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RHOBH Recap: Will Power

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a “game-changer” so to speak. Eileen let the cat out of the bag that people doubted Eileen’s illness, and Erika met some of the group. We also learned Ken Todd and Tom Girardi don’t need Viagra in case you were wondering (you probably weren’t). Things got emotional between Yolanda, her children, and her mother. While a lot of this season has been the ladies at home with their families, this week we saw them together as a group and it was refreshing to see everyone getting along, now the question is how long will that last!

We start off in Kyle’s AMAZING store Kyle By Alene Too. Lisa Rinna comes to visit Kyle and pick out her birthday present from Mauricio. He told Lisa to go pick out ANYTHING in the store on him. Lisa laughs that most people wouldn’t take him up on that offer, but she did. I’m totally with Lisa on this one; I would have been in that store the next morning. I love Lisa and Kyle together; I think Lisa brings out a silly side to Kyle, a side I definitely like! Lisa explains she had to close her store because of the recession, as well as being were robbed multiple times. I always wondered why she no longer had her store. If you remember she made an appearance years ago on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because she had a store near Kyle’s! This is when she was rumored to be joining the show; I for one am so glad she eventually signed on! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would NOT be the same without her!

Kyle explains the store is doing so well they decided to open a “pop-up store” in the Hamptons. “Coincidentally” Lisa and Lisa NEED to be in the Hamptons as well. I’m thinking this isn’t a coincidence, but I love a good housewives trip so I can’t wait for next week! We know that Bethenny Frankel makes an appearance when the ladies head to the East Coast and she’s sure to make things interesting!

Lisa Vanderpump is upset because one of her swans is sick. I don’t know if it’s the West Coast or what, but swans are NOT nice in New Jersey. The swans start biting Lisa and Ken but they seem un-phased.

Yolanda is having a good day and decides to go for a walk with Erika and Kyle. Kyle tells Yolanda that she had similar symptoms and it was depression. I know Kyle was trying to be supportive but I believe she went about it in the wrong way. Yolanda has an actual diagnosis and blood work to prove what is wrong with her. I know what Kyle was trying to do, but the way she went about it made it seem like she was discounting Yolanda’s diagnosis. Kyle and Erika seemed to hit it off well, something I wasn’t expecting. Erika reveals she has a 23-year-old son! Erika looks AMAZING; I would have NEVER guessed she had a son that old! Yolanda shares she is going to Cleveland to have surgery to remove her breast implants that are leaking silicon. I’m confused as to why she needs to go that far away since some of the best plastic surgeons are in the Southern California area. There is a whole show, Botched in which Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow (House-Husbands) fix bad plastic surgery. A leaky implant falls under the surgery they perform so I don’t know why she didn’t give them a shot. Yolanda has people she pays to take care of her so I’m sure her team did a lot of research to find her the best place to go! Yolanda also confesses that two of her children, Bella and Anwar both are suffering from Lyme’s disease as well. This information was new to Kyle; fans found this out months ago, but I still felt so bad hearing this news!

Lisa Rinna gets a bikini wax on camera and she is cracking up the whole time. The rich and famous have EVERYTHING at their disposal and a good bikini wax is no exception. Lisa couldn’t stop laughing and the whole scene cracked me up! I definitely appreciated this lightheartedness given how deep this episode gets.

Kyle and Lisa visit Eileen at work on set at The Young and The Restless. The ladies check out the vending machine and they suggest Lisa get Doritos. Can you picture Lisa Vanderpump with orange Dorito residue on her hands? I can’t. Lisa confesses she has NEVER used a vending machine in her life as she tries to insert a $100 bill! Kyle tells the ladies she met Erika and they will like her, I’m glad to hear Kyle is giving her a chance! The Munchausen conversation comes up again and the ladies admit they feel bad about how uncomfortable Lisa Rinna was with the whole situation. We’ll just have to wait and see if she comes clean to Yolanda or not!

We’re finally at drinks with Yolanda, Erika, Kyle, Eileen, and Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa is “pulling a Vicki” and is giving Erika a hard time. Lisa thinks she owns the color pink and in general does NOT seem to be giving Erika a chance. I was surprised at how shocked the ladies were that Erika’s husband was 76-years-old; I was under the impression an age difference like this was common in Beverly Hills, guess I was wrong. Erika and Lisa both claim their husbands don’t need Viagra…TMI ladies! Erika decides to meet the girls in the Hamptons even though Yolanda isn’t going because of her surgery. The ladies are shocked (AGAIN) that Erika has a private plane, but I thought her tone was great when she told them. Erika wasn’t bragging, and only disclosed this information when they asked how she would make it to the Hamptons. Lisa Vanderpump starts bashing Taylor and somehow the subject of Taylor questioning Yolanda’s illness comes up. Yolanda shares she heard Taylor and Lisa Rinna were talking about her Lyme’s disease and suddenly Eileen finds herself in the middle of a Munchausen mess! Eileen thinks Yolanda is talking about the conversation the ladies had a few days before, when in reality Yolanda is talking about the conversation at Ken’s birthday party! This conversation got so awkward but Yolanda handled herself with such class and showed the kind of woman she really is. Yolanda admits she can’t even address this situation until after her surgery and it’s great to see her priorities are in order!

