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Melissa Gorga & Jacqueline Laurita Are ‘Happy’ Amber Marchese Is Quitting ‘RHONJ’


Amber Marchese may be creating enemies left and right with former co-stars Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice but according to Amber she still has good friendships with Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga, who apparently are “happy” that she has quit RHONJ.

In a new interview, Amber claims that Melissa has shown her a lot of kindness since announcing her departure from RHONJ. Um, yeah probably because she doesn’t want to be dragged into Jim and Amber’s crazy media rants.

“Melissa reached out and basically said that she was happy I was concentrating on my health and family. Obviously she understands my struggles in the last six or seven months.”

According to Amber, Melissa has always been concerned about her health saying,“We’ve spoken and hung out during the summer, and even when the cameras weren’t on, she would have tears in her eyes. You have to understand, we’ve known each other since we were kids, so for her to see me go through that, she was legitimately upset.”

Ughh, please it’s funny how Amber claims Melissa is concerned now but during season six the two costars and old friends could barely stand each other.

Costar and friend, Jacqueline Laurita has also been supportive of Amber’s decision to quit RHONJ.

“Jacqueline has been absolutely amazing. She has been a wonderful friend, and she is constantly sending me texts throughout the day or calling me just asking me how I am. She’s been very positive in this whole thing.”

Amber reveals that she gave her two friends and former costars a call before announcing her departure.“I told both of them about a week ago I was leaving the show. I just wanted to give them a heads-up that it was going to happen.”

As for her other RHONJ costars, Amber says she’s heard,“Nothing from the twins [Nicole and Teresa Napolitano].”

While Amber and her husband Jim are getting a lot of heat in press, as they should be, they are also getting waves of love and support from RHONJ fans.

“The general public, it’s amazing, everyone is congratulating me which is kind of surprising,” Marchese revealed. “They are like, ‘Congratulations. Good for you. We’re so glad you’re not eating Bravo s*** anymore.’”

“People have been direct messaging me and tweeting all these messages telling me that they are super proud of my decision and they respect it. They know that I did it for my family.”

I give it a year for Amber to be begging to come back to RHONJ after how successful season seven will be. I hope nothing happens to Jim and Amber’s financial stability to where they may need reality TV to help them out. I think they’ve burned one too many Bravo bridges. Karma’s a bitch.

Thoughts on Amber’s latest interview? Do you think Melissa and Amber’s friendship is genuine?

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  • as of today wed nov 18th teresa will be home in 35 days,imagine all the hugs and kisses on the 23rd, then rest of day,plus 24th teresa’s house will smell of baking, and all her christmas dinner cooking

  • What is going on with Ambers new Cancer diagnosis anyway? I saw a while back a photo she had on her Instagram saying gym in the morning and chemo in the afternoon (or words to that effect) but haven’t heard or seen anything regarding chemo since?

  • She’s so mad she didn’t get a ton of attention over her cancer coming back and I prob figured she would have a for sure spot because of it. Of course Melissa and Jac are nice to you. They don’t want the public attack that Eat n wide did to Teresa and Dina because neither want anything to do with her. Shes so jealous of them as they both have a secure spot if they want it and can see right through them. If Melissa was so caring why dudnt she and Joey defend Gia or Ter. Nothings changed. Jac will come back pretending to care about Teresa.

    • I agree Little rat bitch probably was soooooo pissed off because wanted his wife’s bout with “the cancer” to be the focus of season 7 . That’s why he lost his shit over the delay in filming. Mad his wife had to Wait for Teresa .Hahaha

      Hamber’s treatments , kids afraid and crying for their mom , Her sick, him playing the devoted , loving husband and father. Other cast-mates rallying around her ..That should have been the driving storyline for the season 7 according to the delusional director( in his mind.) After all he directed his family’s acting last season .
      He should have been filmed being the Mr. mom cooking eggs or pasta piselli and his children should of been featured dealing with their moms illness. . His image might have softened?…Him and Hamber and their kids should have been showered with attention, sympathy and love from fans all over the world ..( A family of stars born ….but it’s all acting according to him )…Hahahahahaha ( BIG PIMPING !!)

