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Karen Gravano Under Attack; Co-Stars Label Karen “Mob Scum” And A “Rat!”


Mob Wives is set to premiere tonight, but it looks like the drama has already started inciting a definite Mob war among the cast.

Karen Gravano seems to have rubbed several of her co-stars the wrong way and is now being dubbed “Mob Scum” and a “Rat” by several of them.

The attacks against Karen have been all over social media, but the hardest hits have come from Drita Davanzo.

Drita is making her disdain for Karen well known, making it clear something HUGE must have gone down between the two co-stars.

On Facebook, Drita wrote “This Rat called a blog n asked them 2 post a story that my husband was arrested. It’s not true so it wasn’t posted but u got caught being a lying sneaky rat. U don’t exist in my home u irrelevant Dildo. N 4 some 1 that’s blocked u sure respond quick. Stop stalking n Go back into hiding in the witness protection program where u belong. The attention u give me n Lee should go towards ur mustache. ?#?MobSlob? ?#?MissMustache? ?#?Stalker? ?#?FatalAttraction? ?#?SingleWhiteFemale? mother fu$ka ?#?MyNumberOneFan?”

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.21.20 AM

Then Drita and her former co-stars Natalie Guercio and Alicia DiMichele took their issues with Karen to Twitter making some nasty and harsh comments about Karen.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.26.10 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.25.56 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.25.47 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.25.32 AM

According to rumors something BIG went down this season between Drita and Karen and security had to hold Drita back several times as the two co-stars got into it!

While Drita and her army maybe bashing Karen, she doesn’t seem fazed, tweeting, “Get Ready for #mobwivesseason6 it’s about to get REAL even the fake stories can’t deflect the TRUTH #thelaststand #unbothered.”Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.32.58 AM

Thoughts on the attacks against Karen? Are you pumped about Mob Wives premiere tonight? Are you Team Drita or Team Karen?

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  • I don’t believe anything about those letters. Maybe Carla not so much, but Karen and Ramona are super tight with production/Renee’s sister.

    • Yep and they turned on Renee and Jenn when filming started without them. It wasn’t Drita the three were fighting on twitter with after the show started filming without them .. It was Jenn and Renee that they went back and fourth with . They felt they weren’t getting enough money and Jenn was keeping it all.. Renee told them her sister fed them for years…To which Carla responded ..”What are babies being breastfed by your sister”? Or something to that effect

      Now three years later they what ?? Let Drita negotiate for them .. ??? OK

      I will never believe Drita set Carla up with Love.. Love in fact has stated that Jenn pushed her to fight with Carla. That IMO was the reason she was brought on… To hit Carla for RENEE ….not Drita ..

        • Hi Holy 🙂

          I read the letter/email …Whatever

          As far as i’m concerned three people showed up for work
          Renee, Bigg Ang , Drita

          Three didn’t
          Karen the bull. Ramona, Boring Carla… Who were ultimately fired

          Karen claims she was still negotiating when filming started but Alicia already had stipulated she wouldn’t join if Karen was on the show.. Karen’s father killed her father in law ….so i call BS on Karen.

          Why wasn’t Bigg Ang mentioned in the stand off/setup ?

          Oh that’s right , Jenn is her agent and she isn’t the target ..

          If all this is true it should have been addressed by Karen last season … or when her and Carla were taking it out on Jenn and Renee on twitter…

      • Hey Hopeful. Totally forgot about the Twitter fights regarding that season. But you’re right. I do remember Love stating it was Jenn and Renee’s fault in several interviews.

        • Yep and for anyone who missed it Love is you tube stating just that

          Guess the bath salts affected her memory ? LOL

  • I am so excited for tonight. Only 2 more hours until the season premiere.
    The Reunion will definitely b one for the books.

    Regardless, of who side u r on, that was a shady ass move by Drita.

  • Garbage calling other trash, trash. They are all disgusting pigs. Not one of these women has anything positive to offer anyone.

  • I’m sorry @ mich.

    Ya know I love ya. But I can’t I just can’t. With that P O S. Karen. She is the scum of the earth.!!

  • wow mich

    Thank you

    so cool that you caught the email..otherwise this would be all she said – she said.

    wow drita ..unbelievable..the epitomy of and this wasn’t mentioned at all…last

    • I remember the first season of Mob Wives and Drita was all, “I DON’T PULL HAIR WHEN I FIGHT!” Then on the last episode she and Karen went at it and… Drita pulled Karen’s hair!!! LMDAO!!!