Things get very deep once Yolanda is at home with her children and her mother. Once again we see Yolanda’s gorgeous lemon garden, I feel so bad she had to leave that behind. I’m very curious as to how Gigi and Bella have such phenomenal bodies and eat the way they do. The girls made HUGE grilled cheese sandwiches with soup, as if we needed ANOTHER reason to envy them! Yolanda then shows the kids her will just in case she doesn’t make it through surgery. As you can imagine the kids didn’t take this well, and I’m not sure Yolanda needed to take it this far, at least not on camera. David wasn’t around for this conversation, possible foreshadowing to the Foster divorce that shocked ua all!

Overall I LOVED this week’s episode; we learned A LOT, laughed A LOT, and even got VERY emotional! These ladies look amazing this season and I couldn’t be happier to have them back on my TV. week after week!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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  • Does anyone else find the show boring? RHOBH is one of my favorites but this season is a dud so far. I don’t want Brandi back, but I do think they need some desperation to rock the boat. Maybe someone like Taylor or season 1 Camille?

    I mean, how much time did we need to spend on the swan? I’m sick of Lisa V’s animal storylines. Animals aren’t props, toys or children. They are animals. It was like watching Elmyra from Tiny Toons “love” the animals.

    Then Lisa R gets a wax. Unnecessary. Is that really the most interesting thing she did all week?

    And it pains me to say because I love Yolanda and I was really hoping she’d be back this season, but she’s horrible to watch. She’s coming off very emotionally manipulative with the strategic lack of make-up and cameras on her children while she tells them about her will. I feel bad for her kids since they have to follow her down the rabbit hole to be supportive.

    I see now why they brought back Kim and Brandi.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty boring. Agree with everything you said. Especially about the 2 Lisas. They’re just awful.

      • ITA with you guys, this is painfully boring to watch, and am only watching because I enjoy posting with everyone here. I don’t want to miss any jokes made!

        LisaV with her little pony and swan..??then she mean girls Erica and starts talking about sex, but runs down Brandi for having a potty mouth?

        Rinna’s waxing and over laughing at her own jokes is grating on my nerves.

        Yolanda’s kids are set for life having Mohamed as their father, the will talk on camera was ridiculous.

  • Odd how Lisa never heard of PinocchiYo’s off spring being DX with “Lyme”, next 😛 this is the surgery where Yo posted pics (go figure) of her in the healing chamber post op claiming it to be treatment for Lyme #serchingforacure #lyme, many questioned how a leaky boob was Lyme lol.

    This episode PinocchiYo says its ticks that gave her Lyme, now it’s horseflies. Next it will be pixie dust and fairies that gave her Lyme 😛
    what about the poor horses she accuses of giving her Lyme? How come they haven’t been tested to rule them in/out? No, if you believe her story she could back it up with tests of all animals on her ranch. #animalabuse #animalrights

    The 2 doctors PinocchiYo listed as treating her for Lyme is not on the injections she has in her medicine closet. She openly admits to giving her underage children experimental holistic treatments. Is that not child endangerment? Or is she making them sick with “Lyme” to promote her “cure” when she heals them herself 😛

    Where’s her Lyme “advocate” Daisy? Why isn’t she speaking for Yoyo? Oh that’s right, Yoyo’s healed 😛

    Still tooooooo many questions and no answers. Guess you just gotta take her word for it hahaha, and the sun is actually a lemon, much like her story

          • When I was first DX with MS I was in a wheelchair. Had to learn to walk, talk, feed myself, dress myself all over again. I still use a wheelchair but not all the time. I get by with a walker, and an assortment of canes. I use a brace on my left foot because of foot drop. My left hand is also parlized and I have irreplaceable memory loss and permanent damage. Yo gets along WAY better then anyone who I know with a chronic illness. I also have MST, PTSD, MS, CAD, CVA, not to mention the numerous side problems I deal with. 6 years now and Yo has done better then my best days. I call bull $h!t

          • OK Sadie, having said all of that and other times you post about your personal things, not one stranger here ever accuses you of faking, lying, manipulating, exaggerating, or so on so why always gun for Yolanda? One would think you would have some compassion, no? What if people said to you , you are full of shit, how do you comment all the time then , things like that? Its not nice, IMO Do you post pics on twitter or Instagram of yourself? How dare you! Do you put makeup on and go out of the house EVER? How dare you ? Not trying to be a dickhead, just asking 🙂

          • Because Yoyo’s is not sick like AIDS and time running out as she claims. She continues to give out false info, which is angering Lyme activists. She’s making a mockery of #cronicillness. Her Drs don’t match the dr on her injections she posted, she can read and write, been on RHOBH never missing a season or vacation yet claims to have been in bed for 1, now claims 4 years now. First ticks gave her Lyme, now it’s horseflies, which don’t regurgitate back into your system. If that were the case, Yo’s contagious and should be quartered to keep an insect from biting her then passing Lyme another people. Along with MANY other discrepancies. I do not believe her. Nope, not at all. Don’t piss on my fave show with crap!

