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Amber Marchese “Quits” The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Reveals A Lot Was Fabricated

In not so shocking news, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese has decided to exit from the hit show after one season. According to People, Amber and husband Jim made the decision together. Amber says, “Jim and I have been giving Real Housewives or New Jersey a lot of thought and given the current state of affairs regarding our personal lives and the direction of the show, we officially decided to move on. The show was not what we expected it to be, and I want to pursue more suitable endeavors.”

Amber believes the cameras didn’t allow viewers to know the real her. She complains,

“I was picked on a casting call while pursuing acting, and the person that was presented was created for the show. I had little control over content, situations, or what they decide to show the viewers. Even my relationship with the twins was created. I recruited them for my storyline after I was chosen. I only met with Teresa Guidice and Dina Manzo for filming purposes. I never built a friendship with them as we were nothing more than co-workers. I wish them all well and the best of luck, although, my husband does not share my sentiments.”

It’s interesting that Amber claims she is quitting when it was most likely certain she would never be asked to return. It probably took her this long to “quit” because she was waiting to see if she would be asked back so Jim could negotiate some sort of deal. But it’s obvious, Andy wants nothing to do with either of them. Are you surprised by Amber’s exits or claims that a lot was fabricated?

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  • Prekteacher

    Well thanks to Twitter we got to see the real Amber and Jim and it wasn’t pretty at all! We all know how they got on and who was fabricated and we also know her husband arranged the pack of fools that were presented not the way she describes it!

    And you were both fired ! Good riddance!

  • Kasey

    Thank God! I couldn’t stand Jim and Amber Marcrazy!!! Jim is an eat it and can we have Danielle back please?? Danielle Dina Jac and Teresa possibly Melissa??

  • Colojunebug

    I quit watching because these two idiots and I believe that Bravo knows that many other could not stand the flakes. I said that season would be their last. Glad they had the “opportunity” to quit. I too wish them well but they were so backstabbing that the viewers really couldn’t buy in. I just hope Andy does a better job of finding some interesting players instead show-boaters. I have watched from the beginning and I agree with many of the comments that Teresa girls are growing up on TV and they seem very adjusted to me. They will be fine as soon as they get the TAX issues behind them.

  • September24

    O/T Just read that City of Hope is stating they have never treated Crooks for cancer! hahaha!!!!

    • LaraM

      I’m going to admit that I’m laughing at some comments, upthread. I’m not giving this Marchese post any other hits, comments, but bc you mentioned something,…September24, have you listened to Hearher McDonalds Podcasts? Hilarious. She is friends with or knows a lot of Bravolebrities. When she gets with Watch What Crappens Podcast, magic happens. That’s all. 🙂

  • September24

    Will Jim and Amber be Andy’s “Jackhole” of the day?!

  • rhfan

    LOL, yes she “quit”. Hahaha

    As is my policy with all HWs who “quit”, are not asked back, I believe she was FIRED! Bye Mar-creepys!

  • rhiannon

    As Melissa would say: “Thank You Baby Jesus!!!”. That schnozz, that voice, that “hersbeen” Jimbo, was a total shipwreck waiting to happen. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Next…the “TVINS”, puhleeze???????

  • Primrose

    If that furry little gnome wasn’t so noisy, no one would even remember that they were on RHONJ. They don’t like the direction the show is going in…. The show had a definite long before them.

  • eggmitit

    Ok, now get your husband & your strap on and fade into obscurity.
    Hollywood ain’t calling, honey.

    • Shipp

      Egg, Porn might be calling tho. 🙂

    • Hopeful

      Hahaha Eggmitit 🙂

  • RabbleRouser

    Totally unrelated- but Bravo posted that CIty of HOpe confirmed that they never treated Brooks.

    • michers

      I saw that !

    • samael

      Thanks Rabble

      When I read that..I thought…”caught”

      I read on et -and City of hope detailed everything “shady” about his non cancer..(my words)

      • RabbleRouser

        hi Sammy, Hi Mich

        I can’t wait to check out the E! article.

        Brooks is so DONE- he won’t be able to lie his way out of this one.