      Not a special about how THE STAR’S ..(a felon).. kids are surviving without their mother during her incarceration …with their dad being Mr Mom and having some hilarious and some very sad touching moments on film while the star TERESA calls in for a few moments per show. ….For big money..(and close to a million and a half viewers) …Enough to pay her back mortgage and taxes …while in jail …before Mrs Cheese can even get the words that the others do pay …and the Gs don’t pay theirs ..……. BOOM !!!! Egg on face.. The truth is the opposite .

      He said Gia looked like a Hunts Point Hooker… this POS garbage SOB …Jealous of the attention bestowed upon the STAR’S children ..SMH

      Jerkoff Jimbo is livid.
      His interviews and hers reflect that.
      “Whacko is happy for me and texts me all the time to see how i am .” (Ummmm OK and?? )
      “Messy and me have seen each other over the summer, even without the cameras…..(Wait What ????) and… i saw Messy with tears in her eyes, she genuinely cares about me cause we are such great friends since we were kids , This is very hard for her ” ( UMMMMM OK Sure if you say so, only she wasn’t so happy to see you and ratted you out as soon as she had something on you )
      “They’re both very happy for me for quitting ” ( Ask yourself what that means? Not great IMO )
      “I have witnessed Teresa being cruel to Messy and Whackalyn ” ( LIE . When ??)
      I hate Dina . she texts me all the time and i tell her to stop but she won’t cause she is dating my and Jims friend and he was married and she is evil and disgusting ” (still mad Dina threw you out in Fl huh ?) (No mention of knowing the ex wife though ?)
      ” “We all get along great without Teresa around” ( Sure you all have one thing in common… Teresa doesn’t give 2 shits about any of you …BUT ….Watch them all bitch and cry that Teresa doesn’t give them the time of day, while bashing her at the same time , just as soon as filming starts)
      “No i haven’t heard from the twins” (Do you really wonder why?) (They know who really threw them under the bus YOU and little rat bitch ) !!

      IMO Whacko and Messy are playing nice with the two RATS . Let them bury themselves.. right ??. (Messy is a coward for not addressing his disgusting remarks he made about the kids though )
      Hamber even reminded them they all have skeletons, in her interview . Translation : ” “We are mad as hell to not be asked back and offered a huge contract and we don’t care who we hurt out of spite …as usual ” …. JMPO 🙂

  • I read somewhere Bravo wants Tre to work for her SIL at the Envy store. hahaha!!!

    I would rather wear an orange jumpsuit and pick up trash along the highway. 🙂

  • I think we should throw a party in support of Hamster “quitting” YAY !!! BYE!!

    Shipp got any smoothies ? 🙂 Lets celebrate woooo hoooo

  • She needs to get that short nasty growth off her back. It’s called Jim. He has the worst case of Napoleon syndrome ever.

  • She’s truly a terrible actor. No wonder her career hasn’t gone anywhere. Girl, stop lying! You were not asked back, this wasn’t your choice! Stop pretending and STFU! Go enjoy your blood money

  • Its weird to see such a rash of ‘interviews’ by Jim & Amber lately. I’m thinking Teresa & Joe’s 3 part special must have really irked them.

    Melissa, Joey & the kids were filmed, along with Rino at his restaurant, a good plug there, as well as Rosie.

    It seems like they held off on the badmouthing til they realized they really weren’t going to be on that special, on WWHL to comment or back on the RHONJ.

    • I thought that also. Once they knew they weren’t getting their way, they started whining to any blog that lets them. And yet another chance for the Gorgas to stand up for family LOL.. Good thing Teresa never let her( Melissa) get the prison visit. Fake ass biatch.

      • ITA Maru and Michers. Jim having that monstrous ego that he has and after all the bragging about his input last season, legal and otherwise, how dare Rino get to film instead of them. Doesn’t Andy know his wife is a star??!!! 🙂
        Also, Teresa is quite up on her so-called family and them riding her coattails for profit and notoriety.
        She handled Mewhore the same way she did Rosie and Fishwife on that reunion last year. When they came out and the clip of their mother speaking on Tre was shown, Teresa exited stage left before their commentary could start. No shine for you bitches. LOL

        • Oh geez, sorry Michers the post below at 7:52 is for you!

