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Big Ang’s Husband Neil Murphy Tweets About Their Love; Her Mob Wives Co-Stars Respond!


Big Ang and her husband Neil Murphy had quite the rocky relationship, but it was clear through it all he was a good man who loved her very much. This week on Mob Wives we saw Ang let Neil move back into their family home at his insistence, because he wanted to take care of her in her time of need as she prepared for her next surgery.

While it’s been said the couple split again since that time, and were estranged in the weeks leading up to her death, Ang’s sister previously confirmed they had reconciled and was there by her side until the end. Of course, Neil attended all of Ang’s services and funeral, but he has yet to speak to the media about the passing of his beloved wife.

Neil took to twitter to express his feelings during this week’s Mob Wives episode in a very sweet message that touched the hearts of Angela’s family and co-stars. “@MrBigAngVH1: Want to thank everyone who knows the truth about me and my wife and how much I loved her @biggangVH1


Ang’s co-stars Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo, as well as Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano supported what Neil had to say, and sent comforting messages back his way.




Not only that, but Ang’s family who is now running her twitter also shared a sweet message in regards to Neil, showing that this family will remain united and go on in Ang’s honor. When a fan (1 of many) tweeted Big Ang’s account noticing how much Neil loved Ang her family replied, confirming to the world the couple was not estranged when Ang passed away. “biggangVH1: He still does, and he was right by her side. There was nothing estranged about him at all!!!! @MrBigAngVH1 #MobWives


Watching the Big Ang tribute on Wednesday night was a hysterical trip down memory lane. In one of the episodes Ang decided to let Neil move back in (common theme) and her sister Janine, and friends Linda and Jen are so excited because they love her and Neil together.

Despite their many ups and downs one thing is for sure; Ang and Neil had BIG love for one another!

Thoughts on Neil’s tweet? Are you surprised her co-stars and family are so supportive of Neil still? Did you watch the Big Ang tribute? Do you think we’ll see Neil on reality TV in the future? Was it difficult for you to watch Mob Wives this week?

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  • I’m so sad about a good woman leaving this world far too soon—she did a lot for people (charity, real empathy), and her love of her husband, children,grandchildren, sisters & brothers (entire family)and friends shined out of her in actions and words. I feel bad that I think production of this show devised this “estrangement” in the midst of her serious health problems…..this is my opinion……I hope not, but I think the pain of her and her loved ones having to pretend at this point is horrible….

  • I’m finally watching this week’s episode…she was one funny lady…she knows how to have a good time especially with “Kurt”. I was doing okay until she went off to the hospital and all her talking about how she had to be there for her family and grandkids….so, so sad. Rest in Peace Miss Angela.

  • Not sure when this last season of Couples Therapy was filmed but it seemed Ang and Neil worked thru the issues they shared on the show and left it in a good place. I really liked Neil throughout… from beginning to end. I’m curious to find out which filmed first… this last season of Mob Wives or Couples Therapy.

    I’m not current on this season of Mob Wives… have about four episodes recorded that I still have to watch. I also recorded her other show… Big Ang… that aired last Wens. The fact that she’s gone is still so surreal. I feel for all who knew and loved her of course, but especially her kids and grand kids. She was only 55… it’s hard enough to lose mom… they must feel very cheated.

  • I wasn’t going to watch “Mob Wives” this past Wednesday but I did. I bet it was hard for Big Ang’s family & friends to watch because I was holding back tears for most of the show. By the end of show, though, I was bawling like a baby! Big Ang was shown in a talking head segment saying she lived a good life but she’s not done here yet. She wanted to be watch her grandkids grow up! They will always know how much their Grandma Ang loved them! I was glad that Ang took Neil back and he was with her when she had surgery. They did love each other.

    • Same.. wasn’t going to but did . One minute laughing because of her, next so sad listening to her and watch her 🙁 I love how she was trying to give him hard time still , busted his balls about the flowers, then in her TH she basically admits needing him LOL. She really did give him a good ball busting all these years, but they obviously stayed together for a reason or a few 🙂
      Did you watch the show of hers after MW’s? They both looked so much different! He really looked younger and thinner. I didnt realize how long ago her spinoff was. Sidenote- I Loved seeing the ladies at the art class and wished we could have had more episodes like that! That was great to see and REAL. Ang and her ” Oooooooooooh Kurt”..

      • The “nude art lesson” was funny! Kurt was, uhh, gifted if you know what I mean! 😉 . I started watching Big Ang’s shows but lasted an hour. They were cute but sad. 🙁 . I want to type more but my tablet is slow on this site.

      • I’d like to add- I love that she said ” peeshie” ! I thought we were the only ones that still said ( in my family ).. #betterthensayingdick

    • Oh it was terrible.. BRUTAL

      Loved watching some of the Bigg Ang show though

      Don’t forget this was filmed last summer.. Ang got a clean bill of health after this lung surgery

      The cancer just came back last Dec. and after radiation and chemo the tumors were still growing …

      • Hi, Hopeful,

        This might be stretching it but I taped the episodes of Big Ang. I started to watch the one where she took a bus load of people to Atlantic City….by any chance did you go on that trip..

        • No Miami … I never was filmed …or around the camera for that matter.. or the other girls on the show for that matter …until the wake
          I only knew the STAR #BigAng

          • Yes she was…what a hoot she was on that trip …loved watching the episodes. I’m glad Mob wives will not be on after this season…it won’t be the same without her.

    • Knowing they paid Karen’s fake boyfriend is perfect. It is awful to hear they paid him,,but not a spouse of such a beloved cast member. They might have been a cute show & it would have taken some of the financial worry & made it easier on Angela & him. I certainly loved them on the Celebrity counseling show, it gave us a real picture of them. And he was the sweetest & very non judgemental making both of them favorites to the other cast. I wonder if anyone from their has contacted him. I hope so. Later on a dating show would be cute. I am sure Angela would want him to be happy. I know if I passed I would want my fiancé to have someone that was good to him.