        • michers

          Hi Rabble !

    • rhfan

      Well, of course City of Hope is fabricating that!

      Vicki said she was there in the waiting room while Brooks was getting his Chemo. Everybody knows VG wouldn’t lie, she just fabricates. 😉

      • RabbleRouser

        Yes, it’s like Bill Clinton and his explanation that his mind, sexual relations meant sex- as in his penis in her vagina. It doesn’t not include oral sex or the use of cuban cigars, that’s a total unrelated question. ‘)

    • Hopeful

      Hi RR 🙂 …I’m shocked,,, NOT… J/K

  • Faye

    Good nobody is going to miss them

    • michers

      Im not sure why so many blog sites are giving this attention! More media should focus on the kind of character Weasel really is if they want to shed some top story light. Its even funnier that so many people hated them both and made fun of them for the only season they were on. Hell he even fought with bloggers LOL. I even thought he was half way decent first episode or 2 he was on then felt bad for Amber with her getting ganged up on then her cancer story. Then he decided to fight with women and throw his unwarranted insults out to everyone . I can’t believe now so many are giving them a platform to be so ugly.

  • Texas thoughts

    I could just hear it:
    Amber. Nervous. Day after day Week after week. No call from Bravo

    To her horrible husband ” ……. You know I wouldn’t go back to that show ……. You know they are make things up ……. Teresa …… And that. ”

    Horrible husband to Amber “. Day after day. Week after week – no response from Bravo. “…….you know – they don’t deserve you …. You should quit!”


    Hey Samael sand Hopeful!!!!! Always great to read your posts!

    • samael

      Hey Texas!!!

      🙂’s like a early christmas present!!

    • Hopeful

      Hi Texas 🙂 LOL

      I Hope you’re well .. Good to see you. 🙂

  • Potsie

    Never have I come across 2 people more desperate for attention than Amber & Jim. I’m so glad they are gone and won’t stain my tv with their stench. As for the editing remarks, they cannot fabricate what you don’t say. Own your shit you two losers. Buh-bye.

    PS. Cannot wait to see T. She makes me laugh.

  • HaHaHaHa! Keep trying girl, but your Emmy is not waiting. Those reveals were evident and are OLD news.
    You sound like a jilted lover – what did Andy’s nonrenewal letter say? It’s not you, it’s me. Shadup you desert-thirsty biatch.

    • Shipp

      The Dummy award is waiting tho. 🙂

      • SHIPPPP!!!!! 🙂

        • Shipp

          MISSHA!!!! 🙂

    • “It’s not you, it’s me.” Now, THAT was funny. Thanks, I needed that.

    • Hopeful

      Hahaha Missha

  • Aubs

    Bye Felicia!

    • michers

      Yep! This is unreal. The public protesting, whining, trashing a minor, stomping feet because Bravo doesn’t want them. Someone make it stop. I really tried to give at least Amber the benefit of the doubt even after her hubs attacked women. But the last few days show she is no better. How do you spew BS then wish the other women well, LOL??? We the public have been cheesed…If media outlets stop giving them attention, they would go away a helluva lot faster.

  • JD

    Amber is JUST like her husband. You recruited the twins for you story, the meetings were fabricated, and now you bitching about not befriending women, you bad mouthed. Girl, BYE. Oh, there’s a difference between leaving a show, and NOT getting a call back

  • Hopeful

    We know you picked up the twins and recruited the them Hamster after Bubby brought you and stubsey their storyline in the form of rumors . You got them on because of the rumors Bubby told you and fucface
    about them. Come clean Hamster. Hiding , and lying isn’t good for your health ..

  • September24

    Amber had no control over content shown? Yeah, Amber you kinda did!

    All filmed:

    Amber calls Tre and begs her to tell her how she is doing.

    Jim tells TeRessa about the “rumor”. (Which Amber told him).

    Amber tells MElissa about the dim twin’s married boyfriend.

    Jim chooses not to handle any situation diplomatically. i.e. IQ comment.

    Amber can’t even “act” on a reality show, how is she going to land a “role” on Broadway, a tv sitcom, Netflix, etc.

