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Taylor Armstrong Defends Herself; Says She Wasn’t Questioning Yolanda Foster’s Illness

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Taylor Armstrong crossed the line during Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when her mouth got the best of her as she questioned and poked fun at Yolanda Foster’s Lyme Disease diagnosis. In her Bravo blog Taylor attempts to clear the air; claiming she wasn’t questioning Yolanda’s illness. See what Taylor had to say below!

According to Taylor, she was never questioning if Yolanda was truly ill but merely thinks she could be misdiagnosed.“When Yolanda was first diagnosed with Lyme disease, I shared my thoughts with her about the potential for a misdiagnosis. I have had two family members with Multiple Sclerosis, and it took quite a long time for them to be properly diagnosed. The symptoms she described were similar to what my family members experienced. My husband’s friend is a world-renowned diagnostic neurologist, and I offered to connect Yolanda with him for an appointment or even a phone call to describe her condition and get his thoughts. She declined to do so, but I was concerned for her and wanted to offer the option of another opinion.”

As for Lisa Rinna saying she crossed the line in asking about Yolanda, Taylor says she was just inquiring about an old friend. “When I returned to Beverly Hills and attended Ken’s birthday luncheon, I was interested to know how all the girls were. It’s normal when you are catching up with friends to ask how other friends are doing, especially when someone has been ill. I was surprised to learn that she wasn’t feeling better after all this time and all the intensive treatments she has gone through. When I started asking about her health, the ladies acted as if it was taboo to talk about it, which I found odd considering Yolanda has been very public about her health issues. It made me more inquisitive because I couldn’t get a straight answer about how she was doing, and I didn’t understand why no one wanted to talk about it. Learning that she was still suffering badly made me think again that perhaps she should get another opinion. I was asking if she had done so or if she was only focused on the Lyme disease path. I know that she is ill. I was not questioning that, and I wasn’t questioning Yolanda. I was merely suggesting that since all the Lyme disease treatments were not helping her, maybe she and her doctors should consider other possibilities. I feel terrible for her that she is having such a difficult time and wish her all the best in her recovery.”

Despite the drama during her return to RHOBH, Taylor is enjoying life and being back in California. “I have been running a new supplement company, Liv Fit Labs, LLC and enjoying time with my daughter, Kennedy and husband, John. I am back living in California and have been catching up with friends and family and spending time at the beach.”

I think a lot of RHOBH fans thought Taylor only made comments about Yolanda’s health to get screen time, but I’m not sure that’s the complete story. Yolanda and Taylor have always had a rocky relationship to put it kindly.

Do you think Taylor bashed Yolanda’s illness for screen time? Was Taylor out of line for questioning Yolanda’s diagnosis so publicly?

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  • Why is BIG MOUTH back at all?? God I really believe Bravo only brings back the hated cast members to torture the audience!! She is a fame who’re who will do anything to be on tv…

  • Taylor is articulate but she is full of shizz. That is NOT what she was doing on the show. One, she doesn’t give two figs about Yo and her health, and she was stirring the pot. She is now backtracking and bsing. Whatever – she is thirsty and desperate.

  • I never liked Taylor and the ignorance of her comments nauseated me. It’s obvious she doesn’t know anything about lyme so she should really keep her opinions to herself. While it’s true that if someone has a fresh bite and gets antibiotics right away, most often than yes, they can go on their way… but If someone has had lyme for some time without knowing therefore hasn’t had treatment, once they discover it they’re in for a rude awakening. Oral antibiotics will more than likely NOT do them any good. Even the IV isn’t a cure all. In actuality, if someone has long term lyme, there is no cure. One can go into remission, if they’re lucky, but it can always rear it’s ugly head at any time AND they more than likely have permanent damage from it and will suffer some symptoms even if they are in remission. ALSO, even with active lyme, sufferers have good days amongst the bad days. Most of them will take advantage of those good days, sometimes doing too much and then pay double time for it and it SUCKS to not be able to do anything to help them just feel normal. It kills me that someone I love is horribly sick with something so misunderstood that people have the nerve to question her without even educating themselves first. As her foremost caretaker, I’m questioned all the time as well… “why don’t you take her here or there or to this one or that one” and psychiatrists are mentioned often. My cuz always says she wouldn’t wish it on anyone but sometimes I wish some of these idiots would have to live in her shoes for a month or so and THEN come talk to me about what I or she should do.