          Missha – yeah, Jim ‘the casting director’ using the local Dunkin Donuts hahaha

          Oh, I had forgotten about Theresa walking off re: Kathy & Rosie, didn’t she find a penny? That was cute!

      • Yes, Theresa was very smart to keep Messy away, and Gia knew not to call on her too! Mel showed her true colors with that recent tweet, calling out the ‘bitches’ that’s who she really is, exactly, rough and fake!

    • Hey Maru being you mentioned that a friend of a friend of a fiend ect…was on instagrm , FB or twitter with a pic of Joe at Rino Little Italy place Angelo’s last weekend .
      Joe and the friend of a friend ect… both looked good 🙂
      Glad their formed some kind of friendship. JS It’s a nice gesture that Rino reaches out without cameras . I gotta give him that .

      Little bitch Rat Marcheesy only kicks people when their down.
      Rino refused to film or be near Cheese not Joe Giudice EVERYONE refused to be near him …. No one EVER had a problem with Joe … NO ONE LIKED THE CHEESE … That’s why “The Cheese stands alone………….” hi ho the cherry oh The Cheese …………alone with his Hamster

      • It was nice. He seems like a caring guy and very forgiving. Joe needed people like that in his life. Agree, love he did it off camera and Joe let everyone know who was really there.

      • Ahh…so you can confirm 😉 the rumor that Rino and the cast refused to film with the Cheese Stands Alone, gotch. And that’s why he wasn’t at the finale Lady Bug event, but oddly, Amber went…alone. Hmmm…Ok!

        I like that Rino & Joe have remained friends off camera. And I LOVE that the twins did not respond to Amber hahaha, sounds like they are keeping their distance – very very wise of them!

        Any word on Bobby? I’m sure he hasn’t been in touch with Jim at all. I would think it’d be hard to overcome what happened while filming.

        • Rino confirmed he would NOT film with the little rat bitch on the show by not filming with him and he said it at the reunion . Booby confirmed he was done with the bitch . Joey didn’t film with him after Fl

          I am just saying Joe Giudice was at Rino’s restaurant last week taking pics with patrons… i believe without cameras filming . Just thought that was nice. Who knows the twins might even turn up when T gets out ? They were at Gia’s graduation although the film didn’t make the cut . I saw pictures of them there

  • uh uh, yep great.. as long as everyone communicates with the biggest trash talkers who speak about even children, well thats great! Happiness all around… effing idiots. Wish them well so they can get back to slamming everyone 🙂 Will Jim put out articles with Jax’s truths???? The people need answers.

  • OMG She quit ? OK BYE!!!!

    I too would be congratulating her if i was on twitter. I would also say worry about your health and kids. And I am no fan

    Why not reprint the story how Hamster cyber bullied and harassed her little rat husband’s “FELON” ex wife? The one convicted of mortgage fraud while she worked with her ex the rat .

    Yea Yea Hamster denied the harassement. But IP addresses don’t lie. The address lead police right to Little rat bastard’s house. So who was it. The Rat , The Hamster or both that harassed his ex???

    So not only do those poor kids have a cancer patient pick pocket rat as a father but they have a felon mother. And a psycho stepmother . Yet Little rat bastard filmed 1000 hours last year for the show with his kids. AWWWWW Too bad the garage pail was the only one that saw the film . I am sure it was inaudible as i can’t understand a word ANY of his kids say. Do they speak English ?

    IQ12 ? That’s what he is hoping. NOPE

    Funny how the little rat bastard loves to fight with women but if he is approached by a man he screams POLICE POLICE !!! LMAO

    Someday scumbag will wind up behind bars MARK MY WORDS ..where i feel he would NOT fair so well ..Then again according to Hamster he likes being dominated and penetrated . Maybe that’s why he keeps pushing his luck?? ..Don’t know and don’t care …

    Until then could we PLEASE stop with yesterday’s trash stories ??? Thanks xo

    • Oh …Love the picture of the Hamster FAKE crying her eyes out over Teresa and her problems.

      Is that what little rat bastard meant by the show being fake ?? Guess so That and them attending church during the Lentil season . Hahahahaha

      Why in the world would Hamster believe Teresa would trust her with anything regardless of how far up her ass the Hamster tried to crawl ???