          • I don’t wear makeup, and sure I post pics. But they don’t say, I’m dying, my time is running out. And it’s none of my business if people think I’m a fake. I’m content with my life. Now if I were misusing my condition as an advocate it becomes a public issue and questionable with the non FDA treatments.

          • Hmm.. well thats your opinion I just figured since you have your own health stuff to battle,. you’d see it differently. Everyone’s journey through out an illness is not always the same; I have seen that for myself 🙂 Its clear she struggled with health, nothing being faked and because its not a clear cut case of fakery/fuckery like Brooks, Im just surprised with your take on her situation. On top of that, we do not know, see , or hear everything she has been through. Im not judging her for pictures or going out – she needs to have a life and enjoy things when she can and how she can. Maybe Ill find out more as season progresses or by reunion?

  • Outside of the lyme disease, I’m really enjoying this season. It’s back to the way it was when I first started watching.

  • The show is pre-recorded and the storyline has
    been set by BRAVO….if it entails a whole season
    of Yo’s Lyme disease, then I’m done with RHOBH, and
    I will not wait til the end to be done with it. I’ll
    wait a few more shows, and if it keeps going back
    to Yo and her kids, I’m deleting my scheduled DVR
    recordings for RHOBH for the rest of the season.

    So far, it feels like a promo show for her and her
    kids….I’m not sitting thru another Manzo family
    promo situation….no way.

    • I feel like we are getting the Yolanda & FamilyTV show launch too, just like the Manzos and VPs show – so gross!! I don’t watch them and have zero interest in this family on their own. Is this why Yolo has posted so many freakin selfies?!

    • I turned it off the last 20 minutes. Every time she opens her mouth something different pops out. I predict the end of the season will be much like crooks, cought in too many lies already. 😛

  • Love the recap! Yo did the right thing about her Will. She is having surgery – anything could go wrong. She needs to state whether or not she is a DNR or ok on life support. And aside from the medical decisions she needs to state her asset decisions.

    With how Yo is feeling today it looks like the implant surgery and divorce are doing wonders! 🙂

    • Of course she should get her affairs in order. But she didn’t have to do it on TV, to her Mom and children. They didn’t deserve the camera’s in their faces in such a emotional situation. WRONG!

      • I don’t think it was wrong to show that part of her life and the real conversation she needed to have. I think many people don’t have that conversation as hard as it is. My mother-in-law had this conversation with me after my husband (her son) passed away. She wasn’t having surgery or anything, but wanted to make sure someone was aware of what she was doing and what she wanted.

        What I did not like, was the fact that she downplayed everything. She should have responded to her kids with, “I’m sure nothing will happen to me, but as with any major surgery where you are being put under, there is always a risk. And with that small risk, I just want you to know that this is in my safe for you guys, with what I want to happen should the unthinkable happen”. I would have felt that it was more real as opposed to her dropping the bomb on the kids with and basically making them feel like their feelings didn’t matter. I want to see what goes on in the lives of the “rich and famous”.

    • As sick as Yolanda claims to be, how could she not have an Advance Directive? No need to discuss life and death situations with her children on camera. I’m getting pretty turned off by Yolanda and her pity party …

        • Sam … An Advance Directive is a legal document that defines what course of medical treatment is to be taken in life and death situations … do you want to be placed on life support or not and if you do for how long. When you are admitted to the hospital in Calif they ask if you have one.

  • I guess I feel different?? I found it refreshing her being honest with the kids and if ya think about it who is going to take care of her mom if something happened to her? If maybe her and David did not break up maybe that conversation would have been with him? As we all know now they were well on their way to the split so she knew that she would not be asking him to take care of her mom! So I thought conversation was appropriate ? And it is real housewives as I’ve stated before I don’t want to see made up shit!! I want to see inside their lives and this is what is going on in her life right now. If I did not have a husband and was going in for a big procedure I would prolly have same conversation with my kids. Remember at this point she already knew her marriage was over. Not everything is going to be up beat happy happy drinking shopping, parties. And I would rather see that then some nasty made up fight or duck lip drunk Taylor throwing a million Dollor tea party for Her daughters birthday! Yuck stupid stuff like that I hate! Fake fake! They about went belly up because she spent so much!! If I have to sit thru another white party it will be the death of me that is old too! But like I said I guess that’s what they are doing in their lives so that’s what we are gonna see:) happy holidays everyone!! 4 day weekend coming up!

