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UPDATE: Karen Gravano Was NOT Banned from Big Ang’s Funeral

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 13: TV Personalities Karen Gravano and Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola attend OK! Magazine's So Sexy NYC Event at HAUS Nightclub on May 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Big Ang’s memorial services caused more drama than expected, and while reports circulated that Karen Gravano was “banned” from saying goodbye to her beloved friend she confirmed to E! News that was not true. Karen explained that nothing could have kept her away, and she was in fact at Ang’s funeral on Monday. Even more, she was involved, and carried out the casket with her fellow Mob Wives co-stars.

The most important thing I want to say is that I was there to say goodbye to my friend,” Karen said. Adding, “Obviously, there is history there. But I was never banned. It was never, ‘You’re not allowed.’ It was about what would be the best timing and the most appropriate way.” It sounds like Karen handled this VERY well, and in the end Ang’s family understood there needed to be some point where Karen could come say goodbye; Ang would have wanted it that way.

With all of the rumors its understandable that Karen would want to clear her name. “My situation isn’t about my father, it isn’t about anyone else. It’s about paying respects to my friend. I wanted to say my goodbyes to Ang and pay respect to her and her family and an army couldn’t stop me. I was just happy to be there. Let people believe what they want to believe. I was there and I walked out holding her casket.

However, Karen does admit she was not at Ang’s wake, “I decided with the history it would be the best idea for me to do it on my own terms.

Mob Wives airs tonight and its sure to be an emotional hour not only for the Mob Wives, but for Big Ang fans everywhere!

Thoughts on Karen’s interview? Are you surprised she ended up attending Ang’s funeral? What do you think about all of the rumors claiming Karen didn’t go say her good-bye’s to Big Ang? Do you think it will be hard to watch Mob Wives tonight?

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  • Shame on Drita for going on and on and on like that to Big Ang on tonight’s show!!! For freakin Pete sake, you don’t dump all that rage on a someone going through a severe health crisis. How self-absorbed is Drita?!?!

    • @ Maru. Its always about Drita. As we say down here in the South, ” A bit dog will holler!” She knows all of her pasts secrets,/lies are coming home to roost.

      Truly broke my heart to see,& hear And & the lung Dr.

      • The end of the show… heartbreakingly sad! I cried! All Ang wanted was to be with her grandbabies! :'( . The rest of the drama seems so trivial!

          • The Big Ang show was hysterical …Then Jenn banned most the family and left out her friends and brought the show to Miami ..That was a farce . The place was rented for filming and Ang with those young girls and their drama SUCKED … Who’s idea was that? Jenn

            Ang was a EXCELLENT cook.. Who got the cookbook deal?

            The Grazianos who don’t even know how to chop an onion.

  • Tonight there showing episodes of the show Big Ang. I was wondering do they pay actors or actresses royalties for repeated shows and if so, who would get the money,…her children?

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it sucks that Karen is still paying for the sins of her father. Its like she has a “Scarlet R,” on her forehead that she must carry until the day she dies.

    On a side note, I don’t understand all the animosity towards the Grazaino sisters.? If it were not for Jenn, we wouldn’t even be having this lovely discussion!! She gave these ladies; a voice; an honest paycheck; & made them “Reality Stars”. Does this not deserve a little respect? Just saying

  • This is incorrect and I say this 100% factually. She was asked to not attend ANY of the services and showed up anyway, and has given a plethora of interviews about big ang and cashing in immediately following.

  • Also I will believe Hopefull someone that. KNOWS Over any bullshit spewed. By any freakin blogger asshat Or the Graziano liars and the Gravano pig!! Freakin please. Besides the scum Carla

    • Yes Holy I agree! Hopeful clearly knows what’s going on. I think it’s odd everyone wants to believe Karen’s lie she was welcome yet she didn’t show up to the other ones and Brittney Fogarty came right out and said she was told not to come. Why would Brittney lie about that? And again Hopeful seems to know a lot of inside information and I trust her!

      • Thanks guys. xoxoxoxox

        I post my opinion and facts.

