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Did Taylor Armstrong Make Comments About Yolanda Foster’s Health In Hopes Of Getting Re-Hired On RHOBH?


Taylor Armstrong made her return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a memorable one. Many are unhappy with Taylor’s criticism of Yolanda Foster’s illness and are wondering what her motivation was to be so cruel to her former co-star. It seems now that Taylor’s comments didn’t come from a place of concern but as an opportunity to get herself more screen time and possibly a full-time slot in the RHOBH cast.

A production insider told the Real Mr. Housewife that,“Taylor definitely had a motive for making the comments about Yolanda that she made. Taylor really wants to be back on the show. She was hoping that by making some controversial comments, it would help earn her a spot back.”

It turns out Taylor’s plan didn’t work out since she’s not a full-time cast member this season. Sources say, “Rather than accomplishing her goal, it just made her look bad.”

Thoughts on Taylor’s comments? Do you believe Taylor’s comments were part of a plan to get her back on RHOBH?

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  • Taylor was the one to speak the truth and call out Yolanda’s phony attention-seeking “sick” selfies. She should get more credit.

  • Taylor is good friends with David’s most recent ex wife before Yolanda, Linda Thompson. Linda has been on RHOBH a few times with Taylor as one of Taylor’s friends. Taylor was also featured on an episode of The Hills when Linda runs into Brody somewhere I think.(Brody is Linda and Bruce Jenner’s son) So I think Taylor might be a little biased against Yolanda just because of Linda. Or she’s just stirring the pot. Either or.

  • Uug she is just a nasty duck lipped tramp! Can’t stand her never could! Why would her new husband leave his little kids to move to BH for her to be on the show !!! Stupid she cN stay right where she is at! She is yuck! And a home recker!

  • She is a loose cannon and after seeing her on D. Tuteras show it’s pretty obvious she is on something or many things..

  • Ugh…… Does Taylor not know that she is not liked very much? I mean, ya don’t hear too many people saying—I love Taylor–she’s my favorite !

    I wouldn’t hold my breath Duck Lips, —I don’t think you will be getting your diamond back.

      • I like her too and was actually surprised so many didn’t. She was honest about wanting and liking the life. I admired that. The thing I didn’t admire was allowing her daughter to see her having the shit beat out of her quite regularly. But she had a syndrome and was afraid. With good reason it seems. She easily could have been the one someone found dead.

  • Of course she did. Anything she says or does will be in an attempt to regain a position on the show …


  • Duh…it just helped that there is “bad blood” Yolanda and Taylor.

    I was surprised that Taylor screeched that she follows Yolanda’s instagram…why bother following someone you don’t like?

    there are no more reality shows that she would qualify for..

    • Hahaha ‘No more reality shoes she would qualify for.’ Preach!

      Taylor isn’t good on this show, she is insincere and we’ve never forgotten how she treated Russel. 🙁

      • How she treated Russel? What, didn’t she get him down fast enough when she found him hanging dead? Or wait, she didn’t kiss his ass for breaking her jaw? Um, let me see, oh, I know! She spent the money, oh no not that either he left her with debt and abuse.

        • All of those claims have been proven false (aside from the financial aspect)
          No “abused wife” speaks to her abuser the way that she did. And the way she would get so aggressive and weird when she was drunk? No way. They beat on each other but she’s the only one alive to tell the story now that he’s dead. And as far as the financial grifting? They were in on it together. And there’s plenty of proof of that, as well.

  • I think Taylor was production’s pawn and said the things that the other women have been thinking but refused to start the conversation. Why doesn’t someone get an exclusive with Taylor and ask her directly what motivated her, rather than comments from an undisclosed informant who is speculating as to what Taylor’s motivation “MAY” have been?