Drita Davanzo Mob Wives

Mob Wives Star Drita D’Avanzo Arrested!


Drita D’Avanzo is someone you don’t want to mess with! The Mob Wives star was arrested late Tuesday for allegedly beating up a woman in the Staten Island neighborhood of Tottenville after an argument turned violent.

Drita whose known for her temper got into a verbal dispute with another woman when things went from bad to worse. The argument turned physical when Drita threw several punches, striking the women causing a cut on her lip and swelling to her head.

The cops arrested Drita and charged her with one count of misdemeanor assault.  Drita has since been released.

Despite her arrest Drita didn’t seem fazed as she took to Twitter on Wednesday and promoted an upcoming party at her shop in Staten Island. Drita tweeted, “I will be holding an event at my store next Sat!!!! Posting details soon :)) #MakeupPartayyyyy.”

Page Six reached out to Mob Wives execs who had no comment on Drita’s latest run-in with the law.

Are you surprised Drita was arrested?

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  • You go girl! You’re my favorite Mob Wife . Because you are a Mob Wife. Kick there ass! Do t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk..

  • I adore Big Ang and wish her all the best.
    I am so concerned why her sister has a website trying to get 25k to purchase cannabis oil for Big Ang and her net worth is 5 million. WHY

    • Cathy, I tried to look up what her net worth was (that is so weird that I did that and it made me feel weird) but it only said $500K. I’m not sure what they use in order to come up with a figure of someone’s net worth but I’m thinking that it must include their properties, etc. I also thought it was odd that someone started a fundme page for her, but I’m pretty much against those pages for everyone. I do like her very much and I hope she gets well. Its upsetting that her husband can’t do more to help her and I’m sure he wishes that he could.

  • She got in a fistfight over a parking spot??? If Lee was involved that may be an issue if he is still on probation

  • She is gross and Lee is perfect for her.
    I would like someone to find out if possible, why Lee was there, why he parked there, why he had Drita come, why he is a pig ? The parking spot is owned by her ex employee that calls her lies out 😉 And it was at her home… Flip flopper with cuffs WOOHOO.

    • Michers

      I’ve seen two different video offerings of the event but the one thing they both have in common is what a total POS this Lee is! He is crude and lewd – end of story. She can call him a “street guy” all she wants but the truth is he’s just trash she fished out of the gutter. Instead of taking the garbage from the house to the curb, Drita reversed the process.

      To watch and listen to the way he screams and gestures at this woman you can tell that he is exactly as he is sounds on the show – vulgarly and verbally abusive – there is no creative editing going on with Lee D’Avanzo on that show. What you hear is what you get and believe me, you don’t want it.

      That this troglodytic misogynist and his psychiatric study of a wife are parents, i.e., role models, to two young girls is troubling to say the least.

      • He is so NASTY. And even though I can’t stand Drita, I was shocked how she allowed him to speak to her even from prison!!!! Yet, she will pop her veins out and would throw hands with the other ladies for no good reason. So she is trash equally with him, or he must have some info on her she don’t want out and stays with him. The whole thing is disturbing on every level. She was going to divorce him season 1 ( LOL) knowing he cheated ( never beat that one up), then gets back with him and allows this ? What a terrible example she sets for her female fans and others. This further proves to me what a phony she is on top of being crappy individual. I agree about no editing him as not one person ever disputed his character we unfortunately heard.

      • My impression of Lee is similar to yours, Helen.

        I count mob movies and tv shows (Sopranos, Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino) among my favorites. Like many people I am equally curious and repulsed by “the mob.” This curiosity is what led me to tune into the Mob Wives when it first aired. While I completely understood their love for their fathers and husbands, I was turned off by their glorification of “the lifestyle.” Aside from Big Ang, I really don’t like any of them.

        This leads me to my point about Lee. I think his behavior in this video is a glimpse into the true character of these men. They may use words like “honor” and “loyalty”, but in fact they are sociopaths.

        Just my .02.

  • Is anybody surprised? I’m not

    I am surprised at what a disgusting POS her husband appeared to be on the tape .