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Teresa Aprea And Nicole Napolitano Are NOT Returning To RHONJ! Plus More RHONJ Season Seven Updates!


Three down, how many more to go? Real Housewives of New Jersey season seven hasn’t even officially began filming and already they are down three cast members. Yesterday, Amber Marchese revealed she would not be returning to RHONJ, and now we are hearing that Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano won’t be coming back either.

According to the Real Mr. Housewife, production sources are saying, “Teresa and Nicole will not be returning for the seventh season of the show.”

It seems that production is leaning in another direction for season seven, and I guess Teresa and Nicole don’t fit the bill. “Production is thinking of going in a different direction this season and going back to the show’s North Jersey roots,” dished a source.

“Since the twins live about an hour and a half from the North Jersey girls, it was easier to coordinate filming around a more centralized location,” the source went on to say.

While the twins may not be returning full-time, you may see them here or there during season seven according to the source. “The twins are friendly with Joe Giudice though, so it would still be expected to see them pop up from time to time.”

In other RHONJ news, it seems that production is still waiting to see what’s going on with Teresa Giudice’s release before they start officially filming. We all know that Bravo will want to be there, cameras ready, when Teresa gets released from prison.

While RHONJ may have just lost three Housewives, Bravo already has three women, including Teresa G, who are familiar faces of the franchise in mind for season seven.

Bravo is also thinking about bringing in some fresh blood for season seven to liven things up. We’ve all heard the rumors of several women Bravo has their eye on but to date nothing’s been confirmed.

Here we are again, in the familiar waiting game for RHONJ season seven.

Are you shocked that Teresa and Nicole won’t be back for season seven? Will you miss Nicole and Teresa? When do you think season seven will begin filming? Which former RHONJ stars do you want or don’t want back for season seven?

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  • Gad the twins aren’t coming back. Those voices, ugh.

  • Ozzie Slim

    Now if you’ll really help the viewers and get rid of Mellissa Gorga…..

  • Janice Marie

    Thank you Jebus!!!! There was no way I was going to turn in if they were back. They were horrible!!!!!

  • samael

    hmm..ok..I know that I am probably the only one that goes bonkers for these two!!

    They are a hoot and Teresa2 groveled appropriately and kissed Teresa’s butt for her stupid ignorant comment.

    this story is mixed up..first it states ..who is not getting contracts..then contracts are being offered to anyone..or when anyone will be offered a contract.

    I think it would be awesome to have the twins return!! Based on the podcast and Rino’s twitter feed…there is a real friendship growing with the Giudices and the twins.

    As far as losing 3 …well..contracts haven’t been offered anyone..including Teresa!

    Bring it!! awesome!!

    go ahead..lop off my head..that won’t change my mind


    • Janice Marie


    • Marlew

      If Teresa Guidice doesn’t get a contract, there won’t be a Housewives of New Jersey. Period. End of Story.
      Teresa & Joe committed fraud. They will serve time in prison. They have to pay back what they took fraudently. They were both stupid. They know it now. This will take them both a long, long time. The bottom line is this– they didn’t murder anyone. They deserve a chance to get back on there feet.

  • September24

    Different direction? You mean no more brawls between BILs, chaos at fashion shows, “rumors” about strippers and MIL affairs!

    What will we be watching? Sesame Street?

    hahaha!!! 🙂

  • lbrhiannon

    Miracles DO happen! All three gone. You may stop now. We’re happy.

  • Marlew

    THANK YOU, SO MUCH—- Teresa, Nicole — for not returning to NJHW.. You made my day, month and years to come.

  • Amanda Marks

    I wish them well, but I just don’t think they added much to the show. I know it did NOT have anything to do with Andy disliking them. C’mon REALLY?? He is a bit more mature than you sweetie…I look forward to getting to know their replacements:o)Sorry girls!

  • Shipp

    To answer the question “Are you shocked that Teresa and Nicole won’t be back for season seven?” NOOOO. I’m relieved. Won’t miss anything about either one of them.

    • Shipp

      To add, bring on Kim D. Love me some Kim D. and Posche.

      Envy and Posche collide. Now there’s a story line 🙂

      • Maru the Cat

        Yeah Kim D is really good to spar with, I’d like to see her.

        • Shipp

          Maru, remember the Stump broke up, literally, Kim D’s Posche 2 opening. Physically fighting with The Greek, ruining racks of cloths, even pulled a sink out of the wall.

          I’d like to see Kim and the “big boys” do a little tune up to Envy, the Boo-tique.

          • Maru the Cat

            Yes, that’s a great idea!!! If Melissa was smart, she would push for this story because she is such a bore otherwise!

