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UPDATE: Drita Davanzo Did NOT Bring Bodyguards To Big Ang’s Funeral; Plus Which Co-Stars Were Banned From Attending


Big Ang got the Brooklyn disco wake she requested and hundreds came out to say their goodbyes.

According to TMZ things got very emotional, and ALMOST all of Ang’s Mob Wives co-stars came out to see their beloved friend one last time. Karen Gravano was banned from ANY of Big Ang’s services because, well, “No rats allowed. While Ang loved Karen its said that her beef with “a co-star” could be the reason, as well as other members of the Staten Island community that could have been affected by Karen’s father Sammy “The Bull” Gravano’s cooperation. Newbie Brittany Fogarty was not there either  since her father also cooperated with the federal government.

Karen’s co-star Drita Davanzo obviously came prepared for the worst; she brought her own bodyguards. (Yes, plural) Hollywoodlife reports that Ang’s family was “furious” with Drita for trying to steal the spotlight from Ang. One family was heard saying, “Doesn’t she know there’s only one star here today?

As we reported Drita was recently arrested in Staten Island, but its alleged her behavior seemed more “fake and for theatrical purposes than for safety.

Renee told TMZ on her way out of the memorial that Ang looked beautiful in her casket, and we’d expect nothing less.

UPDATE: After multiple stories surfaced about Big Ang’s family being angry at Drita for trying to steal the spotlight she cleared it up with one, single tweet. “@DritaDavanzo: I have 2 thank Angs immediate fam 4 asking me 2 stay after everything was over 2 reminisce on some great stories!Love you Ang! Love ur fam:)” Her rep later made a statement to saying the statement was, “simply not true. Drita did not hire bodyguards. Bodyguards were hired for the fans who attended the services. Drita came with her daughter and was very upset.


There are three more services scheduled for Ang this week and there will most likely be more drama. All About TRH will keep you up to speed on all things Mob Wives as they unfold.

Thoughts on Karen being “banned” from Big Ang’s funeral? What do you think about the fake stories going around that Drita “steal the spotlight” from Big Ang? Do you think there will be more drama during this week’s services?

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  • Hopeful. I just got a chance to read this thread. My condolences to you, and your concern. And giving us facts about what went on. Try to get some rest now.

    God love ya. God love Ang and her family. Peace.

  • It makes me very sad for Karen, if the ” banned ” story is true. Karen had a genuine friendship with Ang.

    Hoping there is no more Drama surrounding Ang’s funeral.

  • Big Ang with her big heart made the show more realistic. She was the reasonable one. She was truly loved and a lot of fighting happens when people are hurting. This was her day of being remembered as she now is in perfect peace with our awesome God. Nobody should be fighting, co stars or fans. Its not about any of us. Big Ang would be hurt knowing anyone was hurt over who said/Did what. Its the one time you respect not tryn to be in the spotlight or mentioned.

  • Sammy “The Bull Gravano” was the “rat” in that family…NOT Karen. To ban someone who was a long-time friend because of something her father did many years ago is ridiculous and these people are living in the past rather than the present.
    No one should expect Karen to pay for the sins of her father or to be punished for them. I grew up in a situation where “real” mobsters existed (the grandparents and great-grandparents of these reality people) and NO ONE ever blamed the family and no one included them in any wars or bad feelings. Families were protected from the behavior of the mobsters themselves.

    • Can someone explain to me why Renee’s son isn’t considered a “baby rat” (or Renee for that matter) when it was his father’s testimony (Renee’s husband) that put people away as well. I remember Ang saying her cousin got 38 years due to Junior’s wired-up watch.

      Like Hopeful, I too had a relative (by marriage) at the services because the whole family grew up with the Raiola’s but that is a question one knows not to ask.

      • I wondered that myself, Helen.
        I’m surprised no one ever asked her that on Twitter.

        Or maybe he is, but since Aunt Jenn is the show’s producer, it’s something they just don’t mention.

  • There is a pic of Karen with Renee standing outside the church this morning. They were standing next to Dominick DeTore, Janine’s husband. This is on Staten Island’s newspaper.

    • As well as other places.. Yes I just saw pics and thought Id come here and update. Beefing over death , arguing who is there, who was allowed and so on is not something I like :(, especially when some of us have more important things going on. Furthermore, if Ang truly lived her life as she put out to universe there is NO way in hell she would have Karen ” banned” from anything! I never thought she did .

