Drita Davanzo Mob Wives

Black Eye Spotted; Drita D’Avanzo Posts Selfie Following Physical Altercation & Arrest In Staten Island!


As we reported last week Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo was arrested after a physical altercation with a woman in Staten Island, New York. The next day a video of the fight was released, and it all started with Drita’s husband Lee, and a parking spot.

Over the weekend Drita added a selfie to social media, and while her make-up is beautifully done, you can clearly make out bruising around her eye. Drita didn’t caption the picture, but it’s clear she is having a rough time right now.


Drita is a loving mother of two girls and this is not the way to set an example. Drita is always one to hold herself accountable, and besides the hassle with the law I’m sure that Drita is very disappointed in herself.

Thoughts on Drita’s bruised selfie? What did you think of Drita’s arrest? Were you shocked she came into trouble with the law?

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  • I read the comments because it’s like listening to a game of telephone. I’ll watch the show and read some stories and then amuse myself by seeing how twisted the story gets. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re watching the same show. People your favoritism is showing. Just FYI, doesn’t do your credibility much good. Just saying…..

  • Drita was my favorite! I thought she was a mother who was holding it down for her girls, setting an example and for the most part positive. Now, I know she is a trashy animal! Go get your makeup done by her and get punched in the face if you don’t do things Lee’s way. HA! Lee left her for years, cheats on her and now she jeopardizes everything for his parking spot. Hey Drita, try to empower yourself at least for your girls sake.

  • I love Drita.. She is a good wife, mother and business owner. If she likes you, she has your back. She is very loyal to Big Ang…

  • She should be ashamed of herself. Here her friend Big Ang is fighting for her life and she’s acting like a stupid kid on the playground. Life is too short to spend it acting like a moron. She’s raising kids with an idiot who seems to get off when she behaves like this and why not? He’s not the one who raised their children. She seems to have a lot of pent up anger and I have a feeling its aimed at her husband for deserting her with a bunch of small children. Yet she takes it out on other women who have idiots for boyfriends/husbands. She needs to grow up.

  • Drita is a tough chick wouldnt wanna go one on one with her -, but some on here (no names) would love to see her beat the sh** outta them…

  • How anyone could actually state they are Team Drita is beyond me. The woman can not talk only fight. She is obviously extremely unintelligent and violent. Team Jail for her

  • Drita has been a huge disappointment. I still find her witty,& funny, but her back stabbing, & constant lying is for the birds.

    I feel sorry for her daughters, cause u know they are getting ridiculed at school, because of both parents actions.

    Ms. Lady Boss has certainly ruined her business. First, she attacks Karen’s swimsuit picture, bashing plus size ladies, & now she goes ” Cujo,” on another lady. She definitely redines “Girl Power.”

    Her next businesses should b named “Broke Bitch!”

    • Agreed Southern Plaid, she has had some funny moments and all this fighting and lying is draining any popularity she built in the earlier seasons. I wonder how her businesses will do going forward.

      I haven’t been watching all the episodes this season, its so sad to know Big Ang has real problems and all this extra rage is ridiculous. I do want to see how she lied to Carla about Love though. That is very low.

      The clip TMZ has it looks like Drita went to fight first. And we finally got to see Lee.

      I don’t care to read this book she is writing either. What has she learned?

      • She learned-How to win in the the art of bullshitting 😉 As long as you have an audience,( even just 1 member) you can be invincible LOL

        • Yeah she is good at BSing. Your comment about 1 person made me think, she was fortunate to have sweety pie Ang film with her other seasons. I think that’s why I ignored some stuff in the past.

      • Maru. What’s so riveting about her life. Hope it’s titled ,” How Not To Be Me!”.

        A book about the art of back stabbing, being 2 faced, betryal of friends,,& relationships etc.

        She was so anti Karen’s book, & now she’s writing a book. Like I have said, ” She is envious of Karen. She wanted/ wants to b a Mafia Princess/ Queen.”

