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PHOTO: Former RHOM Star Ana Gets Arrested After Driving A Suspended License To Confront Ex’s Girlfriend!


Former Real Housewives of Miami star Ana Quincoces has some explaining to do! Ana was arrested in Key Largo this past weekend after she drove to confront her ex’s new girlfriend on a suspended license. According to records obtained by Gossip Extra, Ana drove to the Keys from her home in Coral Gables in the middle of the night to confront her ex-BF’s new girl, “She first tried to bang on the door of the Key Largo house where she thought the two were holed up after midnight Sunday. One witness said she was yelling like trailer trash. After Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they talked to Quincoces and checked her license. They warned her it was suspended and told her not to drive. She allegedly got back behind the wheel — and deputies picked her up near the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort.”


Ana hasn’t made a comment about the arrest but Ana’s former co-star Lea Black explained she feels bad about the arrest saying, “I’m sad to hear about the arrest, but I hope she can get the professional mental health care that she obviously needs.”

Don’t really think it’s necessary for Lea to be commenting on Ana’s arrest but I will say I am surprised to hear about Ana’s arrest. Especially the reasoning behind it all. Are you shocked that the former Miami housewife was arrested?

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  • Ana was the only one to think it was not ok the way the pervert Thomas Kramer was acting when they all attended his dinner party. Thomas was caught molesting a 13 yr. Old boy which to me is disgusting. He has brushed it under the rug with the help of his friends like Lea Black who if you have money is willing to look the other way. She is not someone I liked as I watched what motivates her. I can’t stand her best buddy Joe Frankel either & find him to be a gross person. His claim to fame is Girls gone wild & I think he lost a bet with Steve Wynn, another rich person I do not care for. I think Ana getting rejected by her ex husband for someone younger, & now being rejected again. I hope she will learn to pick healthy partners & not turn into a Klingon because this has resulted in some behavior that was very embarrassing. I imagine she was intoxicated. I do know after Thomas screamed at Mama Elas Ana got up & left. I thought she was the sane one at the dinner from hell where Lisa gets up to strip to distract Thomas. That guy wanted his own reality show & it is on youtube somewhere of some of the filming. Kim Zoziak brought the Atlanta crew there once to his home in Miami. Lea likes to be seen as the ” mayor of miami” or some huge socialite with her ball & her charity, jokes about her friends being incarcerated, so Ana having a mugshot should not be a concern. The mental health dig was so obviously a big ol knife trying with Lea trying to paint her a “single Cuban female. “

  • Team Lea! Great comeback! Ana was so nasty on her last reunion show. And she has a strange relationship with her ex.

  • But she was so darn quick to jump on other peoles’ asses over crap.. Interesting… Finger pointing, name calling.. Did she call Lea’s hubby to be her attorney, LOL?

  • Of course Lea had something to say. Wasn’t Ana the one that came to the reunion with documents she thought would embarrass Lea?

  • Ana has made countless nasty comments about Lea nonstop, so I don’t see anything wrong with Lea returning the shade right back.

  • LMAO! So shady ms Lea Black! Honestly though the cops warned you right then and there. Because your a lawyer doesnt make you above anything.

    • Ana looks crazy in her mugshot. It is crazy to track down your ex and a new girlfriend. Get mental help!!