      • Michers …you’re right. I don’t think Ang would have banned her . She always included her ..

        I don’t like her …that’s why i do feel that her presence would have changed the vibe . JMO 🙂 The ex banned her and he had every right to

        • I agree @ Hopeful. I don’t think Ang would have banned her either. The x. Didn’t want her there the family obviously agreed. That was that. Like you said she went today. Church is open to everyone. :/
          As far as those asshats. With the Twitter shit. F them. No freakin respect. Disgusting pigs. Carla . Renee Jenn. F them!! Anyone that yhinks that was ok Makes excuses for them. I don’t know. What to say. Dizgrazta!!

          • Holy I don’t know if she went to the church yet. All I’m saying is nobody could stop her if she was inclined to do so.

          • Helen^^ posted a picture It looked like Karen out side of church with Renee.
            I’m sure no one was going to ask her to leave church

        • What damn right does an EX have over funeral? None that I know of, so I still say its BS. Exes are exes for a reason

  • Karen is at the funeral..That just shows the love and respect she has for Angela Raiola….RIP Big Ang..

  • The poem on the Memorial card really represents what Big Ang put out to the world. At the end of the day, hopefully tht is what people will remember.

    The bullshit that Carla, Renee and Jenn are putting out there won’t even be a blip on the publics radar a week from now. I do think thy are disgusting for pretending to speak for the family. Hopefully Angs family just ignores the bullshit from these 3 nasty hags and is able to grieve and remember Ang in peace.

    • Im not sure where some are getting info but those 3 aren’t doing that at all. Jenn addressed haters who have balls to fight with her the other day with a response that FAMILY asked her to do something, which they did . Carla never said anything negative about the family at all, and either has Renee. What is going on, is people who do nothing but bash and start gossip form behind a computer are starting fights among people grieving and that, is what is truly disgusting right now! These twitter thugs have ASSumed things and ran to another who tweets up Drita’s ass non stop as a fan/blogger and things popped off. The whole things is messy . Why is it ok for Drita to tweet , speak, and have a fan club start shit but some who have been friends with her for over 30 years and have intertwined with families can’t say anything? Despite what some think Ang loved the Graziano a family and prior to her death , spent much time praising and thanking Jenn for everything that came her way .

        • Don’t know where to put this …NYGirl…Thank You .. 🙂

          It everybody’s loss.

          Hard to believe .. Still

          God wanted her home ..

          • Hi Hopeful. I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to say I’m sorry. I had no idea you were friends with Ang.

            How those disgusting pigs couldn’t honor their friend and send her off in the peace she always wanted and deserved is deplorable. That’s not what real friends do.

            Drita may be a lot of things, but she was a friend to Ang & was visibly grief stricken, unlike the other assholes. Kudos to her for not engaging.

            Thanks for the info. It must have been mayhem there.

      • Michers Carla did too tweet and Instagram that crap. I saw it myself. She claimed Ang’s family leaked the story about Drita. So she wants us to believe Ang’s family who is mourning took the time to leak negative stories about Drita? Bull shit. Renne also jumped in which I saw on the Instagram post. Carla deleted it after she got overwhelmed with backlash. And then Jenn jumped in on Twitter. At that point Carla blamed Ang’s family. I watched it all go down. It was gross.

          • Holy I was so disgusted seeing that! I also watched Jen basically turn it into a who was bffs with Ang pissing contest. Drita hasn’t posted a single negative thing on Twitter while Carla and Jenns is full of drama. That speaks volumes on my opinion. Drita also lost Lee’s brother the day before Ang so I’m sure she’s a wreck. Two people she loved days apart. I’m not sure why Carla and Renne and Jenn took it upon themselves to decide how someone should grieve!

        • Crazier things have happened, just sayin’. I have to wonder what exactly she is referring to, because there is is much filth going on around the media right now? And also there is a story thats negative about Drita and Ang so if we are to beleive everything bad in re to others we should believe Drita and Ang made amends on her deathbed then? Uh huh.. That story came out before Ang even died or the day after!

  • Thanks Hopeful for the inside scoop, really appreciate it, and for sharing it with us all!

    So sorry to hear that there is drama surrounding her last services, for Ang, she was a peacemaker, and I just think that she would have wanted peace, but I certainly can understand that these family ties are deep, and can cause unneeded friction, which would be worse!

