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The Real Housewives React To Bruce Jenner Following Diana Sawyer Interview!

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Bruce Jenner was once named the greatest athlete in the world and later became involved in one of the biggest reality shows, ever. The former Olympian recently revealed to Diane Sawyer that he has been hiding a huge secret all along-that he is a woman.

In the two hour interview, Bruce said that he has always been a woman since he was a little kid explaining, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman. People look at me differently. They see you as this macho male, but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in life, it is part of me. That female side is part of me. That’s who I am.”

Bruce added that his whole life had been a lie and he couldn’t do it in any longer and that’s why he wanted to come out. Bruce said that he understood it might be hard for people to get but it is what his soul is.

Following the touching special, the Real Housewives reacted positively to the emotional interview. See what they said below:

Andy Cohen: How free Bruce must feel!!! A huge impact on culture was made tonight, for good! Game changer! Thank you Bruce & Diane Sawyer.

Caroline Manzo: God Bless #brucejenner-his courage and grace are astounding.

Melissa Gorga: Team Bruce! What a great guy. God bless him.

Jacqueline Laurita: I LOVE #BruceJenner !He’s very brave. This has 2 b so liberating 4 him. So inspiring to others going through the same struggle. Proud of him.

Kathy Wakile: Bruce’s story isn’t simple to understanding However everyone deserves to live their TRUTH! To be HAPPY! That’s simple!

Lisa Vanderpump: Let’s make sure as we educate the next generation,tolerance is no longer used,it’s acceptance #born this way.
Goodnight tweeties.

Yolanda Foster: Have a open mind and a open heart…Bravo to Bruce for sharing and daring to live a authentic LIFE #BruceJenner

Bethenny Frankel: I admire the courage, openness, & honesty. Apply these lessons to our lives. Be kind, loving, & accepting. We support you #BruceJennerABC

Brandi Glanville: I heart Bruce Jenner- his message his everything #BORNTHISWAY

Kyle Richards: #BruceJenner you ARE brave & a beautiful human being. Thank you for your honesty & making a difference.

Eileen Davidson: I LOVE BRUCE JENNER. He’s a hero and he’s saving so many lives. I’m in awe…

Thoughts on the interview and the ladies reaction?

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  • I don’t know anyone I can ask this question, so if you know the answer, please respond. I’ve never heard Bruce Jenner speak but saw about two minutes of the interview. Was his speaking voice always like this or has it changed? Thanks in advance.

  • I’m not sure why Bruce Jenner is getting all these accolades.
    Yes, he is an Olympian and yes, I can’t image it’s an easy thing to transition, especially in the public eye.

    But this is a person who married 3 times, had 6 biological children and only told his partners to varying degrees about his gender dis morphia…after they had already bore his children.

    This is a person who left his first wife who financially and emotionally supported him while he was a training Olympian, for his second wife. His desire and his infatuation came first. This is a person who ignored his 4 oldest children for YEARS while he raised Kris Kardashian’s kids’ and serened 2 more kids with her.

    This is a person who has whored his existence out for money since that show has come on the air.

    This is a person who is seemingly completely oblivious that his 17 year old has had extensive and unnecessary plastic surgery because they are so caught up in their own issues.

    This is a person, who mocked his Olympic rival because they went back to Russia defeated and likely in shame…and in the decades put on extra weight; In Bruce’s mind, body shaming is okay if it’s someones weight that is at stake..but not their genitalia and gender identity.

    If were are going to look for trans folks to be heroes and pioneers in the movement, I don’t think he’s the ideal.

    Sorry, but I don’t think Bruce is a good person, I don’t think he’s a mentally healthy person (his interview reminded me of the Tom Cruise Scientology videos)..and this isn’t because he’s trans gendered. I just think there are a ton more trans folks who have move courage, integrity and grace than him.

    • Totally respect your points 🙂 Im just going off the interview and little bits form when I was younger; I don’t know more of a backstory about him allegedly abandoning his kids, or the other things you discussed. Im totes creeped out about the daughter dating Tyga.. I didn’t think that was true. EWW just eww.

    • @RR

      how friggen assumptive and judgemental are you????

      he has done this thing… it’s called life.

  • yeah yeah yeah…coming out doesn’t make someone a good person. my dad came out. and he was always a piece of crap, abandoned my mom and then later we found out he molested other family members. my cat came out recently but hes a fabulous dude.

    • Thank you…

      I was wondering if I was the only person who still thinks he is a piece of shit…but now it seems like if he’s called out for all misgivings…someone (and I am not saying here) will call you trans phobic for it.