    It was the viewers who quit these 2 early on in the season. Their only season.

    Who are they kidding?!

    • Hopeful

      Yea . they’re acting like they’ve been on since season one . They’re delusional

      • samael



        his twitter account is just hilarious..people weeping..”you are the best on RHNJ”!


        • Hopeful

          Really Samael??? .. How many people is he paying to weep ? LMAO

          Why doesn’t he used his cancer ripoff profits and his rat fees and produce a show for his wife, kids and ego.

          Maybe the 5 people weeping will watch ?? Doubt it though unless his show is called “Let’s Bash Teresa Giudice and Her Family” The only people that even remotley like him are Trehaters and not that many of them can even stand the pond scum and his pet hamster

        • Hopeful

          Hi Samael 🙂

          • samael

            Hi Hopeful


            so glad you are here!!

            yup..he’s all..”oh ..thank you!” when some moron that drank the juice..”you are too good for RHNJ”..


        • Hopeful

          I can just see it. 5 morons telling Jerkoff how he was the best housewife ever. LMFAO

          Cause he bashed the Gs

          • michers

            No. Its propbably the same as here; one person with multiple names blowing smoke up his weasel ass.

          • michers

            *probably*. There.. now I went ahead and left a crumb to catch LOL

    • Shipp

      “Who are they kidding?!” The ones with an IQ of 12.

      Liar face – Bravo quit the Cheesy’s. The Cheesy’s didn’t quit Bravo.

      • samael

        100% Shipp!

      • Hopeful

        IDK Shipp. ??? Is anyone that stupid to believe they quit ? He’s still crying .

        • samael

          I can’t stop laughing…the boss just accepted the resignation!!

          A fan tweeted to Andy do you feel about this (I paraphrase) and included Ramblers good bye interview

          in less than 10 words..Andy says good bye!

          • Shipp

            Hi Sammy. Hahahaha. I notice Andy didn’t wish the rat well.

          • samael

            Hey Shipp

            Rambler’s twitter acct is even funnier..”Bravo should give you a spinoff”

            ha ha ha ha

        • I was so glad when I found this blog. I was talked into the ground when I called Theresa’s brother IQ challenged. I didn’t even know others saw the dimwit look on him. And what’s her name, his wife. God. But there are some who have been hurt by white collar crime, and I understand them having some anger toward the whole thing. But it has to end somewhere. I have been seeing the “42 counts of fraud” statement all year now. She is almost done serving her time. Then she will be all paid up in that way, then just paying back the money. Her kids are being bashed in a way that is despicable.
          The kids have been given the opportunity to speak in the same medium that their parent’s are being bashed in. So, they get to speak back in the same arena they are being spoken ABOUT. I think it’s good for the kids to have a voice. You heard it here, first!

          • 3D’s …. everything you said. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Maru the Cat

            Great comments 3D’s and welcome!

            Exactly, the kids were allowed to say whatever they wanted to say, and as you say, so much had already been said about them. They should get their turn.

    • Charlie

      all scripted.

      • Scatty

        I agree there was a major attempt at scripting and control of storylines — by Jim. He had Bobby and the twins sign contracts with him and probably dictated exactly what was going to be revealed. Therefore that whole Santa-gate thing was just a storyline then. Along with his over the top tears over Amber’s cancer storyline. So glad he’s gone. He reminded me of Kenya Moore or Claudia Morgan or Aviva Drescher with his thirst for hammy theatrics.

        • Hopeful

          You’re right .He is the one that attempted to write and script the show. He had his contracts non disclosures WTF ? ,,,threatening people , until they fell in line .

          He is a rat by nature
          His scare tactics, verbal abuse and delusions of grandeur along with is threats of lawsuits didn’t cut it at Bravo. His behavior IS atrocious and bordering criminal . He is a disgusting POS

          Sop crying little bitch…….. IT”S OVER …. YOURE FIRED !!!