        • Hey mich

          just read the emails on the stoopidhousewives drita..holy crap!

          For me it is the energy that has me watching Mob Wives..I know that quite a few of them are not too familiar with honesty.

          – each (except drita and Carla) are answering for their parent (s) behavior.

          – result is more crime/drugs/alcohol/physical fights/back stabbing/sexual promiscuity

          What I like about Mob Wives is..they don’t pretend they are something they are not.

          And this is a world that has been glamorized since the 1900’s so yup it is cool to see these women try to figure out why their spouses cheat on them- or they pretend their children don’t know their family history..

          they are more “real” to me than RH..cuz..the thing that separates me – the tons and tons of money…and there is no way in the world that I could ever enter their world.

          But with Mob Wives..that lifestyle is in every city.

          Each week we get to watch these women swear more than I do and see them deal with the judicial system..which is daunting.

          And after every episode …I lives like this?..they do..real Mob people.

          sorry, I know you didn’t ask why we watch..but I just read some comments and thought..this is Mob Wives..Mob = murder/drugs/assassin/jail etc. why would we expect to watch Renee crocheting?

          sucks rox that Drita stabbed in the back..meanwhile there she is each episode patting herself on the back for “changing my life for my kids”..nice lesson..for her daughters.

          • Hi sam!

            I saw no story about the emails or the emails on the stoopid house wives site. Maybe i it was another site you read it on. Let me know. I’m curious. I still think it’s bullshit though. Lol

          • Thanks Samael for mentioning the site. Great point about how Drita laid it on thick last year about changing her life for her kids.

            Holy – go to SH’s twitter, there is a link there, it was posted 1/12/16 Mob Wives: Karen Explains Drita’s Set Up Letter.

          • Ok. I saw what site it was litfted from and didn’t even read it. That site is a joke. They spew more bull shit Never ever right about anything!! I ll read it every so often for laughs!! They are. Allup Karen Gravano. Renee and Jenn Graziano s. Ass. It’s hysterical.

          • Carla’s father is affiliated to the mob. Her husband wasn’t He was a white collar criminal so was she BTW she worked for him and helped him . She also dated Mickey Scars a married made killer turned rat for years before her marriage

        • I hate when the MWs physically fight! It’s like what someone said about Joey Gorga, Joey only starts fight when there are people around to break up the fight up! That happens with the MWs, too! If one cast member really, really wanted to beat another cast member up, you would think they would know to catch them with the cameras off and both of them are alone! The only person I got into physical fights with was my big sister when we were children! I couldn’t live “THE LIFE!”

  • When one must resort to recycling old news just to call someone juvenile names and express anger- you lose 🙂 Not very example setting like for young ladies now is it?

    • LOL Young ladies? It Mob Wives not Ladies of London. These bitches may not be tramps, but they’re no ladies. They’re NYC girls.You know you’re singing it right now.
      Karen moved over 2000 miles away from her daughter to work and party. Got into a fist fight with another woman. Talked shit and threatened people. Now that’s not very ladylike and she’s setting a horrible example for her daughter.

      • Oh that was meant for Drits. Which season was it she tried a new character? The one where she said she was changing her ways because of her daughters? They are now seeing and hearing things supposedly from others due to her ” behavior”. My bad- I should have clarified that. Im all for someone defending themselves but getting famous for violent one liners, threatening constantly to stomp, break heads , eat faces, and so on.. please. Then does none of it after talking mad game about it, making it a “career”… Thats why I call her wanksta gangsta.

  • LMAO at the rat #mobslob That’s after god knows how much plastic surgery ..

    Can’t wait for the show..

    PsS @mobslob @ratgravano is a weebbles she can barely move …Who’s ass is she gonna kick ?

    • The most perfect insult Drita ever lobbed at Karen was when she referred to her alligator arms.

      To tell you the truth though, I am so sick of grown women shouting how their going to beat each others asses or put them in dug graves. It’s all just so stupid and embarrassing.

      • I agree Helen Violence is never the answer.. But Karen screaming “RAT” all last year is even more ridiculous .. Just like her father.. …..

        He killed people he dreamt was a rat.. SMH …

        The biggest serial killer ,snitch alive and no one should disrespect him ??