      SMH She quit (FIRED) enough already .. Who Cares??????? NO ONE WILL MISS HER ……End of story …

    • Holy crap! I just read the story, “Did Amber Marchese harass Jim’s ex-wife?” on this site! Wow! Amber and Jim are nuts! Good for the ex for calling the cops on them. It’s funny that Jim first denied the allegation that he was the cyber-culprit then admitted it was Amber who was harassing his ex. IMO, I wouldn’t doubt it was Jim and he talked Amber into taking the fall! At that time, it was his kids he was fighting for and it wouldn’t look good if he was cyber-bullying his ex, the mother of his kids. My heart goes out to his ex for falling for that rat and having 2 kids with him! I googled ” James Marchese cafepharma” and I came across a blog written by an attorney who was familiar with Jim’s 1st whistleblower case. The blogger said Jim is obviously narcissistic, which we all figured he was! I, too, think Jim is going to end up in some sort of legal trouble. Wait for his $8.5 million to run out and we’ll probably see him handcuffed, being led away from a court house into the back of a police squad car. The way Jim reacts in such a reckless, arrogant, mean spirited, condescending, over the top way, makes me feel like he’s covering up something dark and evil!

        • Hi Missha! O/T-My son thinks it’s the Kneeler guy who said, “Help Me!”, on the walkie talkie at the end of TWD episode. I do hope Abraham and Sasha remain friends. He’s kind of taken, isn’t he with Tera? When I read a recap from some site, the writer talked about Abraham being suicidal, until Eugene lied and said there was a cure in DC. So, Abraham had a mission and after Eugene was exposed, Abraham was lost. He’s a military man and seemed lost with no mission. So, when he was talking about the future, while wearing a military jacket, it was like he got his will to live back. Anyway, good riddance to the Marcheses, those silly fools!

          • Yes CqsD, that’s true about Abraham. His entire family was killed I think and him running across Eugene gave him purpose again. Then finding out he was lying really hurt him and Alexandria helped some. I think that’s what Sasha was saying about his need for control – but I feel he is back on track. Yes,he is taken, but you know men 🙂
            His new will may in his mind, call for a new woman.

          • Totally, totally, O/T- I started reading Blind Items this year and some have surprisingly come true. The Charlie Sheen news has been known for years in Hollywood and when news broke about Charlie I wasn’t shocked. So, a recent blind item guess was about the 3 TWD cast. The actress who plays Maggie has been after the actor who plays Rick for quit some time now. She recently found out the p/t actress who plays Rosita has been hooking up with the Rick actor. Now Maggie’s actress, who is considered a female lead, wants Rosita’s actress killed off. IDK if this is true but if Rosita dies, Maggies the cause!

            To keep this post RHONJ, in June 2012 there was a blind item revealed to be Caroline and Jacqueline. The BI described the cast members, who are identified as being stupid, are evil and are refusing to film any scenes with the more popular HW. The plan will backfire, though, because the popular HW brings the ratings. Bravo would never let go of their cash cow!

          • CqsD, noooo. Please, I hope Rick/Andrew Lincoln isn’t THAT guy. I’ve adored him since this 2004 Brit movie Love Actually. Also the fact he is a Brit. My daughter laughs at me because a handsome man can turn me on to watching a show – that’s how I came to TWD. Then got stuck on the back story.
            Yes I believe that about C & J, at that time they were desperate to get rid of Teresa and we see where that went. 🙂

  • I really find it tacky when HWs speak on behalf of their co-workers. Melissa is notorious for doing this! I guess Amber speaking up for her shouldn’t irk me but it does! When the HWs do this it comes across as a desperate manipulation attempt to plant a seed in our minds first. Melissa taught Amber well! I do believe Amber worked her butt off to bond with Jaq and Melissa. I bet they all had hate Tre sessions and plotted how to get Tre back for shutting down production! Even though that’s on Bravo. I also believe Amber didn’t make the cut this season! This is her “exit” we’re witnessing.

    • It is tacky, and it says a lot about them. If the bird ain’t chirping, don’t fucking chirp for it. They act like we want to know everything.