        Fact is Karen was told not to come to the wake. and she is now lying her fat rat ass off
        Fact is Jenn orchestrated the cast appearing to carry the casket . When family member wanted to carry it
        Fact is Drita was overcome with emotion and escorted by funeral security at the wake .

        Fact is Angela had a beautiful , subdued wake on Saturday and a Disco party LIKE SHE WANTED on Sunday

        Fact is Carla , Jenn , and Renee were disgusting on twitter and insta the night before the funeral …They should be ashamed of themselves
        My opinion they are classless lowlifes
        Fact is Karen and Drita were at the hospital the night Ang died Carla and Renee were not
        Fact the blond and her mother already confirmed the were told not to come to the wake and they decided to visit the grave on their own
        My opinion Good idea

        My opinion .. Church is open to everyone but Karen was grandstanding probably on the advise of lowlife Jenn

        Fact and My opinion NONE of them can shine Angela’s shoes

        • Thanks Hopeful. When you say Carla & Renee were not at the hospital, were they allowed? Do you know why they weren’t there? I don’t follow whose decision it was they weren’t there, or were they there all day and went home to sleep?

          I wish there was a way to see screenshots of what Jenn, Renee & Carla were writing on Twitter. That is the big piece of the puzzle that is missing for me.

        • Hey Hopeful.
          I left you a post on a thread from Monday. I don’t know if you saw it, but if you didnt, I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I didn’t know you were friends. If you did see it, sorry for repeating myself!

          Thank you for your ACCURATE knowledge of events. Too bad her co-stars couldn’t respect Ang’s memory and let her rest in the peace she always wanted & certainly deserved.

          Hope you’re ok.

        • Hello.. I just dont get , if what some of you are saying is true, how Jenn , an Ex and everyone else BUT the immediate family were overrun by others and their plans? It makes zero sense and I don’t believe it. These stories are off and are just making something sad even worse and its not right.
          And Hopeful- Im just seeing that you were friends with Ang? WOW.. I had no idea :(,

  • It made my day much brighter knowing she attended the funeral. Didn’t know she was a “pall bearer.” What an imense honor that was for her & the other ladies.

    Say what you want, Karen has class. It had to hurt her feelings not attending the Disco Party.

    • I agree, glad she was there 🙂 Im glad they were all there. I can’t stand Drita but I wouldn’t even think of bashing her so terribly right now . People think they know things when its not the case as each individual can’t go on social media constantly to defend every move made or not made- its absurd LOL. Ang loved the Graziano family( the families go back way further then some realize), their Aunt Cecile was one of Ang’s for real BFF’s and Ang appreciated Jenn for all her opportunities so I don’t believe there is bad intent/ blood or Jenn lying she has no need to do so. As for the pallbearer thing- I think outside for carrying purposes, the men were photographed doing so; once inside then going back out, I think the ladies did it /assisted . There were a few news outlets that reported that , from my understanding . Hard to say what is true or not surrounding such a sad thing 🙁

      • I can’t seem to grasp what actually occurred either, but assume there will be a good article, blog or even a special that will give us some details.

        • @ Maru-Yeah there is too much outside noise interfering with accurate reporting on this and what bad timing!! So pathetic. I like how some MobWife sites and bloggers are choosing to keep it classy and not get involved with this shaming!!! I like how our site here has updated 🙂

    • She wasn’t a “pall bearer”. She walked out of mass behind the casket, with the other ladies. She attended the funeral mass. Not the wake. Not the ” disco party “. And. Karen. Sorry. And the word class?? Please…. Lmao!!

  • Ung can’t stand Karen, she’s the daughter of a rat that got her dad locked up. From what I gather, she’s lucky some people will still associate with her. I don’t think they’ll take kindly to her blabbing ish, especially so soon. She continues to give her family a bad name 😛

    • Yes T But Jenn wanted it to look like the cast was carrying the casket when family should have been carrying it ..

      Jenn is grasping for attention and for someone to pick the show up since VH1 cancelled it

      Well without the STAR Big Ang…i don’t think she has a chance in hell to get someone to pick it up.

      I would never watch even if it was picked up

      I will try Drita’s spinoff if she gets one 🙂

      • Hey Hopeful
        I’ve been reading some of the Big Ang stories on here. Just wanted to say sorry.

