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Fans Accuse Carla Facciolo Of Putting Out Fake Stories About Drita Davanzo Bringing Bodyguards To Big Ang’s Memorial


As we reported yesterday drama took over Big Ang’s Brooklyn disco memorial this past weekend. Fake reports were circulating that Drita Davanzo brought security and angered Ang’s family by trying to “steal the spotlight.”

Drita’s rep put out a statement that this was not true and the body guards were supplied as a precaution because fans were attending. Drita shared she was actually asked to stay after the funeral and reminisce about Ang by her immediate family.

Fans took to twitter to blast Carla Facciolo, accusing her of putting out these fake stories about Drita. Mob Wives fans were so angry one even called her out for doing an interview so soon after Ang’s death!


Carla alledges that a scene was made at the funeral, but she didn’t go into details about what exactly went down. She has yet to speak out about situation this since Drita’s rep made a statement, or since Drita tweeted about being on good terms with Ang’s family.



Carla justified giving an interview about Ang so soon after she died because she said all good things. While it does seem soon, the women have all been speaking out so it doesn’t seem fair to just criticize Carla. It’s sad that these stories are circulating, everyone needs to respect Big Ang and her family and drop the drama, now!

Do you think Carla put out the stories about Drita? What do you think about all of the drama surrounding Big Ang’s memorial?

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  • Jenna – I agree, I understand why Carla, and the entire cast would be contacted for an interview. But I have no idea about everything on Twitter and the services.

    It’d be nice if VH-1 put together some kind of tribute/montage of Big Ang’s funniest scenes/touching scenes with her family.

    And who is the dirt bag who told the authorities she was a felon so she lost her bar? That seemed to be the begining of her bad luck.

    • In March vH1 is doing a tribute for Ang 🙂
      The twitter thugs need to chill. Point blank.
      Of course her friends and co stars would do interviews and speak.
      Dont know about the bar but as a felon for years already, Im sure her attorney , and others on her ” team” had to know putting her on several shows on national television would eventually get her caught. One would think that is something that would have been ” handled” prior to her first episode of ever being filmed, right?

  • I was at the wake walking in (not a fan obviously) Carla and marissa were walking out and Carla had a huge smile on her face but she also was telling the fans ang would of been happy they were there as for Marissa she looks different in person crater face and had a nasty look on her face stared at the paparazzi til she left and that’s FACTS

  • Carla and Drita were such good friends. What happened? Big Ang is not happy for what is going on with them. In memory of Big Ang they should end their feud ASAP. Forget the past and start from today and be civil to each other– in memory of Big Ang. If you can’t do this just for her, how sad would that be.

  • I was so saddened about Big Ang passing. She was only 55 and was so full of love and life. Drita’s pain was palpable and broke my heart. I have lost many in my years and it brought back sad moments of those I have lost. I truly have allot of empathy for Big Ang’s children and family.

    Carla coming back – don’t like her attitude and the way she seems so entitled. She isn’t accountable for her own actions. She is pretty but not my type of friend. She seems to only take care of herself. Cold.

    Well Drita knows her wonderful friendship with Ang and none of those girls can take that away.

  • One bitches about another’s behaviour at a funeral on Twitter and the other attacks a woman in the street in front of her young kids over a parking spot. Both are as bad as each other. Although, from the show, Carla is more tolerable.

    Also, why is a viewer crying over a damn reality TV show star? I loved watching Ang and felt sad she died…but crying for hours over it?

    Whilst on the subject, I don’t get viewers going to funerals. IMO, a funeral is part of a grieving process for the living. What exactly are you grieving? It doesn’t feel right that a viewer who doesn’t know the actual person should be at the funeral ‘grieving’ alongside a grieving mother, sister, brother, child, friend etc. By all means, go outside and show your respect by lining the streets/gathering outside to watch the coffin go by, but to actually go to the funeral service is a little impertinent, imo of course.

  • I find all of it appalling and very disturbing, and I really don’t care who said what to who, or who contacted the media, etc., IT IS A DISGRACE, and reflects poorly on the lot of them,

    RIP Ang….you were always and forever the peacemaker in this group, whatever will they do without you?

  • Drita’s own people said she brought security. That is not Carla’s Fault.
    Banning Karen from the services was low when she and Ang were friends and had moved past a comment made in angry years ago.

    • No they didn’t! Drita’s rep already responded. Security was brought there by production and Drita came alone with her daughter.

      • I hate to admit this, but yesterday really got me so annoyed I started to be bitchy, and over this crap. Ugh I needed to reboot 🙂
        There are conflicting reports depending on who the Mobwife favorite is of the one doing reporting, even at a time of death and mourning and its disgusting IMO. Diat lovers star ate swinging at karen saying she was banned from everyone- which is not true as she was at almost everything to include the hospital and Ang’s brother in law has tweeted thanks to her, along with other cast for being ” there” , sharing stories, and so on. Second- this attacking Carla crap is absurd; she never once, nor did Renee or anyone else say or type Drita’s name but crazy fans who stalk ( seeing patterns) started this war against Carla and THEY are the ones who mentioned Drita, which is pretty funny that they ASSUMED that , IMO. Everyone but Brittany attended the services for Ang. Marissa was even there/ I can’t fathom that in the middle of a death, that some people and certain wannabe bloggers and/or trashy tabloids have created messes like this.