    RIP , Dear Ang, going to miss you , alot, you were my favorite reality TV star!

  • Color me confused. Us weekly broke news yesterday saying from angs family that she was not dead and was still in the hospital and not doing well.
    Then this says she had an open casket. I don’t know what to believed either way dead or dying its very sad.

    • Wensday night there were reports Angela had died when in fact she was still alive and breathing on her own… 3 am Thursday morning she passed ..

      Saturday and Sunday was her wake and this morning is her funeral and burial

  • I don’t think this is true based on local news in that area ( and someone else that was there) and I think its disgusting that at this time, people actually debate this and take sides and add to the poo of it. Its already been said Karen was there, Karen was at her bedside as well. Someone is putting out very ugly stories even beyond this subject and I think its crap.

    • Yes Karen was at the hospital. Nobody said she wasn’t … Renee and Carla weren’t there that night.., Karen and Drita were ..

      Carla started this BS .. She had no business going on twitter and posting crap … F her ..

      Why cause Drita was crying.. EVERYONE was crying in Brooklyn and so was plenty of people everywhere else . Just cause Carla and Renee weren’t crying nobody should ???

    • Hi mich

      What? The local news is saying that Karen and that Brittanty weren’t banned? And who that was there is saying that Karen was there? Someone from that funky Karen kiss ass blog ? Mob. Whatever?? Hopeful. Seems to have the scoop. I believe her. Tbt. I know. Karen and Carla were that the hospital.

      • Holy the night Ang died Karen and Drita were there at the hospital .. Drita’s brother in law has just passed away too ..YET she was there.. were Renee’s two sisters. Renee was NOT there ….Carla was NOT there.

        Had they visited the the hospital another day ???? Carla did YES . Renee ???

        • Hi Hopeful

          Oh I thought. Carla was there the night Ang passed. I got that impression from the interview she and Karen gave E news., and from her Twitter I was wrong. It must have been a day before with Karen or something.

          • NOPE not that night…FOR SURE

            But she MIGHT have been there earlier in the day although in an interview CARLA said Ang was serving her when she went to the hospital .. That tells me she was there another day when Ang was still ok .. But i am not sure on that

          • Love ya both so much and this is not something I want to engage in XOXO. I dont think its right as per my post above so Im sorry if Im lacking infoo as I have not read hardly any comments since this morn when I posted. Just jumped on and saw you both replied to me . Hope all is well with you both this Monday 🙂

  • I was shocked at first..when I read about Karen being banned for the sins of the father…but..Renee acted the same way when karen originally returned..

    Memorials and funerals are the most private affairs..and if family members say no..then it is no..people are there to concentrate on mourning Big Ang..not being distracted..

    stupid of drita to show up with drama dunce

    • I’m shocked that Karen is in NY … She was in the WPP .. People aren’t supposed to come back from that … She says her father has no problem returning to NY when he gets out…Hahahahaha That would be the last thing he ever did ..

      • Hopeful

        what i know is..that Karen isn’t bitching about being banned..she is respecting the wishes and is not slamming anyone on twitter..that is so cool..

        My feelings about Drita

        – she had a great relationship with Big Ang
        – I was just shocked ..again..that Drita would put on her twitter account a picture of herself crying..after she left the services…

        out of Respect for Big Ang..I don’t think it was necessary to post that..who didn’t cry when we all heard about Big Ang..when someone is emotional and unpredictable..

        but someone took a pic of Drita losing her car..and she posted it on twitter..that stinks

        I just went to check Carla’s twitter..she must have blocked the person who put Carla’s tweets up again..can’t find them…

        About the bodyguards…LJ said they were provided by the funeral…that is unnecessary drama..Drita could have just said..”get the f..outta here”

        • Samael there were hundreds of people there.. at all times… Thousands collectively .. No One know what would go on

          There had to be security !!!!! There are nuts in this world

          Nobody said anything about Alicia walking around with security

          • Hi Hopeful


            the mob life is different..I just know at Hells’ Angels security..and I feel that mobsters are on the same level as Hell’s Angels.

            my personal feeling is..Drita drama’d out ..for no reason – goal of the day is to pay respect to Big Ang..end of story..

            she could have just said no to security..would take 2 seconds

          • then I go back being overkill..and unnecessary.

