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Jim and Amber Marchese Claim that RHONJ Twins We’re Actually Their Employees!


We’re wondering what Bravo and Andy think about this one!

Amber Marchese and her husband Jim have been saying some pretty bold statements these past few weeks, but this may be their boldest yet! According to the Marcheses, RHONJ twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano were actually employed by them and we’re called “disgruntled employees” by Amber herself! We’ll explain…

Amber recently spoke with Real Mr. Housewife regarding the twins and was quoted as saying “I don’t take it personally when employees of mine are disgruntled after I terminate them.”

Amber continued: “When Jim and I made the decision to not go back to the show, I knew it would end their 5 minutes of fame. However, they should be grateful to me for giving them this opportunity. A simple thank you would be appropriate. Given the contracts they signed with me, they should speak to their lawyer before making slanderous remarks about me and my husband. We were never friends. They were nothing more than contractual employees of mine. And being nothing more than hired help for me, they know nothing about me. I hold my cleaning staff and landscaper in higher regard.”

Wow – that is quite the statement but it doesn’t stop there!

Jim naturally took to Twitter to expand on his wife’s comments which are outlined below:

Twitter 2



Twitter 4

What are your thoughts on all of this??

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  • Bravo Ad for RHONJ: Housewives must be attention-seeking, narcissistic, violate, and vapid. Husbands must have alpha, Napoleon complex.

  • OK – whatever. Don’t you think you look ridiculous enough already? And they (were) on the same show as the Giudices (much more likable despite).

    Nanny nanny boo boo – 95% sure you weren’t asked to return. I’m pretty sure Sirens/Bravo could get around the “contract” with the twins if they wanted to. Please shut up and sit down. I told myself I wouldn’t comment on them anymore to. Bad Tabitha!

  • I hope the twins hire a good lawyer. Amber is throwing the word “employee” around a lot. That word has very real implications regarding taxation and termination. If the twins signed a confidentiality agreement, that doesn’t allow Amber the right to lie about them without consequences. It doesn’t work that way, amber. But then again, we are talking about a woman who goes to an Ivy league school to major in Gym.

  • Oh I thought Andy owned all the housewife series??? Boy am I confused. Ok lets see some paycheck copies. These two are over their 15 min. of fame and yet their mouths are still moving. These two are the fakest couple in the world. They need to shut the f*#k up and disappear.

  • This couple is beyond crazy! So now we’re supposed to believe they orchestrated all the drama with them and the twins? Who’d believe a word that comes out of their mouths? They’ve been nothing but liars and opportunists. Neither of them has any credibility with anyone who has an IQ over 100. I wish they’d just go away and stay away!

  • Doesn’t Amber have cancer again? maybe her and her family should concentrate on that instead of trying to get 5 more minutes of fame (just sayin)

    • Exactly… Doesn’t she have a funeral she should could be planning? Karma’s a bitch and so is her skank husband. Take with you Amber.

  • Amber, you are as a despicable as Brooks, with your fake cancer return! You and your cancer- scamming weasel of a husband are disgusting!

  • I call bullshit. I am 1000% certain that Andy Cohen did not sub-contract casting to the Marcheses. These two are incapable of telling the truth on any level. I can only hope anyone doing businss with these people stop doing so. I hope they go broke. Jim is a criminal with immunity and Amber is an associate of gold digger Melissa Gorga- enough said.

  • When are these annoying NOBODIES going to finally shutup & go away??? I feel I can speak for many here-nobody cares about you or what you have to say-GO AWAY!!

  • completely off topic..but ..involves Amber…

    Remember last week..Vicki was saying someone hacked her twitter account..and her proof was the blue check mark..the blue check mark means “verified celeb”

    well…Vicki’s “hacked” tweet was her confessing to know about Crooks being cancer free…

    well look at Amber’s blue check mark..but her account is “verified celeb’..does this mean Amber’s twitter account was hacked…nope..

    means vicki lied again


  • why wouldn’t you hold your landscaper and cleaning staff in a high regard? wow, every week she sounds like a bigger and bigger bitch.

  • Actually..what this is what happened

    – the twins and Rino have become friends with Joe Giudice and they visit him and the kids..etc..

    – the marcrazies..go after Gia

    – Joe Giudice the twins and rino

    – weeks go by..and the marcrazies bash the Giudices 24/7

    – the twins have a podcast and they take a swipe at Amber and Jim..about how they bashed Gia and have added why the marcrazies went after Gia..because they are fired..

    hence rambler lying ..jim is even stating bravo/andy gave Rambler a 6 year contract..(I copied it on one of these stories last week)

    along comes Rambler stating – “this is how one of my employees react if they are terminated”

    Rambler wasn’t saying that she is the employer of the twins!..