        GMAB !! Send her bak to the program Drita…. Oh that’s right she was kicked out.. Send her back anyway ….. 🙂

        • Was that to Nat G though for lying about the ex? And Driat was going to beat Nat G’s ass for being a art snitch for going to cops, if true. None of these women should be calling anyone a name as they al have ISH.. but what pisses me off about Drita is that she is the most inconsistent M_effer to get on tv. Lies way too much and also she wouldn’t have that hubby of hers if it weren’t for her then FRIEND Karen moving away.. sloppy seconds calling someone a slob is hilarious, IMO. In fact, Drita wouldn’t have a lot to be included in the Mobwives, if anything, if not for Karen. She has Lee, the show, and the ladies on cast knowing her all from Karen. Call karen what you will, but she has not lied form day one on here and has always been consistent. And HELLO ladies 🙂 XO. Im full of rants today..

          • “Lies way too much and also she wouldn’t have that hubby of hers if it weren’t for her then FRIEND Karen moving away.. sloppy seconds calling someone a slob is hilarious,”

            LOL. Let’s go over the above

            Drita-skinny/pretty/business owner/not a rat

            Karen-fat/manly/drug dealer/looks smelly/rat father/horrible mother

            Yeah…I’m sure Lee suffers having to settle for Drita. He could have lived a great life with Karen in the witness protection program.

            Sorry Michers. Ya know I like ya, but I just don’t like Karen. Setting people up to get fired is no comparison to the nasty things Karen has done in life.

          • Michers i never liked Drita .. Last year i thawed a little.. Mainly cause she was calmer with Lee home and i like seeing her with her kids and mostly filming with Bigg Ang …
            The whole season was the worst though . Rat Rat Rat… was all the RATS spoke about.. All those recordings of Nat .. FBI make recordings NOT mob wives ..Ridiculous Ang was the only one that had it right… with Fat Nat and her recordings
            Karen’s father was like that too.. He was always calling people a rat so he could kill them and take ALL their money and businesses ..

            i never could or will be able to stand Karen that POS Brought up entitled cause daddy was a boss…serial .killler … turned rat ..turned drug lord.. That is what you call a DANGER TO SOCIETY that should never see the light of day …Yet she wants us to believe he took the rap for her ??

            When her father joined the program .the rest of her family denounced him and stayed in NY for a while.. Don’t forget Karens mother had found out that Sammy killed her brother .. So they stayed and They made sure they sold his properties and businesses for him THEN she and her family left NY to join her father in the witness protection program… That’s it… Nobody owes her loyalty .. She’s gone……DONE ..

            As far as Lee ..She dated the guy (Lee) when she was a teenager …She “dated” a LOT of guys when she was a teen mob princess.and “dating” Lee at the same time… She wasn’t married to him . And if she liked him so much why cheat with so many guys ??? It’s my understanding they were not together long before she joined the WPP
            YEARS.. had past
            Drita didn’t hook up with him behind her back.
            Whoever thought she would come back to NY ?? Who cares ?? F her ..

            Karen has lied PLENTY .. That “boyfriend” Storm for one .. LIE Not her BF hired to play her BF

            Two she wants us to believe SHE was running the biggest X ring in America …Not her father ….OK Right !!!!

            Dumb bitch really thinks she can get a license for a pot dispensary?? OK They don’t give licenses to drug dealers …how stupid can she be???

            I used to cringe when Drita opened her mouth and spoke about cracking heads …Now i laugh ..She is funny and she is smart.. She built something of this show .. I feel i have watched her grow somewhat ..whereas Karen still thinks daddy is the boss and people should bow to her .. and respect him ??? NOPE !!!

            Anyhow i am excited for the season. I hear everybody turns on Drita. I bet Drita doesn’t give a chit cause she has a show in the works … They don’t !!
            Plus i think she could take most of them one on one .. But she better be watching her back cause those bitches are set up artists ..