            I loved her big boys comment, definitely some Mob Wives stuff there. Joey crumbled and almost kissed her rings at the reunion.

      • rhfan

        Yes, Team KimD!

        I read on another site that Kim D has met with producers; I hope that is true Fingers crossed for a Posh vs Envy fashion throw down. 🙂

        • Maru the Cat

          Oh that’s right, I pray its true. This season could use the oomph of Kim D!

      • michers

        LOLl Shipp! We need more things to fall in her lap and I want to see the Big Boys collide with Boca Bitch 😉

        • eggmitit

          From your lips to Andy’s ears, guys.

          That would be excellent TV.

          • michers

            Hahahaha!!! Hey guys, I have been spreading this on other threads: New HW show- Jan 17th- RHOP ( Potomac) I was glancing at Andy’s twitter and saw. Im so excited. Fresh meat LOL I hope Rox or the other ladies writing here can score some interviews and get us the juice! Not only Dallas, but these chicks. We need NEW. Im wondering if a city or 2 is getting axed from Bravo??????

        • Maru the Cat

          I love it – that could be an episode title:

          “When the Big Boys collide with Boca Bitch”

          Do it Andy!!!! If we must have Melissa cast on this show, give the viewers something to watch.

          • michers

            Yesssssss….. 😀

  • FreeTre! xxoo

    Does it really matter who the “extra’s” are?! QUEEN Tre!

    • Shipp


  • cj

    Thank God.

    Hopefully dina boring manzo won’t be back either

    • Andrew

      I think Dina now lives in California. I don’t think she’ll be doing the show either.

      Time for a revamp for sure.

  • Laurie

    Honestly the only way this show could be saved is if they bring back The Lauritas and the god I’m saying it— the Wakilies…. And the Gorgas and the Teresa band together against Kathy and Rich and realize that they Kathy has only been tagging along with Joe and Melissa for fame and doing their dirty work money to build her house!!! Haha!

    • michers

      You never know- stranger things have happened. Reading this article, watching TCI, I was thinking maybe they are trying to either get back to almost original ensemble, OR just keep it all family. Then I think WHY? Worst example of family evaahhh. Who knows? We could be in the dark and Teresa comes home is actually speaking to her coattail riding family and they all film?

      • rhfan

        I think they should keep it only the Gs family. I think the Gs interacting with the others just seemed so fake on TCI. If they bring others on it might just be more of the same fakey vibe. JMO.

        • michers

          I agree. The whole everyone against Teresa and talking smack thing is so 2013…They already did everything ” dark” they possibly could for ratings. I think that that TCI thing was to see what ratings would be like if they only focused on Teresa and the aftermath of prison, the family/dealing with and recovering from. Even with her not physically being there, it still had much more interest then other people/shows. Yes, we know she is a felon. We know some family sucks and are coattail riders. Next please, LOL. Plus, there is still Joe going away that Im sure Bravo would cash in on.

          • Shipp

            Mich, the hags can and will get even darker. They thrive on it.

            MeMe, Katfish, Bloated Booze Bag, Mama Hamzo (throw Pork Chop bride and the husbands on the pile too) will break bad as usual. No surprise.

          • michers

            Thats true Shipp! Here is to hoping that Bravo and maybe Andy will put an end to that madness though! I hope they realized with criticism that we don’t want that on our tv’s.

  • donna

    I’m done watching because it’s back to the same OLD CRAP! Teresa hating the Gorgas, Wakiles, & Lauritas. I liked it when Jim, Amber, The Twins,Rino & Bathroom Bawby were there. They shook things up. Now, it’s back to the SAME OLD CRAP! NO MORE JERSEY FOR ME!

  • Andrew

    I really hope this franchise gets a revamp again. I agree with the comments, the newbies were absolutely horrible. They should “glam” it up like how Beverly hills is (says the one article).

    I don’t think Dina is coming back since she lives in California. So now it’s just “Melissa and Teresa” again until whenever they start filming.

    I hate RHONJ casting and the rumors and the waiting.

  • Hopeful

    Not shocked . I think i broke that bit of news a couple of months ago.

    • CsqD

      You sure did, Hopeful! I love your scoops! Who do you think is the RHONJ couple who have been spending any money they make to look rich? In playing pretend they now will not be able to make a large payment due soon. My first guess in Rich/Kathy and my second guess is Melissa/Joey.

      • Hopeful

        Good morning CsqD 🙂

        Both excellent guesses. Both probably correct add Whackalyn and Chris ..there you have it. I doubt Rino is down to his last ..Yet …

        And Marcrazies are loaded up with all that blood money and rat fees so they “SEEM” ok .