          The people have dismissed you Crawl back into your fancy hole built on others pain and suffering . You’re garbage

      • Helen Wheels

        Scripted, huh? So when the jerk-off dropped to his knees in the snow and wept outside the stable where they shot those pictures, exploiting his wife’s cancer, it was all for show – a complete phony – like him?

        Great to hear him admit it since it was one of the most cringe-worthy scenes that show ever produced. Jerk-off Jim was so obviously working it for effect. Am I the only one who saw the obvious bathos for what it was?

        • Shipp

          No Helen. The most real part was that is was outside a horse shit stable.

          The irony was not lost on me. 😉

          • miami53


          • Helen Wheels


            I can’t believe I did not even think to allude to the horse-shit analogy and the perfect symbolism of it all.

            That, my friend was perfection. I tip my hat to you!

          • Shipp

            Helen 🙂

        • jayden213

          It is all convenient for them. Good riddance.

        • I HATE to admit this, but when he walked out there, the very corner of my heart, previously frozen, warmed a moment. But then, well, reality took over!

          • michers

            I felt something too. You are not alone LOL. But for me , it was more about Amber as it was her illness. Which considering how blessed she is to be a survivor , I thought she would not be so quick to be nasty with interviews and agree with her hubs.

    • Hopeful

      What about the contacts jerk off had his recruits sign? Jerkoff had control over what his picks would and would not not be able to say about him .

      Non disclosures

      Funny it didn’t become scripted till they realized they weren’t wanted back. What parts were scripted? The twins pulling Hamster’s hair? The Jerkoff shouting your husband fucked your mom? Hamber’s crying ?

  • samael

    This is the best news ever! No more Marcrazies!!!

    Here is another possible reason the cowards quit

    – they have been slandering Andy and Bravo producers hourly in exclusive after exclusive…the phone rings..the “stupids” are told..

    “to soothe your giant sized ego’s..quit..we are not offering either of you a contract”…hugs from Andy and Bravo

    another scenario could be

    They are THAT stupid..that they just figured out that they were not invited to the Teresa special and therefore…will not be invited to TGNJ

    ha ha ha ha

    either way..stupid is stupid..chow..buh bye…GTFO


    • CsqD

      Hi Samuel!

      I agree with all you said! Next, I hope Jim and Amber, both, get sued for breach of contract! 🙂

      • samael

        Hi CsqD


        such a relief..

        I don’t think anyone has been offered a contract yet, and I don’t know how it (contracts) work between seasons..that would be funny to see the marcrazies sued!

        • CsqD

          I hope Bravo has a strict between seasons contract because I’m pretty sure Jimbo breached it! Then Bravo can make Jim their b*tch and he can see how real Attorney’s work!

      • Charlie

        Contracts are for I year, they had their glory, all over for them.

    • miami53

      Hi, Samuel

      I go with your first choice…how many companies do the samething with their employees. To save face, they are told to quit. I had read that he said that these are characters that are made up in the back room that we have come to like or dislike (in so many words)…okay true, but the Guidice daughters especially Miliania(sp)are the real thing. We’ve been watching these girls grow up…they are not characters in a plot.

      • samael

        Hi miami53

        you are right alot of companies will give them the opportunity to “save face” or public firing.

        • If the slime ball’s wife would have been smart, she would have kept on panting after Tre like she did in her season. That was REALLY stupid, sometimes we have to take the good with the not so good in a job. It is a job, afterall.
          I bet Andy s loving the attention this is giving the NJ housewives. All he has to do is sit back and watch them go down in flames, and the heat from the fire, well, heat is so much better than being frozen out of the ratings system.

    • jayden213

      There were reports from a year ago saying that they were dunzo. Hopefully they will shut up, now that they have “quit”.

  • Debbie

    Then the only thing left to say is : Ta-Ta

    • Hopeful

      It’s been swell ..NOT !! Don’t let the door hit you in your asses

      Thank You Jesus

  • Michelle

    Thank you Jesus! Amber & her lame ass husband & the twins were the worst thing to happen to rhonj ????????????????????

