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Lea Black Slams Brandi Glanville Over Joanna Krupa Feud And Discusses RHOM Season Four

The feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa continues to heat up. Now, Joanna’s good friend from RHOM, Lea Black, is speaking out on what she thinks about the fight.

While speaking with Wetpaint, Lea discussed what all of her RHOM costars were currently going through, including Lisa Hochstein’s baby coming in August via a surrogate, Marysol Patton’s mother Mama Elsa’s health issues, and Joanna’s rivalry with Brandi.

“I’ve talked to Joanna about it, but seriously you’ve got this twat walking around with a tampon string out of it and then talking about a twat that needs perfume. Who’s ever heard of this stuff? Is this real? It’s like you need to do a reality check on your brain to see if it’s really happening,” Lea said, almost in disbelief. “It’s hilarious to me. Shame on Brandi, though, because Joanna is a beautiful girl and you don’t need people to be thinking that when they think of her name. I don’t think that was the right thing to do.”

Earlier this year, Joanna sued Brandi for defamation over comments Brandi made stating that when Joanna slept with Mohammad Hadid, he told Brandi that Joanna’s lady parts smelled fishy. Recently, while Brandi and Joanna were out to dinner at the same restaurant, Brandi allegedly sent Joanna a $40 salmon dinner which left Joanna humiliated.

Lea also spoke about whether or not a fourth season of RHOM will be happening.

“I get asked that question probably 20 times a day between social media and people,” Lea said. “You know, that’s Andy Cohen and Bravo’s decision and I don’t know.”

If a fourth season does happen, would Lea be a part of it?

“It depends,” Lea answered. “I love the franchise and I love the show, but it would probably depend on when they were filming and other circumstances. I live in Los Angeles almost half the time so it’d have to be when I’m there.”

What are your thoughts on what Lea had to say about Brandi and Joanna’s fight? Would you still like to see a fourth season of RHOM?

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  • Oh yea. Leah Black. That ole lady who married that ole rich guy from Miami. YAWN. She is a dime a dozen.
    Wow…how rude of me to type that.
    873 Hail Mary’s for me.

    • I can always count on your posts for the truth & a smile in your delivery on your posts:)
      I really thank you for this do to personal health/legal issues w/my Mom’s deteriorating health..
      Again thank you for your refreshing posts that always make me 🙂 & love your delivery of telling the truth!

  • Bravo, please bring back Miami Housewives! Not a fan of Joanna but love the other girls. Best wishes to mama Elsa.

  • Oh shut up Lea, brandi was only responsible for spreading the gossip she heard from someone else. You’ve done the same in the past. just STFU & get real. Brandi apologized publicly on Twitter & if Joanna’s ego can’t be put down then maybe the rumor is true. ah

    • I wonder what they would call the witnesses for or against. Nosewitness? I don’t think eyewitness would be appropriate.

  • ‘smells fishy’ .. isn’t that what Bill told Monica? LOL .. sorry this really isn’t the same.

    I saw a pic somewhere with Hadid & fiance/Joanna/Roman all best buds now. That and LisaV making all nicey-nice with Joanna probably means they have all banded together with some kind of agreement re Joanna’s suit to keep their name’s clean. What else would they all have in common? Can’t imagine they are real friends at all.

    We shall see.

  • Lea said,”this twat walking around with a tampon string out of it and then talking about a twat that needs perfume”

    “It’s hilarious to me. Shame on Brandi, though,…”

    Interpretation: ‘I don’t really like Joanna, but I gotta say something .. so I say these two vajayjays… no wait, these two twats were walking and talking to each other …

    I really think it’s funny, but, wait, did I just say that out loud? …

    Wasn’t it Lea’s friend what’s-his-name that said all those nasty things about Joanna and ‘Mr.I-popup-on-every-reality show’ Hadid’s affair in the first place? Or was that someone else’s friend? (it’s been a while).

    • Really good point – its Leah’s “friend”/Joe that called Joanna out on camera. Leah is a fair weathered friend I guess.

  • The stories on this subject always seem to leave out the part which prompted Brandi to make the fishy comment in the first place – Joanna tweeting that it’s no wonder Brandi’s husband left her. So whilst I don’t think Brandi was right for saying anything, Joanna was no helpless victim to Brandi’s mouth.

    Also, I always think a married woman making those kind of comments will always be destined to have karma bite them on the ass. *cough*RememberRamona?*cough*

    • Thank you Scott and there was also more then that tweet. Joho definitely initiated this war and Brandi had heard things about her from sources that were involved with Joho; Moho, and Yolo to name 2. I really hate to keep saying this but it drives me nuts that she is the ONLY one who can never say shit about another or defend herself. Joho also, prior to fish gate, wore a shirt for paps that said Team Rimes. She is a bitch. I feel real sorry for her ass if Romain ever does her dirty. Shirts will be popping up EVERYWHERE…. Joho should be sued by Hochstein.

    • it’s no wonder Brandi’s husband left her. how does that equate to the fish comment??

  • Yeah JoHo is so beautiful yet was a drunken mess on Miami, got bitchslapped, still talks shit and terribly hurt her former BFF a few times on TV. Real gem you defend Lea 🙂 The only good Jo does, is the work for animals and part of that is probably to beef up her publicity. Oh snap and don’t forget how she tortured Romain for a storyline also! I’d like to see Lea defend others who Joho hurt because last I checked Lisa Hochstein did NOTHING to deserve what Joho said.

    • Yay, you have saved me so much, by the time I got to the end I was seething! How can she defend Joanna, yes she does do brilliant work with animals but she is a horrible person on the inside. I thought Lea and Lisa were good friends, obviously not or she would have defended her. Michers, there is so much crap on this blog at the moment. I’m not going anywhere but I hope it gets gone soon!!!