        • That’s right, I had forgotten how she didn’t want Karen to write a book! A lot of Drita’s push back seemed to do with Lee, but seeing how Lee doesn’t want Drita writing a book, her argument makes even less sense. Too dumb. I hope Karen feels some vindication now.

        • Karen was NOT a Mafia Princess. Ever.

          A punk, yes. A drug dealer, yes. The daughter of a criminal whose claim to fame was being a rat to escape jail time, yes.

          Karen is no better than Drita. The only thing Karen had over Drita was growing up in a house rather than the projects.

          They’re both the same, except Drita actually follows through on her threats of violence. Unlike Karen, who thinks it’s 1986 and her father is the underbossame and people actually fear/respect her.

          • I agree E. Karen is a punk without daddy and backup . She sure is still living in the 80’s .

            As far as the altercation there was NO victim. Both should have been arrested or neither . IMO NOONE was attacked. It was a fight that Mary instigated .. and lost

  • Drita is a disgusting POS..will say that to her face- whether or not she wears make up

    – Drita is trained in Mixed Martial Arts
    – this training ensures that her body is a loaded weapon
    – Drita’s training is what Drita ignored..”avoid fights at all costs” she could have easily broken the woman’s neck..etc

    – Drita got caught being Drita – I watched the video..drita and chubby hubby were walking away swearing their dumbass faces off

    – Drita changes her mind stomps back up the stairs she smashes the woman..the woman punches back..and drita pulls the womans clothing up and puts woman in headlock and drills the woman..

    Drita was not protecting herself..she was being a low life POS

    • Yeah, they really try to ACT like they are badass. Lol Big Ang is nice though. I missed this season so can’t really comment. Last season I watched was when they brought on Natalie and another lady.

  • I’m sure Dita’s not disappointed in herself. She loves fighting and she threatens people all the time. She always encourages fighting. She is too old to be acting like a high school student.

  • LOO-SAH. Always was was a hot ass/lying mess since season 1. I don’t care about her makeup, her wannabe wanktsa gangtsa ass. Her husband is repulsive and probz should be back in jail and she is sickening / maddening. How she chooses to act for her ” fans” and popularity is disgusting. How she continues to showcase herself as a mother is worse ESPECIALLY since form her own lying mouth, she used one season of that show to promote her faux changer, for her girls.. now that is an example of someone who is ” trash bag”.

  • I can’t wait for Drita to handle Karen. She still looks nice in the picture. It will be brought up on the reunion, Im sure of it.

  • At least Drita can fight her own battles. She doesn’t need back-up like Karen does making sure Ramona is there to tag team it.

    Team Drita!

    • Team anyone who stands up to her gross ass! Like how Karen went right to her face , again to address her troublemaking issues, and she has dicks pop out of her neck and wants to fight, LOL? WTH? She is nasty. She can’t even have an adult conversation about the shit that comes from her own mouth. Oh and I love how at the sit-down she didn’t deny going to Love’s talking to Love and so on when Carla asked her- then apologized. Guilty! best part of the show so far is when you go to Drita with truth, facts, and her words, she gets all crazy and cant see straight LOL. Like a bad allergic reaction maybe? She can’t handle adulting.

      • Dicks popping out of her neck?? LOL!!!! I spit my water out when I read that one!

        I agree – she really needs to grow up and get some help with those anger issues.

      • Drita has been ALL MOUTH since this show started. I’m so glad someone finally put her in her spot. Shes 90lbs soaking wet and acts like she’s a gorilla. I hated watching her talk so much smack on the show I stopped watching it 2 yrs ago. I would’ve loved to walk up to her and break her in half. But I’m a Mom and that’s for high school. And she has little girls she supposedly loves so much but she’s gonna get those kids asses kicked.

  • If you don’t donate to Big Ang’s go fund me page will she send Drita to change your mind?! hahaha!!