            Get the popcorn and …Let the final season begin …. 🙂

          • Im just going to get it out of the way in one shot- probz gonna disagree with a lot of people on here in re to Drita and Im not offended by anyone’s opinions:), so I hope that would be reciprocated – Im not arguing over Drita or any of these ladies. Hell even Ang has a record and I think played informant at one point!( Coke). And Lee- he is considered a rat also I believe for being a ” proffer”…That said- I never blamed Karen for what her father did and still don’t. As Nygirl said- its Mobwives not Ladies of London- who among this cast doesn’t have some kind of past luggage their dragging along ? They are affiliated and grew up in the Mob life besides Drita( she just plays the part LOL).
            I have to disagree with Hopeful ( sorry ) in that Karen has lied. Karen backs up , with proof everything she says when having to defend herself and it has never been disputed, ever. Drita on other hand, backs up NOTHING, never has proof, just says shit to see if it sticks and for some reason, even though she lies every season and flip flops as well, some still believe it. Hell she even flip flopped about Nat G, and now, because of fighting with Karen, has teamed back w up with the cop caller. I can’t.. Im not trying to change anyone;s mind Im just stating why I feel the way I do 🙂 When there are facts to back something up, I chose that not just opinion. Someone mentioned above ” e-mails can be faked” yeah , so can Drita’s versions of events, as they are every season… She never , since season his proven a thing she accused anyone of, in fact she males it too easy to dispute everything she says LOL.
            – Friends with Karen, not friends with Karen, lived with her didn’t live with her, took up with Lee cause weren’t friends, but were friends but took him because she moved away LOL
            – Didn’t know Ramona, but yes she certainly did, kids even hung out..
            I mean, I could write everything since season 1 that she has said and lied about but not enough room on here 🙂
            – Ohhh on Nat G ( Drita)- don’t like cop callers, smash her head in, and so on, now friends again to poke about Karens’ looks which is ironic considering Nat promotes anti- bullying BS.. EYEROLLLLLLL
            Im sure if you watched all seasons, you had to have heard the contradictions and ” stories” – at least some of them. Everyone has their go to HW on here or Mobwife they zero in on, joke about, even hate- this biatch is mine !

          • I will never take offense to your opinion ..

            I assure you it’s never even been suggested that Ang is/was a rat. She was ratted on..

  • I love this show! I love Drita! The only claim to fame Karen has is that she is a jailbird like dear-old-dad.

  • I never heard of any email or whatever.. And even so they could be all fake.. I wouldn’t put it past this bunch of asshat jerk offs. I’m sorry. Karen Gravano is a P O S scum of the earth.. In my opinion. No body has to agree with me.

    • Hi Holy ..It seems rat gravano posted some stuff this morning that was removed by twitter..

      Michers what do they say ???

      • Hi Hopeful!

        I can’t stand that POS !! She and that Love scum are the only ones I could never stand they make my skin crawl. Jenn is another P O S

        • Me either Holy… Been waiting 6 years for someone to call her out .. #mobwifemyass @ratbitch

          Never was team anyone except Big Ang before now ..
          Go Drita

          PS Drita is working on a show about her book …I’m sure the jealousy is real …

        • Holy – did they say Love is coming back this season? I’m with you!! She was terrible the one season she was on.

          • Hi Maru!

            I saw her on the previews. I don’t know on what level. But she’s on. Can’t stand her. Ugh. Karen and her. Scum!!

  • Its disgusting to me that these grown women are such assholes. One lies to law enforcement and gets caught, one is a rat and a coke whore, and the other is the biggest wannabe gangsta fraud I have ever seen.
    Anyway- I have SS’s of the emails that started the ” sell out” story from Karen Gravano Carla and Ramona. Drita is a dirty filthy animal, point blank. Al facts as to why, these 3 weren’t on season 4.. all thanks to scamming ass Drita. Too bad so sad some come with facts and Drita acts like the biggest douche ! Guess she forgot she was setting that example for her daughters…. ROX- you need to get in touch with Karen for those emails. I have SS’s of them 🙂 It explains everything and shows, with Drita’s own doing, what a disgusting woman she is.

    • And Drita please.. per usual, you beat no one’s ass.. says the one who cried getting black eye( in the van proclaiming you were set up) , jumped, blah blah… Oh th e-mails explain I think WHY this season is called last stand 🙂 Drita- you cannot run from truth any longer boo

      • Thank-you, Michers, for replying to the previous Mob Wives story! There is something about Drita I never liked, maybe her bragging? Whatever it is she comes across as a very vain, aloof and selfish lady. Her mental stability is way off, as are most of the Mob Wives, but she comes across as wanting to be known as dangerous. I will take your word that she’s a fraud. Usually those that brag about having a superior characteristic, lack that very characteristic!

    • I’m guessing you don’t like Drita. lol What emails? Explain please.

      Just a warning people…do not have food in your mouth when reading Drita’s tweets. Mustache…lmao!

