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Brandi Glanville Blasts Taylor Armstrong In Defense Of Yolanda Foster; “It’s Called Desperation”


Taylor Armstrong made her return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week and it’s safe to say no one was excited. Taylor was annoying the first time around, but really chilled out and gained sympathy after the suicide of her husband Russell Armstrong. Taylor is currently married to her late husband’s lawyer John Bluher, and the couple recently moved back to Beverly Hills from Colorado.

Taylor had arrogance about her in her return, and none of the ladies were feeling her at the lunch. Taylor returned on the scene thinking she was hot sh*t, with her new rich husband and happy life. Following the show, Taylor immediately starting defending her statements, but I guess no one told her “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.”

Taylor had every right to ask about Yolanda’s health, but her tone was just wrong. She didn’t seem like a caring friend, she sounded like a judgmental acquaintance. Taylor asked about Yolanda right away, and I agree with the claims that she wanted screen-time. The internet is blazing with Taylor haters, and hopefully she’s regretting the way she came off on Tuesday’s episode. Even the other housewives, who are also questioning Yolanda’s “treatments” or considering a “misdiagnosis”, were uncomfortable by Taylor. I’m not sure how she doesn’t see how offensive she came off, but watch again Taylor, it’s VERY obvious.

One of Yolanda’s besties is coming to her defense; Brandi Glanville made an exclusive statement to Mr. Real Housewife slamming Taylor and what she had to say. “Taylor doesn’t even know Yolanda and is looking for the moment to get back on the show,” Brandi shared. Regardless of your feelings on Brandi, especially lately (social media crazy), she isn’t wrong here.

I was hoping Taylor would show us how much she’s grown, and this beautiful new life she’s built for herself. Guess we aren’t getting the comeback I had in mind, and with any luck Taylor isn’t an intricate part of this season!

Brandi finished with, “It’s called desperation.”

Are you surprised Brandi jumped to Yolanda’s defense? Did you think Taylor was out of line last night? Are you happy to have Taylor back on the show? What did you think of this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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  • I read an article where Taylor’s lawyer who had a wonderful wife who is attractive & very kind, who had let Taylor stay with them because she felt so bad for her & her child. She went on & on about the trauma Taylor had been through & told the media how Taylor had been traumatized in a horrible ordeal. She took up for her like a sister or best friend would, shaming people that said negative things about Taylor or her child. Taylor repays her goodness with the ultimate betrayal. She moves in on her husband, getting him to leave the wonderful wife that showed her sympathy & empathy, & naively let a hyena into her house. That is when I knew Taylor was & is a ” emotional vampire.” There are disturbed females, especially Borderlines with narcissistic personality traits that have drama or conflict, or even use illness or tragedy for attention to get what they want. Taylor has shown herself on other reality shows to be erratic, high strung, she drinks a lot & smokes, & she can’t be without a man to take care of her even though she did make a good living as a pharmaceutical rep. If you get with a good pharmaceutical can make more than Drs. I remember I wanted to work for Smith Kline or Merck when I graduated college. Taylor nee Shauna Taylor then 12 yrs. Taylor Ford with this lawyer always needing him, taking time away from his family & making the naive wife feel sorry for her. I would have been furious & not only sued him for divorce but her as well for emotional distress & loss of income, etc. He even adopted Kennedy so that will assure she is to be treated as his biological child. Taylor pushed that for good reasons so that if he leaves her, he will have to pay child support, pay for her college as he would his biological children. They aired that on couples therapy. The child looks lost. I read a book about different types of psychiatric & pycholoigical problems that people get involved with unknowingly & naively do not know to look for these ” emotional vampires”. Most have more than just one thing but Borderlines as told to me by a psychologist are very difficult to treat, especially if they have narcissism or bi polar along with it. Taylor finally showed me her true colors. I waited before passing judgement on the tragic suicide of her husband & I read from his history with ex-wive’s, girlfriends that he was abusive to them as well. But everyone disliked Taylor so much, his history with other women was downplayed, especially after his death. An ex wife that had admitted abuse was having difficulty getting Taylor to give anything to Russell’s son with her, & so she did not dwell on his past history of being abusive. Taylor is a broken person & will never get better without help. She has changed her name several times, claiming she was related to famous dynasty family, which is the iconic Henry Ford, of Ford Motor co., who invented the automobile, who lived across the street from his buddy Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. I went to their homes many years ago, It was so interesting. It is worth seeing & not boring at all. I think Edison was interested in exotic plants & trees which Ford would often bring to his best friend & neighbor. There was a huge tree(Banyan) that had roots grow on top of the ground & it looks like it is from prehistoric age. The roots get huge & will cut off other things from growing if not contained, which is the way it was displayed with these huge roots stretching out for miles. Maybe she had severe trauma as a child which she has claimed with her mothegr verifying the abuse. This is a valid excuse to why she does things but is not an excuse for hurting people that help you, & invite you in their home with their children & spouse & defend you to the press, trying to shield & protect you, not knowing that she was an ” emotional vampire” that if you allow Taylor to drain you, you can actually get sick. I read a great book that was life changing even though I had therapy from a young age. My dad almost died when I was 13 & my parents were struggling with issues from childhood that were hurting them & our family, so we went to therapy on & off until I was 18 & then I went with my dad & on my own for years ding that I married an unstable & sometimes abusive & neglectful spouse that I later divorced. Even the Catholic priest who was also a clinical psychologist & friend that came to our house for dinner IThen other young couples told me to,leave the marriage. I was raised Methodist but wanted him to attend both churches because he really needed help & I was hoping spiritually if he realized Jesus was empathetic, he would change. He attended church in his youth to get it out of the way, with his father going to 6am mass so they could get it over with. I was not able to help him become introspective & he would not follow through on counseling, etc. The book “Lethal Lovers, Poisonous People is the best. book I ever read on identifying “emotional vampires” by using real case histories of people nearly destroyed by dealing with them. In the book clinical terms on mental diagnoses are defined & how to spot when you are with for ex: a borderline & or a narcissist, etc. Taylor uses hysteria & threats quite a bit as she did on Couples Therapy & on the John Tutera show,where she showed her neurotic, borderline like behavior many times by throwing a fit, threats, etc.then blaming her behavior or shifting blame. She became very sweet & apologized once she got what she wanted, & realized her behavior was filmed. I was disappointed in the therapists not saying more about her drinking & her outbursts, demands & breaking up,a good marriage, then claiming he saved her, like he as her white knight on a white horse. She was clueless to see the damage she inflicted on his wife & family. Until she understands what she has done in her best interest she cannot get better. I would bet she was an extreme borderline. I realize some people get treatment & say they are better. But I still know that in the helical field it is defined as hard to treat. In one case study a very good looking & very successful wealthy younger man who had not yet married became involved with a hysterical & cruel borderline personality. She would be screaming at him, calling him awful names then later apologize & cry or threaten to kill herself if he did not take her back. She would call up acting sick or do other things to manipulate him into taking her back. He was normal, had no history of any mental problems, was very stable & it took years of intense therapy & a nervous breakdown for him to extract himself from her. That a healthy strong sucessdful person can get caught in their web shows the seriousness of the disorder, then a person that was vulnerable would really be hurt.