        • Hi mich

          Not true. Karen was not at the wake, Saturday and Sunday. She did however attend mass yesterday. Dom , Angs brother in law ( Janine’s husband ). Did tweeted Karen thanking her for spending the day with Ang and being there at the end. Hopeful did tell us yesterday Karen and Drita were at the hospital the night Ang died
          Drita was the one that stayed at the wake with he family to share stories. Not. Karen nor any of the others.
          Sorry. Carla was awful in Sunday night tweeting about Drita. She has since deleted tweeted I saw them. Renee and Jenn chimed in. A lot of people saw them. You are wrong. I’m sorry. 🙁

          • Holy -do you know of any site that has screen shots of Carla’s tweets before she deleted them? This is such a ridiculous sitation, but I’d like to know the facts.

          • Hi Maru.

            I’m don’t know what site has them. Or if any site has them
            I know I saw them. And others did too. All I know is that they weren’t there yesterday. Neither were Renee or Jenns
            We were talking about it yesterday on the thread Rox had up Hopeful me, and a few others Carla was awful.

          • Look, there are a lot of discrepancies (?) here. We don’t need to debate them.99.9% of us were not there, so we will never really know.Why can’t we just come together, remeber Big Ang & not believe everything we read in blogs & twiiter & whatever. You know that old saying Believe 1/2 of what you see & none of what you hear ? Bottom line line it’s about paying respect to Big Ang & her grieving children, & family. That’s all I am going to say on this subject. RIP Big Ang, you will be missed by so many that adored & loved you, thank you for sharing you life with us.

          • @ Maru the cat Realityashole has the copies of Carla’s tweets, although I don’t like her or her blogs she did get this part right jus an FYI

          • Sorry? For what? Nothing to be sorry about. Obviously as I said, the blogger that is up Drita’s ass is going to say what they will and vice versa. I saw the tweets also , I saw what Jenn G tweeted- there was nothing that big of a deal and no one BUT Drita’s crew said Drita’s name and started attack. Different sites have different info, deleted or not. I also read Carla’s Instagram ( and she is RIGHT Ang didn’t like the overdramatic theatrics as they were there for Ang not for someone to be doing the most..)as that is where the stalkers originally pulled info from to to start tweet war. Its ridiculous and should not even be something to debate . Now for Karen- its all on who and how the info is put out. if you hate Karen, obviously you( or whomever) will be all” she was banned …” I don’t hate her and choose to believe what comes from her mouth and or the family’s. Everyone else has commented about Karen that was there and that is on cast and close to Ang’s family; Karen gave an interview. Someone dies and it turns into a competition of this , that or the other. Unreal. What Carla said or didn’t say or deleted shouldn’t be more of a big deal then 1- Angela dying, 2- people who claim they hate her stalk her timeline and photos to make articles and start twitter beef.

          • Anyway.. goodnight ya’ll. I hate being up this late and even commenting but , what ya gonna do? Hope tomorrow is a better day. Good vibes 🙂

          • @ mich

            I said I was sorry because I believe you are100% wrong. Karen did a interview with e news. She was not at the wake Saturday or Sunday. But she was at the funeral mass Monday. She was not involved in the twittter shit on Sunday with. Carla and Renee and Jenn I do give her credit for that.
            I have no idea what the hell you are talking about with the blogger stuff. I saw what I saw. Know what I know. I stand by what I say.

  • Carla should have stayed gone. I liked her before she came back. Now she’s just bitter and hateful. #TeamDrita2

  • Everyone grieves in different ways. Ang & Drita shared a very special bond. Also Drita is younger than the other girls, so perhaps she has not lost a family member, say a grandparent yet. Could be just saying.These rumors were written up in Staten Island news supposedly coming from the family not Carla, although Carla did jump on the bandwagon and made it spread like wildfire. Just let everyone grieve in their own way, stop the drama and move on. Don’t these girls realize the show is O-V-E-R…? One more thing Karen really was banned from the memorial, but not the waje. Proof from Janine’s tweets she put out about Karen calling Ang a rat in this is very true no matter how Karen spins there you have it.

    • I’m pretty sure all the women are in their mid-40’s and there’s not really an age gap. Ang was the only older one.

      Actually, Karen went to the memorial service. It was the wake she didn’t attend. She said this herself. Whether she was asked to skip the wake or not is another thing. From what she said, it sounds like she was given the option but Ang’s family let her know it might not have been a good idea so she didn’t go.

      Who cares what Janine tweets? She goes off on Renee and Jenn on Twitter all the time but was standing with them at the reunion. Anyway, there’s clearly no beef as Karen was at the hospital and with Ang until the last moments, as per Ang’s brother.

  • Team Drita! Her friend is dead. She is grieving. Maybe Carla isn’t as affected as Drita over Big Ang’s death but Drita’s feelings are real.

    To quote Brandi – Carla STFU!