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Teresa Giudice Celebrates Her Memoir With A HUGE Launch Party!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice recently took some time out of her busy media schedule to celebrate the launch of her memoir Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

Last Wednesday Teresa celebrated her tell-all prison memoir in style with a huge party. The party took place at 49 Grove in New York City and was jam packed full of Bravo-lebrities including Dorinda Medley, Andy Cohen, Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita.

Word is that the entire RHONJ seasons seven cast was there and filming for season seven did take place. Woohoo!

Teresa’s launch party was also a family affair as Joe Giudice was in attendance with several of his siblings as well as Joey Gorga.

Turns out Joe was by Teresa’s side all night and couldn’t take his hands off of her! Guess they never lost their spark!

Other guests at the party included former RHONJ stars Nicole and Teresa Napolitano, Teresa’s lawyer James J. Leonard Jr. and rumored RHONJ season seven cast member Robin Levy and wife.

Check out some of the amazing photos of from launch party taken by Steve Y. Gardner below!


It looks like the launch party was a fabulous time! So many Bravo stars were there to support Teresa, which is awesome. It’s so sweet to see that the Housewives can come out and support each other. I bet Teresa felt incredible getting so much love and support from Bravo as well as her family and friends. See Teresa and Jacqueline together was great. I think that Teresa, Jacqueline and Melissa may be an excellent trio of friends, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationships play out during season seven.

Are you surprised so many Bravo stars were at Teresa’s launch party?

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  • So is it true that Andy bought 3,000 books? Is this the scam that Bravo promotes so people will think the HW’s products are great? I wish this blog would look into this please.

    Also, buying on Amazon is so much cheaper, but at book signings you pay the full price. Heard that Tre buys the books at cost and pockets the difference. Is she taking cc or debit cards? If not, The IRS is going to follow the money, they are looking at her I bet.

    • Tre is #2 on the E-BOOK NY Times Bestseller list. So, your telling me that Bravo bought 3,000 ebooks? What did the Bravo executives do bring in all their devices and download the book one by one?

      I know where you read this story, which is a notorious anti-Tre site. That site backs up Wendy Feldman who was 100% positive that Tre would have to go to a halfway house after her release in December. The site also reported the Giudices house was raided in December 2014 and that Kathy Wakile was getting her own show!

      IMO, if that site is going to accuse Tre of buying books at cost and selling them at the original price they should have proof besides saying they received this news by a “source.” That could get Tre in a lot of legal trouble. Believe what you want to believe, Charlie, but that site is gung-ho right now on bringing Tre down, when she’s still picking herself up!

      • I have never heard such a load of bullocks in my life! 3000 ebooks!! Who would believe that? The only seller left on Amazon UK as of last Sunday was charging £45 for the book. My order was cancelled as stocks had run out! I love Tre but I wouldn’t pay £45 for any book! (That’s over $63!) I am waiting for new stock! This has to be a really good sign! If she doesn’t get to No 1 I will eat my hat!

        • $63? Wow! Maybe Bravo will sell you one of their ebooks? 😉 . The kindle sales for Tre’s book on Amazon sold well, too. It was #1 on the England Bio list and a couple of other sections, too. IMO, Jimbo or Wendy were probably the “source” of the Bravo buying 3,000 books to help Tre make the ebook list. I don’t know if you read twitter but Jimbo hates Tre and makes fun of her any chance he can get! His snitch book is going to be released whenever season 7 of RHONJ airs. I will really be shocked if it sells well! I find this odd but on Amber’s twitter banner she promotes her self as a Bravo TV personality. She hash tagged RHONJ twice! I guess she has a hard time accepting rejection?

  • Reliable sources say, this is the final with the full cast, along with Andy. Teresa’s redemption… Next the MWAC start to film.

  • “It’s so sweet to see that the Housewives can come out and support each other….. ”

    Call me cynical, but, free drinks, free publicity and Bravo paychecks I suspect are the real reasons most people show up for these things. I hope the “Guest of Honor” feels supported, but I’m sure down deep they know the free drinks/food are the real draw. 😉

      • Thanks l2r!

        I’m happy I’m not the only cynic here. LOL, I’ll make room for you in the ” Cynics Corner”.

        Hopefully, the dessert was sweet enough to counteract the sour grapes that I’m sure some are still chewing on. 😉

      • Any press is good press when most people are done with Me, Mo, Booze Bag and Lurker.

        What the what? No Katfish and Snaggle Tooth at the event? Hahahaha. And Rosie, tho she’s probably laying under the bar, drunk on her ass, soon to be joined by Jac-Ass

      • I think the fluffy, ankle tie shoes are too much for the dress which already has a lot going on, the open lace up front, the horizontal sheer stripes, the vertical checks, just too many ideas. I’m of the opinion that if the dress is “very embellished” the shoes should be understated and vice versa.

        As far as the feet going with the shoes, lol, I’ll plead the 5th. 😉

  • The pictures with Teresa and Jacqueline both looked guarded, but , the pictures with Dorinda and Joe , Teresa looks relaxed and happy. Even Melissa looks happy and relaxed. I hope Teresa keeps her distance from Jacquline, I don’t trust her at all.

    • ITA.I feel trust is out the window on that one. Jacolush. Teresa should b cordial and professional but ALWAYS guarded. Melissa too. She’s probably relaxed because she finally has another payday coming or it has come already. She and SloJoe need it or they’d been done with Teresa awhile ago. Chris Laurita too. I won’t get started on their needs. 🙁

      • I wouldn’t trust Jaq if I were Tre! According to a season 3-4 Sirens producer the reason Jaq and Tre’s friendship ended had to do with endorsement deals! Jaq felt Tre was sabotaging her opportunities by endorsing a similar product to hers, making the company Jaq was going to endorse withdraw their offer.

        As crazy as Jaq is, I would bet that she blames all her problems on Tre that has to do with money. So, IMO, Jaq seeing how successful Tre’s book is and a party celebrating that achievement probably makes that green eyed monster in her to come out.

        The only time Jaq seemed genuinely happy in the past is when she’s taking jabs at Teresa. Remember during season 6 Jaq cheerfully said in a talking head segment that Teresa is now a “convicted felon?” Yet, Jaq makes it appear that it’s Tre who is at fault? Someone is “blame shifting!”

    • So happy for Teresa! Looks like a great party! I hope she does remain guarded with Jackaloon she was absolutely horribe to Teresa on and off the show. As for Mewhore all I have to say a zebras strips don’t change.