  • I really don’t like Jenna’s writing. I’ve gotten so accustomed to her writing style that when I start reading and something irks me, I think “I bet Jenna wrote this…” Ans lo and behold when I scroll to the top… she wrote it. No shade or hate. Jenna’s writing is just not my cup of tea.

  • Well the ” others” always act as if they stick by their friends, and Brandi feels for her friend. Not uncommon. Taylor has been a hot ass mess and seems as she is still talking shit so she isn’t questioned about her Russell abuse claims, her BS book, her false identities, and being a lying goldigger. Her performance on Couples therapy proved what a coo coo poof she really is.

  • Taylor looked beautiful when she got married on David Tutera’s show. I was hoping Taylor would calm down now that she remarried. Sounds like she is still the same.

  • I feel bad for Kennedy. She has had her life “uprooted” so much, over the years. I remember one season where Taylor’s tagline was something like, “I’ve worked too hard for this zip-code, I am not leaving it now.” Makes me sick.

  • To qote Nene Leakes on both Taylor and Brandi: “the thirst is real”. As for Taylor, I hated her first time around. Then I saw what a disgusting, entitled bitch she was on Couples Therapy. Taylor is desperate for attention. She is rude to those she considers staff and I was not surprised that she stirred the pot immediately. She was desperate for screen time. Why are we still talking Brandi? She is gone and let’s let her stanky leg go. Hated her too.

  • Brandzilla knows all about desperation… as we can see since she cannot move past this dam show. UGH!!! She makes my ass hurt.

  • No i’m not surprised. Brandi will use any excuse to bash any of the women.

    I can’t stand Taylor either but in reality she didn’t say anything wrong to Lisa R . She hadn’t seen Yo …only pics of her with IVs and hospital beds all over the world. If she didn’t ask what was going on with Yo it would be odd . JMO

    I think the desperation is real for Brandi and Taylor and i could do without either ones comments , blogs and tweets

  • Ha! Brandi is thr desperate one. I remember when she was on wwhl and said that Taylor wanted to be on the show so bad… she’s on the show and Brandi isn’t.

  • Of course Brandi need not talk. She finds a way to make everything her business when it’s not allowed. Both she and Taylor are equally messy. They can both just find a sit in the “need not speak” situation.