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Did The Mob Wives End Their Feuding At The Reunion; Plus Was Big Ang Able To Attend?

Mob Wives

Mob Wives: The Last Stand is only a few episodes in, but on Friday the Staten Island ladies got together to hash things out at this seasons reunion. There were a lot of issues to be discussed already, and with so much of the season left the drama is far from over. This reunion will be even more emotional since this is the last season, at least on VH1. Renee Graziano told All About TRH exclusively that she doesn’t believe the show is really over, and we hope she is right.

Rumor was that Big Ang was too sick to attend the reunion, but Renee confirmed on twitter that she was there. @Renee Graziano: Kill the rumors rumors with Big Ang & the reunion she rocked it and looked great so stop worrying & if showed up and praying.” That’s phenomenal that Ang was able to make it to the reunion while she’s in the fight of her life, she truly never lets her fans down. The other ladies stayed quiet on the subject of Big Ang, and no word from Big Ang herself either.


The ladies shared a behind the scenes reunion shot and they all looked great! Interestingly, Drita wasn’t in any pictures with any of her co-stars, and newbies Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty didn’t say anything about it on social media.


Drita reunion look


Following the reunion not much was said, however Renee posted a cryptic message at night before bed about respect, proving she is still feuding with either Drita or Brittany, or both!

Renee Cryptic

Drita was relieved when the reunion was over, calling it a “long six years.” She did however thank VH1 for everything,

drita 2

How do you feel about Mob Wives ending and all of the reunion scoop? Let’s Discuss!

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  • 1st of all thanks for the article Jenna. Yes I’m sad VH1 has dropped the show & im hoping another network picks it up.

    But for now my prayers.?are with Big Ang no Ang has never let her fans down.

    Stage 4 is very serious & what I’ve read Big Ang has cancer in her lungs & brain. I pray she beats it.

    She’s iver the moon she’s going to be a grandmother & her daughter 8s also getting married.

    I hate to sound like a bDebbie Down but ive not jnow anyone with stage 4 cancer beat it. Praying for a miracle fir Ang & anyone else who is dealing with any form of cancer.

  • It Wasn’t that good when they started to bring in new girls who had no connection to the mob, weren’t even wives,and their BF’s were bank robbers. Should have left well enough alone with the original ladies . Hung out with Big Ang and her friends at the Monkey awhile back , she’s a sweetheart , my best to her .

  • I think it would’ve ended a couple of years ago. Once they started adding new women whose story we were not vested in I stopped watching as much.

  • The 1st season the show seemed so real, raw. But I think it took an evil turn in the 2nd & 3rd season.The sow was supposed to be about these women coming together to share & work together on surving the moblife growing up & even later in life. Instaed they all turned on each for publicity & ratings for the show. We all know drama brings ratings & that’s exactly what they did. And amongst all that drama friendships were questioned, ruined, fights broke out, outsiders came in which was never necessary. The show lost it’s way & went down a verk dark path.It seemed more & more scripted, calculated if you will.Instaed of showing how these women were surving & thriving they sold their souls to the devil of VH1. Now lets not forget, these women were partially genuine in the fact they had had some type of experience with the mob, and or had been in jail or charged with felonies themselves. Lets not forget the fathers, uncles or relatives of these women were BAD men. People were killed, families destroyed. But the women themselves were not the Mob. Only their families were. So as years went on with the show, insyead of showing growth in their survival, & making a godd example

    • Sorry I guess I hit the post button, wasn’t finished. My point is instead of making a good example to show other women caught up in this lifestyle, they lowered themselves to the depths of hell & the show just became a mess & hard to even watch. I’m glad its supposedly over although I don’t belive it is, but if it does continue I hope they go back to the original format. And why ? on the last season would they bring 2 20 year olds for mORE stupid games & drama. Who wants to see women fistfight ? Please it’s just gotten ridiculous. That all being said, my heart goes out to Big Ang & we are praying for you girl !

  • Im glad its over because the premise of the show went to shitter due to wannabe Hulk, fighting, lies, stories, blowing smoke up asses, and so on. Wish most of the ladies well in their future endeavors 🙂 Prayers up for Ang !!!!!!!