of her show! hahaha!!!

  • O-M-G!! This exclusive is awesome! Way to go Rox!!

    When they make a movie about Tre they better include you in it!! From the bloggers point-of-view 🙂

  • Of course they’re going to show up to the Teresa show, they’re all publicity loving fame whores riding Teresa’s coattails, Kathy Wakile and Rosie are the worst ones, no loyalty having biatches.

    • We all know Mewhore the slithery snake would not be there if there were no cameras. Remember the last time the snake and her hobbit were at one of her signings. So sad Teresa couldn’t hold back the tears. Mewhore will never ever sit well with me! She’s too evil! As for the rest of the cast nice to see them supporting The Queen!

    • Aren’t they just doing the job they get paid to do? Unless I’m missing something this was an event covered for the show.

      • What’s the going rate for selling out your family ? ..I wonder I know Katfish never made big bucks.. A few thousand at most and this season maybe enough for some landscaping..

        But not for the house Hahahahahahahahaaha

        • Hallo!
          So true Hopeful. These chicks just did not get it.They were so myopic in their disdain for their relative, they were sure in their delusion we would be too.
          Their hate, jealousy and vitriol only served to draw in more fans and support for her – especially with the way she handled it. I could not have. 🙂

  • It super pays to follow you on instagram Roxie!!

    yet another exclusive!!

    wow..I can’t believe Rosie has the balls to show up..after laughing at and making fun of Teresa ..on the DAY of her sentencing..

    Jac’s looks amazing..and I know the twins had fun!! So cool that Teresa and Joe have an actual support system…

    Congrats Roxie..your exclusives are outrageous!!


    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she refused as this site is notorious for bashing her.

      Although she probably wasn’t asked

        • Hi Roxanne

          not to start anything..but..do you mean ..M declined..cuz..she doesn’t understand why she would pose with your T?

          or ..she doesn’t understand ____________..?


        • Rox, you little she-devil!!

          Making us wait until Monday??

          I’m dying to know what went down. The word “confront” is very intriguing….

          What doesn’t Melissa “get” that would have her decline a picture? I under the impression she never met a camera she didn’t like.

          Can’t wait for the scoop….

        • She declined this time as she doesn’t “get it.”

          Oh piggy gets it. Maybe not as much as back in the day when she charged a nickel or two, but she gets it.

          Look at Wacky Chan’s face. She knows what we’re all thinking. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. I almost feel bad for her having to kiss Teresa’s ass for a paycheck and take a pic with that t-shirt.

          • I don’t feel bad for Jacko having to kiss Teresa’s ass– after how mean Jacko was to Teresa. I’m surprised that Teresa even talks to her. Jacko brings NOTHING to the show. Andy made a mistake OR Jacko was begging to where Andy gave in. Too bad.

        • Guess Mel was being honest, but it is a little weird because most people do what is expected of them when they are working.

        • More than likely she didn’t want to cover up that “gladiator” costume she was wearing. Or because it mentioned the word “truth”, something she has a hard time recognizing.

      • The opinions about her are pretty consistent across the board. From what I see on the 3 sites I read, about 90% of the NJ fans dislike her and her IQ challenged husband. I can’t stand her from her very first appearance on NJ. Vapid little snot.

  • Haven’t posted in a while but I still come on daily. I had to comment on Jac even though I think she can be a wacko she looks UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks for sharing all these photos i cannot wait until monday!!!!!!

    • Based on photos, she looks fantastic. Despite how harsh I can be regarding my opinions towards her, she was beyond sweet. She wasn’t superficial either. Perhaps she’ll rub me the right way on RHONJ

      • It is a little surprising, and nice, to hear that Jaq was cool, because the comments here are generally negative.

      • Were you there Roxy? I thought Jenna went.

        Tell us more..

        Were there a lot of people there?

        There were a lot of the Freehold people at the other Barnes and Noble signing since that one was cancelled so Tre could do Messy a favor and attend Kids Rock