            Karen has been respectful of all of Big Ang’s family decisions..who would a memorial to respect Ang?

        • Samael nothing wrong if Drita retweeted a picture.. IMO ( Not sure if she posted it or someone else did ) She obviously didn’t take the picture .

          So what if she showed the world her grief . Since when is that wrong ?????

          • for me..this is me being honest..

            having a friend pass away..I never would think to post a pic of myself a vehicle..after the services..on the day of the memorial..

            it feels disrespectful to me..that feeling will never change..I would NEVER do this..Drita would.

          • Samael,

            The picture of Drita crying in the back seat of that car was no selfie. How the hell does one take a picture of themselves sitting in a car from outside the car?!?!?!?

            News outlets took and posted the photo of Drita crying in the car.

            And did you seriously try to compare the Hells Angels to the Mafia? The only thing they have in common is they operate outside the law. THAT’S IT! Any other comparison is ludicrous in the extreme.

            I have noticed that your posts read like dispatches from the front (while taking incoming fire) but this is a whole new level of WTF.

        • FTR There was security at the doors and at the casket at all times. They looked like secret service with earpieces talking into their wrists .. This was a very big deal. Streets where closed.

          God only knows what’s going on at the Church as we speak .. I couldn’t go .. I’m dead

          Karen could have showed up to the church. Nobody can ban you from church…. so maybe she is there??

          • Hopeful

            I respect the fact that Big Ang’s family has enforced things that people need to respect.

            – Karen being banned probs..we only see her on TV but the feelings go back and it would be a distraction..and the focus is grieving Big Ang

            – security joke..and I am not saying this in a disrespectful manner.

            I feel so awkward that this is an issue for Big Ang’s wake ..hope this doesn’t happen at Big Ang’s burial today..


          • Samael I don’t think you’re getting the fact that people came from all over …Not just family and friends. STRANGERS / FANS / Maybe NUTS ??? Maybe reporters for tabloids trying to get a coffin pic …Or some crazy fuck looking to sell a coffin pic ..

            There was a incident at the hospital right after she died where someone dress like a hospital worker tried to sneak in the room but security got him in time …

            Security was necessary believe me..

          • Whatever …I guess you would have had to be to there to understand the magnitude .. Streets closed ..Police directing traffic… Security upon entering barricades and hundreds of fans and lookyloos

            I don’t believe Drita showed up with secutrity.. She probably was escorted by security when she got there .

            So was Alicia She was escorted in and out by security .. I SAW IT

            She didn’t come with them ..

          • Samael i didn’t mean the” Whatever” to be combative . Sorry if it came off that way. You know how i feel about you ..

            It’s been a very sad draining weekend.. Not for Carla, Jenn or Renee though cause they have time for this BS while Ang is waiting to go to her final resting place

            It’s just hard to explain the kind of security that was at the wake. Besides the hundreds of fans there were hundred of friends and a huge family. Then you have the Mob Wives and a few other celerities coming to pay respects. Friends from the 5 boroughs and across the tristate area

            … Drita shows up ALONE with her kid and security escorts her thru the crowds . Same with Alicia. They weren’t there with 15 girls in a entourage like Carla and Renee.

            Then Carla makes a derogatory comment about Drita being dramatic and Renee chimes in BOTH SPEAKING FOR ANG

            Then a fan says that Ang and Drita were BFFs and Jenn chimes in that Drita was NOT Ang’s BFF her aunt was .
            Then Renee says something stupid and Jenn says Carla is right . She supported Ang everyday NOT for two minutes like Drita . WTF????????????

            .Carla is laughing saying Ang would have told Drita Get over it and Renee is agreeing that Ang wouldn’t have wanted this or that ,,..and the fans are saying the three of them are acting like trash. I AGREE !!!!!!
            Then Carla is fighting with a few fans telling them they don’t know shit they believe what the see from the show and the show doesn’t tell the story ect….

            Well i do know.. They have no right to play this game ..Ang isn’t even in the ground yet and they are worried about Drita CRYING ????? or being escorted by the security hired to prevent chaos and protect the family and mourners ..

