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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Erika Girardi: Erika Talks Real Housewives Experience And Who She’s Closest With!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back in full force and this season is on track to be some of Bravo’s most memorable moments. The dynamic cast has proven to work well together; the ladies we love from season five plus the perfect addition! New girl on the block Erika Girardi joined this group and was a standout from the start. There is no one else like Erika, she’s an enigma for sure and she keeps us wanting more! She’s managed to entertain us without causing or engaging in drama, proving she’s one classy lady and deserves that diamond in (and on) her hand!

Here at All About The Real Housewives we got the pleasure of catching up with Erika, she dished on everything from her first season on the show to her go-to beauty tips, even revealing more about her alter ego; Erika Jayne!

AATRH:How were you approached to join the show? Were you hesitant at first, or excited to take on this new adventure?

EJ: I was brought into the show by my friend Yolanda Foster. Of course when you hear the word reality tv you have a little bit of hesitation but I thought if Yolanda is doing it, how bad could it be?..

AATRH: You said on Watch What Happens Live that you never saw an episode of The Real Housewives of any city before you joined the show, did you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills once you had officially become a housewife?

EJ: No, truthfully I saw my first episode when I came home from Dubai.

AATRH: How did Tom feel about you joining the show? Do you ever get tired of having to prove yourself because of the age difference?

EJ: Tom is being nothing but supportive.

AATRH: Not only did you prove you are a good friend, but that you are not a drama queen when you immediately shut down the rumors of Yolanda faking her illness; how do you feel about the ladies making it a story line this season?

EJ: Obviously all of us wish there was something else to talk about but this is where the show is going and I think that as time has passed everyone understands just how serious Yolanda’a health challenges are.

AATRH: You are gorgeous, any beauty secrets you can share with us?

EJ: I believe in the basics.. staying out of the sun, no smoking, limited alcohol intake, lots of water and a regimen skin care.

AATRH: Your music is great; when was Erika Jayne “born” and how long do you plan on performing for?

EJ: Erika Jayne was born in 2007 and I plan on performing until I can’t…I am a showgirl.

AATRH: Now that filming is over who are you the closest with from the cast? Which of the ladies are you still in contact with?

EJ: I talk to Yolanda almost everyday and we make a point to get together at least once a week. And I keep in contact with the other girls via text or phone call.

AATRH: Were there any cast members you disliked this season? 

EJ: No

AATRH: How was your overall experience on the show? Do you have any regrets from the season?

EJ: I have no regrets, I live my life with no regrets and I feel that The Real Housewives have been not only fun but challenging and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.

Thanks Erika for taking the time to talk with us here at AATRH! Looking forward to what’s to come the rest of the season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

What did you think of Erika’s interview? Are you enjoying her this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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  • the absolute BEST and coolest housewife EVER!!!! cannot get enough of her..all the other housewives are whatever compared to her

  • Ask her these same questions after her second season…… Bet the answers will be different and figured her getting in the show had a big part of being around Yolanda!

    • She’s seems to give two shits! Maybe you missed her talking head! I guess I just didn’t like her comment about being jealous! No, not everyone wants to be an erotic dancer. That’s all!

  • I loved her the last episode but it was a very boring interview. I think that she is socially very smart and cunning because her alter ego reveals something…yet the real Erica reveals nothing Much at all. Maybe there is no drama in her life which is great…but not great for reality tv. She really doesn’t care. She’s confident. Little seems vulnerable about her. Quite unique in this crew. Flies in a private jet makes no apologies about it yet doesn’t come off like the rest of them whom seem so desperate that their wealth status matters. I would be shocked if this woman makes one misstep the whole season. She probably is as smart or smarter than Lisa. The difference is she doesn’t seem unkind, no need to be calculating because she’s direct and really seems to have confidence that comes from a more genuine place than Lisa’s. Lisa is confidant…because she’s a rather cruel and seems to think she’s better than everyone. This girl is just like, I’m great ..you are great…and If you don’t think I’m great it’s not my business.

    • “She probably is as smart or smarter than Lisa. The difference is she doesn’t seem unkind, no need to be calculating because she’s direct and really seems to have confidence that comes from a more genuine place than Lisa’s. Lisa is confidant…because she’s a rather cruel and seems to think she’s better than everyone. This girl is just like, I’m great ..you are great…and If you don’t think I’m great it’s not my business.”

      YES!!!! 🙂

  • RHOBH has always been my favorite, and ITA with everyone, Erika is a welcome addition to the franchise. She’s real, sassy, and owns who she is.

  • I like her. I’m not thrilled with her performances but whatever floats her boat, I’m not mad at her for that.

    I like her because she seems very real and like if she’s your friend….she has a reason beyond WHO you are…it’s about WHAT you are. She’s def interesting.

  • She is cool. I am just a bit hesitant because everyone for the most part like the new girl, and then a year from now, everything shifts. She is smart for playing it safe on her first season.

    • Exactly my thoughts! I like her a lot but not gonna race over her as know I always get disapointed when they play it safe. I have a couple thoughts but will give it more time to ssee if others are them. Hoping I am wrong! She is a pretty llady who seems fun! I’m glad she joined the show, just want to see her more relaxed and be herself more. I would play it safe too, no doubt! Smart lady!

  • I like Erika for the show, she fits right in but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because IMO she makes her life and her marriage to grandpa seem too ideal for my taste

  • I really like how erika doesn’t judge the questioning of Yolanda.

    she gave some safe answers..but cool exclusive. She is an awesome addition to RHBH

  • I think she is the best ” newbie” to join any of the housewives franchises.. I like her so far. She says what she thinks , doesn’t give a shit whether anyone agrees or not.
    I like the way she handles herself, very cool.

  • Great exclusive .. 🙂

    Wish you asked more about her beauty regimen though 🙂 Her skin is flawless <3

    Great addition to the show !

    Best new housewife ever . I find her very interesting and fabulous . She lights up the room ..

  • I have to say I pre-judged her before she came on the show because she is rich, beautiful and married to an older man. However I absolutely adore her. She owns everything and has no problem speaking her mind without yelling or getting nasty. She has quickly become one of my favorite HW’s.