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Mob Wives: The Last Stand; Sixth & Final Season Cast & Story Lines Revealed!

January 13th can’t come soon enough for Mob Wives fans, however this season is going to be bitter sweet; today VH1 announced season 6 of the reality show will sadly be the last. Mob Wives is housewives on steroids. Most of these women had genuine, long lasting friendships with one another before the show, and this took the drama to a whole different level. These women have potty mouths and quick tempers, but we love them for it, and they will certainly be missed. I’m sure Mob Wives: The Last Stand will be epic, and these women will want to go out with a bang for sure!

VH1 officially confirmed that Big Ang, Drita, Karen, Renee, and Carla are all back to finish out the show, and minus Big Ang this was the original group that began this journey in 2011. Big Ang is the face of the show now, and I’m sure her reality TV career is nowhere near over. The Philly girls are officially off of the show, but let’s face it, once Alicia DiMichele made the decision to not return those girls were irrelevant.

This season gets personal, with each of the ladies is dealing with an in particular struggle; all different, yet able to pull together. Drita is alienated this season, and Renee is crazy as usual. Karen is back in NYC full time (again), and Carla is back and fiercer then ever. Big Ang’s cancer journey is documented, and I don’t thinks she has time to put up with any nonsense this season.

Luckily, VH1 released more details on each of the ladies story lines this season, and they made the right move going back to the Mob Wife roots. While two new wives were added, producers knew that the viewers are emotionally invested with the OG’s, and I wonder how long they knew this would be the last season.

As usual, Renee is trying to remove herself from the drama, but is unsuccessful. Renee not only opens old wounds, but also creates new ones. Renee spends every season in the center of the drama, and I don’t think she can help it. We love Renee for her crazy outbursts and dramatic meltdowns, and hopefully season six doesn’t fall short.

Karen Gravano is elated to have her teenage daughter back in New York with her. Karen has taken on the stage mom role this season, trying to kick-start a modeling career for Karina. She is still dating Storm, so we’ll see more of their tumultuous relationship on camera. Karen continues to lead the fight to get her father an early release from prison.

Drita must have known the end of the road was near, and decided to keep the money train going with a tell-all memoir. Her ex-con husband Lee is totally against the idea, as are most of the women. Of course the RAT word comes back this season, and these allegations are thrown right at Drita this season.

Big Ang is amidst personal struggles, as she faces her cancer diagnosis head on. She’s having issues with her husband Neil, as well as financial problems, but Ang still has a business to run! Fortunately, Ang and Neil are on the current season of Couple’s Therapy, where their relationship has been making major progress so far!

Carla is back in the good graces of Karen and Renee, and she’s back to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Last season Carla made an appearance to call out Drita and announce their feud to the world!

Vh1 also introduces Brittany Fogarty, the daughter of known gangster John Fogarty. She’s just moved back to the East Coast to be closer to family. The Fogarty family has strong ties in the New York mafia scene, but not everyone is happy to have her back.

Marissa Fiore is the last new wife on the show this season, and she’s considered a newbie to the “lifestyle.” She was introduced to the ladies from her tough guy boyfriend Jamie “OZ” Lansburg. Marissa is extremely loyal and proves she can hang with this group.

This season has been called a “journey of exploration” for all of the women, and I for one can’t wait to watch. Mob Wives has been one of my favorites since it first aired!

Are you surprised this is the last season of Mob Wives? Are you a fan of Mob Wives? Which character is your favorite? Are you looking forward to meeting the new wives?
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  • Glad to hear its the last season. Sorry, but seasons 1 and 2 were the best!!! They should have just focused on the struggle of building businesses and being judged for being associated with the mob rather than go off on one another for stupid shit. Season 1 and 2 was and still is the life of this show. Seasons 3-5…no, just now. They got annoying as time went on.

  • Definitely will miss it. They were the leaders of the RHoNJ. I know they’re not from there but I can’t relate them to the RHONY. My favorites are Carla and Ang. The rest just talk the talk and scream too much.

  • Drita was the main reason I watched, besides Big Ang, and how Renee felt season to season. They will get more ratings, if all know this is the last, but I will peak in and out. A lot of these shows are getting darker and to the wrong side of fame or entertainment. I wish Drita, Ang and even Renee well being and the best.

  • Ditto, definitely my guilty pleasure as well. Very sad that their time is up.

    As far as a fav goes, loved both Ramona, & crazy Love. Adore Karen, she’s a riot. Honestly, I like them all. Drita is cool, but seems like a flip ,flopper-ish. To me.

    I hope the ladies are smart, & squirreled away their earnings for a rainy day.

  • Hate to say it as it was a guilty pleasure of mine as well, but its about time that one show , at least , that has turned into ugliness , sprinkled with violence and so much negativity too often is ending. Now there are several more that need to exit stage left . They’re probably not even ending the show; just moving to another network..

      • I agree with everone here, that its been a guilty pleasure. ITA, the physical fights and long standing beefs and sit downs were getting to be too much. But can it really be the last season?!

        Maybe Jenn will retool the show, honestly, I hardly think of their ‘mob’ connections anymore, but just think of them as East Coast ladies getting on with their lives.

        I want to know how Renee is doing on her road to sobriety, does she do any celeb styling these days? How does Carla get along with Joe? Does Drita still rap, perform? Does Karina like NY over AZ?

    • I was really turned off when they brought in the Philly women & the constant fights,verbally & physically.Last episode last season w/Carla coming in & saw Drita exiting-I said here we go again.I’m done-just like this show is on too long/done-imo.