            So Drita is supposed to fight with the security team?? Tell them to fuck off and try to fend her way past the lines and the barricades ..inside and outside …to pay her respects with her daughter while she is devastated and fans are all over … the place is mobbed , she doesn’t even know where to go ? Does that make sense ? Not to me. She let them lead her to ANG

            Carla had no right to say she was being dramatic for crying and Ang wouldn’t have wanted that . PEOPLE CRY AT FUNERALS .. Who are these fucks to speak for Ang ?? and show zero respect for starting this BS on twitter in the first place.
            The twitter shit It’s all uncalled for. And frankly it’s appalling . Drita is not involved in it. She is minding her own business burying her own brother in law } and these fucks are carrying on
            This is Carla and Renee and Jenn who are fighting with fans cause they don’t like Drita and they want to humiliate her and the fans don’t agree with them ..NEITHER DO I .

            They need to worry about themselves as usual and STFU

            JMO 🙂

          • @hopeful

            Thanks for the recap of the Twitter happenings and what you saw at the Memorial.

            I agree that the 3 hags should be ashamed of themselves. I just can’t get over how they are disrespecting the family and what should be a time for respecting Angs memory not causing controversy.

          • Hopeful


            I understand everything you posted, I guess I was think of Big Ang ..not as a star..but kind of like a bud..she was so positive and supportive to I didn’t understand why security was necessary..I just assumed that people that know and love her would respect her memorial/wake.

            It sucks ropes that they are tweeting crap..geez..that is disrespectful.

            Still…about Drita..sorry bud ..on this I disagree..this was a personal moment..personal feelings situation..I think Drita could have just “liked” the tweet..instead of “retweeting it”..

            But that is me..Drita is a personal friend and is she is so close to Big Ang..this is different for her and people grieve in different ways…

            for me personally, I was offended…and the truly sad..that pic of her crying so hard..the emotions were huge..and personal.

            I never believed that Drita brought her own security..I read upthread that it was provided by the funeral home.

            our feelings are tangible and protective of Big Ang..I am so glad you were able to attend and give us the info..otherwise we would be stuck with wrong info.

            thanks bud..I feel the same way about you bud!

            🙂 🙂

          • You know what Samael ….She was a BUD That’s just the right words. She was a friend to all that knew her and even those that didn’t ..:) That’s exactly how we should feel.

    • “stupid of drita to show up with drama dunce”


      Did you read the story? I know you don’t like her, but you really should read the whole story before commenting. She didn’t have bodyguards.

      • NYGirl

        don’t assume I would make an ass of you actually believe I would pick a fight with my bud Hopeful….wow..

  • Karen was the only name we knew when Mob Wives premiered! And now, she can’t even attend her friend’s funeral. Wow! I feel bad for her. Mob ties run deep.

    • Karen’s father ratted out or killed half of brooklyn … Why would she be welcome where families of her fathers victims where in attendance ? I wholeheartedly agree with the banning … She would have cause DRAMA by being there

      She should be banned from NY …IMO

      • Yah and people have this idea her and Ang were lifelong friends but Ang just met Karen during the filming of this show. She only knew Drita Renne and Carla prior. Not to mention Ang’s sister doesn’t like Karen at all. And this is also part of the code of their lifestyle and Karen seems proud of what her dad has done. Which is gross in my opinion!

        • Ang probably knew Karen… Everyone knew Ang … but they weren’t friends before filming .. I don’t think Ang cared for her .. Who would ??? YUCK

          • Sorry for your loss Hopeful. I didn’t know all the mob stuff was real. I thought a little may be but figured it was exaggerated. I agree out of respect for Angs family, Karen should advoid being there. Take care of yourself.

  • I really don’t like drita, but I thought it was cruel to call someone out for getting emotional…at a funeral! I saw the pics and there was no way she was acting. She looked absolutely heartbroken.

    As for the “bodyguards”, I read they were employees of the funeral home and they were simply escorting her to her car because she was so upset. Like I said, I really don’t like the woman, but I never doubted her love for Angela. Drita was much more likeable when they were together.

    Drita also lost her brother-in-law the day before Ang. I’m sure she just broke down and lost it when seeing Angela. It happens.

    Carla was commenting on Drita’s behavior at the funeral home on her twitter yesterday and I thought it was wrong. I get why Carla doesn’t like Drita-she has good reasons. But this was a cheap shot.

