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Renee Graziano Weighs In on Mob Wives: The Last Stand; 6th and Final Season


Mob Wives fans received the devastating news this week that the sixth season (premiering in January) will be the last. We have to come to terms that our favorite bad girls will be off of our televisions for good (or maybe not). I’m sure these ladies will all continue there reality TV careers in one way or another, they love the cameras too much to stay away!

Renee Graziano has a sense of entitlement when it comes to the show, and I don’t say that in a bad way. Renee’s sister Jennifer is the creator and producer, which could be why some of Renee’s antics were tolerated on the show. I’m always rooting for Renee to come out on top, and hopefully she can end the series on a high (not literally)! This week Renee sat down with Mr. Real Housewife to discuss the final season, Mob Wives: The Last Stand; how could this be the last stand, they’ve only just begun?

Q: Why is Mob Wives ending?

A: Not my choice.

Q: What do you like about the old women coming back this season?

A: It shows that you are able to mend friendships– well, some.

Q: How do the new women fit in this season?

A: That’s something the audience will have to judge.

Q:  What do you think fans will like most about this season?

A: The loyalty level and the different opinions between us all.

Q: Will we see more of you on TV after this season? A spin-off perhaps?

A: No spin-off but I’m far from over. My work isn’t don’t yet.

Q:  Can you talk about rumors you left the show mid season?

A: I was going through something personal and wasn’t in a Mob Wives mindset, but I don’t quit.

Q: What was the hardest thing about filming a reality show the last six years?

A: Showing my vices and being judged when it’s happening in so many households. I’m just braver to say it aloud.

Q: Can you give fans a teaser of this season?

A: I’m not a tease. LOL.

Q: If you had to describe this season how would you describe it?

A: One of the best seasons yet.

Q: Anything else you can share?

A: You will see everyone for who they really are.

Renee was very vague in this interview, but her answers lead me to believe she’s not on good terms with a lot of the girls. If Renee was a fan of the new girls her answer would have been way different. The information/”spoiler” I got from this interview is that Renee is involved in big drama, and while she says she doesn’t “quit” I’m predicting a major melt down mid season.

What did you think of Renee’s interview? Are you #TeamRenee? Are you looking forward to Mob Wives: The Last Stand?

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  • Drita is vile as hell. Her trying to push ” good example for my daughters” is the most offensive thing she says, watching her on show. Every now and then she may say something remotely humorous, but I can’t get over her animalistic behavior- too much of that aired . She is no better then anyone else, she just got lucky that another company endorse yet another lipstick line. YAWN.
    I’ll be glad when this so called woman does not get a platform to be an asshole anymore 🙂 Cant say I ll really miss the show as the violence became highlight.

  • We know who everyone really is. Karen is a loudmouth who doesn’t see anything wrong with the fact that her Father is a serial killer and drug dealer. So much so she also went to prison.

    Love Renee. Love Big Ang. Love Drita.

    Like Carla. Like the Philly girls.

    Could not relate to Ramona at all – hope she didn’t marry that jailbird.

    Was afraid of Love but glad she called out Melissa Gorga! That was funny!

      • Something about her being a free loader among other things; like how other people that knew her in real life prior to Gorga said but no one believes truth just to hate Teresa 🙂

    • September in re to the Mob all of these ladies have fathers , hubbies, or exes who were in same environment as Karen’s father, so singling her out as having a father as a serial killer is kinda pointless, IMO. Also it was HIM, not her.

  • wow..I misread the interviews about this subject..thanks Renee for telling us the dirt.

    I thought that VH1 – was deciding to not renew contract..just thought a new or the old station would pick up Mob wives.

    I know I will miss everyone..even the whacky ones…like Ratalie..

  • Loved the show. Renee was always the biggest whiner though. Plus earlier this year she was tweeting during filming that she was quitting. Can’t imagine all of the self-created DRAMA plus the threats of physical violence toward each other had nothing to do with the decision to cancel this series. They only have themselves to blame.

  • Not team Renee, never was team Renee, never will be Team Renee, always Team Drita and Team Ang, and for a while I loved Natalie Guericio, and thought that she was done wrong. Hated Natalie D., she was a fame seeking gutter trash fill in the blank. This show was my guilty pleasure, going to miss it.