  • The parts I liked…

    – erika/yolanda and was so cool to see Yolanda happy

    – yolanda’s kids cooking..grilled cheese and soup!!

    – seeing yolanda’s mom (when did yolanda announce that her mom has cancer?)

    – Kyle spoke directly to Yolanda..and of course “victim” yolanda got it twisted in her talking head…Kyle was respectful and compassiionate and respected yolanda by showing empathy

    – watching the “girls” all speechless..shocker..after erika says “my husband is 74″…I laughed

    parts I didn’t like:

    – as much as yolanda pats herself on the back for “fighting” this..she sure enjoys the victim role..

    – I need to word this correctly..when yolanda was playing around with Kyle..she wore make up..then make up a gathering with the girls…I feel much as yolanda says she is not into her looks..she sure uses them.

    – I find it truly disgusting that Yolanda decided to have camera’s running..when “suddenly” talking about her will..before going for boobbie removal/replacement..

    -I find it disgusting that yolanda kept minimizing the kids reaction via annoyance.

    – yolanda is victimizing her children..the will could have been off screen..suddenly the children are on RHBH this season..and no more david..

    Yolanda cannot place herself atop a lemon tree..declare herself off limits to questions..while she signed the bravo contract and eagerly used her illness as a storyline!

    I will never change my mind about how Yolanda treated her children on national tv.

    • Hi Sam! 😀

      You caught Yo perched high in that lemon tree! She needs to come down. I have a feeling viewers aren’t enjoying watching this storyline. It’s a shit show for sure!

      I’m Completely with you on YoNuts and her children! That was wrong and I think most of the viewers saw exactly what she was doing. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! It really got to me. I was upset for them. Smh.. Shame on you Yolanda! Pulling out your last will and testament was low and calculated. Not sincere.. 🙁

      • Sammy, Love Muffin, spot on.

        Wrong wrong wrong for sure. I don’t want to see that woman again. Sadly she’s still on…. and on her victim campaign. Even using her Mother and children. That, IMO, is disgusting.

        • hey love and shipp – thannks


          I wish yolanda decided to stay home and look after herself..this is so uncomfortable.

    • To samael, loved your post. I completely agree with the 2nd half of it.

      I have had enough of the Yolanda-Victim-Promo show.
      She’s replaced David with her adult children. I am
      getting the same self/family promoting vibe that Manzo did with her family.

      I wish her good health, but get off the show
      and take care of yourself in private. And
      no make-up/hair pulled in back ponytail is not
      winning her any fans. Go home and close your door
      and do what you need to do in private…ur a bore now.

  • Haven’t posted here for sometime, is Roxie still
    tweeting? I know she’s not writing the stories
    on this site…I don’t like the style of whoever
    is writing this stuff.

    Anyhoo, Yolanda doesn’t belong on the show anymore.
    Hope what ever is ailing her gets better for her, but
    had enough of the bland storyline. I don’t care about
    her kids or the end of her marriage. The whole show
    seems to be geared around making an issue out of her
    Lyme Disease….not interested.

    • I personally really enjoy the new writing style.

      Seems a lot more fair, balanced and goes beyond just repeating what other sites are reporting on by giving actual opinions.

    • I know, it is awful to help shed light on a serious disease… Watching her struggle is SOOOOOO boring… Btw her daughters are two of the BIGGEST names in the mdeling world Gigi being called the next supermodel by Vogue…

      • To Gregory, I don’t consider a night time drama scripted/edited BRAVO show a platform to shed
        light on any disease when it involves this cast.

        2 things: Yo’s kids are NOT supermodel and Yo
        is not a spokesperson for Lyme. I am curious
        what the Medical professionals would say about
        the int’l treatments and the cabinet full of
        …what ever it is that she has in it.

        She’s a bore…she’s been a bore victim in the tabloids for the past year. I cannot take her serious with Lyme and that is due to the nature of the show that she chooses to be in.

        • To Gregory, I forgot to add to my reply to you that I wish this woman the best of health and I do believe has Lyme’s. What I find disturbing is that the show, I could be wrong, seems to be doing the same storyline as the Orange County housewives. Orange County had a miserable season discussing Brook’s health. I won’t sit
          thru another Bravo Show with the same storyline, but different faces. I hope Yolanda finds a cure, and I wish her the good health…but I will not watch RHOBH if they continue with a storyline already done by Orange County. There’s plenty of drama in Hollyweird to play with…rehashing Brook’s sl is not for me.