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Double Trouble…Are RHONJ Twins Teresa Aprea & Nicole Napolitano Returning to Reality TV in Their Own Show?



You’re not seeing double,  you’re seeing trouble; and trouble might be headed back to the small screen in their own show! Teresa and Nicole joined Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6 and feelings on them were mixed. However, Reality Tea reports the twins announced on their podcast, Girls in Heels that they have a new project in the works!

Teresa and Nicole were first asked about their return to Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7. They both confirmed the show is on hold until Teresa is released from prison. Then Nicole said, There is a lot going on with Bravo. I don’t think they’re really sure how they’re going to proceed. Teresa was quick to say that her husband Rino Aprea isn’t fond of the idea of returning to the show. (Probably because of the drama with Santa last season) So for the Aprea’s its all about the money! Teresa shares, If the contracts are right we’ll see. I won’t do it unless it’s SO WOW. Otherwise, it was a lot of stress for me. Alot of sh*t that I went through. That’s been a point of contention with me and my husband. He’s like, ‘Is it really worth it?’ He goes back and forth.

Then they opened up about their new opportunity! We’re looking to do our own thing,” Teresa declared! She continued, We filmed a pilot. It’s going to happen. We have a lot of people interested. We’re looking for a great time slot. You have to be careful. You have to compete, so you really have to find a great time slot. We’re looking right now for that right time slot. I’m looking forward to doing something like that [with] family.

Cooper Lawrence was co-hosting and brought up what a great platform being on a Bravo show is; that they can promote their next product or restaurant. Teresa thinks their own show will be an even better platform because they don’t have to share screen time with any other wives!

Nicole thinks the negative drama on the show outweighs what a great platform it would be. Then the twins started arguing about who had it worse on season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. They continued to go back and forth about this for a while however, it seems obvious Teresa had it worse. Teresa finished by saying her hard time had nothing to do with the so called “skeletons” in her closet, but the flat out lies her co-stars made up. I don’t call anything skeletons. Everything in my life is an experience-good, bad, or indifferent, I embrace everything. I don’t have any regrets. I don’t have any secrets. You want to know, it’s out there. You want to know, ask me and I will tell you. I don’t have anything to hide,” Aprea assured.

Teresa and Nicole actually shared some details on the new pilot. It was filmed at Rino’s restaurant Angelo’s of Mulberry St. (Sound familiar, Vanderpump Rules, Manzo’d With Children?) Teresa goes on that, We worked with the producer who worked with us on housewives. A lot of people have been interested. The pilot’s done; it was done a few months ago. That’s my point, whatever we want to showcase, being on our own show, we would have a lot more control over garbage. Housewives, there’s a lot of fun to it, but you don’t…

Did you have any idea the twins felt so negatively about their time on RHONJ? Would you be interested in watching their new show?

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  • I recall Amber was attacked by these annoying, trashy twins. Nicole said Amber lied about her breaking up a marriage. Then it was revealed, the truth, and Nicole was indeed involved with a married man who left his family for her. So, it’s hard for me to believe that a lot of people are interested in their pilot.

    From what I hear about the Sirens Media producers, they sound like they are not to be trusted. They lie & manipulate the cast members they are assigned to just to get the storyline they want. They purposely create hate and make a profit for doing so. If the tag team twins feel comfortable trusting a SM producer with their reality show, go for it!

    P/S- I think the Rino/Santa affair is true.

  • maybe this is what stemmed the rumor a bit ago that joe giudice was filming at that restaurant, and everyone thought it was for his special.

    • When you need to make your tv show more interesting get a Giudice on the set pronto! hahaha!!!

      How sad the dim twins are not that interesting by themselves. They ride the coattails of Tre & Juicy…..

  • They are not asked back. So they whine they didn’t like being on RHONJ? Typical! As for a pilot, 90% of all pilots never get air time much less a season. I think someone is trying to lessen the blow of not returning to Housewives. Producers can blame lots of reasons for why a pilot doesn’t get picked up. It’s hard to come back from ” you sucked, so we are not renewing your contract”.
    Also saying they have a pilot, gives them a graceful way to reason why they are not back with the wives. “If it never airs, so what, we took a shot!”

  • Exfoliating with a cheese-grater wouldn’t be as painful as listening to the nasal whine of these two and you can bet there is someone at the network who realizes this. I think we’ve mercifully seen the last of these two.

  • For me when Rino shook his toucan clad dick at the cameras.. i was done. Skeevy MFer .. Oh and then there was that scene when HE cooked for a dinner party while shitting his brain out ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    The twins setting up Hamber and attacking her like that was another turnoff..

    Then of course there was the Santa rumor that none other than Rino himself started 20 years ago. Why didn’t the twins and Rino ever have a sit down with VG?

    I guess Rino didn’t have the balls to call her a liar to her face…

    How did their cookbook do BTW??

  • I never understood what their appeal was. They’re twins…it ends there. I don’t know what else they bring to the table.

    Rino may like the spotlight, but I can’t imagine he wants the spotlight back on his family. The Santa story is out there and coming back on TV may restart that fire.

    Bobby may stick his nose out of the bathroom if Nicole gets a show. What a jerk.

  • It’s obvious that Rino is paying for this venture. I think the reason he is footing the bill is his own ego and publicity for his business. He is a starrrrrrr after all . Good luck .. Maybe controlling what people see of them will garner some fans for them?? Who knows ??

    Rino loves seeing himself and bragging about himself. Here’s his opportunity . But as far as HW fans goes …i think they burned that bridge ..But never know .

  • I stopped watching RHONJ when they came on, I didn’t like them at all. If they get there own show, good for them, I’m just not setting my DVR for it.

    • September do you think the twins will let Messy appear on their show? Maybe for free? It didn’t look like there was any love lost between them and Messy at the reunion.

      We know Rino has been calling Joe every other week though and him and his family filmed a few scenes with Joe for the special ..

      The part about them returning to RHONJ for a contract that’s “so wow” is hysterical . Almost as funny as cheesball saying him and his wife want a million to do another season ..

  • I doubt it, but if so, it would still probably get better ratings than “Teresa checks in(from prison). 😉