    • Drita was also at the hospital after losing her brother in law. Where was Renee ??? Cause she wasn’t at the hospital

      • Actually, I read that Carla, Karen,Renee,Jenn and drita were all at the hospital. Angela’s brother in law wrote a nice tweet to Karen,thanking her for being there. I think asking her not to come to the wake was to avoid a scene with any of Angela’s relatives that are still in the mafia. Emotions run high at these events so it was probably for the best. Angela always stuck up for karen and didn’t judge her for her fathers actions.

        At the end of the day, I guess all that really matters is that a good and kind soul was taken way too soon.

          • Thats a shame, Hopeful. If she was half the friend she says she was, she should have gone. Having had to endure many of those “goodbye” visits to family and friends, I can tell you they are incredibly painful – but you suck it up and go. I realize that everyone deals with these things differently, but I think Renee will live to regret not going if she was as close to Ang as she says she was.

            It was nice of you to wait on line to say so long to Ang. She gave us a lot of laughs! I actually liked her spin off show, “Big Ang” (Miami Monkey – nbot so much)- I think the reason it failed was Jenn and poor production, not Ang. Her friends were a hoot!

          • I didn’t wait on line …She is a friend for 30 years..

            Fans waited on the line.. And everyone got in too . The place stayed open late to make sure they all got in ..

            The family was amazing. God Bless Them.. She looked great .. But i only looked for a second . I didn’t want that to be the way i remember her .. I said ..”See ya in heaven ” Ang . Say hello to my mother.. My mother liked her a lot … She knew her longer than i did

            Then there were hundred of pictures everywhere on boards in front of the flowers and i went around looking at the pics … And the flowers…. Just what you would think…. A Pomeranian Chanel ……Shoes.. A MonKey in a Tree.. GET OVER IT …. a PASTELS card …One arraignment was like 20 dozen long stemmed pink roses .. What else ??? I can’t remember….But there were other amazing floral arrangements .. She had a fur trimmed black cape .. and a Chanel scarf..I think the one she wore on Dr Oz on her head tied really cool … Her Lips were shiny hot pink …That’s all i remember I think she was wearing Blk or Blk and white? I loved the cape on her … Loved it

            This phase is just going thru the motions for the family . Wait till they get home today. And tomorrow and forever…. They all loved her so much . EVERYBODY LOVED BIG ANG … <3

            Everybody feels terrible ..

          • Hi Hopeful. I didn’t know you were friends with Angela. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s sad and classless that Carla and Renee would make those comments. I’m surprised that Renee, would, but not Carla. She has the class of a pay toilet. Glad Drita didn’t feed into their bullshit. May Angela rest in peace.

          • Hopeful, Hugs to you at this sad time. It truly must have been heartbreaking to watch your dear friend going through this and now to still see her on mob wives knowing the outcome. May your friend, Angela, Rest In Peace.

          • I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize you knew her personally. I only knew her through TV and I really got a sense of what a good heart she had. I’m sure she was better in person!

          • (((Hopeful))). So sorry for the loss of your friend! Big Ang had that “IT” factor that made her stand out. It had nothing to do with her physical appearance but it was her charisma and personality! My husband got a big kick out of her and I adored her! I couldn’t help it. I still think of her saying on the last episode that she couldn’t afford to be sick because a lot of people depend on her! She was always thinking of others before herself! I loved how she took care of her family. I hope they will be able to do the same for their families, too! God Bless you, Hopeful!

  • Good i am glad Karen was banned and i didn’t have to see her face . I am sure nobody else there wanted to see her fat rat face either .

    • Hi Hopeful

      I wonder if it’s really true. I didn’t see her in any pictures. I saw Renee , Carla. Alica , Natalie and Drita. But no. Karen. Soo yea maybe. :/

      I saw Carla going off on twitter about Drita being really upset at the wake. She was being called out bad. She deleted a bunch of tweets. She was being really mean. Sorry that was shitty of Carla. People handle things differently. So what if Drita was very upset.

      • Hi Holy …It’s true Holy … She was banned by Angela’s ex boyfriend (the father of her kids) For very good reason .

        Everybody else was there. Except the blond. She was banned too

        I didn’t see Drita cause she was there Sat. afternoon before i got there. I somehow doubt that anyone could steal the show from Ang though … Bodyguards or not.. Not sure if anyone was annoyed about the bodyguards or even if she had her own bodyguards ????/I know she came with one of her daughters

        Drita had a death in her family also ..Lee’s brother .