      • Hey girl! Well since the nasty one started playing dirty, Karen came with facts and hot hard and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. This will be long so apologies in advance:
        Apparently what led up to the three being fired after season 3, there was a deal in place that included them and Drita to renegotiate due to wanting more money . Drita went ahead and wrote a letter for ramona, which Karen released last night. It was the ” setup” letter. Even though not getting along ( Im using Karens words from email exchanges) they decided to put that aside to band together for changes..* there really is a lot and I can’t put it all here *
        -1- the lie-Drita told them she spoke to network they wanted them to all write letters explaining why not happy.She writes Monas letter, forwarded it to her so she can send to network, she also does Carla’s letter, Karen writes her own, Drita never sends her own.
        2- the setup- Before network ( vH1) gets letters. they already know the 3 aren’t coming to work June 19 because Drita told them about the girls meeting and banding together and SHE was not part of the plan ( sneaky Biatch), so basically she set them up to be fired, played along, played middle man. You see where this is going yes? 3- Mona, Karen , carla stick to plan not knowing Drita pulled a fast one. karen then says Drita ” copped a plea ‘- LOL-with network selling them out and returning…4- Karen says the aftermath- they were fired, Drita went to work, with no changes in her contract and vH1 “scrambled to fill the spots with 2 irrelevant bitches that are no longer with us today”.. ( those are her words..
        5- the last stand-Kar and Car return to show, Drita feels pressure and doesn’t want to be exposed for the snake lying sellout bitch that she is and tries to call her and Carla fake bitches for for becoming friends although she brought us together . Karen then says ” this shit would have died with me but this bitch wants to keep calling me a rat and keep forcing my hand! Just couldn’t leave well enough alone”. Most of this is Karen’s wording.. there was more but I tried to give you main points. Now it makes sense- the reunion when Carla came back on at end, Drita says ” looking at camera- ” Are we doing this? Are we doing this right now?”..

        • Thanks for posting. Good for Drita. I can’t stand Karen and Ramoana. Not sure why she did that to Carla, but I’m sure she had it coming. lol

          • LOL.. on this we will disagree 🙂 Im sure Ill be in the minority with things but its all good 🙂 I just can’t deal with the lying and being a sneak. When you start hurting people’s pockets and effing with money, that s a game changer. The Carla thing was a total shocker for me- and even yesterday she lied yet again ( its unreal to me how much) in an interview where she said she only met Carla on the show.. such a damn lie. Now trying to play like Carla crawled out of Karens ass? She ran out the door when Carla appeared last season at the end LOL Miss Tough Titties over there… even at last reunion , Carla was civil and the adult and Drita was not trying to have any parts of speaking truth or being real. I can’t hang with that.

          • I’m with u , Can’t stand Karen or Ramona , and Carla is so freakin boring and such a wuss , I’m sure she would’ve gotten the boot anyway . I hope Drita kicks Karen’s azz again !!And also, not that I give a #%*$ if it’s true or not because I will always be #TeamDrita , but Emails can be faked , just sayin…

          • Wow Michers – I trust your take on this and know you are following them way more closely than I. (Can I ask what site you found those emails or was it Twitter?)

            I haven’t always liked Karen (the fighting – but she is very watchable and good for this show) but ITA that it was low down and dirty to get the girls to write letters, and then she didn’t.

            And I also agree, that she was friends with Carla going back and they talked a lot. And I always wondered how Carla became friends with Karen again, and this would make sense.

            And the way that Carla was set up against Love, and all those ‘sit downs’ that season, it didn’t add up.

            So you’re saying that Drita splintered the group so badly, it can’t come back another season? That and Poor Big Ang’s health?

            Please keep posting your info. And is Renee doing ok? How did she factor into this, is she friends with Drita? Or Jenn took sides?

          • I just read the site with the letters and I have to say if it’s true, then Karen and Ramona deserve everything they get. They were not getting along with Drita. Karen has always said she never trusted her so why on earth would you trust her over your job. You’d have to be a complete idiot to trust what your enemy was telling you. I just can’t believe that Karen never contacted anyone else just listened to Drita. It sounds like a load of bull to me and if it is true then Karen is lazy and stupid. Is she mad that Drita tricked them into sending letters but Drita herself didn’t? No one to blame but yourself in that case. Drita didn’t hold a gun to their heads. Ramona could have just as easily thrown the letter in the bin. Are they mad because Drita back flipped or do they think she intentionally tricked them? Either way, they’re all stupid. If Drita back flipped then she’s smarter than all of them because she quickly realized they weren’t going to get what they wanted so to stay on the show you have to shut up. If she tricked them into thinking she was part of something, but instead was plotting their firing, they are even bigger idiots because like I said Drita was no friend of Karen or Ramona’s. I actually can’t believe Karen shared that because all it does is makes her look stupid. I mean really if Drita of all people can look smarter than you, lord you know you’re in trouble.