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Alexia Echevarria And Husband Herman Echevarria Have Separated After 15 Years Of Marriage!


The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria has been open about her appreciation of her husband’s father figure model to her two sons. The two appeared to have a solid marriage on the show, but a recent report is stating that the couple had been dealing with marital issues for the past couple of years.

A source reveals to Us Weekly that Alexia and husband Herman Echevarria have decided to separate. The source adds that the couple have been separated for a couple of months, and are currently living apart. The couple will however continue to run the magazine which they both founded,Venue.

The source also confirms that Alexia will be filing for divorce.

Thoughts on Alexia and Herman separating?? Are you surprised the two are headed for a divorce?

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  • Sorry this is happening. I really liked her and Anna and Lisa. Wish they would bring this show back.

  • Miami should return. I know if they try hard enough they can bring ratings up. Maybe find some well known names in miami to make people watch. I would love it to return though.

  • Alexia & Herman,

    Truly hate that ur marriage is in a dark place. Thought y’all were a beautiful couple.

  • I met Alexia 2 months ago in Miami. She was coming out of a nightclub & she was with another guy & not her husband Herman. The new guy was much younger & more handsome!!

    She was very nice 2 me & so beautiful in person!

  • I thought a heard some where or read .. Hermen had cheated on her? Did anyone else hear that?? I remember thinking what?? That guy was so awakward he would piss himself if a lady flirted with him. Another marriage bites the dust… And another one down, and another one down.. 😉

  • I know looking at them the first thought is gold digger. But I believe they were truly in love. I think the accident was too difficult to overcome!

    It broke my heart to watch her son, though he seems to be a lot better but you could still tell that the accident left its mark.

    I wish they brought back Miami. I loved it. I think the last season in places was forced. Bring back Lisa, Marysol, Alexia, Lea and possibly Joana. Please Bravo! I’m a housewives junkie lol!

    • Hey Rob 🙂 I never saw love. He was a great opportunity for her and her sons and it benefitted her not just financially but also career wise with her magazine. I think she truly loved her first one, the baby daddy but he could not get away from the drug cartel life. Not knocking her for whatever the reason is or was , I just didn’t see in love with them. LOL, Im just a viewer though.

      • Hey Michers. actually now you say it it does make sense. The way her eldest was about her dad and that he was always in the background of the show.

        Weren’t there rumours about him being gay? Now that I think about it. Gosh maybe Im a sucker for a romantic story haha!!

        But either way I like her and want to see her back on RHousewives. I still follow them on twitter and see that her, Lisa and Marysol hang out.

      • I wasn’t going to say but I agree! I wonder if Joanna was right, is he gay? I’m not knocking gay, I’m the last person to do that!!!!
        It’s sad, her younger son went through a lot. I haven’t heard anything about the older one that got into trouble. Any one know?

      • No Michers,
        I always felt the same way. That her true love was her first husband. I picked up on that when they did that “mini” part on the show how they met, fell in love, etc… You could tell by the way she spoke of him that he was her soul mate. I bet when he gets out they will probably reconcile. He’s due to get out soon if not already out anyways.
        I do think she cared for Herman. Who could not have any feelings due to the fact that he took in her boys and raised them as his own? I just don’t think she is or ever was “In Love” with him. JMO as a viewer as well.

      • Your exactly right, he as someone that fit the bill because her babies daddy was caught up in the drug cartels and prison. Herman helped to “clean” her image a lot pure and simple. I wonder though, what was she doing 15 years ago before she married Herman? It occurred to me that she may have been destitute in some ways to get with Herman after they busted her ex and she wasn’t able to life that big lifestyle anymore.

        • Single moms will hustle!! Hardest working people in our society. I mean all moms are but single moms its a lot of pressure!

          I’d love to see their story continue on the show. To find out how she handles it.