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Find Out Big Ang’s Status With Estranged Husband Neil Murphy Before She Died; Plus You Can Now Purchase Her Remodeled Home!


Mob Wives fans everywhere are wondering what happened with Big Ang and her (newly) estranged husband Neil Murphy before she died. Ang and Neil were having problems, and even appeared on Couples Therapy this summer. They had seemed to be doing better, but when her cancer came back so did their troubles.

Last week on Mob Wives: The Last Stand we saw Ang kick Neil out, and ultimately end their relationship. That was only months ago, but since then things had really taken a turn for the worst for Ang. Most speculated that they had gotten back together, but she recently cleared that up on Dr. Oz, stating she’d rather be by herself.

Radaronline reports that during the days leading up to Ang’s death Neil had finally “stepped up to the plate.” Ang’s sister Janine Detore revealed, “Her husband was there the whole time.”

They didn’t have a fight. My sister was sick in the hospital. Do you really think Neil would fight with her? We would beat the  sh** out of him. He would never do that anyway. He loves my sister, he does.

Janine went on, “My sister would never ever keep a grudge or hard feelings for anybody. She was just like that. You could do anything to her and she would be like, ‘okay.”

Although Neil and Ang made peace according to TMZ he won’t be staying in the home the couple shared, and fully remodeled.  The bright blue home (below) can now be purchased for a whopping $1 million dollars.

Big Ang’s longtime friend and real estate broker Laird Klein is assisting with the sale. This home has had A LOT of renovations and Laird says it now, “reflects her personality, her level of style, her persona for life.

The house was actually put on the market 2 months ago, right before Big Ang got her last cancer diagnosis. There is actually a potential buyer in the mix, but Laird is giving Ang’s family a few weeks to mourn before moving forward with the deal.

Neil seems like a good guy who really loved Ang; I’m so happy for both of them that they were in a good place when she passed away. I’m not surprised Neil isn’t staying in the house though; so many of their problems were about money and her house was over the top! While it wasn’t my style, she really did some beautiful things to the inside of that home. Ang had said it was always a dream of hers to have a house that completely reflected her style, and it’s an amazing thing that she accomplished that before she died.

Big angs house

Again, the All About TRH team is sending prayers and well wishes to Ang’s family during this difficult time.

You’re welcome if you wanted on buying Ang’s house; just contact Laird Klein!

Are you happy to hear Neil and Ang made peace before she died? Are you surprised Big Ang’s sister is talking to Radaronline? Would you want to buy Big Ang’s home? Do you think it will be different watching the rest of the season of Mob Wives now that Big Ang has died?

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  • Big Ang was a true OG. she didn’t have to act like a tough guy, name drop, or try to ride ex boyfriend’s or deceased family coattails. She was authentic and didn’t have to prove to anybody she “Lived the Mob lifestyle” it was just known. I laugh at some of the girls who go out of their way to prove it and talk about it. If they really were so mobbed up as they portray they wouldn’t want to draw the extra attention, people would just know. Only real deals on that show were DRITA AND BIG ANG. They were and are ride or die and that’s the only way to be. Love u BIG ANG I’m sure her family will miss her big meals, big presence and most of all big ? heart

  • Thanks for the article Jenna.

    1st of all I’ve always loved Ang she never acter like a wannabe mobster, she was a peace maker & everyone i know & chattered with LOVED her, this must be devastating to her family & close friends.

    Will i like to buy her home? no, it’s not my taste but I do think its lovely.

    Now I’m in Australia and we’re one season behind you, so the season your watching now hasn’t even started in Australia yet i think it starts in a couple of months.

    I can’t imagine watching Ang on TV in a few months knowing that she’s passed I’m a real softie when it comes to people passing wether I knew them personally or not I’ll be balling my eyes like a baby. Gee when it starts here it’ll be bout 4-6months that Ang has passed.

    Deepest Condolences to Big Ang’ close family and friends god be with you & god bless