Alicia Dimichele Big Ang Mob Wives Natalie Guercio

She Smells A Rat; Has Big Hearted Big Ang Forgiven Natalie Guercio?


Natalie Guercio left Mob Wives at the end of last season and fans could not be happier. She was not a good addition to the show, and once Alicia DiMichele was gone her scenes were barely tolerable. Last season her co-stars were at war over the issue of her being a rat, and in the end a recording emerged with her admitting to purposely getting someone in trouble AKA being a rat!

Big Ang was on Natalie’s side all along and I’m sure she was devastated to lose Ang as an ally. Natalie has been very active on social media lately, bashing former co-star Karen Gravano any chance she can. It was assumed that all of the ladies were still anti- Natalie, but it seems Big Ang has had a change of heart.

Alicia and Natalie both took to social media adding the same picture of the three ladies spending the day together.


There’s the proof, Big Ang has forgiven Natalie and I for one think it has to do with her cancer battle. Ang is looking at life in a different way now, not holding onto grudges and living each day like it’s her last. I wonder what her co-stars think of her making up with Natalie, I’m sure they won’t be pleased.

Unrelated, Ang is rocking a new hairdo and it looks fantastic!

What do you think about Ang forgiving Natalie? Do you miss Natalie on Mob Wives? What do you think the other ladies will think of Ang and Natalie hanging out? Do you like Ang’s new haircut?

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  • OMG. Look closely ladies. This is what you are going to look like at 50 if you don’t stop now with the fillers and all the other plastics inside your face.

  • I have to admit it. I got a kick out of Natalie Guercio and these two new ones don’t fill her stillettos at all. Hated that other Natalie wanna-be-moll.

    If Renee wasn’t the insecure shrike she is she would have laughed when Natalie said her paid date smelled delicious and replied with something funny like, “So long as all you do is smell him. Just don’t take a bite,” it would have been a light-hearted moment and drama-free. But that’s not why they were there was it?

    And that whole rat business was ridiculous given that it was about calling her former boyfriend’s parole officer because he beat her.

    Then, when she tried to use social media to catch the psycho that sliced London’s face open, that animal that Karen was dating said that too made her a rat.

    Natalie was right. Karen is a terrible mother. Just having that animal Storm in her life and therefore around her daughter proved it.

    • I agree with all you said. the definition of “rat” sure has taken a new meaning according to all these hoodrats on reality tv.

      Karen’s dad- Sammy the Bull= RAT.
      Someone calling the cops on a person that may harm you= NOT A RAT.

      • Key words- her dad ( Not her) but yet she keeps getting the brunt of it .And let’s revisits Nat g- Others were over her anyway but Drita made the biggest stink and threats as well, about Nat G being a cop calling “snitch”.. It was an ex boyfriend w/ recordings and when she wasn’t getting her way with things, called his PO I don’t think there was ever any proof her beat her. She called an snitched on him to get him locked out of spite. What shall we call that?
        Nat G retweets anti-bullying sites daily yet posts pics up of Karen where she attacks her looks, along with Drita doing it and chiming in. Grown women who are Mothers who are big liars as well- what a pickle huh? So gross. Great message for Drita to send her teen age daughter.
        Helen- I do agree about Storm- total douche. However, her being a terrible mother- I wouldn’t go that far especially with the other 2 I just commented on. Im not sure why ( just like HW’s) these ladies a who are really doing an injustice get overlooked ?

        • I’m with you on Karen, Michers. I’m not really a “fan” of any of them. I have a soft spot for Big Ang but thats it.

          Having said that, I do think Karen is the most straightforward. She always backs up her claims with facts.

          Her meeting with Drita was very telling. Karen simply confronted Drita directly and she flipped out. Drita always resorts to fighting and smartass comments when she’s cornered. It’s silly but understandable when a teenager does it – it’s tragic when a middle aged woman does it.

          All this talk about “rats” and “getting whacked” makes them all look like idiots IMO.

          I hope Ang does well with her treatments.

  • Life is simply too short for the tomfoolery period. Forgive those that has trust passed against u Its in your bible ( if you’re a believer) & if you haven’t tore it out.

  • Ang didn’t have a problem with Natalie. In the reunion it looked like that because from the series, it painted Natalie as a rat, but they both hung out later and invited the person who was in charge of releasing those fake tapes and they didn’t show. It was all over Twitter. Anyway, that’s why they are friends because it proved to ang that Natalie wasn’t lying when she said the tapes are fake.

    • There was no proof they were fake. Nat kissed her ass back in , and I thought it was laughable Drita was going to crack her skull but is now Team Gnat to bash another woman’s looks. Ok, Karen is chubbs– and? Do they have anything else other then making fun of pics because there is a shit ton on them , with proof….