  • I can’t stand Kathy Wakile…I have never liked her or respected her but…she’s right. It is not easy for a person who doesn’t feel like they are in the wrong body to understand those feelings and how painful that must be. It is not easy for the person going through it to understand. She spoke the truth for once. I admire Bruce Jenner and always have. I watched him win his gold medal and thought he was a super hero. I watched him being demeaned by his wife Kris and his selfish step-children for years on their reality show and I still admired him for being a kind person with a huge heart. He was and is a loving person to all of them. I hope that he transitions as peacefully as possible and lives free of the pain and stress that has been haunting him for such a long time. I don’t pretend to understand (like Kathy) what he feels or what he’s gone through. I only wish him the best and still consider him or her a super hero.

  • I bet if Bruce’s transition had been taken negatively by the masses a majority of them wouldn’t be showing support but I’m glad Bruce is being true to himself and finally becoming who he wants to be.

    • It’s hard for me to state how I feel because he was such a hero to the American people.

      The only way I see the people accepting him not
      transgenered yet would be to not put this on the
      Kardashian show and keep Kris away from his show.

      Bruce, I am happy for you. I was always proud of
      you. Keep smiling and wining~~~~~

    • Chanel,
      I don’t think it’s a case of him being who “he wants to be”. It’s a question of him being who he actually is in his soul. No one wants to be something foreign to what they were born to look like and supposedly act like. No one asks to be born one way and be something entirely different inside. He has no choice and he has lived with the strength to avoid the way he should have been for a long time which is courageous and sad.

      • agree. i have a friend who was(?) transgender – he is now full male and the struggle he endured for his life i cannot even imagine. I was friends with him for many years before he told me.
        the thing we need to consider and discuss is that the human species does not just consist of female and male. this (male female) type of identification is a huge assumption and label that is placed on almost everything in our lives. how can this not confuse people that do not fit into these two limiting descriptors of gender.

  • hahaha! All these HW’s and their support. Just wait till their husbands drop the bomb. hehehehehe!!!

    • LMAO Sept24!!!! There was a pic going around of Bruce on a Wheaties cereal box. Next to it was a box of Fruity pebbles with him in a dress. I know, I know. It’s wrong, but I did giggle. I think it’s brave of him to come out publicly. Hopefully it helps people to be more acceptive of others who are different. Especially those like the Marco hags who don’t have his money or notoriety. It takes balls to do what he did and we all know those two Butches have huge ones.

    • LMAO September!! Good one. The first husband who comes to mind is Joe Gorga. He looked waaaaaay to comfortable being dressed like Snooki.
      Imagine sniveling Richie? God, would he make an atrocious looking woman. (Shuddering at the thought).

      Anyhow, all kidding aside. If it’s what he truly wants, then good for him.

  • How do I say this in a PC way?

    I admire his courage and strenght to reveal his truth, there is no buts about that. Everybody needs to be true to who they are.

    What breaks my heart is that his children, not the K’s but his own flesh and blood were there to support him and show him how much they loved him. Those guys are fantastic considering how he turned his back on them and raised the Ks instead of his own. He was having this conflicting emotions back then as his ex-wife has stated but married again and lived another 25 years in this lie, why did he ever distanced himself from his children the way he did? I could never understand or condone that; it does seem that they have forgiven him and that is a testament to their outstanding characters, they deserve a special recognition too.

    That is not the topic of this article so I will just shut up.

    • Well said Lexy.

      He is manipulative. Got what he wanted no matter who was hurt by it. Sad. I hope his feminine side is a better person than he is.

      • I don’t know if manipulative is right word? He had 2 ex -wives prior to Kris though .. Maybe his internal struggle coupled with failed marriages is what drove wedge between he and the kids? Never heard much about that story , besides seeing Brody a little angry about it. Seem alike he and all his adult children have re-bonded and found their way back,which is great. Some of the interview seemed awkward to me, then other parts it seemed more authentic.

        • No excuses for him and Kris doing nothing while his youngest, 17-year-old daughter dates a 25-year-old man.

          • Yes, mich, she is. Absolutely disgusting.
            I think her mother actually encourages it, and I don’t think her father gives it a second thought.

        • Thank you all of you ladies….( ALL of you in this convo- not only the ladies I quoted )

          again…I didn’t read all the comments before I made my own but I was afraid I would be by myself in my opinion.

    • I’m not sure that anyone else has noticed this or not ( 😛 ) but everything has to be about Kris. My bet the distance with his kids had everything to do with Kris and maybe . . .well. . . Kris.