    Rambler and Jim had a melt down on twitter!

    hilarious and embarassing!

    • Oh Sam that’s actually very interesting regarding the twins and Joe Guidice causing Jims meltdown! The twins called him out on the podcast too? This is making a little more sense now! I think you’re on to something!

      • LJ!!

        long time no hear bud!

        I follow the twins and listen to their podcast each week..they are hilarious!

      • Great timeline, you got it! Totoally agree they can’t handle their friendship with the Guidices. Oh, and one other one, when Amber made her white lie that she quit and told the cast, she said the twins didn’t respond. Burn! LOL

        • Hi Maru


          Rambler can’t keep track of her lies..cuz..she also stated the “relationship” with the twins was “created”..

          geez..worst fire in RH

  • Are the twins making the claim hence the, “we’re” with the apostrophe? Or is the claim they ‘were,’ as in used to be.

    Some clarity would be nice. We are talking simple grammar here. My fourth-grade granddaughter knows the difference.

    • What a coincidence, my fourth-grader knows the difference as well. She also knows how to decipher the intent from content. More importantly, she also knows how to handle a situation like this without making herself sound rude.

      • I don’t think Helen is being rude, jet. An adult who is being paid by the blog owner should know apostrophes are for contractions & possessive nouns. Why everyone forgot that astounds me.

        • Simply pointing out the error would have been sufficient. Asking a question you already know the answer to, and implying that a fourth grader is smarter, is kind of rude.

          • I don’t think Helen said anything that other people didn’t think in their heads. Sorry if it offends, but the professionalism in the writing really sucks sometimes. I don’t expect this to be the New Yorker or anything, but sometimes my eyes hurt from the bad writing. Still I like Teresa so I keep coming back, more for the comments than the actual article.

          • I said it the way I said it because these kinds of basic elementary school mistakes have become the rule here rather than the exception.

            And this from a blog owner who is trying to sell herself as an author – in other words, a literary being who can be expected to know the rules of basic, elementary school grammar and should expect to be called out regarding these constant, egregious errors.

  • Rox, PLEASE don’t post items about this hateful couple.

    they exploit their recognition WAY TOO MUCH as it is,

    and they are simply vindictive, lying assholes.

  • **This Just In** Jim is writing a tell all book and is soliciting questions on twitter.

    This from a one season househusband who can’t handle the fact he wasn’t offered his own show. He has no fans and his wife just gave her maid and gardener left-handed compliments comparing them to the dim twins.

    IQ of 12!

  • excuse me…you all help me please!!!

    these idiots produce the NJ series for Bravo? this is who andy works for?

    I am shocked..

  • How can this be true? I want to hear from Andy on this one. It seems unlikely that some housewives would be contractual employees of another housewife. Were Jim and Amber paying them? They are horrible people.

    • Yep twins got played.

      But unless the Cheese ball paid them …which i doubt….They are employed by whoever cut their checks ..

      one of the contracts LRB had them sign …as stated by LRB (little rat bitch ) …Was that he would make a percentage of any future earnings that came as a result of the show or some shit like that? .. So it’s fair to say he did not pay them… Maybe they paid him ??? LOL

      He is also insinuating that the twins are broke. Even if they are..which i doubt Rino is … not as broke as Messy or Whacko

      This LRB and his wife think they’re gangsters .. Yea .. LRB gangsters

      • but that sounds more like a manager, not an employer..I am really confused by the implication that they were their employees? not Bravo?

      • To me it sounds like the Marcheses took advantage of the twins gullibility concerning Bravo reality shows. According to Bobby, Jim was worried Bravo would only want to sign up the twins for season 6 and not Amber. So, he used that unethical, law degree mind of his and probably bullied them into signing his contract.

        I’m pretty sure the Marcheses are now blacklisted from the entertainment industry. Who would want to hire a Napoleon Complex, lawsuit hungry, whistleblowing rat like Jim and his body builder wife as EMPLOYEES? That’s right, Jim and Amber were employees of Andy Cohens! I’m sure Andy and the Bravo execs respect the janitors and doormen more then they do the Marcheses, too! I know I would if I were them!

        • I’m sure Jim is looking for his next whistle blower pay out. Seems he’s made a career of that, and not for the reasons the law exists but because he’s a slimy asshole who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.