        Seems like Jenn tries to be a master manipulator, on the show, social media & in the press. Crazy!
        I’m glad MWs is over. I can’t deal with the Renee, Carla & Karen’s bullshit anymore. I would definitely watch a Drita spinoff.

          • For all those so call friends (castmates) excluding Drita…I didn’t see one of them shedding a tear. How could you watch all what was going on and not cry. Bunch of hardcore heartless bit$$es!!

          • Miçhers,

            It’s true what you say but looking at the photos of some of the’d think they were going to a strangers funeral.

          • -because even though sad, Ang pushed to make it opposite from what that is supposed to be, hence the Disco music, hanging out after , and all that 🙂 people need to chill and focus and the main person here- Ang . As her motto was ‘”GET OVER IT ” LOL

          • Maybe I’m use to funerals where I’m from. At the wake, people pay their respects and talk to each other. Day of funeral, very somber but after at the repast, people are eating, talking and sometimes quietly laughing.

      • Oh…is that the real 411 Hopeful? Vh-1 cancelled it? Thanks for the tea. They must have tired of all the newbies/dumb fights like us viewers. Its too bad it went that way. I liked seeing what they were doing with their lives/what careers they had chosen and their families.

      • Hi Hopeful,

        Speaking of Drita, do you have any idea what Karen was referring to last night when she said stuff about Drita and Lee cheating on each other? It was while karen and Brittany were in the store?

  • Most important things : respect for Ang, all of her friends and costars and important people in he life were there; too many chiefs and not enough Indians running wild with their mouths, accusations and insinuations when only some know the real deal 🙂 Its going to be hard to watch the show now. Not all of the ladies usually got along but Ang loved them all and some for different reasons. Knowing she isn’t here anymore while this all plays out is sad. Hell even Karen/ Nat G put their issues aside after funeral and hung at the Monkey celebrating Ang’s life together 🙂 That’s the stuff that natters not this he said ,she said fingerpointing / BS mud slinging articles- not while people are mourning someone. Not cool.

    • Without Angela, it will be nothing more than The Itchy and Scratchy Show from the Simpsons, but with cursing and lots of boobs.

    • It will be very hard to watch. I hope they can re-edit it somehow to pull out the crap fighting and just give more hanging out and enjoying their circle of friendship.

  • Karen makes it sound like she decided everything….I have to disagree somewhat. It played out exactly what has been reported. They preferred her not to be at the wake but she was at the church.

  • She is so full of shit. She was told she wasn’t wanted at the wake PERIOD

    She put herself front and center at the funeral . Jenn orchestrated that whole carrying the casket thing. Angela had many nephews that should have and would have been honored to be pall bearers ..

    This bitch…. This is what I call grandstanding .. Not Drita crying at the wake.

    PS From people there .. Drita was emotional END OF STORY.. Carla is full of shit that she was grandstanding .. By the way …who gave interviews before Ang was cold? Carla and Karen that’s who

    Bye Karen…. Bye Carla..

    • Hi Hopeful

      I love that you tell us exactly. What’s what. Not bullshit!! One thing I will say for Karen. She was no involved with all that mess on Twitter with Carla and those other asshats Sunday night. I don’t give a shit what anyone says. What that. Pos. Did was all kinds of wrong. I saw it. I didn’t need a blogger to repeat it. Anyone that thinks it nothing. No big deal. Is freakin goofy Jesus!!

      • IKR Holy

        Carla said if we saw what she did we would be disgusted or some shit??

        It’s BS I promise .. The girl was emotional…Two deaths the same day and her and Ang were close .. What Carla did was beyond ..

        Then what struck me was Carla Lololol ing

        Then Jenn that POS says go to sleep Carla we have bigger things tomorrow…Like they were going to sign a contract or something .. SMH

        These CUNTS came home from the wake and started this crap the night before the burial .. They’re garbage .. I will give it to Karen for staying out of it …but she wasn’t even there so she really COULDN’T jump in or she probably would have? JMO

      • I try it again without the dirty words i used to describe the Grazianos and Carla

        In the tweets Carla said “if we saw what she saw we would be disgusted ”

        It’s BS I promise ..Drita was escorted by funeral home security FOR SURE ..I saw the pics of her with the security

        From someone there.. Drita was very emotional . She was dealing with 2 deaths of people very close ..the same day .. Nobody thought there was grandstanding..