      It just might be that the distance between Bruce and his children might not be an accurate appraisal of the situation. Kris writes the stories . . .

      • I agree. I see nothing “heroic,” about his story. Quite the opposite, actually, considering the way he completely abandoned and ignored FOUR children. Disgusting.

        • Thank you…

          I didn’t read all the comments before I added my own but I am glad I am not on my own in my opinion.

    • I get what you’re saying, Lexy. Sure he struggled. I don’t think manipulative is a word I’d use, but selfish sure is. Why get married & have children not once, but 3 times, if you know in your heart that’s not what you truly want?

    • Didn’t he say he was broke, so he married a 3rd trash women who used him for her own purpose. I feel sorry for his kids, 10 kids and he just kept on and on.

      He made millions when he was the greatest, blew it, and now he will make millions doing this. I do hope he find peace with himself, but do it quietly. I would have more respect for him if he wasn’t selling his change for money while many struggle with no funds to continue on their path.

    • Two of those Kardasian children are HIS! Kylie and Kendall are his daighters.. and his other children were almost adults when he and their mother separated( I believe thry were all in high school and he did not leave them, he saw them often)

  • Good for Bruce. Hope though while everyone is doing so much cheering and saying “bravo and brave” for Bruce more people will start helping in frontlines efforts to fight for Trans issues and rights in this country.

    • Can’t help in USA but my beautiful Daughter works for an LGBT charity in UK. They have to put young teenagers into safe homes because they have been abused by their parents and then kicked out, it’s sickening!!!

    • I agree Cheryl but what shocks me , is that that this not new! The trans community has been suffering with crimes against them and for quite some time. Bruce is only one of MANY who have struggled and tried to keep as private and “hidden” as possible.

      • Isn’t it horrendous in this day and age that We can’t accept people for what they are and not what we want them to be.

  • I’m so glad he was able to tell his story his way. It was emotional to watch for me even though I don’t know him other than what I have seen on TV. The strength and courage he has shown is astronomical. I’m sickened by the medias coverage and jokes made at his expense. He’s a human being that has feelings just like the rest of us. I can’t fathom making fun of someone for who that are. I’m so happy for him!!

  • Bruce Jenner will always be my hero, it started with him being an olympic athelete and continues with his courage and strength to share with the world his experience with dealing with being transgendered.

    Bruce Jenner affected history and has educated humans in a respectful manner, unfortunately, media still bash him.

  • HUH? And what the hell was it that Kathy Wakile said?

    “Kathy Wakile: Bruce’s story isn’t simple to understanding However everyone deserves to live their TRUTH! To be HAPPY! That’s simple!”

    • Kathy Wakile is the most revolting housewives ever!!!!! She wasn’t very nice to He Sister about being gay so what can you expect especially with who She is married to! Yuck!!!
      Good for Bruce, it’s courageous to do at any time but even more so at his time of life. Go for it Bruce!!!!!!

      • She is full of shit. I can only imagine the amount of times her mouth breathing husband referred to Rosie as “the Dyke” and threw the word faggot around in front of his kids before he became a huge celebrity (giggling). Sad thing is Rosie knows she didn’t accept her when she came out, but chose to cover that fact up so they can keep their spots on the show. Screw them Rosie! Write a tell all book and make a few bucks. I’d buy it.

    • I think she was speaking who can’t wrap their heads around this. It’s got typos. “It should read: Bruce’s story isn’t simple to understand, however everyone deserves to live their TRUTH! To be HAPPY! That’s simple!”

      Translation: You don’t have to understand it to accept it. And even if you don’t accept it, everyone deserves the right to be true to who they are. That is simple to understand.

      • Thank you , I figured but I still wanted to say she is simply a butt :). While its nice to see others support Bruce, why wait until he does an interview? There have been struggles for EVER( figure of speech) for the gay/lesbian community, transgenders and statistics in re crimes against them are still on the rise. Ehh, maybe Im being “silly”…? I guess showing him support at a time like that is what matters- very brave doing the interview considering all the nasty that does exist in the world. It was disturbing listening to some of the paparazzi taunt him . ( clips of the interview shown)

        • Totally agree. The paparazzi clips were really hard to watch and hear. I can’t imagine how he must feel.

        • Well, before he spoke himself, it was pretty much just rumors and “sources”. I think it’s far better to comment publically only once he himself actually confirmed the truth.

      • That’s how I took it as well. She probably could have worded it better but I don’t think she meant it the way some are taking it.

    • Please excuse her, she’s so accustomed to using Teresa to get attention that she struggled with using Bruce Jenner to remind us of her existence.