        Chucky has “thriving” “successful” “children” . And that stunning Hall >>>NOT >>> Place needs a major makeover from the looks of Lapbands money grab wedding . 400 hundreds guests stuffed in a drab room like cattle . Even the cake was an uninspired disappointment .. WTF ? They were given a show featuring this wedding and that is what the show ?? I would be very embarrassed to have filmed that if i made my living off of catering . PLEASE ..

    • Maru the Cat

      Yep Hopeful, I remember you gave us the 411 a while ago! 🙂

      So Jim & Amber must have told Mr. Housewife in one of their daily interviews…

  • dylan

    All anyone cares about is Theresa so give her a spinoff and leave her off the RHONJ. Sorry to say it but I think the RHONJ is over, nothing interesting has happened since Danielle and that was years ago.

  • LaraM

    Yay, just film Teresa and her family, please. With some Kim D. Caroline said never, but who knows…. Or scrap the show! Just no Jaq and Wakikies tag team with Gorga’s. They should have just kept cameras rolling for TCI, with Holiday Season Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Cmas and NYears, until and with Release of Teresa. Rino didn’t bother me on TCI nor did Rosie as cameos.

    • Sharon

      I agree. Teresa, Joe and the girls are fun to watch and frankly, they would do well with their own show.
      I can’t stand Caroline’s show. Manzo’d with kids? They Are Not Kids. Secondly, there is something seriously off with that family. I mean they are too tight and very odd. They are very odd.
      They don’t even remind me of Italians raised by traditional italian ways. They remind me more of mountain freaks and in breds. Sorry but they come across to me that way. The ADULT kids have no intelligence or discipline or structure or goals. The goal is to hang on mommy and daddy and obtain goals through them. You want a beauty shop, mama get it Fer ya. Ya wanna restaurant, big daddy get it Fer ya. Ya wanna girlfriend, little sister hasta ahh approve and then wease all go out and hunt down you a girlfriend. Ya hearin that Albie Boy? We au gonna get Christie Brinkley’s daughter and ask her ifin she will date ya.

      Yes, there are really weird.

  • Cheryl

    Let’s just keep it 100, the replacements weren’t asked back because they were a snoozefest!

    Like I said early when they starting taping S6 when Amber and the twins were casted they should had stuck together and actually went go head up with Teresa/Messy/Dina for least a year. But, no, they were wet behind the ears on how to be on reality tv and that staged storyline did them no favors which ate the show.

    Thats why they are out.
    Boring and lacked screen presence.

    • michers

      I think the one twin had potential; the one who dated Booby. But her sister and Booby ruined things for her IMO.

      • Sharon

        Michers, I laugh every time you write Booby for Bobby. Lol love it.

        • michers

          Started as an accident at first but now my finger just automatically calls it as it sees it. I think Booby fits him better anyway LOL

  • Sharon

    One more thing, I think Teresa insists on Melissa Gorga because she’s afraid of losing her brother. That’s the only reason I can think of while questioning Bravo’s decision to keep bringing Melissa back.
    Teresa or no Teresa, if Melissa and Joe Gorga return, I’m turning away from NJ.

  • Sharon

    Okay, let’s all get this straight right now, Theresa, Amber and Nicole are not returning because BRAVO and ANDY does not like them. They don’t want you to return so stop acting like it was your choice. If Andy called them right now they would jump. Nobody likes the ODD sisters and nobody likes Amber.

    • Absolutely Cheryl. You know that Bravo always allows the women to give save face reasons for their exit. Look at Jill Zarin, first she said the money wasn’t right, then it was the negativity and finally she admitted she was let go.
      They all do it and would run back in a heartbeat.

      • I’m sorry SHARON. This post was to you. I was just reading Cheryl’s comment below right before typing.
        Apologies, that was sloppy of me.

        • Sharon

          That’s okay Missha. I love reading comments for opinions. I honestly can’t believe Jim Marchese actually believed Bravo and Andy would ask Amber to return considering how badly he has been running his mouth. Something also tells me Amber has used her husband to do that complaining. All of a sudden, she speaks out against Teresa? Yeah, I’ll tell you why Amber is speaking out, because she must have received a call from Bravo stating that she will not return.
          Thank Jimbo for that. Lol

    • Tilley Tee

      Please, Please, PLEASE, Andy Cohen get rid of Melissa Gorga, she is sooooo BORING, she brings NOTHING to The Real Housewives Of New Jersey… I would rather see Joe Gorga as a Housewife then Melissa…. Again, BORING