          • I really wouldn’t be surprised if Jim ended up in prison within the next 5-10 years. That may sound extreme but if you read some of the court cases Jim was involved in, it shows how money hungry he is. A rich sociopath with no regard for human life is dangerous. One case I looked at online had one bank finance a mortgage with Jim’s Mortgage Now for $125,000. The bank, CCB, president was found murdered and the bank went under. Another bank, TBT, bought CCB. Upon further investigation they seen the $125,000 payment with no mortgage note anywhere to be found. Since the president died and the board members declined merging with Jim’s company, Jim found another bank to finance the same mortgage. Jim never returned the $125,000! He’s a slimball! TBT sued Jim for unjust riches. It was proven in court that Jim kept the money. Jim’s defense was CCB/TBT didn’t claim the money in a proper amount of time so he was entitled to keep the money! Yet, that little rat bastard passes judgement on his ex-wife and the Giudices crimes! There are other chickenchit things he gas done for money, too. Like deny a potential client a loan but charged him $450 to get the property accessed that he wanted to buy after denying his application! He’s deemed unethical for a reason!

  • You’re a little two faced there Amber. You wrote, “However, they should be grateful to me for giving them this opportunity. A simple thank you would be appropriate.”

    Let’s here your thank you to Bravo – for hiring you and giving you and your slime bag husband this opportunity. That would be appropriate too – instead of your threatening with a tell all book.

    Marcheses – go crawl back under that rock you slithered out from under. We don’t care about you, we don’t care about or your lop sided look at the world!!!

      • And one more thing Amber. Remember that according you your standards Andy probably treats his dog better than you. The dog is part of Andy’s household. You were just the hired help!

  • Come on Hamster…Eggmitt the reason you and Slime Little Rat Bitch signed the twins was because you had a years old rumor to expose.

    They were never your sidekicks as they attacked you and never warmed up to you or cared to film with you after they saw you for who you were .

    Booby found them at Dunkin. He had heard the rumors and told you and that is the reason you picked them. To be your “sidekicks” Hahaha No real friends???? Awwwwwww Nobody likes cancer scammers or rats !!

    You brought the rumor to production and the rest is history. Too bad Booby doesn’t have the balls to out you cause he would be outing himself . But those twins know. That’s why they have been so supportive of Teresa and Joe. Plus the non disclosures you had them sign prevents any of them from really opening up about you

    So threaten them all you want . Bottom line is you disgusting POSs were most likely fired and no one from the show gives two Fucs about you including your husbands ex BFF. CONTRACTS or not they despise you.. With good reason…You’re despicable…

    No fan of the show gives two shits about you either. So please disappear …Thanks

    Amber and Jim who ?????? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Hahaha I know right .. Setting them up, Exposing them ,Non disclosures , contracts, threats of lawsuits, the privilege of working for them . Hahahahaha I wonder of they cut checks to them or should they just be ‘Thankful for the opportunity ” LMFAO
      Gurl is twisted just like her little bitch husband

      • Hi Hopedul!!!! Srap on boy and his ski sloped nose of a wife just don’t know when to stop! I don’t believe anything these two morons say!
        Like we are suppose to believe Andy would allow housewives to hire people to play pretend to be friends. Na Andy wouldn’t go for that!!
        So Amber is pretty much saying she doesn’t have one friend in the world who would film with her, so she hired two women to pretend to be her friend? Wow strap on boy and Amber must be some very vile people if people have to be paid to be Amber’s friend. That says a lot about their character!!!!!!!

        • Haha

          Hi Penilane . Happy.. Merry 🙂

          Has anyone asked him if set up his wife getting attacked by the ladies he employed to play his wife’s friends/sidekicks ?

          OMG He employed them to attack his wife. Dying 🙂

          • Hi Hopeful,September24 Merry Christmas to you all!
            Like we are suppose to believe strap on boy payed two womem to gang up om his wife and yank her hair out!
            No Mr. Strap on boy we aren’t that stupid like u wished we were!! That alone reveals Jimbo didn’t pay the twins.

  • What in the world?
    Then that makes Jim & Amber liars, too. Amber was so distraught Tesersa pulled her into the Victoria Gotti drama about Rino & Santa. Now I think Amber & Jim orchestrated the whole thing.
    I was never a big fan of Amber, but she just keeps get worse & worse like her husband. They (supposedly) made the decision to not be on RHONJ anymore, so please go away. Trashing your boss & coworkers isn’t going to get you your own show.