    • No kidding, huh. She said she herself recruited the twins, so, what? You don’t like the show being about Theresa any more than her IQ challenged brother and his tacky wife did. She was panting after Theresa in the season she was on, but now that she has made a mistake, well, not friends anymore. I am just so sure Tre has felt the sting of not having you for a friend, and your horrible despicable husband selling drugs to cancer patients that aren’t real. They are trying so hard to make that go away. Let’s not let them cover that up with stories about the children. OK? Theresa was so perfect during the pone call where what’s her name was “crying”, her and Gia were rolling their eyes even then. God, go back to your big house and work on your accent.

  • Aloicious

    Good. If I had to see her husband or listen to his psycho-babble bullshit and constant commentary on people’s IQs, I would stop watching the show.

  • Rach

    “I chose to leave” is what they all say when Bravo doesn’t ask them back. Either way, I hope this means her husband will finally STFU or at the very least, RH-related blogs will stop giving him the attention he so desperately seeks.

    • Hopeful


  • Andy

    Ok, they didn’t ask you back. Here’s to your good health. These shows almost never improve one’s family, so consider it a blessing.

    • Shipp

      The blessing is all ours, the viewers, who don’t want to see these two hags (yeah he’s a hag) anymore.

      Thank you Ham and Cheese, for “quitting”, when you were not asked back. LOLOLOLOL. Stunads.

      • Hopeful


      • lipojaq

        haha @shipp. very true.

      • Cheryl

        I knew it!

        Filming will be starting in December once Teresa gets out. Im sure it was already a done deal prior they wouldn’t return, which speaks to why the Marcrazies had went on a Teresa bash session the last few weeks on Twitter or anyone else who wanted to hear their hateful, jealous mouths.

        Jimbo has been push Andy’s buttons on social media too. And Andy don’t like that unless he’s the one pushing them first. Amber most definitely followed Jimbo’s lead to trash Teresa even though she was in her ass most of last season to be her friend.

        Glad they wont be back. So long, won’t be missed, and take your bad energy elsewhere.

    • Charlie

      I think they were not asked back, but many agree that the G’s children are being exploited. Two felon parents should not be allowed to have their children filmed? Who is looking out for the G kids and the money they are earning? I feel sad for the kids.

      I think Andy and Bravo set up unstable families to make sure the law or divorce courts get involved.

      It’s time to scrap the whole cast and start over with people who are reputable. Surely there are families in Jersey who have no shade.

      • Shipp

        Feel sad for your own kids, if you have any.

        The Guidices will be just fine, in time.

      • mtwp

        I know. Gia has way too much responsibility at 14. Same with Gabriella. Sad.

        • samael


          The Giudice’s are surrounded by their family (I presume joe’s side) by love and support and encouragement..

          They are seeing/feeling and learning what normal children learn..bad things happen..and this is how we deal with it..

          We don’t kick anyone while they are down…

          Trashing what JERKOFF did in minimum 9

          denial much…

          • River12

            “Bad things happen”. That’s what the girls are learning? LOL Try “Crooks go to jail when they commit felonies.” Cry for the camera kids STAT!! Daddy has no skills, so mom and dad are going to use you guys. That’s what they’re learning.

          • samael


            you are

            white noise

          • River12

            And you try to make the family of felons out to be like everybody else’s family that gives their kids “chores”. Nice try. No other mom and dad films their kids crying into the phone while receiving a call from prison. Then again, no one else is …. in prison 🙁 Nice try

          • mtwp

            Wrong. Gia said that while she’d like to be out with her friends she has to stay home to watch her sisters…. and her ever-so-supportive father came back with “Whatreya gonna do?” Uhh, how about be a kid? Sad.

          • Jarlath

            I think it’s wrong to put fiend the Marchese kids in order to defend the Giudice girls. Both sets have shitty parents, but I’m sure their parents love them.

            Y’all need to stop talking about the kids. Stop exploring them for your feuds

        • Shipp

          You don’t know anything, except what you see on Bravo….what they edit and choose to show the viewer.