  • I think Amber has to understand she did not make that big of an impact on the show. Neither did the twins, Dina or Melissa – but why does Amber leave as if she was the breakout star of this show? She was barely tolerable. If the Housewives platform wasn’t for you as you say, stop talking to the press. Get on with your life.

  • Of course Mel and Jac are “happy” Amber quit. It leaves more money and air time for them!

    Seriously, I doubt any of the potential cast are going to miss Amber and her weasely husband.

    • Seriously, how stupid is Amber? Of course Ms Marco and Jacaholic are as sweet as pie to Amber leaving. Less compeition for film time. But Amber thinks they are sincere. SMH!

      To quote Vicki – shut up you’re stupid!

  • Glad Amber is happy with her decision since her hubby tends to pies people off it will be less stressful for her which is what she needs now as for Melissa they prob are friends but bravo twits what they show to make it appear otherwise

    • They don’t have money problems like everybody else on the show. She should take care of herself. These shows are generally trainwrecks. Good decision, though….she wasn’t asked back. I do not believe it was her choice. Douche husband ruined it for her.

      • You’re right They don’t have money problems ..that we know of.. Thank God there were many suffering cancer patients that he could scam out of their money before they died . Right Rover ?? How many suffering people do you think died so Little rat bitch may live in the lap of luxury ???/

        BLOOD MONEY will never be lucky or shine IMO

          • Chill out? “Little rat bitch” is MILD for that scum. I truly don’t go for name calling, but I most definitely make exceptions for “little rat bitches” like him… and Crooks.

          • What would you call someone who scammed cancer patients, then blew the whistle on his co-conspirators for a payout?

            A gentleman?

          • Wow, 4 Trehuggers to the rescue? Lol It appears everyone knows Hopeful is Hopeless. There’s Sam talking about sex again …. on a blog about Amber. Maybe if you got out of your trailer more often you could have find someone to have sex with. Show then your welfare check. Maybe they’ll be impressed. 🙂

    • You would think these people would learn after years and years of hearing people say they “quit” after not being asked back/fired.

    • Ummmm yeah—–according to Jim it was Amber’s absolute dream of all dreams wish of all wishes to be on this tv show so yeah she just decides to up and “quit”.


      Does she think that we really believe that she was asked back and turned them down? I don’t think so.

      You and your hypocrite pipsqueak husband were not wanted back on the show and you know it.

  • Why are they revealing all of this? If you are done with something, just be done with it and move on with your life. Constantly mentioning it over and over is not accomplishing much.

    There is no guarantee that Season 7 will do well by the way.

    It must be horrifying going through cancer again, but it does not mean she has to be so outlandish with the others. If she has genuine friendships with Bubba and Melissa, good for her I guess.

  • shocker!

    Before Rambler started taping she “inferred” she had dirt on M..never heard it.

    So Rambler calls M …understanding made..I am leaving and will tell everyone’s secret…so M dutifully kisses ass.

    this is why M could care less about standing up for the Giudice girls..

    • Hi Samuel!

      I think the Gorgas didn’t want to damage their relationship with Jim and Amber, too, is why they didn’t stand up for Gia! Yet, Joey is probably going to treat Tre like chit for rejecting Melissa on her visitors list and not wanting to be a family the way he wants them to be.

      • Teresa always says family is the most important thing but slapping her brothers wife in the face by not putting her on the visitors list doesn’t really lead to healing the family. It was a blatant insult not only to Melissa but to her brother and it demonstrates that family is not important to her at all. I don’t think Joe Gorga should have visited her either under the circumstances.
        When all of their kids are older it will be worse because they will be taking on their parent’s points of view and be feuding. Teresa is definitely the reason this is happening. Hating Melissa is more important than family to her any day and Joe Giudice blaming Joe Gorga for his legal troubles was a real eye opener for everybody.
        Teresa and Joe make lightly of all the terrible things they’ve done and deem others mistakes unforgivable.

    • Hi Sammy. My question is…if these two messes have known and been friends since they were kids, how come MeMe didn’t know Hamber had cancer? Yup, last season, MeMe says she didn’t know.

      Something smells fishy, and it ain’t Kathy.