        NYPD was on the scene …heavy . But there was private security inside the place too. I think the funeral home hired them.?? Not sure There was a line of about a hundred fans give or take all times waiting to get in .. They were let in a few at a time and their cells were taken away while they visited . Everybody got in though they waited for hours. Friends and family were let right in with no wait

        Saturday night was not a disco although Sunday was …..

        Saturday night was drama free and very subdued ,, A lot of love was in that room . I thought it was perfect ..

        Sunday was loud with music and people talking loud to be heard over the music.

        That’s what she wanted.. A party …

      • There are pics out on the net of Drita devastated.. in her car makeup free crying. What did Carla Tweet? I had no idea That she butt in. It’s none of her business..

        I did read that someone was claiming she was grandstanding.. BS i don’t believe it. She looked like she was taking it hard in the pic i saw I personally think she was devastated .

          • I’m so glad you were there to tell us exactly what what.

            Carla was just being mean saying Drita was being over the top grandstanding blah blah blah. Really shtity. She got called out deleted a lot of tweets. It was so unnecessary. Really. Nasty!!

      • Someone posted the deleted tweets. OMG Carla and Renee should be ashamed of themselves. Boy they jealousy of Drita is out of control. Drita was wrong for crying ??? GTFO

        SMH >>>> NUTS !!!

          • I just saw on Carla’s timeline ..someone posted the deleted tweets.. Jenn got involved too. SMH

            Yea Jenn ‘s aunt was one of Ang’s oldest and dearest but she has at least 5 other BFFs ..Linda, Little Jen , Margo, Angelina , and of course her sister….who by the way was blackballed by Jenn Graziano years ago and IMO Drita was the closest filming buddy.

            Carla didn’t even bother with Ang when she wasn’t on the show the past two years. IMO I don’t believe Renee and Ang were ever really tight.. It’s true her aunt Celia was one of Ang’s BFFs but not Renee ..

            Renee has a rat husband She should have been banned too

          • Hey Hopeful & Holy
            RealityAshole Twitter has all the shitty tweets from Renee, Carla & Jenn. Jenn got involved & started to defend Carla’s statements about Drita. They made comments on Instagram & Twitter. Carla even made the comment that it wasn’t her saying that crap, it was Big Ang’s family! Disgusting!! Way to honor someone! On the day of her service!!! Beyond horrible!

      • I’m actually annoyed at the reporting on here! First of all Drita’s rep already said this wasn’t true and the bodyguards were provided by production. That was on the Hollywood life article so I think it’s kinda shitty they left that part out. Second off Drita was asked my Ang’s family to stay for the family portion. Neither Carla or Renne were. Only Drita! And shame on Carla and Renne! It really spoke to me what kind of pigs they are! Not only was Carla the first one to run and give an interview but she tried blaming her tweets on Ang’s family claiming they were leaking info about Drita. That’s gross in my opinion. I just find Carla’s passive aggressive insults about Drita so telling of Carla’s personality. Drita also lost her brother in law a day or two before Ang! Idk I just feel like it was disgraceful for Carla Jenn and Renne to tweet drama and petty bull shit over Ang’s death. Everyone grieves differently anyway!

          • Hopeful doesn’t Big Ang’s sister hate Jenn? I know she doesn’t like Karen. That’s been well known. She’s tweeted it. But if I remember right she doesn’t like Jenn either. It just disgusted me seeing Carla and Renne run their mouths. They’re so transparent. It’s like they’re so determined to make Drita look bad. And in then end only made themselves look bad! If Drita was so “fake” why isn’t she jumping in the Twitter feud? Instead she’s paid it no mind.

          • Jenn Blackballed Ang’s sister cause Jenn was taking advantage of Ang as her agent and the sister wanted to protect her. So Jenn the greedy gangster blackballed the sister from the show.. They hated each other .. But they made peace after last season .. Also last season the Graziano’s showed up to the premier party the sister threw at the Drunkin Monkey looking for trouble …cause if you remember last season Ang was feuding with Renee and they didn’t like what Ang said on the show about Renee . So they showed up looking for a fight. Ang wasn’t there ..she had already left with her sister …but one of her BFFs got into it BAD with Jenn and her other sister Lana ..Renee wasn’t there . Probably somewhere stoned