    Back to Taylor… SHUT THE EFF UP… go back to Colorado or wherever you snagged your new attorney… errr, new husband and go climb a mountain or fall in a snow drift or better yet… like Kim said… go blow up your lips some more. pffft. Stupid bitch.

  • Did anyone else read the blog about Yo’s prenup and the fact that she had to establish some type of lessened brain function within the four years of her marriage breaking up to be compensated for spousal support? It was a very , very interesting blog, and I for one, found it fascinating. If you get a chance it is online , just google, Yo spousal support prenup and lyme disease , very interesting. There are CA laws, and if a spouse leaves a spouse within so many years of a spouse losing brain function, which she claims she has, in CA, that spouse is entitled to spousal and other types of support, just thought it was of interest in recent developments.

    • Oh great… something else for people to question. Chronic lyme can and does cause neurological problems and part of that is loss of brain function. It’s sad that people are suspect first and foremost. Yolanda says she’s been sick for a while now and because lyme goes in cycles a sufferer can be functional for some time only to fall back again. IMO the sickness is at least in part the cause of the divorce, not the other way around.

  • Oh God Taylor, please move back to Colorado or where ever you came from. Whatever she’s going to “use” to get air time isn’t any worse than what the others are using. Yolanda is going to suck her illness for all its worse. I don’t know what disease she’s suffering from, but she’s become a professional patient. We only have to deal with her for a few minutes a week and I’m already sick to death of hearing about her illness and multitude of treatments. She never talks about anything else – EVER. As much as we might be trying to be supportive of her, its draining to never hear of anything else.

    • It would be great if Yolanda could bring the RIGHT kind of attention to the horrors of late stage, chronic lyme disease but RHoBH is NOT the proper venue in which to do so. Seems as if this is making it worse and that is the LAST thing those suffering with this disease needs.

      You mention how you’re sick to death of it… that is truly another problem for sufferers. So many people have turned their backs on my cousin and she suffers silently. Unfortunately, I DO understand that people’s lives go on normally and sadly my cousin doesn’t fit into their normal anymore. I understand it too well but I too am able to go on to my normal life when she doesn’t need me… but my heart aches for her because I just know she’s sicker of it than anyone else could even imagine.

  • I believe production is irritated that Yolanda fell “ill” before filming again and that is why Taylor was brought on to plant the seed of disbelief and now she’s obviously trying to backtrack because she did it for a paycheck.

    I believe whole heartedly that Yolanda is sick and in a battle for her health. However, after a decade of watching housewives I’m not blind to the behind the scene going ons when it comes to production and reality tv.

      • Haha

        Great point Shipp, why did she get a blog, for 1 scene? I’d rather we heard from the party planner, chi, chi, chi….

  • I think people often get their feather’s ruffled if you have a “world renowned” DR that someone says Thanks but No Thanks to seeing. They aren’t seeing the other side…which in Yo’s case, she’s seen 100’s of Dr’s and has settled on treatment plan that is comfortable for her & works for her. At that point…people need to butt out.

    Suffering from a Chronic Illness myself, I can definitely empathize with her. However, I know that medications often don’t work in conjunction with other meds and can result in nasty side effects. I also know that many medications can take 4-6 wks before you start to see any results. I know she is in pain & desperately seeking a solution, but she will get to a point (if she hasn’t already) that she will have no idea which medication/treatment is working & which isn’t.

    Everybody is different…what works for some may not work for other’s and vice versa. People who haven’t been sick like this (or seen it 1st hand) often aren’t aware of that.

    If I were Yo, I wouldn’t have filmed this season.

  • OK, Taylor was either, as she said, “surprised to find Yolanda wasn’t feeling better” or knew exactly what has been going on in Yolanda’s life because, as she said “she has been very public about her health issues” Taylor you can’t have it both ways. Admit it – it got you air time!!

  • Don’t care what she thinks. Can’t stand her. Never have been able to, still can’t. Her mouth is as large as Lisa R’s and just as annoying.

    Soo interesting that she and Kyle are just such besties. Ugh!

    • Between her and Faye, Kyle couldn’t do much worse for friends. Makes you wonder what Kyle is like when the cameras aren’t on. If she was as fabulous as she thinks, she would have much better friends.