        What also bothered me about the Carla, Renee, Jenn tweets was Carla Lololol ing at the fans and Jenn telling her to go to bed cause they had Bigger things the next day
        As if they were going to sign a contract or something…Not bury Ang

        These C___s came home from the wake and pulled the BS the night before the funeral ??

        GARBAGE !!!

        Yes Holy I agree Good for Karen..She didn’t jump in … but she really couldn’t… cause she wasn’t there. Maybe if she wasn’t banned she would have ? J/S 🙂

        • Yep Hopeful. I know I saw it. Freakin asshats the 3 of them. Garbage!! Disgrazta!! What killed people thinking nothing was wrong with it WTf? Drita was upset , very upset. Carla. Cold hearted B!!

          Yea like I said. Karen didn’t jump in. But like you said she couldn’t. She wasn’t there. :/. But at the same time that never stopped her before. From opening up her mouth when she should have kept it shut. Anyway. I will give her props for keeping it shut.

    • First of all, Hopeful I want to send my condolences to you. I didn’t realized that you were a friend of Angela for the last 30 years. It had to be horrible to watch her go through all of it. Now to still watch her on Mob Wives and know what the outcome is too much. I didn’t know her but I still feel so bad for her. She was a mother and grandmother and have to say goodby to all of them must have been so heartbreaking for her. May she Rest in Peace and all will have a angel watching over them.

      As to Karen, I totally agree with you..what a play on words with her. She wasn’t at the wake because she was told not to go probably in so many words. I was surprised to see her at the front of the line like she was family.

      • Thanks guys 🙂 It’s everybody’s loss.

        Me and Ang weren’t besties..I don’t want to seem like we were .. but we always had fun when we were together. We shared a lot 😉

        I hear the priest asked everyone to think of their favorite memory at the wake. I’m sure everybody had a bunch of memories going thru their minds…IMPOSSIBLE to pick one

        I will share one memory…NOT MY FAV just to show what kind of person Ang was

        She had an appearance in AC .. I went with a few friends …she had just became famous and people were lined up to meet her..She graciously greeted hundreds that night as it was a Harrrahs pool party and was mobbed and everyone wanted to meet her

        The next morning i went to her room and she was in bed watching TV with tears running down her face crying.

        On TV was the news of one of the school massacres .Sorry to say .I don’t remember which one .. Shame on me

        That was the only time i had ever seen her cry.

          • Aww Hopeful 🙁 I’m so sorry

            I’m glad though that you and her family / people that knew her and loved her have good memories of her.

          • Hopeful,

            I can still feel the pain and sadness through your post. Even if you weren’t besties, it doesn’t matter.

        • My condolences to you and her entire family. From just what I watched on MB, I really liked Big Ang, may she always rest in peace. Thankful to know her character on t.v. ..She really seemed like she was a “pretty cool gal”.

      • Hopeful – I didn’t realize you were friends with Big Ang either. Thanks for sharing your memories and thoughts here. You have many times told us what you could and I trusted your account.

        Big Ang was a beautiful soul and am so glad we got to know her, hear her wit and wisdom. She was the heart of the show, truly.

    • Hopeful


      my bud, please accept my appologies..I was not aware of your close relationship with Big Ang.

      your heart is so big..and I do believe what you experienced while attending Big Ang’s funeral.

      Don’t know why it is “hands off” for Kim stories..but it is hourly with Big Ang’s stories…on day of her funeral..

      where is the respect for Big Ang?

      again my friend Hopeful..take care and thanks for sharing wit us…


      • And my sincere condolences, I too didn’t realize how close you were, this has to be really tough on you.

        Again, thanks for sharing with us, I appreciate it, I loved her from afar!

    • Hopeful..Truly sorry for your loss. I bet y’all had some fun times, to say the least.?. What an awesome, & fabulous friend u had.

      Hope in the coming days, that the fun memories you had will give you comfort, & peace.