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Lisa Hoschstein Slams Haters For Critiquing Her Baby’s Photo Shoot!


The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein and husband Lenny Hochstein recently welcomed their first baby. The couple shared their fertility struggles on the show and used a surrogate to deliver their baby. The couple named their baby Logan Marc and Lisa is now revealing their first family photo. Along with the first family photo, Lisa is slamming haters via social media who are criticizing the theme of the baby’s photo shoot.

Lisa took to her Instagram to share the first family photo with baby along with caption, “#firstFamilyPhoto #theBears @drhochstein @loganmarchochstein @tuttibambiniphotography #newMom #princelogan”


Lisa then slammed haters who were critiquing the theme of the photo shoot captioning, “My new and forever obsession #loganForever #newborn #newbornPhotoshoot #hermes @tuttibambiniphotography is THE best @loganmarchochstein #home #princeLogan #greatestGift #5daysold @drhochstein #HisForHochstein …. Ps I’m disgusted with some of the comments here! It’s a fun cute baby photoshoot, #whatIsWrongWithYouPeople??! you haters commenting WISH YOU COULD, unfollow if you don’t like it, I’m not trying to please you. what IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOMEONE LIKING THE MIAMI DOLPHINS VS SOMEONE LIKING HERMES??? The difference is you Being a HATER #byeFelicia #getAlife #hesPerfect #blocked #myLifeMyWay”


Thoughts on Lisa slamming haters for their critique??

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  • I LOVE this baby/Hermes picture!!! I wish I had thought of it when my teenagers were babies!!! Hermes is classy, sophisticated and recognized as luxury to the utmost so why not place your baby in the mix?? It’s not unlike country folk who prop their newborn on a saddle or bale of hay!!

  • I like the photo. Her baby is beautiful whoever comments about a family picture taken with a newborn baby needs to get a life


  • Leave the baby photo shoot alone my goodness an innocent child is at stake and if the mother wants to have photo shoots let her be!!!!! I am a proud mother and grandmother and I was an obnoxious mother and grandmother I took pix all the time took my kids every other month for their first 12 months of life captured New Years Valentines Day Easter Bdays Summer Pix etc.. Haters stop hating and embrace a woman proud and filled with loved and full of joy she is happy to have a child in a home… a home is a house until a child is brought into the house and it then becomes a home and good for Lenny and Lisa God Bless Their family and I hope they are blessed with more children and their home is full of joy laughter and love

  • Haha! Good for her! BTW- I think the term hater( How about Bitter bitches Nasty Nancies?) is so overused as other words and why does it like Dr H did surgery on his own face? Looks way different. * all the negative comments on her pictures are probably from Krupa.

    • Hahaha!!! He looks plastic!!! His face is unreal just like a dummy!!! He’s in his fifties isn’t he? Maybe because of the baby I wonder if he wants to appear young? Maybe he went to see Paul at Botched for the work??

  • It doesn’t look like anyone is attacking the baby but her tacky photoshoot. Why did she make it public? Is nothing private with these women? If you put it out there, be prepared for criticism. She comes across as immature.

  • How funny. When RHOM started Lisa couldn’t get her hands on a Birkin .. She needed Lea to get her one. Now she has at least one in every color and her gorgeous baby’s layette is Hermes ….

    Personally .. IMO ..Hermes should use that pic for a ad. I would love to see more of the shoot ..

  • Lenny looks like he has been doing some work on himself. Sure looks a lot younger in this picture.

  • I personally think it’s tacky, but it’s her life. I think Lisa needs to develop thicker skin. She is way too immature and always getting mad when people comment about her, yet she loved to gossip about the other ladies on the show.

  • Nothing Wrong with this photo. Sweet photo. They have right as parents to share the photo…up to rest of the folk, how they perceive it. You can’t please the masses. Bigger Issues in the World today. Posting negative & nasty is Not Nice. My motto, how would you feel it this was your baby and photo?

  • Her maternal instinct kicked in.

    It doesn’t matter if people find her choice of theme to be tacky or distasteful, it is her baby and she can do whatever she likes with him. What people like is a matter of preference; so respect other people specially A FREAKING BABY.

  • omg this is the most ridiculous baby photo set up! the baby is cute, but the hermes omg so supper tacky and a sign of someone that has issues stemming from prob growing up poor that they have to overcompensate and prove they are worth something….not a very good example in my opinion for a child.

  • What were the mean comments folks were making? Because the baby is being surrounded by Hermes boxes?

    I don’t know how anyone can look at beautiful baby and think of something snarky to say.

  • Lisa has every right to slam the haters. This is her baby and she paid for the photos so she can do whatever she wants. Some people need to get a hobby and stop hating on people.

  • I love the family picture, but I think Lisa is being a bit too self-important. No one is ‘hating’ on that beautiful little baby. They are making comments on the tackiness of the photo shoot. Being a fan of a team is not the same as a brand of clothing and accessories. I didn’t expect anything less than what Lisa did. She is a tacky person. Nice, but tacky! God bless that beautiful little boy.

  • How ridiculous, I can’t say it’s a picture I would choose but ‘hate’ really it’s a baby!! Why are some people so nasty!!!

  • This is how to shut down hate…it amazes me that people have the audacity to demean a newborn’s picture!

    Our local news station – our meteorologist mentioned a couple of months ago that she was sent hate tweets and hate emails ..she just had her baby girl..she asked people to be nice, while she is pregnant..

    what is wrong with humans!