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Where Do The RHONJ Twins Stand With Teresa Giudice? Find Out Their Friendship Status Here!


When we left the Jersey twins and Teresa, saying things were in a bad place was an understatement. The twins blamed Teresa for the rumor involving their mother and the hatchet wasn’t exactly buried at the reunion (does anyone remember ‘clink clink’?)

It may surprise you to find out the ladies are surprisingly in a good place and even consider each other good friends! Nicole Napolitano spoke with Bravo and set the record straight on what happened after the cameras stopped rolling:

“You know what? We actually became friends right afterwards. So right after the reunion, everything was amazing.”

“Unfortunately, the public didn’t get to see that, but for us, once the show ended, we all made everything right, the way it should’ve been from the beginning. When you film, there’s a lot of drama, and there’s a lot of tension, and so much is going on, and you’re so exhausted from filming that every choice and decision sometimes aren’t the ones that you would make from the beginning. So I’m glad where it all ended up and where we all are today, so I’m happy about that.”

“[This] is the first time that I’ve seen her [since her release from prison]. We spoke, we text, I’ve been in contact with the girls. Rino’s [Teresa A.’s husband] been in contact with Joe [Giudice] a lot and seen him, of course, but it’s the first time that I’m actually seeing her without talking or texting. So it’s great. She looks fabulous. She looks amazing,”

The ladies are so close that Teresa Aprea’s husband Rino even sent Teresa her first real meal after she got home from prison:

“That was the first meal. She had delicious food when she came home.”

The twins were even included in Teresa’s ‘thank you’ section of her memoir among the other Housewives that reached out:

“To my fellow Housewives who reached out and were there for me: Lisa Vanderpump, NeNe Leakes, Dorinda Medley, Jill Zarin, Teresa and Rino Aprea, and Nicole Napolitano: I want to thank all of you for your support. It means so much to me.”

Nicole shared that she hadn’t read the book yet but she was looking forward to getting her nose in it saying:

“I’m getting it tonight, and I’m bringing it home. Everyone said she’s said such positive things, so I’m really looking forward to reading it and seeing her perspective and what her last year was like, you know, what she’s gone through. It was really a tumultuous year for her. So I’m very excited about reading her book.”

“We’re here tonight just to support Teresa. We’re so happy that she’s out and about and back with her family and a New York Times bestseller. So we’re just really happy to be here tonight to share in this special evening.”

We’re glad to see that the ladies are now in a good place! They all are family oriented, strong Italian women so they have a lot in common! It makes sense they would become friends outside of the drama of the show.

Are you surprised the ladies are in a good place after the drama that was involved on RHONJ?

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  • Superfan

    Great to see that these HW were sincere. They didn’t reach out or do whatever Teresa thanked them for and then run to post on Twitter. In this age of Social Media this let’s me know these are some good women.

  • September24

    Wow! That was really nice of the other HWs to reach out to Tre while she was in prison. Good for them! 🙂

  • CsqD

    I figured they made up before Tre left for Danbury. I liked Rino during season 6 and especially at the season 6 reunion. He had a perpetual look of disgust toward Jimbo! I wish I didn’t see him in his underwear, though! Rino did seem genuinely concerned about the Giudice girls when Juicy and Tre pled guilty. I remember TeResa was commenting about what Tre wore to court and Rino looked absolutely flabbergasted at how shallow his wife was being! That was a nice interview that Nicole gave.

  • rhfan

    I’m glad they’re friends and got past all that happened. Strangely I believe this friendship/reconciliation is genuine as opposed to the other HW reconciliations we hear about.

    • Maru the Cat

      Yes Rhfan, I also think this is a genuine friendship between them. Its nice to see.

      • luvs2ride

        I agree as well. I think a lot of what happened was producer driven.

        I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would have rather seen them (minus Bobby) come back before Jac and Melissa.

  • samael

    Yeah..I’m not surprised about the genuine freindship that now exists between the twins/rino and the Giudice’s..

    right after the reunion, The twins thanked Teresa via twitter for working things out and Teresa responded..positively!

    The twins/Rino spent alot of time with Joe and the girls “off camera” and went out with Joe..while Teresa was gone.

    I am not surprised that they were at the book launch
    either..Dorinda was there as well!

    so glad Teresa has friends she can count on!


    • *Mark*

      I agree 🙂 what’s interesting though is that Dorinda didn’t debut as a HW until after Teresa started her sentence!

      • Just Saying

        I hadn’t realized that mark do you think the friendship is production driven or is there a backstory here? Could dorindas bf know them?

        • huh?

          Why oh why would it be production driven? What would be the purpose? I don’t even recall a time when there’s been a cross over between the two franchises. Actually, RHoNY and RHoNJ don’t even use the same production company.

      • samael

        Dorinda started Oct 2014 and Teresa’s sentence was December 2014