          • Shipp

            My post was to mtwp

          • michers

            Ya know what though Shipp- even if Gia had to help around house or with siblings, chores.. she is 14 and there is nothing wrong with having some responsibility at that age. Shoot. I had to help cook, clean, laundry , babysit all that crap as a young teenager especially if my peeps were working late. Based on what I have seen, I see nothing out of the ordinary and those girls are FINE 🙂 On top of that, Joe’s family and their closest friends help out .

            *@mtwp- those girls are doing nothing unusual for their ages.

          • michers

            CRAP- forgot to add Shipp- Agree with your point 😀

          • Shipp

            Hey Mich, I did all that stuff too.

            Perhaps the slackers don’t get it. Kids should be taught responsibility, no matter what the circumstances are.

          • ladybug

            Shipp and Michers– I admire both of you for understanding how important it is for teens to have responsibility. That’s so true and many parents forget this. But the cameras seem to add something sinister about this. How are some of the these children going to feel when they can look back on this and realize that everyone was watching them go through this difficult time? It reminds me of the Truman Show movie. Jim Carey hated being watched once he discovered he was on a reality show.

          • michers

            ladybug- trust and believe that if it were any other HW’s kids, they’d be praising the name of Jesus that their parents were giving them work to do. I have no doubt 🙂 Since it is the G’s, well, you know the drill! IMO, its better then teaching 30 something year old Hamzo ” kids” to” work”, or do chores..

          • michers

            Exactly Shipp and considering their circumstances, those girls are well adjusted and fine. They have REAL family not thirsting for camera time that act like REAL family, if need be.

          • Hopeful

            I was working in the family business at 11 years old .. That was after school activity

          • River12

            Crying for the cameras is their “family business” since the parents have no real jobs. Nice try

          • mtwp

            Okay, same goes for you. Your point?

          • mtwp

            And no, don’t “trust and believe” that I’d be praising another housewife for this. I wouldn’t. Trust and believe that.

          • michers

            Sure, whatever you say 😉

          • mtwp

            🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

          • The girls are being given a chance to speak in the same medium that has been speaking about them for quite a while now. No matter what Mom and Dad did, the kids have seen and heard what has been said about their family, and it has not been kind. That is their MOM. So, in the same arena they have been bashed in, they are now being given a voice in.

          • Hopeful

            I guess it’s a bad thing to look after your sisters , or know how to keep a house, or do laundry , or use a vacuum, or cook ? No body else’s adult kids know how. Remember when Whacko kicked her kid out . Assley didn’t know how to use a vacuum or turn on a stove? She almost blew her apt, building up because she didn’t know how to shut the stove off.

            Good thing Lapband’s mother in law taught her to fold Vito’s laundry. Clown certainly didn’t teach her daughter how to do anything but swipe Al’s Amex.

          • michers

            Thank you for all the emojiis @mtwp LOL! Love love love..:D

      • There are thousands of women in prisons all across the country who have programs set up to enable them to go back to their lives. IMO, Theresa Guidice wouldn’t be in prison if she wasn’t a HW of NJ. Jo would be. So, the press follows every single thing they do, and the kids have been seeing that from the first innocent days. Now, in the same arena their family is being spoken about, the kids are speaking back. It isn’t exploiting them any more than children of any kind of actor. Certainly the situation is unique, and the way it is presented is unique. Why should the kids have to just take all the hate filled press without being able to speak out loud? In the same medium that is speaking about them. Their “money” is being put into a college fund, from what I understand, because even if every single thing they do for the next ten years wasn’t being watched, they wouldn’t be using the kid’s money. People commit white collar crimes every day. If all of the haters sat and read all the court records and went on and on and on and on about the effing 42 counts of fraud they would be sitting at their computer for the rest of their life. Sure, she committed a crime. Many felons walk the streets that have committed crimes against children and others, violent crimes, and I don’t see the passion anywhere for that around here. Another blog I like talks about comparing the housewives to the fans all day. So, let’s compare Theresa with, say, the execs. at B of A. They aren’t even being prosecuted, and their kids sure aren’t being dragged thru the mud every day.

        • And for the ridiculous cheesers, “the dark place” Yeah, where the Sun don’t shine, baby. It’s dark because the “light” that is their ego isn’t shining.