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Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Mob Wives: The Last Stand; Spoilers Straight From The Show’s Creator!

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Mob Wives: The Last Stand premieres tomorrow and it’s been a while since our favorite Staten Island ladies have been on the small screen. These women are the toughest around and their drama is some of the most intense on television, craziest part is it’s all real. They aren’t afraid to get physical and this season is no different. What’s fascinating about the final season is that all four original ladies are back, plus the fan favorite of the series. Not only that, but too young new ladies are thrown in to shake things up!

Mob Wives: The Last Stand will star: Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Drita D’avanzo, Carla Facciolo, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, Brittany Fogarty, and Marissa Jade. Drita seems to be at the center of the drama this season, a different role from her usual mediator position. Some of the girls aren’t happy that Carla is back, and don’t understand her motive. Brittany and Marissa don’t get along, and while they make enemies with some of the veterans, they also form real friendships.

Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano sat down with to discuss the new season and she did not hold back. She revealed the dynamic of the cast right now is perfect, and makes for an epic final season. The roots run deep for the original girls, making their tensions much more real than usual reality-TV fights! She opened up, I feel like without those four (Renee, Karen, Carla and Drita) we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today. You can’t deny where you start. Regardless of all the fallings out we’ve seen, it’s great move to make.” Jennifer also got candid about the new girls, Brittany and Marissa. “They bring a little bit of sexiness, they’re both models, and a younger vibe. They’re very trendy and they aren’t as set in those old school mob culture ways. They bring fire for sure.”

Big Ang’s cancer journey is documented throughout the season, and this is a much different side to Ang than we know. Graziano confirmed Ang’s re-diagnosis came after filming wrapped, so that will not me discussed until the reunion. Although the topic is depressing, the way that we covered it, a lot of people who have been through this will identify with it,. She wanted to do whatever she could do to shed light on it and get people to understand it better. There’s nothing fake about it. Those are real emotions,” Jennifer confessed.

It’s always been interesting to me that Renee’s sister is the creator of the show. While there must be times that Renee has received special treatment, in general Renee’s portrayal has been the same, if not worse than the other girls. Rumors were flying that Renee quit mid-season, but her sister clearly that up, stating it’s simply not true. “She was thinking about it before we even started to film, but this is probably her least intense season. She’s in a great place now, her and her son are doing great. The aftermath of last season just left her emotionally beaten,” Jennifer disclosed. It’s great to hear Renee is doing well, she’s had a rough couple of years and it will be nice to see her end in a good place!

Mob Wives: The Last Stand is said to be the most controversial for Drita, and here’s what Jennifer had to say about it, I think everyone’s true colors come out this season. They’re taking a deeper look into everything. Excuse my French, but they’re really going hardcore balls to the wall in this season.” When she mentions “true colors” it sounds like Drita isn’t on her good side! Not only is Drita fighting with the girls over Carla’s return and some “rat business,” but she is also at odds with her husband. Drita is writing a book about her life, and Lee is refusing to sign off on letting her use anything about him in her book. It will be interesting to see if their relationship will make it, this couple has already been through so much.

Jennifer says this is the best season yet, and she is very proud of how the show is ending. “It was a lot easier to get through this for some reason,” she said. “The disputes have been so much more intense the past season, so that was kind of harrowing to get through. This one, yes they’re fighting but…oh forget it, I don’t want to spoil it. It’s just a better season.”

Check out the VERY intense Mob Wives: The Last Stand trailer below!

Are you excited for the final season of Mob Wives? Who is your favorite wife? Least favorite? Are you happy Carla is back? Are you surprised Drita is at the center of the drama? Predictions for the new wives Brittany and Marissa?

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  • ATTN ROX- Some ISH went down last night! I think you should get in touch with Karen Gravano to get copies of the emails she put on INstagram last night, only to have someone be ” cry” to have them removed. I got SS though LOL. It explains WHY and the TRUTH of what happened after season 3 and why KG, CF and Ramona were not back but guess who was first day of filming? DRITA.. it explains why they said she sold them out and what a nasty biatch she really is. Now things make sense. Because Drita loves lying so much, and always has her rabid animal fans get more loco, she pushed one too many times and Karen struck back- with facts, yet again. Drita goes to blogs, whens she blames everyone else for doing so. She makes crazy people laugh with her ” they’re twitter twatting dildos” , while she is the one on twitter, the list goes on and on. This times he had loonies believe Karen went to some un heard of blog to push a Lee story, which everyone already knows the Lee crap and if Karen wanted to say anything about her and or lee, she’d do say to them directly. Right before show airs, Drita starts shit, with lies, like always. I really really really can’t stand her. Drita is the most FUGAZI woman to cross my television. Lying, flip flopping floozie acting like a filthy animal . UGH

  • Karen tweeted Snooki about Drita having relations with the Jersey Shore boys. Who knows if it’s true but it was kind of funny.

    • I saw something about that and laughed! It was a response back to Snooki who is friendly with Drita but was supposedly ” bummed” the girls are not all friendly anymore.

  • No-one had more reality than Renee with her ex-husand, June-yuh!, turning rat on her dad. Awful.

    Love Drita. Always will. Glad they did not bring back Ramona! Would not be able to handle her and Karen.

  • I’m so glad people are finally going to see Drita’s true colors. She is the shadiest, fakest one of them all. And I’m tired of hearing her threatening people but not actually ever doing anything.

  • Not looking forward to the wanksta gangsta Drita at all this season. There are too many examples with facts to even list right now and I will need way more coffee to list.
    One positive ( finally) is that some grown women were able to sit, talk, hash things out and move forward- imagine that! Adults , adulting…

    Im looking forward to things being brought to light factually but not the damn fighting and violence. UGH.

    • Hi Michers!

      Please tell me more about Drita! I watched Mob Wives the first season and last season. It seemed like Drita was the show favorite but I read more about how she’s not liked so much now. IMO, Drita was annoying by how she constantly bragged about what a badaxx she is! Anyway, when you get time it would be interesting to read! Thanks!

      • Girl…….. see my post below LOL. She is total fraud wannabe hard ass who does nothing but lie but because so many people on her jock lack proper mental capacities , IMO, thats how she remains ” a favorite”. I thought some HW’s were bad, but she makes them look almost like Angels ! Her lies are on film every season, but each new season, she starts a new character or personality( with switched up stories to boot) and people BELIEVE it LMAO. The last straw fro me until I read more truth form Karen last night, was when she did Carla so dirty . That was probably one of the biggest friend betrayals I have ever seen. It made me feel bad for Carla, who I couldn’t even stand prior because she was up Drita’s arse. Everyone is nicer away from Drita just like Kyle is more likable way from Pump LOL 🙂

  • I like a good reality TV fight every now and then but even to me the Mob Wives trailer seemed… dark. And I’m the first one who will admit that I’m watching for the drama. It seems production will do everything to let Renee (and everyone who is kissing her ass) go out on a high note, which is absurd.